Walking Sparky

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2017 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Caught in the rain walking her dog, and pal, Sparky, Allura Cain encounters her boss, John Stennerd. But it's what Sparky does that sets off events moving into the future.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   .


“Rain!” She said, talking to Sparky.

It had indeed begun to rain. It was one of those ‘out of nowhere’ kind of showers that came and dumped a ton of rain and then left the area.

But right then, Allura, Allura Cain, was out walking her ‘Sparky’, her ‘pal’.

Allura, who was 24 at the time, had always lived with her Mom, until her brother, the only other family member, moved back to the area, after a hitch in the armed forces. He settled in and got himself a job, living with Allura and their Mom.

Allura, talking to her lovely Mom, had taken it as an opportunity for her to get out on her own for a bit. She was anxious to try that, and her Mom, May, agreed that it might just be a good idea.

Allura was about 5’4” and always had been a bit heavy. She struggled, really pretty successfully, with her weight and kept a weather eye on it.

There had been, of course, a side effect of her constant struggle with weight: she never really had that many dates. She took her place, during school, as the ‘best girl friend’ of a number of other girls, who were normally quite active socially. But Allura wasn’t one of those who were ‘active socially’.

She tried, of course, not to complain but talked to her wonderful Momma about it any number of times.

May’s advice was always the same, and that was that Allura’s ‘time’ was certainly coming.

She was out of school now and Allura had had a job interview as an assistant to a CEO in a manufacturing business. She had been pleased with the initial interview and had had a follow up and actually got the job. She was pleased. Her new job was scheduled to start the following Monday, and Allura was looking forward to it. It also gave her a week to get herself settled.

It was about then, with the new job opportunity on the horizon and once Ray was back home, that she went out on her own, in a kind of an adventure in living.

It was quite an adventure for her and for her Momma, getting the apartment ready and getting settled. She worked at doing that about every night and was pleased to settle in, once her Momma had gone back home, which was about and hour and a half away.

But once Allura was her own boss, she decided on a ‘friend’. She went to the local shelter and adopted a small, raggedy ball of white fur and named him ‘Sparky’. Sparky was her pal and she walked Sparky every day, as a part of her own regimen and his also.

It had been a kind of a whirlwind week for Allura, getting moved, getting ready for the new job and having such a pal in Sparky. They bonded well immediately.

Today they were out and had just gotten caught in a cloud burst.

“Oh, Sparky,” she said, when both of them were getting wet, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect the rain at all.”

At that point, she turned around and they began to walk back toward her apartment building. Sparky kept shaking himself off, to get rid of the water that was cascading down from the sky.


John Stennerd was out that morning for a kind of a constitutional. He loved the neighborhoods of the town, always had and, when he managed to get back ‘home’ moved around, getting his exercise in the process.

John’s family had had bad ‘luck’ with heart incidents and John was determined to not go that way. He exercised and made sure, wherever he happened to be, that he went out walking and looking around.

Even though it was raining, he was out today, ready for the weather in his trench coat and umbrella.

It was precisely then that John Stennerd came across Allura and Sparky.

He just stared, as he approached them. Allura had a purse that she was holding over her head but the rain had already soaked her white tee shirt, and despite the logo on the shirt, Allura’s lacy bra was on display and her nipples, from the chill, were hard and erect.

That’s when the unexpected happened. It was Sparky who did it. The little dog stopped every few feet to shake off. But, when they came across John Stennerd and his umbrella, Sparky simply jumped up into John’s arms, surprising both John and Allura.

“Woah!” John said, explosively but holding onto Sparky, who was busy making himself at home in John Stennerd’s arms.

“Oh,” Allura said, dismayed, “Sparky!”

“Wanted to get in out of the rain,” John said, with a grin on his face, still holding onto Sparky but now covering a shivering Allura with his umbrella.

“Looks like you need it too,” he said, smiling.

“Oh,” she wailed, as she looked down her front. “Look at me!”

Then she reconsidered, realizing the state of her now see- through tee shirt and engorged nipples and again wailed: “No, don’t look at me.”

