by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: An orphan and tinker has no choice but pay for protection. There was nowhere else he could go and the constables would not come near the neighborhood. Because of the thugs and criminals he used his skills to learn to defend himself. Seeing a graphic novel of a hero gives him an idea to use his skills as a tinker to make a suit. Helping a neighbor brings thing to a head and he puts the suit on.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

I was orphaned at an early age and lived on the street. I got my education through the public comp systems. At sixteen I got a job just off the port warehouse district as a night watcher. It was not much but I made enough to rent a one room apartment once called a studio. The area was very old and close to the port so the buildings were between six to ten stories tall.

Since the area was old it was also neglected by a lot of the city maintenance workers. Few constables patrolled the area and gangs and worse were common. With little to do but watch security vid monitors at night I began teaching myself about engineering. Mostly it was electrical or comp engineering.

I began to collect things people threw away. Either in the street or at work and made small things. It was more tinkering than anything else. It was months before the two men appeared when I got home. They threatened me in a protection scheme and there was nothing I could do. A check showed the man they worked for actually owned the building.

Those that did not pay had ... accidents. That made me look at ways to protect myself and I managed to visit the city library. It was early morning and I was able to make a neural net interface with bits and pieces. I was also able to connect a dozen repaired comps and hook into the library net learning center.

In one afternoon I learned a dozen martial arts as if I had been doing them for years. I went home and let it soak in before I went to work. Not even an hour after I started I received an add for an ancient graphic novel. I got those all the time but this time the image of a super hero in a combat suit stuck.

I had been working on fixing tiny anti grav generators. I stopped and did a search on super heros and looked at what they wore. I did not think I was a super hero but the suits ... I was a tinker and turned to begin designing. My suit would have three layers, the inner would have dozens of the tiny anti grav generators that would reduce my weight to almost nothing.

The middle had a composite armor matrix weave with two dozen force screen generators. The outer layer was designed to block bio scans and generate a camo field. The belt had a dozen small armored containers that held power cells. So did the two wrist bracers and ankle and calf supports. In the gloves, knees and boots were more grav generators.

In the heel of the boots were two stronger grav generators. I made two special grav tractor guns and two special wands that could stun. They were extremely strong and thick enough to be used as a club. The helmet had a neural net interface on the inside against my head. A series of moly comp cores ran down my spine in a special protected flex case.

When I switched it on the world would seem to move in slow motion. Last was the enlarged half egg shaped eye covers. They used enhanced vision systems merged with inferred, thermal and scan tech. I would be able to see in total darkness. For the month it took to make it, the tinkering was what drove me and not what or why I was making it.

When I was at home I did like normal and walked around and talked to those I knew. Besides the man that owned the building and ran the protection racket there was a lender, a bookie, a drug house or I guess a drug apartment. Last was a street drug dealer and they all were taking a major bite out of the neighborhood.

There were a dozen pimps and three times as many women that sold themselves. I could not fault the women since I knew they did not have a lot of choices. The gangs and their thefts and constant bullying were more than annoying. Their fence had a shop on the corner and the constables never even went in to check for stolen property even when it was reported.

It was the beginning of my three day weekend. I was tired and hungry when I heard arguing and a girl yell. I yanked my door open and saw a neighbor’s door open. I strode to it and looked in to see the two collectors. Sissy was sort of new and had only been here a month. One of the guys was tossing things around while the other man held her.

I strode into the apartment, “leave her alone!”

The one tossing things turned and grinned as he moved to me, “you owe...”

Did I say I was tired and hungry? I was also grumpy and not in a good mood. I snapped a kick into his groin and spun and struck into the side of his head with an elbow. He flew into the wall and dropped and I started for the other man. He shoved the girl and one hand went into his jacket. I slid to the side and turned while catching the girl and releasing her.

The man pulled a pistol and I slid in and my hand grabbed his. I applied pressure and twisted and shoved while taking another step. He froze with the barrel of the pistol under his chin. I growled and leaned into him, “I have had a very bad day. I am hungry, tired and not in a good mood.”

My thumb shifted and cocked the pistol and his eyes went wide, “wait!”

