A Second Visit by Four Strangers

by Shani 34

Copyright© 2017 by Shani 34

Sex Story: One day, home alone, Linda is surprised by four burglars. They all take turns with her. Later she tells her husband Steve about it, and expresses her fear that they will return. She is right. This story describes their second visit, with Steve present this time, and unhappily taking his part

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   DomSub   Humiliation   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

Linda cuddled up against her husband, they were in bed and she suspected that Steve would want sex. Before she let him have her, she needed him to know about what had happened earlier that day. “I met one of those men in the shopping mall this afternoon.”

“You mean one of the men that raped you last week? Oh, my god, what did he say?”

“Started very casually, just said Hi Mrs Haydon, how are you, I said I was okay, but made it clear I didn’t want to talk with him. He came close and whispered that the boys wanted to come and see us on Thursday at 6pm. Us, not just me. He specifically said, ‘Make sure your husband is home’.”

“Should we have gone to the police, do you think? We still could.”

“They have photographs of me orgasming as they fucked me and spanked me, remember? I don’t want those pics appearing on the internet. And if they ask why I didn’t report it immediately, so they could test for semen and DNA in my pussy, what do I say?”

“You could just say you wanted to talk with me first, and I didn’t get home for three days, by which we both knew it was too late for that sort of testing.”

“I suppose so. But I had told you about the pics by then, awful pics, incriminating pics. We both knew that we weren’t going to report it.”

“So what do we do now? We just wait until Thursday and let it all happen again?” Steve wondered how he would cope, if the men walked in and said they wanted him to watch while they raped his wife again!

Linda shuddered, then said softly, “I guess we just forget about it, get on with our lives and hope they were just teasing, they might not turn up.” Neither of them believed that, but they couldn’t think what else to do.

Steve took her into his arms and held her tight, wanting to reassure her that what happened last week was not her fault, and the decision not to tell the police had been his, more than hers. But as he held her he could feel his cock hardening. “Baby, can we make love?”

Linda wanted to tell him no, but the thought of the men coming back was causing mixed emotions in her, and she realised she was getting wet! She thought of those four strong young men with their big cocks, and how they had felt filling her mouth, and she hugged her husband and whispered, “Okay.” Maybe this time they would fuck her, and she could find out what a gang bang was like.

Later, with her husband snoring beside her, and her body still trembling from the surprisingly satisfying fuck, Linda thought back over how this had all started.

She had taken the day off work to drive her husband to the airport, then had done some shopping, getting home soon after midday. Entering the house through the back door, she walked straight into the living room and stopped dead when she saw there were two men there going through cupboards! They turned and stood watching her, open mouthed, obviously totally shocked by her entry. She recovered before they did, and asked, “What are you doing in my house? I’m going to call the police.”

She started to fumble in her handbag for her mobile phone, and immediately both men stepped forward and grabbed her, one holding her wrists together in front of her, while the other took her handbag and placed it well out of her reach in a corner of the room. Then he went to the door to the hallway, opened it, and called out, “Jason, you’d better get down here.”

A tall black man in his late twenties appeared, obviously the man called Jason. While the two first men held Linda, Jason stood in front of her, looking down into her eyes. She was relieved to notice that, unlike most young men she met, his eyes did not wander down to her cleavage. Just maybe he wasn’t thinking of raping her. But she knew in her heart that he could do so, if he chose to, and there was nothing she could do to stop all these men raping her!

“Sorry, lady, my guys assured me that you would be at work until much later. We intended just to find anything valuable and get out of here before you or your husband came home.” Linda realised that Jason knew she was married, and seemed to know their normal movements. So the men would know that Steve wouldn’t be home for hours! But maybe they didn’t know that Steve wouldn’t be back until Friday night! She was at their mercy until then, and she didn’t like that thought!

Jason smiled down at her. “So, Lady, what are you doing home so early?”

Her voice was squeaky with fear as she said, “I took the day off to do some shopping. Look, please, if you just go, right now, I won’t tell anyone.”

But as she spoke a fourth man came in to see what was going on. Seeing Linda, he guessed what had happened, and said softly, “I was looking through the study like you told me, Jason. If she’s the wife, her name is Linda Haydon. Her husband left this morning on a business trip, and is not due back until the end of the week.” Linda moaned inwardly, wondering how these men would react to that news!

