Down Mexico Way

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Erotica Sex Story: A badly composed story I found, added to and edited. Not sure about some of the details but it appealed to me so here it is.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Farming   Bestiality   .

Judit and Ray Bulger went to Mexico, from their comfortable semi detached house in Downlands Road, Olivers Battery, Winchester. They had heard of the donkey shows from a wealthy pal in the Royal Winchester Golf Club, a retired consular executive and they wanted to see for themselves whether it was true that a girl could fuck a donkey. Bestiality had been a minor interest in a varied childless marriage, but they shared an avaricious curiosity about it and she’d had a liking for, if not a desire for men with big cocks. She married well.

On arrival, they asked several men in seedy bars and hanging around corners in the street in Del Rio-Cuidad Acuňa, just over the border from the USA. Their contact had told them this was the place. They were misdirected by many, but they finally found the place. The whole trip was part of a birthday present for her fiftieth birthday, two weeks before their flight and Ray who was 52 was excited as his stout bodied short wife. She’d been a veterinary assistant all her career; he was a bank manager, both now retired having been the recipients of a considerable legacy from Judit’s parents estate and Ray’s pension plan coming good before the financial crash.

It was dark and the show was just beginning in a well lit but dirty looking shed down town. They were shown seats amongst a mixed crowd, female and male, locals and tourists, and ordered tequila and lemon. A brown/black scruffy donkey was led to the stage as the lights were dimmed and the stage lights were brightened. An attractive, mature Oriental woman with long black hair and a younger, stunning Mexican girl aged about 18 walked out on stage and spoke softly to the donkey. The young one was bright eyed and obviously looking forward to this moment, the mature less so. She held the donkey’s head talking to it while the young one went to his belly and stooped, deliberately exposing her naked hairy crotch to the whooping baying audience. She was in search of donkey dick. It slowly dropped out of it’s floppy leathery sheath as she stroked it. Soon it was wobbling fully extended, but not hard. Taking it in her hands and stroking more quickly, it grew to about fourteen inches.

Ray nudged Judit excitedly.

!Wow! Darling, just look at that and how easy it was,” he snickered, his lips wet with excited saliva. His eyes roamed from the girl’s exposed hairy genitals to the stumpier, small titted, naked frame of the middle aged woman holding the animal. She looked Chinese and disappointed him in having a bald twat as he thought the Eastern ladies usually let the pubic hair grow to unprecedented lengths which he liked.

“Yes they’re obviously all used to this performance sweetie,” she gurgled, squirming on the hard bench to try and relieve her thong irritating her 50 year old twat. It was Ray’s idea she bought them as part of their holiday clothing and she so much liked her sensible big plain knickers from Debenhams on the High Street. Her hip budged against a swarthy, thick set local woman who smiled and lasciviously eyed her up from top to toe. Gringos were rare, especially English gringos and those looking so enthusiastically at the activity.

The young Mexican girl lowered her head, extending her tongue to the animals knob end.It was salty with drops of donkey cum. She took as much in her mouth as she could, but more cum was leaking from the end of it’s dick. A table was brought to the stage for the girl to lay on. Once on it, her shapely slim legs bent up round her chest, she took the donkey cock and worked it into her pussy. The donkey’s dick, was still not stiff, but the rubbing made it began to get hard and thicken noticeably. As it swelled she yelped with joy, this is what she looked forward to. She pulled and pushed the huge cock in and out of her, admittedly capacious sopping pussy. The donkey, standing side on the table was beginning to thrust.

Maybe in an attempt to soothe it and keep it calm and focussed the older woman swiped her fingers through her hairless quim and let the animal lick them. The Mexican girl pulled the donkey cock out and kneeling put the end in her mouth. She swallowed as much of the widened greasy flare as she could, but choked up much of it for the audience. Then she held up the donkey’s cock in her hands and between them they shared it’s pulses until it climaxed to a loud roar from the crowd. When it’s climax finally finished, the animal’s cock began its retreat into the sheath, but not before the bestial partners looked triumphantly at the crowd, who were cheering. The Mexican let a huge gob of cum run down her chin to her tits, until her Far Eastern partner licked that off too.

Ray and Judit, left the dingy backstreet warehouse with the ebullient noisy crowd, happy they had seen it for themselves, satisfied that it was not a legend, but a real live occurrence. Women really did want to be fucked by someone ‘hung like a horse’. Sipping a genuine local Margarita, in an equally seedy bar, they discussed the show.

