Prince of Naught

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: As the illegitimate son of the heir I was his bastard. My father and grandfather hated me and would have seen me dead if they could. I grew up away from them, ridiculed and despised by all. When my brothers and sisters began to die they said it was accidents. Now it was my turn but I was more careful and then the nobles summoned me as if I were one of them.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

I was born a bastard son of a maid and the heir to the empire. I was an embarrassment to my father and grandfather and my mother’s family. My mother was sent away but at least she was given a retirement income and managed to buy a small estate. I grew up knowing who my father was even if I never saw him.

When I was older I went to the best schools my mother could afford and the torture began. I was the bastard and a lot more names but one stuck, prince of naught. I loved my mother but could not understand why she allowed herself to become pregnant. I was fourteen when she married a baron and I was left in a boarding school.

That was when I began seeing pictures of my half brothers and sisters. They were a lot older than me. Because of the names and teasing and the bullying I had used neural training to learn an old martial art. Since then I practiced each morning and in the evening. I was fifteen when the accidents began, only they were not accidents.

First it was a half brother killed while climbing a cliff. Next a sister died when her flyer reactor feed dumped everything into the reactor chamber and it exploded. I was into a private commercial venture with David Lee in the New China empire. We had met when he had come here with a trade delegation.

I did not know or care who he really was. Our venture involved new tech from both empires and new synthetic cloth. It was supposed to be for constables or law enforcement officers. Only the tech woven in allowed it to do more than become a force screen. By the time I was sixteen I had finished the development and we were making the cloth.

My other brother had just died during a sports game and no one knew if it was accidental. The teasing was still going on but I began to see strangers at the school. They did not do anything except watch me. I tried to ignored them and became even more alert to pranks the other students sometimes tried.

I started looking at new tech and composites while thinking of the underwater colonies. That was when David returned with another trade delegation. This time I found out he was the third in line for their throne. I was able to get a weekend pass and we met for lunch at a fancy restaurant. I watched and the strange men from school followed me.

I grinned when I saw David, “I got the constable general office to test our product and they want us to provide it to make all their uniforms.”

He clasped my hand, “our police have asked the same.”

He gestured and we sat at a table and a waitress appeared. I looked around and saw more guards I had not noticed before, “you have guards?”

He sighed, “I wish it were not necessary but father’s security adviser said you could be a target for assassins.”

I blinked, “me?”

He smiled, “your father is the prince.”

I reddened and looked away, “I have never met him and have nothing to do with that.”

He bowed, “I am sorry.”

I nodded and took a breath as drinks were brought and started telling him my idea for a new type of hard suit for underwater colonies. He was interested and suggested a few ideas which I put into my comp. After we ate he sat back, “William you do not know how helpful you have been to my people.”

I smiled, “we did it together.”

He shook his head, “I only provided the credits. You did the research and development. You designed the equipment and the factories. Anyway my father and grandfather agreed and got permission through our ambassador and your foreign service...”

I stiffened but he smiled, “we would offer to you Tara Kim Lee as a lesser wife.”

I blinked as I was totally taken by surprise, “a lesser wife?”

He grinned, “she is a cousin and from what her mother said very horny. She is also very strong willed.”

I did not know what to say as he looked at a guard and nodded and then stood, “I must go. I have several meetings this afternoon.”

I stood, “want me to send the first draft of the suit?”

He bowed, “of course.”

I watched him leave and shook my head as I walked towards the door, “a lesser wife?”

Outside I ignored the waiting auto hack and started walking while I thought about his words. It was ten minutes before a dark vehicle stopped beside me and four men got out. From the suits and the way they moved they had to be military or ex military. One stopped in from of me, “your father wants to see you.”

I stiffened, “tell him the prince of naught wants nothing to do with him and he can go to hell.”

He shifted, “you need to come with us.”

I moved back and shifted to fight if I needed to, “no.”

They looked at each other and one of the others moved to me, “sir we have our orders.”

I smiled, “show me a warrant or imperial summons, otherwise attempting to take me is against the law and I will defend myself.”

They looked at each other and one pulled a comm. I snorted and moved around them and turned and started walking, “father is a fucking asshole.”

They followed in the vehicle and I finally took a auto hack back to the school. That was when I found out my half sister and the heir had died from a falling piece of a building. When I walked into my room it was to see a girl rearranging everything. She had black hair and was maybe one point three meters tall. She had firm breasts and a trimmed pussy.

I knew the last because she was naked. She turned and straightened, “you are William?”

I was blushing as I started at her breasts, “um ... yes.”

She looked down and then grinned, “yeah I like them too.”

I shook myself, “you are Tara Kim Lee?”

She moved to me and pushed the door closed, “yes and you are my husband.”

I stammered and she patted my cheek, “yeah it took me awhile to get over it.”

She opened my pants as I tried to stop her. She looked at my hard cock and then smirked, “now I think I am lucky.”

