The Care You Wouldn't Wish For

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: Nasty, nasty story I found, edited as the victim was a 7yr old girl. I have added relevant detail.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Fiction   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Analingus   Enema   .

Working as a nursing carer for the Social Services was a no-brainer for me when I had to move because the block of flats I lived alone in was to be demolished. Getting a job was paramount in a new area and waiting for the nursing jobs in the hospital took ages. Applying at a care agency was easy. I needed to have a regular wank or fuck and the patients were superb outlets for my perversion. Many of them were either randy and willing to entertain me or even demented enough not to realise what was going on. I am a specialist in geriatric care.

Annie Devine was 78 yrs old and due to earlier health issues had serious trouble breathing and so had been put on a ventilator to help with her breathing. To do this Annie would be sedated when the ventilator was removed, poor Annie remaining in a coma. Her wealthy family had a big place and could accommodate Annie at their home for her care, and they hired nurses to care for her. My friend and colleague Cecelia, a large Caribbean single woman who I fucked if we doubled up on a care situation, using the patient’s bed and facilities. Cecelia was a regular agency nurse for Annie and when she had a problem, she asked me to do a shift. This I did and Annie’s folk were very happy with the level of care Cecelia provided at considerable expense and happily accepted me, I had excellent references and history. God knows how! But I was ultra careful. I was introduced to this once quite stately, judging by some photographs, cultured lady with a thoughtful grey blue coiffed hairstyle, who hadn’t a clue what was going on, such was her incapacity. During the introductions I took in the elderly woman’s once good figure, which to me means slim with big tits, however Annie’s were still big but flopped about bra less in their own way beneath the hospital type robe she was kept in. As they were going to a wedding some distance away, the family consisting of a middle aged couple, Arnold and Rose, who’d made their pile on shipping supplies, asked Cecelia to do a twenty four hour shift to look after Annie until they returned. Result!

The shift started as usual, with me making Annie comfortable, as much she didn’t realise, whilst talking to her, the family having received me and pointed out stuff in the kitchen, telephone numbers to reach them if needed and then driven off in their plush Jaguar to their celebrations. As I chatted, I took off Annie’s robe and freely fondled her sagging tits which were permanently settled under her wasted freckled arms. Her teats had once been proud I guessed judging by their size and she had three to four inch wide, pale smooth areolae. Surprisingly they did perk up when I rolled and squeezed them, not being too careful. Both bloomers were like a road map of blue veins.

I removed her wet nappy, leaving it handy and gazed with lust at her piss covered sparsely grey haired vulva. It was easy to see her cunt lips through the once proud straggly bush which had spread a long way. They were sunken and had wrinkles, her slit showing a pinkish colour. Without any real thought I dived between her atrophied thighs and buried my face in her cunt, licking along the long slack slit. There is a unique bitter/sweet taste of piss and cunt on elderly ladies and I loved it. As I tasted her, my cock was growing, bulging my uniform trousers and I knew that there was no going back, I had to have the old dear, lying vacantly, legs a kimbo at my perverted mercy.

Without hesitation I stripped off and got on the large wide bed next to her and began exploring her cunt and arsehole with my fingers. Lifting one slender leg high, ignoring whatever pain or discomfort she didn’t express, I homed in on her bum hole, poking it’s slack ring finding with only one knuckle deep it was full of soft shit. A good old fashioned enema was needed., my favourite for obvious reasons was a WWH, known as Warm, Wet and High. There was a nearly empty washing up liquid bottle by the sink and I filled it with warm water. I needed a piece of rubber tubing and went to the kitchen and roamed under cupboards then the utility room next door – bingo! It was hanging next to the washing machine, maybe an inch in diameter. Of course she hadn’t moved. Attaching the bottle to the tubing and using baby oil as a lube, I slowly forced the tubing as far up Annie’s rectum as possible and then holding the bottle high, gently squeezed the it forcing warm, soapy water up into her rectum. Leaving this to work I got clean bedding from the airing cupboard, ready to change the bed later.

Coming back I applied pressure to Annie’s abdomen and sure enough, as I removed the tubing Annie emptied her bowels, onto the piss wet nappy. The shit was pale brown in colour, and stank, of course. Apparently from the daily records other nurses had never thought to give her an enema, good job I’m sick.

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