Grannie's Gumption

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Sixty-year-old woman with an impotent spouse jump-starts a sex life for herself.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Sharing   .

Jenny sat by herself after the birthday party closed down. She’d poured herself several fingers of bourbon on the rocks. She’d been alive 60 years and was reflecting on where she’d gotten to.

It had been mostly good with a pretty ordinary childhood and public school education where she met Roscoe, her husband of over 40 years. The classic boy and girl offspring were now out on their own and producing grandchildren. She’d had miscellaneous jobs, none of them highly skilled, over the years. Her sex life, never very much beyond vanilla, had come to a halt three years ago when diabetes took her husband’s ability away. Her interest didn’t disappear though and may have gotten stronger after menopause.

That itching in her crotch annoyed her and she decided to do something about it. Logic said that since her husband couldn’t scratch it, and about half of the people you were surrounded by had the equipment to do so, she needed to find one of them who was compatible and interested. The biggest issue was how to meet said person. Getting involved with somebody at church was probably the worst idea but she also didn’t want to be a barfly and take her chances with some drunk. She didn’t belong to any organizations but perhaps she’d better scout the ones that might have some decent quality men in them.

Essentially having made up her mind to indulge in extramarital sex, she then had to figure out where this would be accomplished if and when a suitable partner could be identified and connected with. She couldn’t bring them home and going to their place if she didn’t know them well was a bit scary. Motels were just too costly unless the guy sprang for but that would be prohibitively expensive long-term, the kind of relationship she wanted.

Out in the backyard was an older drivable RV on a truck chassis. She and her husband had done a good bit of traveling in it. It was cozy but big enough to stand up in and not too large for her to comfortably drive. It had been un used for several years so needed a going over.

She contacted the teenage boy two doors down who was always working on his car. He done a few things for them before and this time she approached him about getting the RV back in operating shape. She told him that she would pay him even though he said that wasn’t necessary.

It needed a new battery, an oil change, and some other miscellaneous things but the tires were still good and he got it started. It needed cleaning inside and out and he took that on with her help.

When she went to pay him for his hours of work, he refused, so she had an idea. Leading him to the van she closed the door and sat him on the couch. Half turning towards him she asked, “Have you ever had sex?”

He was startled by the question but his answer was so quick it had to be honest, “I’ve done it a couple times with two different girls.”

She reached for his hand and said, “Would you like to see what it’s like with a real woman?”

“But you’re married!”

She squeezed his hand and explained how her husband wasn’t capable of pleasuring her any more but she liked him and he would be helping her if they had sex. His mind chewed on that a little bit. He was used to being the pursuer and never had it offered to him like that before. His cock betrayed his answer before his lips did.

The couch turned into a bed and the tinted windows gave privacy so she locked the door and began stripping in front of him, trying to be as erotic as her limited experience would allow. He had a great big grin on his face so she knew it was going well. When her full mature tits were swinging uncovered, she pushed one into his face and his mouth glommed onto it and his tongue tickled the nipple. “Mmmmmmm!” She thought. When her panties came down and she was fully naked in front of him she stood with legs spread and guided his hand to cup her pussy. She’d taken good care of that with supplemental hormones and a dildo, hoping that this moment would someday come. It was dripping her lubrication on his fingers and he pulled them to his mouth to lick.

“Let me see what you bring to the party,” she ordered. He quickly stripped and she knelt down, thinking this was the fourth one she’d ever tasted. There were two boyfriends in high school before she hooked up with her husband. Oral sex was as far as those had gotten before they blew their nuts. She was careful to limit the stimulation. She wanted that nice tool somewhere else.

Then he was eager to request oral sex in return so she laid back on the couch and that almost forgotten pleasure surged through her. After an orgasm, she guided the mushroom head to the right place and he began increasingly deeper thrusts. When he hit bottom, she had a small orgasm from his pubic bone pressing on her clit. As expected, it wasn’t long before forceful jets of semen sprayed her depths.