I pushed the weapon into his throat, “I am going to count to five. If you and your friend are still here I am going to kill you and toss your body off the roof.”

I yanked the pistol away and shoved him to the door, “one...”

He staggered and bent to grab his friend and pulled while backing towards the door, “we will...”

I aimed, “two...”

He jerked and spun and shoved his friend out and I started after them and looked down the hall toward the stairs. The lift had not worked in years so that was the only way up or down. I pointed the pistol, “three...”

They yelled and ran down the stairs and did not stop and I lowered the pistol. I glanced back at the girl, “you might want to stay with a friend for a day.”

She had a white face and looked down, “I do not have any.”

I hesitated before I gestured, “come with me.”

She looked around and I gestured, “they will be back and they will not be so nice.”

She nodded and started for me and I headed for my open door. My mind finally caught up with what I had done. I closed the door and went to my closet while she looked around, “you have a lot of ... junk.”

I grinned as I began to strip, “what I have is discarded parts. The junk I put in the recycler.”

She stared as I straightened and blushed when I realized I was naked, “um ... turn around?”

She smiled and turned, “nice equipment.”

I looked at her and then grinned as I turned and started to put on the suit I had made. It was a dull black and fit perfectly. I finished as I fastened the belt and everything came to life. I almost felt like I was floating and moved to Sissy. I had practiced with the suit at work and touched her shoulder.

She looked back and shifted, “ah...”

I gestured to my tiny kitchen, “stay here. I have a few calls to make and people to see. Do not worry if you hear yells or ... screams.”

I went to the open window and looked out and ducked and rolled and twisted. I heard her gasp and footsteps as I stuck to the side of the building. I turned and looked down and flipped and brought both middle fingers on each hand to touch the heel of my palms. The gravs in the heel of my boots switched on and I slowed and let go.

I dropped into a crouch in the alley beside the building. I turned and ran to the rear in huge leaps as I switched on the camo system. I jumped and bounced from a building and jumped again as I used the gravs in the heels again. This time they shot me up to a third floor of another building. My gloves caught and I moved right and opened a window.

I looked and then climbed in and strode down the hall. At a door to the right I heard arguing and yelling and threats. I waited and the door was finally yanked open. I was holding the two metal clubs and struck and the first man dropped. I shoved and jabbed into another and he screamed and began to spasm.

I dove into them and spun and lashed out to slam a club into a head. The suit argumentation helped and the man’s face broke. I caught a wrist and twisted and yanked and the man screamed as it snapped and he went flying through the air. I put the clubs away and my left hand pulled a grav tractor gun.

I fired and another man was slammed into the wall so hard it broke bones and he was embedded. I looked around at the battered men and pulled a club. I went to each and broke hands, knees and jaws. I slapped the boss, “get healed and come back so I can do this again.”

Using the grav systems I ripped the door off his safe room. I took bags of credits and walked out and climbed out the window. I slung the bags and climbed to the roof and then ran and leaped all the way across the gap to the next building. When I was on ours I set the bags down and went to peer down and into the street.

Wearing the whole suit gave me a sense of power like never before. I thought and used the roof and leaped to other buildings. I climbed down the side of one and dropped to the ground and walked around the corner and into a bar. Everyone looked at a chair I pushed away and I used a grav tractor gun and a large man was slammed into a wall.

I started to him and snapped a kick into a breaker’s knee when he charge me. The force broke it and he screamed as he went down. I pulled a club while keeping the lender pinned to the wall and stopped and touched his chest with the end. He spasmed and screamed and I held it until he wet himself.

I let him fall and then used the side of the club to break his hands, knees and face. I broke ribs and then took his case full of credits, “see you when you return.”

I went out the back and leaped and used the gravs in my boots and then I climbed the rest of the way to the roof. I returned to my building and left the case with the bags. I went straight back and over the other building on the next street. I slid down the side and slowed and then walked across the street and into a shop.

I hit the breakers, the lender, a bookie, a drug house and a dealer. I did the same to all of them. I broke their hands, knees and face and told them I would wait for them to return to do it again. When I climbed in my window I had cases and bags full of credits. Sissy was watching a holo drama and looked at me.

