Singer's Stand

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: A bard starting out on his own travels to the Elven lands. He finds a human army already there and hunting wild elves. He saves a half elven girl and continues into the forest. At one of the few bridges over a deep gorge he meets Elves. They warn him to leave because the human army was coming. He could not let such as those invade the elven lands and stands before the bridge. He faces the army alone and holds them until elven hunters come.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

My father was a bard and my mother a tavern singer. My mother was killed in a brawl when I was little so it was just my father and I. We traveled the land and he taught me the blade as well as songs and music. He served barons, dukes and kings and more than once their wives or daughters.

I left him when I was eighteen, he was going to the western lands and I was headed southeast into the deep forest. I planned to find and visit with the elves. I had a single horse I put my packs and lute on and led it. At first I walked with a make shift staff and ignored the larger roads. It took me weeks to reach the Green river.

I had to be careful because the rumors were wild elves roamed this area. The few farms were more like armed enclosures. I met a troop of soldiers a few hours before I was going to camp. They stared as they rode past and I was tempted to turn away. When I reached the river crossing I saw where the soldiers had used it.

I crossed and turned north and then stopped when I saw a dead elf. He was not dressed like those I had seen. He looked wild and his weapons had been taken. I looked around and then followed the signs left by the soldiers. I found a camp they had destroyed and there were two more bodies.

I was moving slow and silently and the crouching girl did not hear me until I was behind her. I caught her shoulder and she spun with wide frightened eyes. I knew she was not a pure blood elf as she shifted, “I am Singer.”

She looked down quickly, “Cassie.”

I tilted her head to look at her green eyes, “you are a half blood?”

She searched my eyes and then nodded and I sighed, “I am sorry for what happened.”

She looked at the body she had been watching. Her face hardened, “thank you.”

I touched her face, “that was not what you meant. You did not like him.”

She looked at me quickly and then down again. I looked around, “you will tell me when you decide. Gather your things and we will leave.”

She hesitated and then turned and dropped to crawl into what was left of a hide tent. A few minutes and she came out with a bundle. I gestured and she started walking beside me. She kept looking at the horse and then at me. I did not go far before I made camp close to a creek that fed into the river.

I thought of the soldiers and pulled out dry rations. I unwrapped one and gave it to the girl. I unsaddled and tethered the horse in tall grass and looked at her as I rolled out my bedroll. I ate my ration and then stripped and caught her hand. Her eyes went wide and she stiffened as I pulled her close. She did not fight or struggle as I removed the few rags that were her clothes.

I bent to search my pack and found a towel and soap. I pulled her into the creek and then down into deeper water close to the river. I hung the towel on a branch at the edge of the creek and turned her, “squat down.”

She was looking down and nodded and I knelt and began to splash her. I used the soap and started to wash her hair. She trembled and shivered and I hesitated when I reached her privates, “um ... Cassie may I wash your privates?”

She looked up and into my face and I waited until she slowly nodded. The moment my hand slid over her pussy her eyes closed and she sighed. When I slipped the tip of one finger into her there was no maidenhead. Her pussy gripped my finger and she shuddered and moaned, “mmmm!”

I smiled and cleaned her ass and rubbed her pussy until she was spasming and I was holding her up. I kissed her cheek and stood and pulled her up, “feel better?”

She looked at me and then at my cock before slowly wrapping a hand around it, “yes.”

I groaned and looked at her, “I have not been with a woman.”

She looked at me quickly and then smiled softly and moved closer and gave me a kiss. I turned and caught the towel and started to dry her and then myself. We waded out of the water and went back to the camp. I hung up the towel to dry and when I turned she was on my bedroll with her legs spread.

I knelt between her legs and leaned down and licked through her pussy. She gasped and spasmed and lifted her hips, “ooohhhh!”

I wiggled the tip of my tongue on her clit and held her hips. She wiggled and squirmed and then thrashed and bucked, “aaaahhhh!”

She did not try to stop me or push me away and after several minutes I moved up. I looked between us and she quickly positioned my cock. I pushed into her almost hot and tight pussy and she groaned. I buried my cock in her and settled and kissed her, “now?”

She was shaking and looked at me as I held still. She smiled and hugged me and her pussy clenched, “push in and out.”

I hesitated, “deep like this?”

She kissed me, “just like this.”

I pulled back and groaned before I buried my cock again. She shivered and her pussy squeezed. I used long, slow thrusts and kept holding her and after a few minutes she shuddered and her pussy clenched. She moaned and her hands went to my ass as I continued to fuck her and used deep thrusts.

