Hunting Killers

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: With the gift of magic at an early age his future was open. When the serial killer strikes and his family is taken that future only has one path. Of course when the killer is caught that path changes slightly. The inspectors did not know or expect him but who is going to turn away a mage that is trained? Now it is just a matter of time for the killers because once on the case he will not give up.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

From many small countries grew larger ones until each held one of the eight continents. There were still wars but they grew more contained. After another millennium two governments merged into one. Within a century there were only three left and they were monarchies. It took three decades of arranged marriages to create the single empire.

I came into my power at the age of three. From there I had several masters begin to teach me. Not just all the languages but about nature or the elements. I learned advanced math and chemistry and engineering. I was ten when a serial killer butchered my family. That tore my world apart and I promised to hunt him down.

Only six months later the imperial inspectors hunted him down and caught him. I began studying imperial law and all the methods needed to catch killers like him. I also began to learn how to use weapons and hand to hand fighting. With my studies in magic it took me nine years to become a master and earn my last scholar degrees.

The first thing I did was apply to the imperial inspectors. The six month school was hard and we lost ninety percent of those that applied. There were many specialities, from interstate theft to child kidnaping. I applied to the teams that hunted serial killers. As a full mage I could have gone anywhere.

I walked into a large room with six desks in the middle and boards all around the room with active cases. An older man turned and frowned when he saw me, “can I help you?”

I smiled slightly as I walked to him while everyone went silent and looked at me, “I am Samuel White. I am reporting to your team.”

He snorted, “no one is assigned unless I approve them.”

I set my go bag on a desk, “commander Sarah Daniels assigned me.”

He growled and reached for a phone, “we will see.”

An older woman grinned as she kept looking at me, “you need to wait Peter.”

He looked at her and she smiled and bowed her head, “welcome mage White.”

They all straightened and I nodded to her, “thank you.”

She looked at the first man, “his parents were killed by a serial killer nine years ago. He has a degree in just about everything.”

He blinked, “a mage? They never become constables.”

I shrugged, “I want to catch killers.”

He looked around and finally gestured to an empty desk, “welcome to the team.”

They all came to greet me before Andrea, the older woman started going over the case we were working. She was the forensic specialist, Peter Gregson was the team leader and was the specialist in methodology. Jonas Howard did criminal Physiology, Jennifer Anderson did language or linguistics and Mark Jones did geographic profiles.

I looked at a sealed hair from the suspect only found at one scene. So far the DNA had not been identified. It was the only thing we had of the suspect. I hesitated, “permission to try something?”

Peter snorted, “the bastard killed ten people so far. Dance on the desks if it will help us catch him.”

I cut open the seal and removed the hair and knelt. I placed it on the floor and drew a pentagram around it. I ignored everyone and everything as I murmured a replication spell. A minute and there was a pile of hair. I nodded and stood and began to chant and draw symbols. A haze covered the hairs and grew taller and a little wider.

When I stopped the haze cleared and a man was standing there. I glanced at Andrea, “take pictures.”

She nodded and started walking around him while taking the pictures. Several minutes and he faded and vanished. The pile of hair was still on the floor and I knelt to collect it in an evidence bag and seal it, “what I did was replicate the hair to strengthen and reenforce the DNA. From there I could create an image of the person.”

I looked around, “we have the general area right? Just send out the pictures as wanted for questioning.”

Peter grinned, “twenty minutes before the plane lifts.”

I put the sealed bag of hair with the other evidence as everyone grabbed bags. I grabbed my bag and started after them. I caught up at the lift and when it opened we moved back. Two guards stepped out and then an older man in a very expensive suit. Behind him was a teenage girl in a long green gown with a bag.

I bowed my head as everyone started to kneel, “your grace.”

He smiled, “you left the school before I could catch you. As you know all mages are being assigned surfs. This is Jenny Nolen and she sent a request to the nobles council. She has the basic schooling and is listed as having dormant mage talent.”

I sighed as I looked at the girl. My cock got hard even though the gown covered her completely, “we were just leaving to hunt a killer.”

He nodded, “take her with you. She can serve you and be your helper.”

He gestured and walked back into the lift and his guards followed. The girl moved to me as everyone stood. I looked at her and bit my lip before looking at the others, “I am sorry.”

Peter chuckled, “you tried to escape and the duke caught you?”

They laughed and I reddened, “yes.”

We took the next lift down and the girl stayed beside me. We took two vehicles to the plane and went aboard. A few minutes and the plane started moving and lifted into the air. The plane was nice and had very comfortable seats and even two couches. Once it settled on course we gathered to look at the case file and evidence again.

They had a large geographic area marked in the city we were going to. They had a basic description of the killer’s likely work types. They even had a likely background from his known linguistics. Now with a picture we were sure we would find him. Of course I was already thinking of divination spells.

I accepted a cup of tea and sipped before I blinked and looked at Jenny handing out cups to the others. I smiled and sipped again, “once we land and go into his suspected hunting area I could try a spell.”