I blushed even more but she let my pants go and went to her toes and kissed me, “hi.”

My hands went to her waist, “hi.”

I looked at my bed and she grinned, turned and caught my hand, “first you touch and feel. Then you lick and explore my pussy. Last you fuck me and make a big mess.”

I grinned as I let her pull me to the bed, “a very big mess.”

She laughed as she climbed onto the bed and laid back. I hesitated before I stripped and sat beside her and reached out. I cupped a breast and felt it and then rubbed the nipple. My other hand caressed her bare hip and then her tummy and pelvis. I looked at her face as I hesitated and then cupped her warm pussy.

It felt soft and smooth and full and I slipped a finger through her slit. She shivered and began speaking softly and telling me where to touch and what to do. I finally turned and bent and sucked on a nipple. She gasped and caught my head, “ooohhhh!”

I grinned as I turned more and moved over her, “time to lick?”

She grinned, “yes.”

I kissed her and moved down and she spread her legs more. I looked at her pussy and then opened it and licked. I nibbled on her small inner lips and pushed my tongue into her. She moaned and lifted her hips and I moved up. I covered her clit and sucked while flicking the tip of my tongue back and forth.

She shuddered and humped as I kept doing it, “aaaahhhh!”

I squeezed her clit between my lips and she lifted her hips off the bed, “yes!”

She twisted and shook and finally covered her pussy. I looked up and then moved over her and her hand caught my cock and guided it. I pushed and then did it hard and forced my cock into her as she groaned. I pushed until my cock was buried and settled and kissed her, “fuck and leave a mess?”

She giggled and put her arms around me, “a very big mess.”

I laughed and began to grind and hump. A couple of minutes and I was pulling back and fucking her. She was clinging to me and lifting her hips when I pushed into her. Several more minutes and I was using long, deep strokes and she was jerking and spasming, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She thrashed and bucked as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock. Her tight pussy was constantly clenching and grasping. She bucked and writhed around under me as I felt myself getting close, “YES!”

I shoved into her and held her tight as I kissed her and gushed cum. She jerked and wiggled and squirmed as she clutched me, “mmmm!”

When I was done I relaxed and looked at her as she panted. She grinned and humped, “a very big mess.”

I blushed but she giggled and pushed and rolled and then sat up, “more.”

I grinned and reached for her breasts as she began to roll her hips and rub her pussy on me. It was an hour before we stopped and she lay on me talking about herself and her life. We looked at the door when someone knocked and I thought of the men. I shifted as she moved off me and got up and grabbed my robe.

I opened the door a crack to see a man dressed in formal court clothes. He smiled but I was sure he did not mean it, “Prince William you have been summoned before the nobles council.”

I snorted and looked at the folded parchment he held out and accepted it. He turned and gestured to several men in suits and I shook my head, “no. Absolutely not. I will come when I shower and dress and I will not be escorted like I am a criminal.”

I slammed the door and turned, “um ... do you have formal clothes?”

She moved off the bed, “yes.”

I headed for the fresher, “come shower and then we need to dress and go to the noble council.”

I loved showering with her and she smiled and fended off my wandering hands. Thirty minutes and she was wearing a stunning sea green gown and I was wearing an old suit. When I opened the door the men were there waiting and I growled as I led her through them. Outside was another that held a door to a vehicle and I ignored it and him as I led Tara down the street.

Like always I ignored the waiting auto hack and a block later waved one down. The men had followed and turned when we got into the hack. Black vehicles sped to them as the hack took off, “Nobles Hall.”

Behind us at the school there was an explosion and I turned to see a auto hack falling back onto the street. I looked at Tara, “someone blew up the auto hack.”

She was looking and nodded, “perhaps you should let them protect you.”

I turned and sat, “they are my grandfather and father’s men. Both have stated that they would like nothing more than to see me dead.”

Thirty minutes and I paid the fee and we got out. I looked at the imposing building that was the Noble’s Hall and started for the main doors. The nobles here were not my friends or friendly. Behind us the black vehicles stopped and the royal guards rushed out and after us. We walked through the doors and I looked for some sign of where to go.

I caught a boy in a rich costume, “where is the nobles council hall?”

He shifted as I let him go, “the main hall.”

When I kept looking at him he turned, “see the large doors with the two guards?”

I nodded as I looked, “thank you.”

He laughed, “they want to confirm the prince’s bastard!”

I growled but Tara rubbed my arm and we started for the doors. One of the two guards in some type of ceremonial uniform looked at us and turned and opened the door. Another man was inside waiting and he looked at me and frowned at Tara, “your name?”

I snorted as I kept walking, “everyone knows me. I am the prince’s bastard. The prince of Naught.”

In the huge hall were men and women but most were just holograms. To the left slightly in high seats were my grandfather and father. Straight in front of me was the duke of March. He was the head of the noble’s council. I stopped and pulled the summons and tossed it on the floor, “what do you want?”

