Animal Fuck Fest

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: A young virile man visits his beloved Grandma's farm. helps and investigates

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Farming   Bestiality   .

I had been to my Grandma’s farm many times before. Mostly in the summer to combat the loneliness for both of us. Every morning we went out and to feed the chickens and pigs, check on the cattle, and just make sure that everything was in good general order. For an old gal of 65 with raging arthritis in one leg, she managed very well on her widowed own, only hiring help for big manual jobs. On a hot Saturday in June, the phone in the hall rang as I settled down to my breakfast after my morning chores. Grandma answered, I could hear the urgency in her voice.

“Yes, of course dear. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

She explained a lot, hearing my name. I continued on with my breakfast grabbing a slice of bread when she returned to the kitchen.

“That was Mavis, your great aunt, her husband’s in the hospital and doesn’t look like he’s going to make it.”

I frowned in fake empathy, “So what does that mean for you?” I asked.

“Well, she wants me to go and stay with her, she is my only sister you know, and she never asks for much.”

I played with my toast, not wanting to look at Grandma’s sadness.

“So you’ll have to stay and look after the farm for a few days, you think you can do that?”

I jumped at the idea, I had never been all alone on the farm. I could be the man of the house, the leader of the pack ... however you see it, it was a nice proposition.

“Of course! I’ll stay here and take great care of everything.”

Come Sunday she left, and I headed out to do my chores, I threw some feed at the chickens, and watered all the animals deciding to go out to the pasture and check on the cattle. Calves were still being born and you never know when something might happen. I walked out with Jip the dog, a big black Collie, and we surveyed the barns. The milk cows were in one open and the calving cows were in a large byre. Catching my eye in the pasture, I saw what seemed to be a black and white bull in action. As I walked closer I realized it was a cow, who was trying to mount another cow as though it were attempting to breed with it. I had seen that before, like you do, just driving around in the country and Grandma had explained.

After a while doing stuff, I returned to the house phoning Grandma, thinking about family duty and all that shit, asking how Mavis was. My Great Aunt was distraught as expected and not sure how long Grandma would stay. She asked was there anything about the animals, so I told her about the cow trying to mount and another I’d seen in a different pasture.

“They’re just in heat, they’re fine,” she tittered.

I was satisfied it was normal. Later, I went back out and found the Friesian cow who had been mounting the other. I was young free, on my own and in charge ... and fucking horny as hell, having to wank most nights as there were no girls nearby to chat and shag. Flinging a long loose rope round her neck I led her back to the barn. As we walked her tail swatted flies as usual and noticed her bulging pussy was big, pink, with nice mound ... She looked fucking hot and I was randy – for fucks sake it was a living hole and in my state...

I let her wander on ahead of me and watched, fascinated. With each step small amounts of liquid seeped out of her cunt, dribbling round her enormous swaying udders onto the ground. We finally reached the barn. I placed her in an empty byre and examined her closely, after getting some plastic long gloves.

These were used to examine the cows vaginas to see if they are pregnant, they go all the way up to your shoulder. Then you place you hand way up in the cow’s cunt and see if you can feel a lump. I slid on one of the gloves, her pussy glistened in the light with the fresh water I had just sprayed onto it. With one finger I gently pushed on the outside of her opening. She quickly began to engulf me, I pushed a little harder and soon my whole hand was inside her pussy, I wiggled my fingers and pulled it out, covered with sticky juices.

Again I inserted my hand, this time going further, the walls of her pussy were firm, pliable and giving. Slowly I continued my search into the depths of her cunt. I was in up to my elbow, it was here that I began to feel a sensing in my pants ... that was the whole idea. Out I pulled, an inch or two, then plunged back in. Over and over I went, pushing my arm into the hole of my bovine lover. She was sort of squatting ... no - more like hunched trying to receive me.

Finally I reached a point where I could not push any further, it wasn’t her, it was me. My arm just wasn’t long enough. It was here that I pulled out and slammed my arm back in, she jumped. As my arm slid in her anus released, covering me in smelly cow shit. Fucking charming I thought, here am I all randy and sexually exploring you and you fucking shit on me. However, this deterred me little. I tried it again, pulling it out and forcing it to go as far at it would go. This time there was a loud “Mrrrooooo,” as if she were frightened. I slapped her arse and continued to pump my arm into her open cunt.

Realising my dick was fully erect, I opened the zipper and began to give myself a hand job. I finger fucked her until my arm got tired, then as I pulled it out I watched the gape slowly subside between two giant beef curtains. I pulled them apart and searched for a clitoris, not knowing what I was looking for. With two fingers I searched around, until I found a sweet spot, she stirred and moved in ways that I have never seen a cow move, grunting and grinding against my fingers. I rubbed and rubbed and she swayed for nearly ten minutes, then she let out what sounded like a bellow of relief as I shot ropes of jism freely onto the straw.

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