From the behaviour of the others, Linda could tell that Jason was the leader. The others stood nervously watching him, waiting for his instructions. But the grip on her arms was firm and she knew she couldn’t make a break for it.

“Lady, please understand that we cannot just walk out and trust you not to tell the police that we were in your home. Just be quiet for a few minutes while I work out what’s the best way around all this. Mike, go to Mrs Haydon’s bedroom and get some stockings or tights or scarves or something to tie her up with.”

The man who had come in last nodded and departed. Jason turned back to Linda and put a finger under her chin, tilting her head up towards him. “If he kisses me, I will die,” she thought. Everybody stood silently waiting for the bondage gear to arrive.

Finally Mike arrived carrying a bundle of her underwear. “I just grabbed everything, thought you might like to go through it all.”

Without taking his eyes from Linda’s face, Jason said softly, “I said get me things to tie her with. I’m not interested in her panties or bras. Not yet, anyway.”

Mike rummaged, and handed across a pair of tights. Jason used them with evident expertise to tie her wrists behind her back. “Sit down,” he snarled, and she sat awkwardly on the sofa, her hands behind her.

He took a stocking and tied one ankle across to the leg of the sofa, then her other ankle to the other leg, leaving her sitting with her legs wide apart and her panties on show. “There, that will keep you under control for a bit. Guys, let’s sit down and work out how to handle this.”

Linda groaned, sensing how helpless she was now! Jason obviously sensed her fear, and said softly, “Don’t get upset, Linda, I don’t intend to hurt you, I just want to make sure that you can’t report us for being in your house.”

Linda sobbed a thank you, grateful that he didn’t seem to be thinking of killing her or anything else like that. She believed him when he said he was just trying to work out what was best to do, to resolve the problem of their illegal presence in her home. “Please, what are you going to do?”

“Don’t rush me, girl, I told you I haven’t decided. Just let me think. Tom, check the kitchen, there’s bound to be some beers, fetch four. And if you can find some bring the lady a glass of wine.”

When Tom returned, Jason took Linda’s wine glass and walked over to her. This time his eyes did roam over her body! He held her wine glass while she gratefully sipped from it, made Linda confirm her name, then he smiled and said something that made Linda’s blood chill. “You are a very lovely lady, Linda, perhaps we just need to take some photographs of you that you wouldn’t like your friends to see.”

As he spoke he quietly unbuttoned Linda’s blouse, and drew it open. He produced a knife and sliced the bra through the middle between the cups, then cut both shoulder straps, and lifted the bra away. “Lovely tits, Linda.” Then he reached under her skirt, told her to lift her hips, and tugged her panties down her thighs before using the knife to cut the panties free. “Nice bush, too. So much sexier than shaving it.” Then he turned and sat at the table with his three friends. Linda was now sitting with her breasts and her pussy on show to the four men.

That was as far as Linda wanted to remember of that awful day! She cuddled tight behind her snoring husband and tried to get to sleep. But sleep didn’t come easily! Looking back, Linda still couldn’t understand why she didn’t try to fight them, although she knew she had no chance of escaping. But now she wondered how she had managed just to stand there while her wrists were tied, her breasts exposed, and her nipples were fondled. She shuddered as she remembered how one of the men had tugged her skirt up in front, hooked his thumbs in her panties, and drew them down to her knees. Jason watched with a smile, then snapped, “Geoff, get back here and drink your beer. We need to discuss what we do with the lovely lady.”

And in the end Jason had offered her a deal! Suck their cocks while they took photographs, and they would leave. If she reported them, all four men would claim she had contacted them through the internet, asking to be taught how to give a good blow job! “We will say that you wanted to improve your skill while your husband was away.” And she had accepted that proposal, as the alternative could have been much worse. She had been contemplating them killing her to hide the evidence, or setting fire to the house with her in it, or taking her with them to some distant hideout. But instead they wanted only for her to blow their cocks! Only! Four of them, taking turns, some making her swallow, some spunking over her face and tits. And everything photographed.

And that was top of her thoughts now! They still had those photographs, and there was no way she could prove they had invaded her house in order to take them. As they had said during the negotiation, if she complained they would just say she had invited them in. And now they were returning for more!

The men did turn up, as promised. Linda and Steve sat waiting for them, holding hands nervously as the clock approached six o’clock. Linda was very aware that she was sitting where she had sat throughout most of that dreadful day after Jason had removed her panties, and during the long period after that when the men took turns to put their cocks into her mouth.

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