The Heart of the Trees

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: An orphan becomes a tree hugger but not like the others. Where they hunt the trees he goes deeper into the heart and explores the ground. When the leader of poachers decides to bring others to hunt his land, his house is destroyed and he is hunted. Only this is his world and he knows the dangers more than anyone else.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

Like many I had forsaken the flyers or transports to make a floating boat. Well more like an ancient plane if the pictures I saw were correct. There was a small bridge and a engineer’s station. Behind that was a common area with fold down beds. Below were tanks of water, a hydro reactor and behind both were the cargo areas.

Along the bottom of the body and the stubby wings were anti grav generators. Along the back edge of the wings and at the end of the plane were more generators that pushed the plane. In the bridge and the common area were lots of windows. I even had sliding panels along the top for air. Mostly I collected fruit, spices or plants.

I did catch some of the birds and sell them. I left the animals alone unless I needed meat and used the fur pelts in my home. I had been an orphan before I ran away to the forest. I was eighteen now and loved the peace and quiet. I had managed to file for and get the standard five thousand hectare colony homestead.

It had taken me a year to build my home and the closest neighbor was several hundred kilometers away. I set my boundaries around my home and slowly bought what I needed. I flew west to the northern colony once a month and sold what I had collected. When I set down outside the tourist market area I shut everything off.

I turned and looked at the two young dwarf dragons sitting in the other seat, “time to go to work.”

I had found what was left of their nest ten meters below where it had been anchored. The other eggs had been broken or shattered and the mother was nowhere to be seen. In a collection of clothe maker leaves I found their eggs. I kept them warm and prepared and when they hatched I bonded with them.

So far they had been a lot of extra work but they made it worth it. The female chirped as she jumped off the seat and moved to the common area. The male looked after her and then at me before he followed. I stood and went after them and climbed the spiral stairs down. In the cargo area I opened the door in the side of the plane.

I let them jump out and started to unload and stack the stasis crates. When Adam growled I turned and looked at the merchant holding still as the two dwarf dragons puffed up and growled. I snorted, “Adam, Sori.”

They looked back and I gestured and they spun and leaped and flew into the plane awkwardly. The merchant cleared his throat, “you have anymore of those?”

I glanced at him before I went back to work, “no.”

He moved closer, “mind if I look in the crates?”

I turned, “yes.”

He pulled his hand back, “I was just curious.”

I gestured to the market, “you are in a restricted area.”

He touched a pass on his shirt, “I have clearance.”

I growled, “not from me.”

He backed away and turned to leave and I relaxed, “I hate tourists.”

A woman laughed and I spun to look toward the tail of the plane. I smiled, “Mrs Anderson I thought I would have to call.”

She came closer, “I had an errand before I could meet you.”

I gestured to the crates, “I filled your order and even found a few of those flower vines you wanted.”

She started opening crates and using her comp and I went back to unloading. A minute and a large man appeared with a automated cart tram. He loaded the crates carefully and removed and stacked empty crates to one side. I was done and sitting with Sori and Adam when she finished. She glanced at the dwarf dragons and lifted an eyebrow.

I shrugged, “something destroyed their nest and the other eggs. I do not know what happened to their mother.”

She smiled, “so you are their mother now.”

I nodded and she held out her comp and I accepted it and looked at the number and hesitated, “that is higher than you said.”

She gave my cheek a pat, “prices go up or down Daniel.”

I grinned, “well I can use it. I wanted to buy a small moly bonder.”

She chuckled, “why?”

I gestured to the little dwarf dragons, “to make a larger tub.”

She laughed and I pulled my comp and she sent the credits to my account. She hesitated, “I know you do not want visitors or tourists but...”

I looked at her quickly and she shrugged, “my niece finished her advance school and wants to do a study in the real forest. Not around here or at one of the tree hugger homes.”

I bit my lip, I owed her more than I could ever repay. I finally nodded, “let me get my supplies.”

She touched my arm, “thanks Daniel.”

I nodded again and she turned and gestured to the man. He glanced at me and tossed a small pouch before leading the cart tram away. I caught the pouch and looked inside and grinned as I took out a couple of small pieces of meat. I gave one to Sori and the other to Adam and turned to close the door.

I bought spices and dry goods like flour and rice. Two hours, one to shop and one to look around and I was back at the plane. I began to load the empty crates, the new moly bonder and my supplies. When Sori chirped I turned to look around and found a adolescent dwarf dragon stalking her.

I snorted and it looked at me and then Adam dropped out of the sky and crashed into him. I shook my head as they rolled and barked at each other, “you still need to work on landing Adam.”

