Turning to the Light

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A thief living his whole life at night and in the dark is offered a deal. Steal evidence from worse criminals and become a noble in the daylight. Only it is not as simple as it sounds, the constable making the deal is bent and the criminals are cannibals and waiting for him.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

I was born on the streets or to be more exact a free clinic. My mother was a street whore and my father one of her clients. My days normally start when the sun does down. I learned how to pick pockets and or locks before I was ten. By fourteen I learned how to hack security systems and vids and was on my own, stealing to survive.

I was sixteen and lived in the industrial part of the city in an old warehouse. I stole parts of cargos and resold it within a day. Half the time I never even saw daylight but in my corner of the warehouse I had anything you would find in a home and more. The one thing I did not have was a girl or even friends.

The lights at the loading bay were still on as they finished loading a large cargo lorry. Guards were everywhere around the vehicle watching everything, well almost everything. They were not looking up which was where I was. I was dropping down between loaders and took boxes with a grav tractor gun and used a auto hoist to lift me up.

I had over one full pallet of the new sat link comps. They were top of the line and worth a million credits. I checked and scanned every box in case they had put in trackers. Silently I began to move everything to the other end of the building. I lowered the boxes into the empty space behind some bushes.

When I was done I slid down spider thread and burned it. I loaded the vehicle I had waiting and drove away. Once I was clear I made a call and then headed to a quiet spot to make the exchange. I knew the fence but he showed up with another man. I looked at him and shook my head before heading to the driver’s door, “I will contact Evears.”

Gill snorted, “fine but do not call me.”

I looked back, “I will not and I will let everyone else know you brought a stranger.”

His face reddened and the other man smiled but I did not think he meant it, “I will buy your items.”

I opened the door, “try someone else constable.”

He straightened, “I am not a constable.”

I got in, “then the active comm signal on the constable freq is a mistake.”

He took a step, “wait.”

I glanced at him and then closed the door and left. I made a couple of calls and used a few tricks to keep anyone from following. I parked in an isolated area cluttered with drones. I cross loaded everything and walked away. When I stepped into the fence Evears shop he smiled, “the drones arrived a few minutes ago.”

I nodded, “and what price?”

He shook his head, “ten percent.”

I growled, “those are new and worth a million. They do not even know they are missing yet.”

He shrugged and I glared and then moved to the counter, “bring them out and I will try somewhere else.”

He stiffened, “there is no need...”

I slapped the counter, “now you thief.”

He sighed, “okay twenty five.”

I shook my head, “I am not taking anything less than forty.”

We bargained and I walked out with thirty five percent. I headed home and thought of Gill and the not constable. I slipped into my warehouse and crossed to the corner that was my living area. I slowed when I saw a young woman and then the not constable that had been with Gill. He smiled, “nice place.”

I glared, “and mine. I hope you have a warrant to be here.”

He sighed and gestured to a chair, “sit Mr...”

I just looked at him and he reddened and finally moved to another chair and sat, “what do you know of the drug lords of Dover?”

I shifted and glanced at the girl, “cruel and extremely psychotic. Besides the drugs they are said to be cannibals and into black market human organ sales.”

He nodded, “as far as we know that is true. They are also expanding into other rackets like protection and fencing stolen property.”

He kept looking at me but I did not speak. He sighed, “you are known as Greg?”

I shrugged and he smiled, “well Greg, the emperor needs help. Every time we get a person into their organization they are killed. I have asked for and received permission to try another way.”

I snorted, “no way am I going to try entering...”

He held up a hand, “I ... we do not want you to spy. We want you to steal.”

I blinked and looked at the girl before I walked around and sat in a chair, “you want me to steal?”

He grinned, “we do not even have a location for their ... business but if you or someone could steal their books or contact lists or anything else we might have another way in.”

I thought about what he wanted and realized my eyes had gone to the girl. I shifted and straightened my cock, “and what is in it for me?”

He chuckled as she smiled, “besides Sabrina? She is a listed bond concubine. They say you watch girls but no one has seen you with one. She is yours and the emperor will pardon all past crimes. He will also pay a reward.”

I sat back while still looking at the girl. I finally grinned and looked at the man, “I want a barony. Somewhere in the country with trees and plants and fresh air.”

He shifted and then pulled his comm and made a call. He whispered and I turned back to the girl, “um ... you can teach me?”

She stood and crossed and sat in my lap, “I have been trained and can teach you.”

One hand caressed a hip and the other her thigh under her skirt, “I am horny a lot.”

She wiggled and bounced, “me too.”

I looked at the man as he disconnected. He smiled, “the emperor will honor that bargain but only if you get enough to put the whole lot away forever.”

I nodded, “put it down and I will accept.”

He stood, “find them and let me know where to meet you...”

I laughed, “not a chance in hell.”

He frowned and looked at me and I looked at the girl I was caressing, “if your spies have been found out you probably have a traitor. I will find them and steal what you need. Only then will I find and give you what you want.”

He grinned and bowed, “accepted.”

I watched him leave and my hand slid higher until it touched her bare pussy. I froze but she shifted and lifted her skirt and moved my hand, “touch here and...”

I grinned and rubbed her clit and then through her pussy. I started using my thumb to rub her clit and the side of my hand in her pussy. She sighed and shifted and I turned my hand so the palm rubbed the top. One finger went through and then into her and she shuddered as her very warm pussy squeezed.

She stood and turned to pull me up and started to undress me while backing to the bed. I stayed with her and pushed her skirt down and off. Next was the blouse and she moved backwards onto the bed. I followed and my eyes went to her pussy. I hesitated and then I pushed her legs open.

I looked at her pussy and then leaned down and licked through it. I nibbled and sucked and pushed my tongue into her. She sighed and ran her fingers through my hair and then used a finger to touch her clit, “wiggle your tongue on this.”

