Rosita's Rape

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Lovely Latino wife is taken unwillingly by a visitor...or was she?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Slut Wife   .

Roberto did not like his boss at all. The man was arrogant and boorish but the job was important right now so he tolerated the awful behavior. When Manuel insisted that he be invited over to their house for dinner after meeting Rosita, the lovely wife of Roberto, he dared not refuse.

He broke the news to his sweetheart the best he could but she told him it would be fine. She had heard enough stories about this man and it bothered her the way her husband was treated.

It was a Friday evening when the self-invited guest showed up, bearing no flowers or wine or anything that would reveal any manners at all. He was welcomed, or at least he got that impression, by the slender woman with long dark hair and a magnificent bosom with much cleavage on display in the lowcut blouse that she wore.

Carrying on a conversation, she kept Manuel well supplied with his favorite beer, bending over to give luscious views of her barely covered mammaries as she served it. She noticed that his crotch swelled a bit each time she did that. Not surprising from this man who bragged that he was God’s gift to pussies.

There was a soccer game on after dinner that the men watched while Rosita busied herself cleaning up from the meal and served dessert with more looks down her blouse. It was a long game and she changed into a brief nightie and begged fatigue from a long day. She kissed her husband on the mouth and Manuel got a little one on his cheek.

She had not completely closed the bedroom door so when Manuel went to make room for more beer, he observed her lying on the bed only partially covered. He made several trips and at one point her nightie had slipped down revealing a breast which he stared at as long as he could before going back to the game.

Roberto got a phone call and he talked earnestly to whoever it was. Then he turned to his guest and said, “There is a family problem I must go take care of. I don’t know how long it will take but you are welcome to stay here to see the finish of the game. There is plenty of beer in the refrigerator so help yourself.”

By this time Manuel had drunk plenty of beer and images of Rosita were on his mind much more than the soccer game. He walked into the bedroom and stared at her, sound asleep. He leaned over and sucked on the nipple standing proudly exposed. She made a little noise and moved but did not seem to wake up. He stepped out of his sandals and dropped his drawers.

His uncircumcised erection was filling quickly as he pulled back the covers and separated her knees, moving up until cockhead was against her fur-trimmed pussy. She began to stir and her eyes popped open as he pushed the first few inches of his boner into her.

“Stop it!” She spoke loudly, “Take that thing out of me right now!”

He mumbled drunkenly, “You been asking for it all night so now you’re getting it. I know you like it. All of my lady friends do.” He pushed another couple of inches in. It was pretty big, just like his belly and his ego.

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