“You going to tell Hubert we took him up on his recommendation?” asked Ray.

“Course I am and maybe Edith too, I mean she’s been everywhere with him,” said Judit.

“Well maybe not here,” chuckled her husband. “It would sort her out though, frigid bitch.”

“Well you should know darling, you’ve tried to get her into bed so many times.”

“I just thought she’d like to experience my donkey cock,” he giggled ... then “Er no thank you, fuuuuck!” He gasped, shoving away a grasping hand on his genitals from the same woman Judit had bumped arses with at the show. The Bolgers smiled but declined any further approaches from the woman and her obese sweaty moustached female partner. They both shrugged and carried on drinking.

He was blessed with a not inconsiderable member, which when flaccid hung seven inches down his left leg. Judit, who had giggled in the bar that he should take greater care in concealing it, but she loved it made good use of it that night, even stuffing her biggest dildo up her slack but very sensitive fanny alongside Ray’s solidity. The dream she had harboured since teen days of entertaining the most humengous, in her words, pricks up her unusually large front orifice hopefully would be satisfied soon.

They returned home the next day, laughing about the show and unusually direct advance by who they found out to be the local police sergeant and policewoman. Hubert was fascinated to hear about the Bolgers adventures and advised that Edith wouldn’t want hear about the donkey show especially. She would be more interested in their safari like expedition to the ancient Kukulcan Pyramid. Then he told Ray about a trip he’d made to the Thracian Cliffs Golf black sea resort in Hungary and told him about a video known as the Pee Run, he had been given there by a scratch player like himself,. He and Ray, playing off 4, were on the fourth tee playing a veterans competition at the South Winchester Club about a mile away and Hubert felt it was best reserved to tell him in private.

Ray did a lot of research on the internet and through a contact in Beast Forum, he sourced a discreet donkey owner near Malmsbury, Wiltshire. He made contact and was pleased at how secretive it all was, quite rightly so. Pictures were exchanged and verification that these people had a trained pony and donkey. By appointment, some weeks later Ray with Judit drove to the farm where he hoped to take a video of Judit being fucked by the pony. The pony was there and so was the donkey in a rear paddock adjacent to a heated, secure barn behind Jonas Seymour’s main farm area ... He was a giant of a man in is mid 40s. Ruddy complexion, straw in his mouth and Wellington boots – the lot.

“They’re both well trained, as you’ll find out later.” Jonas told them over a welcoming cup of tea, adding this was the twentyeth or thirtyeth time his animals had fucked women. He left the Bolgers to gaze at the two animals, peacefully grazing while he went to check his record, confirming on return it was twenty nine for Bert the pony and dead on twenty for Rasmus the donkey.

Judit chose Bert, being the smaller of the two, Jonas thinking to himself she might be surprised, but as they were novices, let them try things for themselves.

“Shall I stay around?” Jonas asked, getting anxious and positive nods.

She approached the pony with caution, noticing Bert was dropping immediately she entered his stall. She had removed clothing below her waist and remained in a black, long sleeved tee-shirt under a navy blue body warmer. She kept on her tan leather ankle boots. Bert threw his head back and snorted as she got close. Judit cooed and whispered to him for a minute or so getting to know him, stroking, patting and blowing in his ears. She had studied a lot of Beast Forum’s information and the videos therin.

The pony, a handsome New Forest black beast in his cropped summer coat, became very still as soon as she crouched down to see his emerging cock. She ventured a hand to touch it. It was warm and hard. She smiled at Ray who was videotaping the whole scene, Jonas standing close but out of shot. She put the end of Bert’s penis next to her lips, lewdly smiled at her husband, and licked it. The pony felt her warm tongue on his cock and began humping slowly. She hesitantly stopped because she felt as though he was going to cum and she didn’t want him to yet.

They moved to a small padded bench and she lay back on it. Jonas at a signal, with his back and face away from the camera viewer, helped her scoot down to where she could get the pony’s dick into her hot pussy. Jonas judged and commented slyly to Ray she was a game old bird and was obviously ready, getting Ray’s positive glance and nod and advising him to keep his voice down when talking about an old bird. Jonas grinned and sidled away, thinking he wouldn’t mind having a stab at Judit Bolger himself. What a cunt!

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