John realized that she was close to tears. He simply handed Sparky back to Allura and then took his own trench coat off, juggling the umbrella in the process, and put it around her shoulders, and letting it fall together down her front.

Now Sparky’s head was just barely sticking out of John’s trench coat, which Allura was wearing.

“This is so nice,” Allura said. “Thank you.”

“Welcome,” John said, “I’m always ready to help a lovely lady and any friend of my pal Sparky is certainly a friend of mine.”

She grinned at him and giggled, with a corresponding bark from Sparky.

John saw the two of them home.

Allura, still flustered by the attention of the, she thought, gorgeous man, was almost tongue tied, as they got to her apartment building.

“My name is Allura,” she said quietly.

“I’m John,” he said, and shook her proffered hand, adding: “What a lovely name.”

It all left Allura giggling, as she and Sparky went into the apartment building. She even turned at one point and saw him still watching her. She waved her fingers at him and grinned. He gave her a huge smile, watching as she lifted Sparky’s front paw and waved it at the nice, handsome man.

She dried Sparky with a big fluffy towel, once they were back in their apartment, and did spend some time talking to Sparky about the handsome man, named John.

She spent time that day on the phone with her Momma, describing her encounter with the handsome man and how Sparky acted, as they were out in the rain.

“Sounds like our Sparky has a good head on his shoulders,” her Momma said and they both laughed.

Then her Momma went on: “New job starts tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Allura said, “And I’m kind of nervous, although they were very, very nice to me at both interviews.”

“You are excellent for the position,” her Momma said. “Please call me and tell me how it goes.”

“I will,” Allura said, and then rang off with: “I love you, Momma.”

“I love you too, my darling,” her Momma said, before hanging up.


Allura was indeed a bit nervous. They got her oriented and showed her where her office was located. Her secretary, which she shared, named Margie, greeted her very warmly. Allura felt comfortable with her immediately.

“A bit nervous,” Allura said.

“You’ll be fine and more than fine,” Margie said, exchanging a hug with Allura.

After just a little bit, Margie mentioned to her that the staff meeting would begin in about 15 minutes.

“I think that all they want to do is introduce you today,” Margie said. “And the big boss is here today for the meeting. He’s been away now and again but I guess he plans to be here for a good long while.”

“Well, wish me luck,” Allura said, getting a reassuring hug from Margie.

She went into the meeting room, there were about 7 of them at the meeting. She was greeted very cordially by everyone. There had been a memo about Allura being hired and all were anxious to greet her and make her feel at home.

Then, as they waited, the door at the end of the room opened and the ‘Big Boss’, the CEO and owner of the firm, entered the room.

Allura almost cried out, when she saw John Stennerd enter the room. She was, for some reason, nervous right away. But that was mainly just Allura and some of her insecurities. In this instance the one thing that gave her some comfort was the fact that she was sure that he wouldn’t remember her.

John made his way around the room greeting each of them individually. Allura waited.

Then, when John got to her, he said very cordially:”You must be Allura, our new shining light.”

She beamed at him, and he said quietly, to her alone:”How’s my pal Sparky?”

Now, simply taken over by his kindness, she beamed at him and said: “He sends his love.”

John Stennerd grinned at her, saying: “Hi! from his buddy John.”

“Thank you, sir,” she began.He held up a hand and said: “Please, just John.”

“John,” she added, with a grin.

She found herself being tingly for the rest of the morning.

She also quietly chided herself to not get adolescent about John Stennerd. That struggle caused some consternation for her but she kept insisting with herself.

She spent her lunch time with others from her own section of the company. Gradually, all of them went to do some little errands, before work in the afternoon.

As she ate, reading a book that she had, she noticed someone standing next to her table. When she looked up, she was surprised to see John Stennerd standing there with his own tray of food.

“May I join you?” he asked quietly.

“Please,” she said putting the book away.

“What reading?” he asked pleasantly.

“Harry Potter,” she said, blushing, “I’m a fan.”

“So am I,” he said, settling in.

She got quiet then. It was her normal reticence taking over. Allura had such a kind of knack for such reticence for herself over a short lifetime of not being with the ‘in’ crowd.

He noticed. “Allura,” he said pleasantly. “I’m not trying to make you nervous by sitting with you. Do you want me to go?”