I did and she shivered and after a minute she was moaning and lifting her hips. After several she shuddered and stopped me and pulled me up and over her. Her hand guided my cock and I pushed into her. She groaned as I slowly buried my cock and settled on her, “ooohhhh!”

I kissed her and began to press and her pussy started to squeeze. I kept grinding and loved the feel of her pussy massaging my cock. She smiled and humped and pushed my hips back. I pulled back and she pulled and I buried my cock. She sighed and her pussy squeezed, “nice and deep.”

She lifted her hips when I pulled back and pushed into her again. A minute and I was fucking her. She shivered and shuddered and kept moaning. After several minutes she was clinging to me and her pussy rippled and constantly grasped, “aaaahhhh!”

I loved the feel and began to use firm thrusts. That had her pussy clenching as she struggled and wailed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She thrashed and bucked and I kept planting my cock. She was clinging to me and hugging while her hands kept pulling at my hips, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Finally I shoved into her and held her as I gushed sperm. She gasped and jerked and her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

She squirmed and her pussy milked my cock. When I was done I looked at her and she grinned, “roll so I can fuck you now.”

I grinned and shifted and rolled and helped her sit up. It was awhile before we stopped and laid beside each other. I caressed her body, “so you are a bond concubine.”

She smiled and pulled me out of bed and to her clothes and a small purse. She pulled out a small comp and pulled me to the bed again. We laid down and she opened a imperial registration site. She looked at me and began to put in her name as my concubine. She had it notarized and sealed and then set the comp aside, “I am yours.”

I grinned and moved over her and fucked her slowly one more time. After we got up she helped me make dinner. I was thinking of the drug lords of Dover. I knew where their drug dealers were. It was night before I washed and dressed. Sabrina was still in bed as I slipped out. Two hours and I was watching and scouting a building.

I finally moved and used special gloves to climb the outside of the building. I went up and in and silently moved through the building. I found where they hung out and where they did business. It was simple to open the cheap safe they had. I took everything including a few hundred thousand in credit pads.

After I was out I looked at what I had and it gave me two more locations. Like the first they were minor drug supply points. By morning I had a major distribution point, a place on the edge of the city I knew had a large stasis storage area. I had almost two million in stolen credit pads I had taken. They were going to be pissed and looking for whoever had done it.

I hid the records I had taken and thought of Sabrina as I returned home. She was up and in the kitchen when I arrived. I began to pack, “we need to leave and maybe buy you some clothes.”

She grinned and went to get dressed. My safe house was inside the port at one of the many port hostels. The room was not listed and the door concealed behind a holograph. I stripped her and undressed and pulled her into the real shower. I took my time feeling and caressing her body and she sighed and let me.

Once we got out I had her dress and led her out and into the port terminal. There were a thousand stores and we began to shop. By the time we got back to the hidden room I had dozens of calls. Most were from fences asking about someone stealing credit pads. I sent replies that I did not do credit pad thefts, only goods.

We stayed together and held hands and watched a new holo sim before Sabrina pulled me to bed, “you have to go out.”

I stripped her beside the bed, “I only work at night.”

She caressed and then stroked my cock, “I do not want anything to happen to you.”

I moved her onto the bed, “your constable will get what he wants.”

She spread her legs, “not my constable. He only bought my bond for you.”

I rubbed her pussy, “sure.”

She shivered and shifted and pushed me onto my back and straddled me. She slowly pushed down my cock and laid on me, “I am your concubine by law. I am not with the constable. I want us to be together and to have a life. You promised him something and those you are going to get it from would kill you.”

I rubbed her back, “I know what I promised. I also know I can not trust the constables. I will get what he wants and I will fulfill my end of the deal. We will see if you stay after that happens and if they and the emperor hold up their end of the bargain.”

She stopped and looked at me and bit her lip before lifting, “you have a med closet?”

I blinked as she sat on the edge of the bed, “yes. At the end of the hall.”

She nodded and slipped off the bed and walked out. I shook my head and thought of what I was going to do. She was back a few minutes later and moved onto the bed. She laid on me and gave me a kiss, “my husband I have removed my implant and moved an egg and lined my womb. By the ancient laws you have thirty days to get me with child.”

I blinked and looked at her, “are you serious?”

She smiled, “yes. You need to get me pregnant.”

I looked at her and caressed her hips before I shifted until she was under me, “you are going to let me get you pregnant?”

She smiled as she reached between us, “I am your lesser wife.”

I lifted and let her position my cock before I slowly pushed into her. I smiled and kissed her, “thank you.”

She sighed and hugged me, “you are very welcome.”

I woke to my timekeeper chime and looked at the woman half on me. I softly caressed her hip and then shifted and moved out of bed. I was still not sure I trusted her as I walked to my fresher. I went to the bathroom and then took a shower. I got dressed and looked at Sabrina as she turned to watch me.

I sat on the edge of the bed, “you will be safe here. It will be awhile before I return. There is a chill box and several stasis containers in the kitchen.”

She nodded and I hesitated before I stood and walked out. I thought of the drug lords of Dover and what I knew. I knew where two of their distribution houses were. Like all drug dealers they were paranoid but so were rich people. Two hours and I was done looking for a way in. The front had several men watching the street with watchers at each end.

I came in from behind and over another building. I used a grav gun to throw a line with a grav anchor. I secured it and used it to cross and then entered through a small window. I moved silently through the building and managed to avoid anyone seeing me. I found the room the house manager used and searched for anything to tell me where another place was.

I found a ledger hidden under the cut out for the desk. Mostly it was in code but I found the key in a desk drawer. I looked at the stacks of credits and was tempted. I left the way I entered and pulled myself across to the other building. I used a remote to shut the anchor down and pulled it in with the rope.

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