Bill and Mary's Ultimate Breeding Experiance

by Dr Cumings

Copyright© 2017 by Dr Cumings

Fiction Sex Story: This is a blasphemous dark tale about a God loving man and his wife and how they are used and abused by a bully. It is not one of my happier works. There is lots of violence toward and creampie and sperm eating by the husband. The wife is repeatedly raped and impregnated during these violations of her body. This is a depressing story, fortunately it is only 6,000 words. Ok so much for the sales pitch.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Ma/Ma   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Father   Daughter   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Revenge   Violent   .

I want to thank Zen Master for editing this story. He didn’t like it yet he forced his way through it to make his corrections and suggestions. Hell I don’t even like it, but it came out of my head so I wrote it down. My intent was to show a man so indoctrinated by his religious beliefs that he took everything that happens to him as God’s will.

Story told by Bill Williams, faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ

Mary, my wife of two years and I have recently decided that is time to start our family. We held off the first couple of years to make sure our lives were stable and secure enough to bring children into the world. We were both virgins when we were married and it’s a good thing in my opinion that we waited, because it took us a while to become comfortable with each other sexually.

Mary and I got married right out of Nease high school, which is in the small city of Ponte Vedra near Jasonville Florida. Tim Tebow graduated the year before us and we not only knew him, but we went to the same church as he and his mother did. We, Mary and I, admired Tim and he was a big reason we were still virgin when we got married.

When Tim graduated I moved up to starting quarter back for the Allen D. Nease High School football team, Mary was the head cheerleader, Go Panthers! We had been dating almost exclusively from tenth grade till we were married. She did have a boyfriend before she transferred from Columbia High in Lake City Florida, his name is Butch Harris and they have continued to stay in contact with each other as friends right up until we graduated.

He was even invited to our wedding, not that I wanted him there, but for Mary’s sake I capitulated to her wishes. Butch and I always had sparks fly when we were around each other. I guess that’s why I was kept in the dark many of the times when would Mary sneak off and meet with him, some of these meetings I only found out about after we married.

In addition to my animosity over Butch’s involvement with Mary, a large part of the dissention between us stems from the fact our schools were rivals. The Nease football team almost always beat the crap out of Columbia high every year. Our senior year we beat them twice. The first game ended up 28 to 0 and the second game that year of 2007 ended up 21 to 0. Butch was middle linebacker for the Columbia Tigers and it galled him to no end that they couldn’t beat us. Hell they couldn’t even score on us.

Anyway after high school, jobs were tough to get, especially decent paying jobs. Fortunately our prayers were answered and through one of Mary’s friends in Lake City, FL, God sent us word that an opening at Haeco Aircraft Maintenance had opened and I quickly applied for it.

I was currently working at North East Aircraft in Jacksonville where I had spent the last two summers during high school interning, but as an intern my pay was less than thirty grand a year and the position at Haeco was almost twice that.

Like I say it was God’s will that I got the job and he blessed me at the very young age of twenty. I thank the lord daily for this position.

At this point you’re probably asking, if I was such a hotshot quarterback in high school why didn’t I go to college?

Well the truth was I wasn’t. The only reason we won as many games as we did is that the team around me was Tebow’s team and many of them did get offered college scholarships, but not me and my family didn’t have the money or resources to send me off to college.

I guess I could have gone to Junior college, but Mary and I wanted to get married and I had a decent foothold in the aircraft maintenance field, so here we are, it’s 2008 and we moved to the small community of Lake City, by 2010 we bought a small three bedroom two bath home on an acre lot and were pretty happy with the way things were going. Life was good, or at least mostly good.

For the most part Butch and I had buried the hatchet, at least as far as I was concerned and we are at least civil to each other when we met socially. That seems too happen much more often now that we have moved to the city where he and Mary grew up. I have actually received more grief from his friends than I have from Butch himself, nothing serious just some nasty words and a bit of bully posturing.

Mary and her Doctor have been keeping track of her cycles and she has been off birth control for a little over three months. My wife has a clean bill of health from her gynecological specialists, Dr. Cumings to begin to grow our family. She has been taking the normal medications for a woman preparing for pregnancy and eventual delivery.

Dr. Cumings has asked me to use a condom during these few months before conception. He has asked this so that they can more accurately determine the date of fertilization and there for be more accurate when transitioning her meds from one stage of development to the next. It seemed like a strange request to me, but to make Mary happy I willingly complied.

We are both excited and as you might imagine. I will be happy when I no longer have to use condoms when making love to Mary.

Dr. Cumings has given us the green light to start trying to conceive on this coming Wednesday.

I hardly got any work done today thinking about making love to my wife tonight. We have talked and prayed about this day for months and tonight, God willing, we will make a little boy or girl to join us on our path in the light of Jesus. We are finally going to start a family and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Cumings has all but guaranteed me that Mary will become pregnant today.

So you can imagine my surprised that when I drive into my neighborhood that I see cars parked everywhere and the further I get into the subdivision the more congested it is. As I approached my house I was astounded to see people milling about my front yard. It looked like we were having a party. Many of the men were shirtless and most had no shoes.

