My Cruise From Hell
Chapter 2

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Follow the events that lead up to my cruise from hell

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I was back working part time and it was Friday, the start of the Memorial Day weekend. The company had given us a four-day weekend. It was always nice to get a four-day weekend. Our company was always great in giving us the extra day off if it was possible.

The old company president said to me one time, “Tommy me boy, you have to sometimes give the fellers an extra day off over the holidays, so they can spend their fucking money. That way whens they come back to work, they’re fucking broke and hungry for more money. They will work fucking harder to earn their money.”

(Those were almost the exact words that he spoke to me, funny how a statement like that stays in your mind. When I asked him about the statement, he said that was how his granddad said it to him.)

Tina was planning a cookout with a few friends and her family on Saturday. It was to be a party to usher in the summer months and for me to meet some of them. Friday night she was drinking some wine and talking about what needed to be done for the party tomorrow. I offered to get my electric leaf blower and clean out the patio of leaves and other debris. Tina was drinking white wine, chardonnay was her favorite. She was on her way to becoming moderately buzzed drinking the wine. This was the first time I had seen her drink any volume of alcohol. When we go out for dinner, she usually had a glass or two of wine with her meal. She became very talkative after a few glasses of wine. She talked about many topics, including some of what had happened in her past.

“This happened to my friend Priscilla a couple of years ago at our annual 4th of July party. I was dating her ex-husband Wes. He showed up at my party and it was after midnight when we ended up in my bed having sex. He spent the night with me. Priscilla spent half the night searched for him, before giving up and going home. The boys had hidden his car out of sight. Priscilla must have thought that he had left the party. Now don’t tell anyone that I told you about this. I had been dating Wes on and off for a couple of years before you. Priscilla and her children had no idea that I had been dated him. I want to keep my good relationship with Priscilla and her family and if they found out I had been dating Wes, it could cause some hard feelings,” she told me.

We finally went to bed, where she continued to ramble on. After talking about several subjects, including our relationship she said this out of the blue, “You know the only way that I will ever have sex with you is if I am drunk.”

Talk about a kick in the nuts. I was stunned. I laid there with tears in my eyes and I never said a word to her. I don’t think she realized what she said and how I took it. Finally, she ran out of steam and fell asleep. I laid there for a while and they got up, dressed quickly, and went home. On the way home, I did some serious thinking about our relationship. Obviously, she lied. She was drunk and I never got any sex. But what a thing to say to some guy that you’re starting up a relationship with.

The next day, she must have called and texted me at least a dozen times before I finally called her back.

“What do you want Tina?”

“Why did you leave? Why didn’t you return my calls sooner?”

“It was what you said last night that stunned me and I thought it was best to get out of there.”

“What did I say that bothered you? Would you please refresh my memory?”

“You said that you would never have sex with me unless you were drunk.”

“That is not what I meant” ... but I cut her off. “Don’t call me just leave me alone,” I said as I hung up on her.

Later that afternoon the doorbell rang and I just knew it would be her. I should have just ignored it, but she started to call me on the cell phone and began to pound on the door. I didn’t want her to create a scene for the neighbors to see, so like a dummy I let her in. I turned and went down the hallway into the living room, with Tina following me. It was the first time she had been inside of my house, so she was giving it the once over look. She sat on the couch, hoping that I would sit next to her, but I didn’t, I sat down on the wing back chair. She carried on with some small talk, with me staying silent.

Finally, she said, “Tom, I’m sorry that you took what I said in the wrong context. It wasn’t a reflection on you, but rather on me. My first husband Mark liked to get me drunk. I would lose some of my inhibitions and I would loosen up and get a little wild during sex. I didn’t mean to humiliate you in any manner,” she said.

“Well you sure have an odd way of saying it.”

“I know it came out all wrong and I am really sorry for the misunderstanding it caused.”

We discussed the situation for a while and she wanted me to come back to her place for the party. I put up some resistance until she got up and walk over to me and sat on my lap. She put her arms around me and gave me a sizzling kiss that got my juices stirring. What the hell, I’m a guy and we know that a woman’s pussy will rule our life. I gave in and followed her back to her condo for the party.

Although we did not have any sex either Saturday or Sunday night, I did spend both nights with her in her bed. Finally, the breakthrough came on Tuesday night. I got into her pajama bottom and finger fucked her to an orgasm. Thursday night was the same, except after I got her off, she gave me a hand job that made me cream my tummy.

It was the following weekend after the Memorial Day Holiday. It was a beautiful warm Saturday night for the first week of June. It was just perfect. The sun had gone down and the moon was just starting to show its face. We were on the patio drinking some chardonnay watching the traffic and people as they went by. Some going down to the boat harbor, others went into the park. We must have drain a bottle and a half and I’m not much of a wine drinker. I didn’t realize just how fast I was getting buzzed.

It was getting late and I went to the bathroom while she cleaned up the patio table. I came out of the bathroom and she went in. An hour earlier I taken a Viagra pill, I hoped this would be the night that I finally scored. I have some problems with ED and I sure hope that the Viagra would do its job. I was hoping that we would have full blown sex.

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