by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Sexually active young woman savors her interactions with rampant males.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Cream Pie   .

She was supine, enjoying every millimeter of the hard, fleshy shaft as it filled her fleshy tunnel at a leisurely pace, paused and then withdrew smoothly. The pleasure was rhythmic at just the timing she liked for the beginning of a fucking session. With her excellent sensory memory, she compared how this lover felt to the one that had been there an hour and a half before. They were both good, or they would not be welcomed, only different, and Mindy enjoyed the differences greatly.

There would be another comparison this afternoon and possibly a new one on her evening date. Tonight was the third outing with this man and she felt ready to explore what he brought to the party.

Back to the present; she enjoyed the slick feeling of the lubrication from her first lover as this one slid in it. He’d been with her enough that she knew he was aware of the difference between going first or second or third in her day since she rotated them regularly. He made no comment or complaint; a wise young man.

She wiggled her firm upward pointing breasts at him, asking for some attention. His eyes had been closed, apparently savoring the sensations he was getting but her motion popped them open and he soon began teasing those hard knobs with his tongue and lips and teeth, bringing her to her first orgasm with him. He was rewarded with a deep kiss and then she rolled them over to the cowgirl position and picked up the pace. This time her tits hung in his face and he could use his hands on them as well. She loved that and he knew it.

After her second orgasm he withdrew and she went to all fours for a furious doggy–position mutual-orgasm finale. They rolled to their sides and he stayed embedded while his love tool shrank, reluctant to leave that pleasureful place. He gave her another kiss after he dressed and left. She lounged there for a while reliving the sensations of the morning, rubbing herself with fingers coated with the spend of two men. She often had thoughts of gratitude for nature designing her vagina to so easily welcome and pleasurably accommodate the assorted sizes and shapes of penises that she might choose to enjoy. It was just the most natural and delightful thing to make them welcome.

Mindy finally got up and mopped her pussy with the towel that protected the bed sheet. She never showered between lovers.

She put on a light robe and had some more coffee since it was only 11 o’clock. Her next lover wouldn’t be there until noon. It was customary that he would bring lunch and they would sup and visit for a while before she put a clean towel on the bed and their sex play commenced. This one was uncut and he would definitely feel different than the first two, rubbing her G-spot in a special way she looked forward to.

Ralph was much older than the others, being in his mid-50s. He’d long made it a habit to go to the hardware store every Saturday to stock up for the various honeydew projects his wife expected him to work on during the following week. This stop by her place could only last about 30 minutes but that was about all he was capable of. That was plenty for his thick and gnarly, although a bit stubby, pecker to provide them both with a worthwhile way to spend their time together. She was surprised at how much he could come at his age since other older men she laid often been rather lacking in that department. She delighted in the look on his face each time he gazed on her body and then touched it and finally fucked it.

Ralph could only be with her on Saturdays but her two younger men were students like herself and had some flexibility in their schedules. She was usually able to connect with each of them a couple times during the week as well. Sunday was her day to herself, attending church and working on her spirituality. She considered sex to be a form of prayer and so she would reminisce over any special aspects of the previous week.

Her fourth date for the day began with dinner and dancing, then back to her place for dessert, as she put it. She noticed he had a BIG grin, anticipating the treat. Her grin was just as big, remembering all the help she’d had “warming up” the treat he’d be offered. Her vagina was well drained by then so there would be little clue, even to an experienced cocksman, that it had been so busy already that day. She’d showered in deference to their first time together, plus she’d smell better when out in public. In private she flaunted her earthy odors.

If this new guy worked out, Mindy would have a pretty good mix of ages. Johnny, the first this morning, was close to her age and also a college student, which is where she had met him. Billy, the second hitter, was only 16 but was amazingly skilled, being much more long-lasting than the average teenage boy she’d welcomed between her legs. He’d confessed that his older sister had taught him well and still made use of him when she was between suitable boyfriends or even if they had not satisfied her that day. Ralph we already know about.

Her new potential pussy pounder was Randy who was about 30 and had a good professional position but did work 9-to-5, more or less, because he was on salary. She’d had another like him until recently but he had gotten engaged and was off the market, thus leaving a big empty space in her schedule, and therefore, pussy.

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