Several men spotted me and they waved and directed me to park on a spot in my driveway that had been saved using orange cones and yellow caution tape. A small handmade sign was hanging from the tape.


Despite my irritation at having cars parked all over my grass I exited the car smiling at the revelry. Drunken men were patting me on the back. I was quite taken with the turn out. I didn’t know that we had this many friends in Lake City. A cheer rose up as I entered my house and hardly recognized anyone. When Butch stepped up to me and shook my hand I had to admit I was at a loss for words.

I did manage to ask. “Where’s Mary.”

Butch said. “Right this way my good man.” A crowd of men parted like the red before Moses and closed behind me as I followed him.

He turned and headed down the hall way. There were so many people it became difficult to move, but as we navigated the narrow hall people pressed against the wall to allow us to pass.

He turned into our bed room and as I passed through the door I saw her. She is lashed upside down by rope and nails that have been driven into the wall. Her back is against the headboard, her shoulders and head are resting on the bed and she is totally naked. Her vagina is pointing at the ceiling and it has been shaved bald. Her legs were spread wide and tied in almost a full split.

I yell. “Mary!” and lurch in her direction to release her, but I am grabbed from behind by several men.”

Butch turns and laughs at me, he has a twisted smile plastered on his face. “Welcome hubby, or should I say daddy, because your wife is by now truly pregnant.”

Mary looked like she was in a stupor. I couldn’t tell if she was drunk or if she was just delirious because of exhaustion.

I screamed at Butch. “I’m going to kill you motherfucker.” I rarely curse, and I later asked God to forgive me for my outburst.

“You mean Mary fucker don’t you, because I and every other man here is now a Mary fucker.”

I screamed and tried to jerk my arms free so I could rip his face off, but the men were strong and there were at least four of them.

Butch nodded to a woman I thought I recognized standing next to him. She picked up what looked to be a pair of panties from the bed. She walked over to my inverted wife and drug the material through the sperm on her crotch and belly and brought it back and held it up to my mouth.

“Open up.” She says.

The smell of sperm on the cloth was rank and I said. “Fuck you.”

She kneed me hard in the balls. I screamed and doubled over. She jerked my head up by my hair and stuffed the scummy panties into my mouth. Someone behind me threw a tie over my head and secured it and the underwear in place.

I was still bent over when Butch began speaking again. “The reason I say Mary is knocked up for sure is that the woman that just busted your balls is a nurse in Dr. Cuming’s office and without your knowledge she has been giving your wife fertility drugs for the last two months.”

“So in addition to this being her most fertile time of the month she most likely has several eggs in her uterus waiting to be fertilized. That is they were eggs this morning. By now they’re embryos.”

“You see as soon as you left for work, we arrived and tied your wife up in this exact position. It seems that it is best to have a woman’s cunt pointing up in order for Dr. Cumings newest invention to work best. I would love to show you this ingenious device, but he has already taken it back to the office, but I’ll gladly explain to you how it works”

“A male, typically the husband, over time, masturbates into a container and these samples are frozen until he has a sufficient amount stored to adequately flood his wife’s uterus. When I say flood I am using it as a medical term. Flooding means a sufficient volume potent seed is required to coat the entire surface of the uterine lining and any eggs present.”

“Now since the husband, you, weren’t here this morning about forty of us supplied the sperm for you. Aren’t you pleased that we were able to be here to help?”

I wanted to snuff out his miserable life. While he had been talking, the men behind me had tied my wrists together so that they wouldn’t need all of them to control me.

Butch continued “Anyway we produced so much sperm that using his device the doctor was able to over fill her womb with so much sperm that the doctor said if we had been able to remove it her uterus would have looked like an oddly shaped, but full water balloon. Then when it was so full that we couldn’t pump anymore sperm into it Dr. Cumings plugged her Cervix so that none of the little swimmers we furnished could be removed until his nurse pulled the plug. Wasn’t that nice of him?”

“All that happened at nine this morning. Now once he had her cervix plugged we untied her and since then it has been nothing but fuck Mary all day long. Fuck her in the bed, fuck her in the living room, fuck her in the kitchen fuck her in the back yard, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“That was eight hours ago and just before you arrived I fucked her for the last time today then we tied her back up so that we could properly show you how Dr. cummings procedure needed to be performed.”

“Now we have been assured by Dr. Cummings that your wife has been truly impregnated by at least one of us, probably more than one of us, so congratulations, you are a daddy even if you aren’t the father.”

Your wife has been fucked more than a hundred times since this morning, fucked in the cunt, fucked in the ass and fucked in the mouth. We wanted to fill her cunt up with sperm, so that it would be full as a gift to you when you got home, but there is a problem with fucking a cunt full of cum. As soon as you pump one load into her the next fucker sloshes some of that sperm out of her so a bunch of fuckers ... just defeat their own purpose. You know what I mean?”

“So throughout the day we have been masturbating into a container.”

The nurse who had kneed me held up a wide mouth gallon jug and it looked to be almost half full of slimy light beige substance I assumed was sperm.