A girl giggled and I turned to see a stunning young woman with brown hair. Hiding half behind her legs was another dwarf dragon. Sori chirped and the mock fight between Adam and the strange dwarf dragon stopped. They looked and I turned, “you are Mrs Anderson’s niece?”

The young woman walked closer, “yes.”

She set a large pack down and held out her hand, “Mandi.”

I hesitated before I touched her hand, “Daniel.”

She frowned as I turned and gestured into the door, “you can set your things inside.”

I went back to loading and a moment later she was inside and helping. The four dwarf dragons were sitting together as if they had known each other all their lives. I climbed in and made sure the crates were secure and locked down. I started to close the door when the same man from before caught it.

I looked at him and he smiled, “I am looking for a guide to do a little hunting.”

I looked at his hand on the door, “I do not allow hunting on my land.”

His eyes were flicking around at everything, “I can make it worth your time.”

I pulled my bush knife and bent and he yanked his hand back as I sliced. I looked at him, “I warned you once. Clear my pad.”

He held up his hand and backed away, “I did not mean to offend.”

I checked on my friends as they growled and closed the door. Mandi and her friends were already up and in the common area. I went forward and up and then forward again. On the small bridge I slipped into my seat and began my checks. I brought the plane alive and lifted and began to turn and move.

I looked back when Mandi peeked in. She gestured to the other seat, “may I sit?”

My friends had not taken it so I nodded. I went a little faster and rose higher until we were at a thousand meters. I set the direction and then the auto pilot and leaned back to watch the land below. Mandi looked at me, “you really live off the system?”

I nodded and she smiled, “my aunt said you do not trap animals and only bring in a few birds.”

I looked at the beginning of the colony farms, “I do not need to take animals from their homes and I only kill to eat. The birds I catch are plentiful. I harvest the forest where it will not cause the animals or birds to suffer.”

She looked back when Sori chirped, “and your friends?”

I shrugged, “I was lonely. Their nest had been destroyed and the other eggs broken.”

She smiled as Sori climbed into my lap, “so do you travel much in the forest?”

I nodded and caressed Sori, “everyday.”

I hesitated before I continued, “I dry and weave cloth maker leaves to make a canvas. I use what I find in the forest to make paints.”

Her eyes brightened, “you paint animals and birds?”

I nodded again, “and plants. I like some of the ones on or close to the ground. I have a few I have not seen in any reports or the bio catalog. One is even a trap that lures small to medium size animals in using glowing bulbs. Another can catch and hold the larger animals using vines and then injects drugs.”

She grinned, “and you paint these?”

I nodded, “and I plant fruit, nut and flower vines. I have been experimenting on making scents that attract or repel the animals too.”

We talked until I saw the edge of the trees in the distance, “it looks like we are leaving the colony.”

I turned and stood and went into the back. The other three dwarf dragons were peering out the windows as I used the tiny kitchen. Like most that live in the forest I used fire and spice leaves to cook. I also used spices like salt and pepper with a type of bark and course ground nut. I fed my friends and the other two and then cleaned up.

I sat in a seat and did a plot to estimate our arrival. When Mandi came back she looked at the companions huddled together at a window. I gestured, “there is food in the kitchen. Look in the stasis crate under the burn plate.”

She nodded and when I finished I went back to the bridge. A few minutes later both Sori and Adam entered and jumped to the other seat. For most of the trip home I stayed on the bridge. I tried to adjust to having more than myself and my friends. I slowed when I reached my beacon and then began to descend through the trees.

When I settled onto my parking pad and shut down it was only two hundred meters above the forest floor. I went back as Mandi stood and hesitated, “if you would help me unload I would be grateful.”

She smiled and nodded and I went down and back and opened the door. I jumped out and turned as she set her pack by the door. I frowned at a tiny box attached to my plane and bent to see it. I realized it was some type of tracker and yanked it off and stomped on it. That man must have put it there and if he was coming here to hunt...

We unloaded and moved all the crates into the grate covered area beside the pad. I waited and then led Mandi in and closed the door and we went down a set of stairs. They came out on a wide covered porch with a rail that looked out over a semi open area between trees. I opened the door and held it for them.

First I had to check the house and then bring down the supplies. I did and then used a line to lower the crate with the small moly bonder. My workshop was at the bottom of the house but I needed this a couple of floors below the top at the bathing room. I went down and pulled it in and set it down after I undid the line.

The ground was less than a hundred meters from the bottom of my house and I looked around carefully. I used scents to keep animals away including king lizards but I always checked. When I returned to the top floor which was my common area I found all the dwarf dragons together. They were in a window nest and Mandi was almost nude as she looked at paintings.