“Stay in me honey. Let’s roll over so I can ride you.”

She liked being on top although that had not happened nearly enough in her marriage. It was “make-up” time!”. She rode him a good bit longer this time and she felt some more of those strong spurts, never ever feeling those with her husband, and her major orgasm was set off.

As the pleasure slowly faded away, her new lover commented, “So that’s what a woman’s orgasm is like. None of my girlfriends ever had anything like that!” She hugged him and said he had done damn well for starters and she’d like to give him even more practice. She got a big kiss for that and then he had to get home.

He was over there every day for a week on the pretext of working on the RV. Well, work was done on the bed of the RV anyway, if you can call screwing a woman more than three times your age “work”. It was tiring, that’s for sure, as his endurance built up as her pussy got more used to having a visitor.

During this time she’d been working on a plan to meet some men closer to her own age. Sure, young cock was hard and eager, but she wanted to experience a variety.

Going to the wellness center in the next town, she got a membership and found out the busiest times. Rather than avoid them, that’s when she wanted to be there. In the coffee shop was where the men would be, and if it was busy she could asked to share a table with them. She didn’t know exactly what she was looking for but figured she’d recognize a good one when she came across them.

For several weeks she drove over and mixed and mingled until one day a guy that she had spoken with previously sought her out and asked to go over on a couch instead of the table. He reintroduced himself and said he’d forgotten her name but wondered if she’d like to get better acquainted. That was what she wanted but she acted a little bit shy to see what he would do. That didn’t slow Ed down, and he was a good conversationalist. She found out he was 50 and married with a wife that didn’t like to get out much. He was recently retired from the military and hadn’t decided what to do from that point on yet.

Granny brought the topic around to travel and he said that in the military he’d done quite a bit. When he asked her, she talked about the trips in the RV and wondered if he might like to see it sometime. He expressed interest and she said that she would bring it the next day. They did a hug that was a bit tighter than casual and she diddled herself as she drove home, hoping this was a “keeper”.

Ed was there when she arrived and asked if she’d brought the camper. When she said yes, they filled their coffee cups and headed out to the parking lot to see it. The little table was set up and so they sat across from each other. She had worn a low-cut top, kind of a peasant blouse thing, and she made it a point to lean over and give him good views of her ample cleavage, barely restrained by a soft cutaway bra. His gaze lingered and she smiled.

Their coffee gone, now is the time to make her move. “Have you ever had sex in an RV?”

Ed replied he’d had sex in lots of places but never one like this. He added he was always open to new experiences so she stood up and pulled down her top from her shoulders. Unhooking her bra at the front, her breasts were advertising their availability by the hard nipples.

The invitation was immediately accepted and his strong hands fondled and squeezed one tit while his mouth tongue and teeth worked on the other. Electric shocks ran from her bosom to her crotch and she began making soft pleasure noises.

“Help me drop this table and make it into a bed.” That was quickly done and she didn’t have to ask him to remove his clothes. They soon reclined together, hands exploring the other’s body and stimulating all of the erogenous zones. He was a good kisser and that inflamed her lust even more.

He was quite fit, having recently left the service and she was so pleased he didn’t tire easily. Neither did his cock, which she commented on and found out he’d taken and ED pill just in case this might happen. They rested for a bit and she stimulated his tool until he could put it to use again. It didn’t take much to fill her nicely.

As they parted she said she’d bring the RV on certain days and they could get even better acquainted with practice. She had lots of lubrication for her finger on the drive back home.

When she got there, her husband was in the kitchen and asked her what she’d been doing. She said she’d been getting exercise at the wellness center and then the odor from her unwashed crotch reached him. Grabbing her by the shoulders he asked seriously, “Was that exercise horizontal with a man, by any chance? You smell just-fucked. Tell me the truth!”

She hugged him and said, “Yes it was. My female parts are still alive and needy and you can’t do very much for them so it was an itch that I had to scratch. I still love you and have no intention of leaving you, so don’t let that part be a concern.”

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