She handed the jug to a man I knew to be a trainer at the gym. He is a body builder, his name I think was Greg, not that it mattered. This Greg guy, dipped his hand in the sperm and handed the jug back to the nurse. Then he knee walked up on the bed next to my wife. He took his sperm coated hand and cupped it into a point and pressed it to her vaginal opening.

It surprised me that his hand went in almost all the way, but stopped at his knuckles. When I thought about it, if my wife had indeed been fucked today over a hundred times that it would make sense that she would be loose.

Greg leaned into his arm and twisted his hand as he pressed it the rest of the way into my wife. She screamed as her vaginal ring popped over his knuckles. Her pussy enveloped him almost half way up his forearm. The vision before me was mind bending. He pulled back and punched rapidly down into her several times. She grunted each tine his fist hit the back of her, what was now I could only describe as her, CUNT.

After several more punches he pulled his hand out making sure to keep it into a fist to induce in her the most pain as he possibly could. At that moment I vowed to kill him too.

He stepped back. The nurse gave him the cum filled jug and she took a silver device I had been told was a speculum and inserted it into Mary’s cunt and began tightening the handle, spreading the tines that would spread open my wife’s pussy hole. Then she picked up a long skinny plier like device and reached into Mary’s twat and pulled out the cervical plug that the doctor had inserted.

Then she handed Greg the plier device and then she poured the contents of the jug into my wife filling her to overflowing. There was a small amount of sperm left in the bottom of the jug. Greg took the jug back moved to my wife’s head and pried open her mouth, He then poured the remaining cum into her mouth she gulped it down like it was ice water and she was dying of thirst.

Another woman brought a stainless tray to the nurse and held it for her. To my shock the nurse began sewing up my wife’s pussy hole with a needle and thread. Small rivulets of blood from the piercing of the needle ran down leaving tiny red snail trails across my wife’s flat tummy and chest then diving off each side if her body giving her a zebra effect. It took her about fifteen minutes to complete the job so now the sperm was trapped inside her cunt.

Then the men behind me untied my hands and roughly turned me around and threw me onto the bed face up and held me there. While other men began untying my wife two other men removed the tie and panties from my mouth and before I knew what was happening they jammed some kind of rubber device between my back teeth so I could not close my mouth.

Then I watched in surprise as they brought my wife down and rolled her so that she was facing the head board and her sewed up pussy was right over my mouth. They made sure that her vagina and my mouth were sealed together with some sort of tape. I could look right up her flat tummy and gaze into her glazed eyes. Then I watched the nurse lean on the bed right next to my head and wrap the loose end of the thread that she used to sewed up my wife’s pussy around her finger and give it a light tug and I felt the string move over my lips and a stitch pulled loose.

The nurse grinned when she saw I realized what she was about to do. My eyes got big and I began to struggle, but there were even more me men holding me to the bed now. The men keeping Mary upright over me barely had room to maneuver.

The nurse laughed as she watched me struggle when all at once she ripped the thread out and Mary’s vagina opened up and the sperm of all those men flowed into my mouth. In order to breath I had to swallow. My stomach lurched and the vile fluid backed up into my mouth and shot out of my nose. I feared that if I didn’t get my nasal airway cleared I would suffocate. So I mustered all of my will to gulp down the cum of all those men until I was able to blow my nose clear and I could breathe again.

I can’t tell you how long they held me there. I can only say that the light outside the bedroom window went from daylight to dark and my belly was now bulging as if I were pregnant from all of the sperm I had ingested.

One by one the men released me until only Butch remained, holding Mary vertical over my head. By then all the fight had left me and I was exhausted.

Butch lay Mary over onto her back on top of me, as he did this the tape pulled from my lips and left my jammed open mouth gurgling under my wife’s gaping dripping vagina.

I looked up into his eyes and asked why? But because my lips and jaw were restrained it came out as, “I?”

Butch echoed my question. “Why?” he laughed. “For lots of reasons, for all the humiliating football losses, for the arrogance you and your fellow team mates heaped upon us, but for me it was more personal. I loved Mary and you took her away from me and now I’ve taken her back. Not like I would have liked to have had her, but this is satisfying enough for me.”

“I have turned her into my slut. Today I broke her, her body and her mind are mine. I decided if I can’t have her love then I’ll take her cunt and use her as I please. Additionally she is pregnant with God only knows how many babies. They may have to abort some just so she can deliver three or four safely. She’ll know what it’s like to have a litter of the little crumb snatchers and you are the daddy. You get to raise the little bastards and when they are old enough my friends and I will fuck them. When that time comes you will watch us fuck your children, daddy. That is unless you abandon your wife and her offspring, something I fully expect you will do.”

“I can’t wait to watch her get fucked by my friends as her belly grows. I plan to have her waddle into the hospital with several fresh loads of sperm in her cunt, ass and mouth after her water breaks.”

“When she wakes up she can untie you and oh yeah, every father’s day you can expect that I will breed her with at least forty or more men that is if she isn’t already knocked up and if she is she’ll still get gang banged by them. Have a nice day Bill.” And he walked out of my house.

I yelled, rolled to my side and dumped Mary onto the bed and yelled. “Arry, ake uk! Ake uk!”

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