The room went silent as his eyes narrowed, “you are William Alexander Noble?”

I sighed, “get it over with. What the hell do you want?”

He leaned forward, “you have been brought here so that we may, if you are in fact...”

I turned to leave, “you already know who my father is.”

I took a step and he stood as more than one noble murmured, “hold Prince William.”

I turned to face him again, “let me guess. You want to confirm I am me and officially acknowledge me as the heir.”

I looked around at the nobles, “at least once over the years almost every noble here has already acknowledged me. I am that bastard or that unspeakable or the prince of naught. The last has become very popular with the school bullies.”

I looked at my grandfather the emperor and my father, “even my father and grandfather have acknowledged me. My grandfather told the whole empire that when mom put me in a artificial womb he would flush me away in a toilet. My father was more direct and said he was going to make mother abort me and throw me out with the trash.”

I looked at the duke, “my name and parents are known. A indepth bio scan confirmed that the day I was born. Everyone made sure I got nothing and no one from my father’s family so much as whispered to me. Now you bastards want to name me heir.”

The duke smiled and sat, “I am sure you will be happy to know your father and grandfather are fatally ill.”

I looked at them as Tara caught my hand, “I will be sure to have them cremated and piss on the ashes.”

He sighed, “you are making this harder.”

I snorted, “hard has been my life.”

He nodded, “perhaps and perhaps you have been wronged and your father is a weak coward. Perhaps we nobles have spoken when we should have kept our mouths shut. The facts are clear, you are the only remaining direct heir to your father and his. You will be the next emperor and we, your nobles require you to produce or attempt to produce an heir.”

I blinked and looked at Tara and she grinned. I turned back and he gestured and a side door opened, “we have been discussing this for several weeks without your grandfather.”

I looked at a tall young woman walking towards me wearing a silver and gold gown. Tara purred, “she looks good enough to eat.”

I grinned and looked at the duke, “and you have chosen my wife to be?”

He nodded, “this is princess Ashley Elizabeth White. Your grandfather has accepted her and her family have agreed to let her marry you.”

I remembered where I had heard the name White and looked at her, “so I would married her and she would rule.”

They all shifted and I looked at the duke, “and who is going to father her children?”

She reached us, “you lord Noble.”

I looked at her and she smiled at Tara before looking at me, “I have not been happy with the plans that have been discussed.”

I looked at the duke, “and they have yet to convince me.”

Grandfather stood, “enough you bastard. You will do as I say while I have breath in my body.”

I smiled, “I am still a free citizen and even the emperor can not force me. Since father never legally acknowledge me only mother has a right to command me. It is my choice asshole, not yours and not your cowardly son.”

I looked at the duke, “make your decision your grace. Either I will be the heir and one day the emperor or you will not have one from the royal line.”

He sat back and those around the room murmured and whispered. He sighed, “I have no choice your highness. You are your father’s son and I must act within the law.”

He looked around, “those who object?”

Two looked at me in disgust but no one objected and he nodded, “so be it. By unanimous consent the dukes council has accepted William Alexander Noble as heir. Your marriage to the princess will take place in three months.”

I looked at my grandfather but it was father that made me hesitate. He looked almost smug and satisfied and I turned to leave. The princess walked with me and glanced back, “and your girlfriend is?”

I snorted, “Tara Kim Lee and she is my lesser wife.”

She laughed and slowed to walk beside Tara, “Lee as in emperor Lee?”

Tara smiled, “my grandfather’s brother.”

The princess slipped her arm around Tara’s, “and how long have you been a lesser wife?”

I looked back, “you do know I am right here?”

Tara grinned, “this afternoon was our first time. He has a very nice cock and made a large mess.”

They laughed and I blushed as we walked out of the building. I ignored the royal guards trying to direct us to their vehicle and flagged down the third auto hack that was passing us. I was thinking as we pulled away and headed back to the school. I used my comp and searched help adds and contacted a couple of dozen people through the cloth factory manager.

They were mostly retired military, marines to be exact. When the hack stopped and I paid and got out it was to see the crime grid around the auto hack that had exploded. The inside looked intact as if the explosion had not touched it. As we started into the school and around the many crime scene techs and constables I saw watchers.

The royal guards were just pulling up as we entered and I made another call. This time to the clothing manufacturer to make the former marines suits like the constable inspectors. We entered my room and I turned to close, lock and set a grav anchor. I looked at Tara as she began to help Ashley undress, “um...”

Ashley grinned, “my turn.”

I glanced at Tara and she nodded so I started to remove my clothes. Ashley was pale compared to Tara and laid back on the bed. I moved to the bed as Tara started undressing and crawled on at the bottom. Ashley opened and spread her legs and I looked at her trimmed pussy before I leaned down and licked.

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