Several minutes and she thrashed and bucked and clung to me, “mmmm!”

She calmed and a few minutes later I shoved into her and held her tight, “Cassie?”

She felt my cock throbbing and grinned as she pulled to keep me in her. My cock erupted and I pumped seed into her. She shook and wiggled while her pussy constantly tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I shuddered and when I was done she rubbed my back, “again.”

It was very dark when we stopped and I held her half on me and pulled a blanket over us. A few moments and she was asleep but I continued to listen to the forest. When I woke it was to see Cassie watching me, “um...”

She hesitated, “I need to pee.”

I looked around and let her go and slipped off the bedroll. I helped her up and we moved away and I watched for her and then went. I pulled her to the creek and washed her messy pussy and she smiled. I got dressed and found a long shirt for her and slipped it on her. I rolled up the sleeves and gave her a kiss.

I dug into one pack and found leather and marked the outline of her feet. Next I began cutting the leather and marking the back, front and uppers. I cut them out and then packed up and kept the leather sewing kit out. I handed her bread and cheese before looping the reins on my arm. I began to walk deeper into the forest but kept it slow as I started to sew.

Cassie walked beside me and watched and looked around. An hour and I gave her the forest mocs and waited for her to put them on. She had bright eyes and a smile I will never forget when she stood. She tested them and hugged my arm and we started walking again. Another hour and we came to a gorge.

I had heard of it and turned to head down river. Before it joined the other river there was supposed to be a single narrow bridge. From the other bank in, there was only one grassy trail that led to the center of the forest. Finally we saw the bridge and crossed. I turned when I felt someone watching.

Two elves were trotting towards the bridge from a trail. They were glaring as they crossed the bridge and slowed to a walk, “you are not welcome here human.”

I smiled, “I am a bard. I am welcome everywhere elf.”

His eyes went to Cassie who was trembling and looking at the ground. He stopped, “she is from one of the wild tribes.”

I snorted, “you mean she was a slave to a wild elf tribe.”

The other elf with him touched his shoulder, “we do not have time.”

The first nodded and looked at me, “leave our forest human. Your soldiers are coming and they care not who they kill.”

I stiffened, “why would they enter your forest?”

He pushed past and started walking, “they believe all elves are wild and are coming to kill us.”

I looked back the way I had come, “but...”

They kept going and I looked at Cassie and then led the horse to one side. A single shallow creek ran out of the forest and fell into the gorge. I unsaddled the horse as I thought of human soldiers and what they were doing. Starting a war with the elves was a very bad idea. They had no idea what that could bring or do.

I turned and looked at Cassie and caressed her face, “if anything happens to me take the horse and flee down the trail.”

She trembled and I gave her a kiss, “the elves are not like those that kept you. They may look alike but that is as far as it goes.”

From my pack I took out two bottles of pyra essence, string and then a tiny lantern. I walked back onto the bridge and set one bottle on each side and began to set a trap. If I tripped it or the soldiers did, the bottles would break on the bridge and the lantern would ignite the essence. Nothing and no one would be able to stop it and the fire would burn the bridge.

I went to get my spare sword and caressed Cassie again, “perhaps you could walk up the creek and look for water plants for dinner?”

She looked and then nodded and I gestured to her feet, “do not get your new shoes wet.”

She smiled and shook her head and knelt to remove them. I returned to the bridge and carefully stepped over the trap. I stopped on the other side of the bridge and looked into the forest and began to wait. If the elves were hurrying, the scouts for the human soldiers would not be long. If they took this bridge their whole army could cross and head straight to the elven capital.

It was an hour before six humans slipped out of the forest. I was leaning against one side of the bridge and straightened and moved to the center. I pulled my other sword as I faced the scouts, “the border to the sidhe lands is closed.”

They sneered as they came closer and pulled swords. At the last moment two lunged and my left sword brushed them to the side while the right slashed. One fell back as he grabbed his gushing throat. I moved right and slid another sword up and stabbed the man in the inner thigh and artery. He jerked back but blood began pouring down his leg.

I slashed to the right and went left to keep the bridge blocked. The remaining four men rushed but the two men that were down got in the way. I lunged and stabbed one in the throat and snapped my sword up and to the left to block a strike. I ripped my sword free and cut towards the next man. He blocked but I was already sliding the other sword past his and into his gut.

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