I blushed as I looked at her and she absently took off her breast restraint. She only had panties left as she move to a painting of a Camo Tiger feeding on a Wolfape. She pushed her panties down and stepped out of them, “bath time.”

Her friends jumped off the window nest and she turned. She stopped when she saw me and bit her lip, “I thought you were...”

I nodded, “busy.”

She nodded and looked at my pants before looking into my face. She grinned and crossed to me and rubbed my hard cock, “ever had sex?”

I shook my head and she opened my pants and straightened my cock. She gave it a stroke, “in that case we are really going to need the bath after we finish.”

I cleared my throat, “the bath is small which was why I bought the moly bonder.”

She blinked, “no bath?”

I shrugged, “I have a rain booth and a small soaking tub.”

She grinned, “a shower will be okay.”

She kissed me, “a bed?”

I turned and led her around and down several sets of stairs. In a large room with lots of armored windows I gestured to my bed. She started undressing me, “I like your tastes.”

I hesitated before I cupped her breasts and felt them. She smiled and finished and then moved onto the bed. I followed and laid beside her and caressed down her body. She sighed and opened her legs and I turned and moved down. I looked at and then licked through her pussy. She lifted her hips and shivered, “mmmm!”

She started talking and telling me what to do and where. I sucked and nibbled and teased her clit until she spasmed and pushed me away. I looked up and she caught me and pulled and I moved over her. She held and positioned my cock and then pulled on my hips. I pushed and forced my cock into her and she groaned and hugged me.

She lifted and wrapped her legs and I settled and pressed into her. She shuddered and her warm pussy grasped my cock, “now start slow and press into me and then use longer strokes.”

I did not really want to pull back but did and her eyes widened before I buried my cock. She shook and clutched me, “ooohhhh!”

I kept doing it and a few minutes later I was using long, deep thrusts. She jerked and bucked and covered her mouth with mine, “aaaahhhh!”

I used firm strokes and planted my cock as deep as I could. She struggled and kept clinging to me and I finally shoved into her and gushed huge spurts of sperm. She tossed her head and her pussy tightened, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She wiggled and squirmed while I pumped cum into her until I was done. She sagged to the bed with a grin, “more.”

I grinned back and kissed her and pulled back and started over. It was awhile before we stopped and she kept caressing my chest, “wash?”

I looked at the windows and nodded and moved off the bed. I turned to help her and had all of the dwarf dragons hurry after us. I started the rain booth and pushed her in and turned to fill the soaking tub. When I turned back all four dragons were in the shower with her. I smiled as she giggled and knelt.

I chirped and my friends looked and I bent to touch the soaking tub. They shifted and Sori started moving first and barely slowed as she slid into the water. I knelt and began to rub and caress her and she constantly spun and turned and splashed. I turned the water off and laughed as I pulled her out.

I dried her and Adam slid into the tub with a splash. It took awhile to wash them and then I showered while Mandi did her friends. We got dressed and took our weapons and I led her out and down to the bottom door. I stepped out onto the porch which was more a blind that let me watch the lower levels of the forest.

We waited and watched and I closed the door and moved to an outer blind door. A set of wood stairs spiraled off the branch to another below. I went down while searching for danger. From the next branch a bridge crossed to another branch with more stairs. When we stepped off the stairs and onto the ground it was inside another blind.

I took my time looking around and searched for the larger predators. I had Elephant Wolf urine marking the blind so they were probably the only ones that would come near. I quietly pointed out a few of the smaller floor dwellers and a couple of strange plants. I led her out and to one side where several secondary root supports were stacked.

We moved one and I began lifting it up to the bottom of my house. We went back through the blind and up the stairs. Finally I moved it to my workshop porch. I opened the triple barred door and brought it in. I used a sonic cutter to trim it and moved the pieces to the sides. First I had to make the three sections and then I began to carve.

I used strong sonic cutters and used the sections I removed to carve a base. It was late when I took everything up to the bathing room. I turned the bottom over and moved the base and then set the moly bonder. As it began I removed the smaller tub and Mandi helped. Of course the dwarf dragons did not like me moving the small bath.

Section by section I bonded them together until I had a large tub several people could fit in with room to spare for dragons. It was late and I was tired and hesitated before I led Mandi back to my bed. Our friends climbed into their nest over us and to the dark window. I stripped and pushed her in and shut the lights off.

I followed and snuggled and caressed her body before I closed my eyes. The morning rain woke me as our companions crawled under the light blanket. I shifted and turned to caress my friends while Mandi did the same with hers. When the rain stopped I moved out of bed and headed for the bathroom, “I ... we need to hunt.”

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