She looked up, alarmed. “No, please!” she said quickly. “It’s only me. I never, ever learned to really be calm and at home with people.”

He simply smiled as he looked on. He let her talk.

“I was always the chubby girl, maybe a friend, maybe, not ever a close pal or anything like that. No dates for me.” She chuckled at that but the chuckle ended in a kind of a muted sob.

He put his hand over hers; it calmed her.

“Don’t know why,” he said, “You’re so beautiful! But I don’t want to be saying things that make you feel awkward.”

She kind of giggled, fighting through her insecurity and taking a good look at what he’d just said.

“I’ll buck up and take such compliments,” she said. She giggled.

He grinned. “Good for you, Allura!”

She was astonished at how much at ease he made her feel. She mentioned that.

“Good for us!” he said then.

“I’ll tell Sparky tonight,” she went on.

“Aha, my pal!” he replied.

“And probably my Momma,” she said next. Then wanting to explain that, she went on: “We’re close; we talk all the time. She tells me to be patient, that my time is coming.”

“Ohhh,” she almost wailed then, “I shouldn’t maybe have told you that.”

He grinned. “Of course you should; we’re friends and friends talk to each other and tell each other things.”

“Yes,” she said, “Friends.”

Then he rocked her boat by adding, with a smile: “At least friends.”

“Ohhhhhh,” she almost moaned. “At least.”

She said that as though taking it out and looking it over.

“You’re so nice, Mr John Stennerd,” she said then. “Boss.”

“No,” he said, “No ‘Boss’ for us. It’s just John and Allura, Momma of my pal Sparky.”

“Yes,” she said, feeling even more relaxed with him, “Momma of your pal Sparky.”

She was silent again then for many minutes. It was not anything really new for Allura. With friends, mainly girls, she was out-going and active but in such situations as this, with a guy, she more than often simply froze with little or nothing to say. She realized that it was causing her reticence right then.

He smiled at her and said, softly: “Allura, is anything wrong? I don’t want to intrude if you’d really rather I didn’t.”

She held up a hand and said, with difficulty: “No, no, it’s me; that’s all. I get all tongue tied, when I try to talk to guys. I always have.”

“Well, Sparky told me to be nice to you or he’d get me!” he said, with a grin.

She grinned back at him. “That’s my pal Sparky; has my back.”

“Yes, he does,” John said.

He continued to make her feel at ease; they both realized it and their eating together lapsed into a kind of pleasant chatter about work and general life issues. Allura was taking part in the conversation without really realizing it or becoming tongue tied or awkward about it.

After a bit, when they’d both finished, he said: “Allura, I’m sorry but I have a meeting in about 20 minutes and I have to pick up some things for it. Thank you for allowing me to lunch with you.”

She gave him a broad smile. She fully realized that she felt at ease with this man.

“I’ll give a good report to Sparky about you,” he said, and she covered her mouth with her hand and giggled, as he grinned at her, before walking away with his tray.


The sense of it, the feel of that lunch stayed with her. She made sure, that evening, when getting ready for a walk with Sparky, that she told Sparky all about it. She was home from work, still wearing the skirt and blouse she’d worn to work.

The weather was really nice for this walk, as they strolled their usual route.

In fact, John Stennerd, was out for a walk too, and, not fooling himself, he was more than half hoping to run into Allura and Sparky.

And there they came, down the sidewalk.

It wasn’t raining; it wasn’t wet but Sparky again simply jumped into John’s arms, when he and Allura were close enough.

“Oh, Sparky,” she said but John was grinning and she began to giggle.

“He’s really taken a shine to me,” John said, with a smile, scratching Sparky’s head, as he talked.

“Are you free to get a drink?” he asked.

“Well, yes,” she said, “Can it be at my place? I have to take his majesty home.”

“Your place,” John said, “Grand.”

They walked along companionably, with Sparky now walking with them, instead of being carried.

“He is very well behaved,” John said.

“Yes,” she answered. “I take him out for walks all the time. You’re the only person that he’s ever jumped up on though.”

“Knows quality,” John said with a grin.

She giggled and said, in agreement: “Yes, I think that he does.”