She grinned, “I heard more than screams. There has been a lot of constable sirens.”

I set everything down and stripped and realized once more that it was in front of a girl. I blushed and reached for my robe and she smirked, “to late now stud.”

I hesitated and then hung the robe up. I turned, “help me with this.”

I sat on the floor and began dumping credits out and she gasped. I looked at her and gestured, “use your comp. Find out how many people live in this block.”

Before I knew what was happening she was naked and we were counting credits and making stacks and bundles. When we finished she sat back and I looked at her breasts and nipples and then down between her legs. She giggled and I looked up as she stood and caught my hand. She pulled me up and to the side of the room.

She pulled on what looked like a cabinet and my bed came out and down. She turned and climbed onto the bed, “okay stud. Feel my body as much as you want.”

I grinned and laid beside her and reached out to cup a breast. I loved the feel and she shivered and I looked into her face and slowly my hand caressed down her body. I cupped her pussy and it felt hot and swollen and I ran a finger through her slit. She gasped and shuddered when my finger rubbed along her clit, “ooohhhh!”

I continued to slid my finger through her pussy and finally it pushed into her. She lifted her hips and shook as her pussy clenched on my finger, “aaaahhhh!”

I twisted and rolled and moved down to look and then lick through her pussy. She caught my head and humped and I began to use the tip of my tongue on her clit. A minute and she was shaking and moaning louder. I sucked and squeezed her clit and kept flicking my tongue back and forth. She finally arched her back and wailed, “YES!”

She spasmed and tried to pull me up and I moved over her. Her hand fumbled and I hesitated before I slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned and hugged me as I pushed until my cock was buried. Her pussy felt so amazing, hot and tight yet soft and ... she pulled on me and I began to press into her and grind.

Her eyes widened and she clutched me, “mmmm!”

When I pulled back she jerked and began to thrash and buck, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shoved into her and held her as I pulled back to do it again. A minute and I was fucking her firmly. I planted my cock and began to press into her and grind. She kept spasming and struggling while howling and after awhile I shoved into her and held her as I pumped sperm. She gasped and clutched me as her pussy contracted, “ooohhhh!”

She wiggled and squirmed and when I was finished she twisted and rolled. She sat up and shifted and pulled my hands to her breasts, “play with these.”

We took breaks to feel and talk and finally we got up. I pulled her to my fresher and the shower. After that we got dressed and collected bundles and packets of credits and put them in stacks for each building. I grinned as I tossed one on my bed and gave her another.

She grinned back and kissed me and then we cooked dinner. I stood watch as she slipped into her apartment and brought back a couple of suitcases. After it got dark we took a stack of bundles and slipped out. One building at a time we went door to door and pushed the credits into delivery slots for each apartment.

By the time we finished Sissy’s eyes were bright and she yanked and pulled my clothes off and pushed me into bed. She stripped and moved over me and ... I woke to the sound of happy voices and children. I looked at Sissy snuggled against my side and slipped out of bed. I made coffee and started cooking warm cereal.

She came in stretching and leaned against me to stare at the coffee maker. I grinned and turned and kissed her, “fix your cup while I shower.”

I took a shower and then checked and cleaned the suit while Sissy took her shower. I made sure it was charged and then looked at the plans for it. I looked at the door when Sissy walked out and grinned as I stood, “hold that thought.”

I went to get my body sensor and took her clothes off again. She stared and lifted one eyebrow but I began to measure her body, “we need to go out and take a walk.”

She cupped her breasts and I rubbed a nipple, “what were you measuring me for?”

I gave her a kiss, “a suit like mine.”

She grinned, “okay.”

I looked at her and smiled, “mine took a long time.”

She rubbed her pussy, “but you were designing and creating it.”

I nodded and shook myself, “keep doing that and I will fuck you again.”

I recorded the last measurement and bent to suck on a nipple before I gestured, “dress.”

We took the two packets of credits and I led her to an old man in a small corner apartment. He grinned when he opened the door, “Clark ... it is good to see you again.”

He looked at the packets, “I see you got one too.”

I nodded and held both out, “think you could do a little investing?”

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