Peter grinned, “how about a tracking spell? I brought some of the hair.”

I grinned, “that would be easier than what I was thinking.”

We had a constable commander waiting when we landed and carried our bags off the plane. We split up and got into two vehicles. I was in back of one with Jenny and glanced at the tablet she pulled out. I shifted to look at the screen and she blushed, “I was just finishing my advance comp degree project.”

I looked at Andrea and Jonas up front and they grinned. I smiled and looked out the window. She cleared her throat, “would it be easier to track the killer using a comp map screen? You could use a relation sub spell with the tracker and just follow it on the map.”

I looked at her and then chuckled, “that is a good idea.”

I pulled my comp while Andrea called Peter. I pulled up the city map and looked at it as we pulled over. A moment and Peter was opening my door and handing me the sealed bag of hair. I thought before I began the sub spell and then the tracking location spell using the hair. When I finished a tiny dot appeared on the map screen.

Peter ran to his vehicle, “take the lead!”

Jonas pulled out even before I closed the door. A minute later and I was giving directions while the other vehicle followed. Behind it several constable vehicles fell in and followed them. At first it was a long straight drive and then there were a lot of turns. Finally the tiny dot stopped at a house on the corner of a street.

By the time we stopped we had a dozen constable vehicles including two response teams. I glanced at Jenny as I got out, “stay in the vehicle.”

Of course we did not have a warrant to enter the house yet. We surrounded it as Peter called to get the warrant. I walked to the door with Jonas and knocked. The man that answered was a twin to the image I had created except he was dressed. I watched his eyes flicker and look around as Jonas spoke with him.

The feel I got was dark and more like a seeping shadow but there was also the image of a knife. I could almost taste blood as I took a step and gestured and he staggered out the door. I caught the hand that had been behind his back and twisted. The weapon he had been holding spun away as I yanked his arm up.

Jonas and one of the response teams were moving to help as he cursed and struggled. Peter ran towards us, “what happened?”

We put him in restraints and I relaxed, “he was holding a weapon.”

I moved to look into the flowers it had fallen into and knelt, “I need an evidence bag.”

Andrea appeared and squatted, “what...”

She pulled an evidence bag and put on gloves, “we have a bloody knife!”

We still had to wait but I did a simple blood relation spell and looked at Peter, “it is human blood.”

Two minutes and we had a warrant to search the house. The response team moved in and we followed. In a room off the garage we found a woman still alive but in bad shape. We also found the trophies the killer had taken from his victims. We backed off and let the techs come in to take over while the woman was rushed to a hospital.

It is hard to describe how I felt. I was sick from seeing what the bastard had done to his victims but elated that we caught him. It was an hour before we left the house and spilt up. Peter, Jonas and Jennifer were going to go do the interrogation. Andrea was staying with the techs so Mark drove Jenny and I to the hotel we were going to stay at.

We checked the whole team in and I was surprised Jenny had already made reservations and would be in my room. I set my bag on a dresser and headed for the bathroom. I stripped and climbed into the rain booth and stood under the water. It was more to help wash away what I saw and felt than to get clean.

I shifted when Jenny slipped in and hugged me. The feel of her naked body had my cock hard in seconds. I turned and she rubbed her breasts on my chest. She grinned as I pulled her hips against me, “you want me to take you to bed?”

She nodded and went to her toes to kiss me, “I had a list of available mages and waited until you were on it.”

I turned off the water and pulled her out, “you know me?”

She grinned as she let me dry her, “my sister was in some of your classes last year.”

She waited for me to dry off and then led me out and to the bed. She laid back and I sat to look at her body. I bent to suck on a nipple as one hand cupped her pussy. I rubbed her clit and slipped a finger into her. She shivered and lifted her hips and I moved down. I looked at her pussy and then licked through it.

I began to flick my tongue up and down and back and forth on her clit. She shuddered and moaned as she kept humping. A few minutes and she spasmed and twisted away while covering her pussy, “ooohhhh!”

I grinned as I moved up and rolled her onto her back again. I spread her legs with my knees and positioned my cock. She caught my hips and I looked at her and she smiled and pulled. I pushed and sank into her warm pussy until my cock was buried. I settled and gave her a kiss and she wiggled and shifted as she hugged me.

Her pussy squeezed and she sighed and humped. I laughed and pulled back and started to fuck her using long strokes. It was not long before she was lifting her hips to meet each thrust. She moaned and shuddered and I used firm strokes. She clutched me and jerked as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

She bucked and spasmed and thrashed around and I had to hold her tight. I continued to use deep strokes and pressed and rubbed. She struggled and wailed while her pussy constantly grasped, “aaaahhhh!”

It took awhile and she was incoherent when I shoved into her and spewed sperm. She hugged me tight and squirmed when she felt it, “mmmm!”

I was pressing into her and when I was done I relaxed and she sagged to the bed. I grinned and kissed her and rolled and rubbed her back and butt, “your turn?”

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