It wasn’t a long walk to the apartment building where Allura and Sparky had their apartment. As a matter of fact, Allura had selected it precisely because she could have a pet/friend like Sparky there with her. She had been determined about that.

They had a rather small but very nice ‘garden’ apartment. But then ‘small’ was what she could afford. She patiently explained that to John, as they got to the apartment building.

The three of them, Allura, John and Sparky, were there in a matter of ten minutes or so. She let them into the apartment.

Sparky barked right away, expecting the treat that he always got, when they returned from their walk.

She turned then, and it was, quite suddenly, a time for an explanation of reality for Allura. She was so unsure of herself once again in that moment. It seemed the very best thing to do.

She reddened, as John continued to pay some attention to Sparky and then turned to her.

“I don’t just know what to do here,” she admitted. “I mean, growing up, I was always the plump friend. Never seemed to mind but, you know, it meant that I always looked on, dances, parties whatever. I just looked on.”

He surprised her then, and in one movement broadened her world and, as the Spanish say, remade it ‘de colores’.

He reached for her, putting his arms around her, and, humming into her ear, began to dance with her.

She sighed, only sighed, and put her head against his upper chest and shoulder. the loveliness of it caused her to shudder just a bit, as she matched his dance steps and settled herself against him.

“Allura, Allura, Allura,” he whispered to her. “You are so well named. You allure me; holding you and dancing with you is the very world.”

She sobbed then, and began to apologize immediately for being so emotional.

He stopped her apology with a kiss, a light, first kiss and then kissed the tears from her cheeks next, while he continued to dance with her.

Of course, it was then that Sparky began to bark at the two of them.

“Oh, Sparky,” she said, but John reached down and picked the little dog up and settled Sparky between the two of them and continued to dance, now with both of them. Sparky settled down into John’s arms, between the two of them immediately. He was in a position to lick either her cheek or John’s, and seemed to like the position very much.

The music ended, and with it, the dance. Sparky wiggled to be put down and the two of them were left, still embracing.

“Oh, John,” she said. “I wish ... wish you’d do something to make me feel that this is real and no dream. Please,” she concluded and brushed his lips with hers.

His hands were on her back, and he tentatively moved one hand down to her waist and then onto the swell of her butt cheeks.

It made her giggle.

This was indeed a new Allura; it was not the perennially overweight, ‘friend who’s a girl’ person at all, with no dates and no one showing interest. She was, really, swimming in new waters. It’s certainly how she felt, as she tried to articulate what was popping up in her mind just then, as she felt his hands on her.

“That’s what I mean! I meant!” she said, and, feeling bold, this time, instead of a soft kiss, simply licked his lips with her tongue.

He grinned at her and captured her moving tongue into his mouth and began to suck on it a bit, while still feeling her ass, now with both hands.

“Ass of the century,” he whispered to her, “World class ass!”

“No one’s ever said things like that to me,” she said softly.

“Can’t imagine why! Just can’t!” he asserted.

She giggled at him then, licking his lips again, and in a movement that was, for her, filled with courage that she called up, she reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt, pulling it up and then pushing his hand again, at the wrist, pushed his hand down onto the silky, slippery surface of her pink panties.

“Oh, dear,” he groaned, “I’m so done for!”

“Got you,” she said to him softly, “Got this Johnnie!”

“You do, siren!” he replied.

He played with her then, loving, absolutely loving the silkiness of the pink nylon of her panties and how they felt snugged over her wonderful ass cheeks. And now sticking a hand down inside her pink panties, and getting an accompanying sigh from her and the simple word: “Yes!”

Allura was floating on a kind of wave of love/lust that had only, previously, mainly been a dream for her. But it was what was happening right then.

“Tell me what to do,” she said, softly into his ear. “I have so little experience, just tell me what to do!” Her statement was almost pleading.

He licked her ear, getting a total body shiver from her in response.

“Clothes off and we dance,” he said, “With you naked!”

“Yes,” she said to him, again into his ear. “My clothes off and then we dance with me naked.”

“An all naked Allura,” he said.

“Yes, an all naked Allura!” she responded. “Love that idea.”

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