Damsels in Need - Olivia

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He meets Olivia who is his teenage daughter's drama teacher. Olivia love him when he rescues her drama production when her pays the insurance needed to ensure the event happens. She takes him home to show her appreciation.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   School   Lactation   .

Olivia Kane was a 25 year old drama teacher at the local high school. She was also my 15 year old daughter Megan’s favourite teacher.

My name is Ross, and I am a divorced 35 year old IT professional with an interest in sound production.

When Olivia decided to stage a drama production for the school, my daughter volunteered my services. This was how I came to know the beautiful Ms Kane.

“Thank you ... thank you ... you have saved our production ... how can I ever repay you?” Olivia cried ... with actual tears streaming down her face ... as she hugged me. She has initiated the embrace, and was hugging me tight.

I thought to myself “More hugs like this would be ample payment”. She had a sensational curvy body, and I could feel her best bits ... her full rounded breasts.

What I had done ... was donate $5,000 to ensure that the production had the insurance coverage that the school board has demanded at the last moment.

Her demeanour had changed from despondent to ecstatically happy within minutes of hearing my offer.

The production was held over two nights - Thursday and Friday nights. It had been an enormous success.

The after-party on the Friday night was full of very happy people. I found Olivia gravitating back to me all through the evening - she circulated to talk to others but came back to me on many occasions.

My daughter Megan whispered to me “Ms Kane has the hots for you”.

That comment embarrassed me, and I chased her away, telling her that she was mistaken.

“We’ll see” she retorted as she walked away.

Megan was spending the weekend with her best friend Nicole, so I had the weekend to myself. They were leaving together right after the after-party.

I was one of the last to leave the party. Olivia asked me “Could you take me home ... my car is kaput”.

“Your place or mine?” I playfully replied.

She gave me a wry smile, and a laugh but never answered my question.

It took about 10 minutes to drive to her place.

I parked out front of her house, turning off the car to try to prolong the time with her. I hoped that she would be slow in exiting my car.

“Would you like to come in for a coffee?” she asked.

“Yessssssss!!” I shouted quietly to myself. This was much better than I had ever hoped.

“Yes ... that would be lovely” I replied instead.

We made our way inside, kicking off our shoes inside her front door, before making our way through to the kitchen where she showed off her new “pride and joy” - she had a new sophisticated coffee machine.

“You are my first guest to share coffee with me from my new machine” she explained gleefully.

She loaded up the machine, and placed the cups before pressing the buttons.

“It will take a minute or so” she explained adding “I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable”.

She left me in the kitchen and headed off towards the back of the house.

Within two minutes she was back.

“Holy fuck” I muttered to myself. She has changed into what looked like her pyjamas - baggy shorts and a separate matching top - with a print of Minnie Mouse on the front. Her legs were long and bare, with her sexy bare feet attracting my eyes.

“That feel so good to be rid of those constricting clothes” she commented.

I could see that she has dispensed with her bra - her full rounded breasts wobbled as she walked.

The coffee was ready - she handed me my cup, suggesting that we move to the lounge room to sit on some comfortable chairs.

Instead of sitting in the single chairs, we sat on the three seater lounge ... side by side ... close enough for our hips to touch. We sipped on our coffees, placing the cups on the coffee table between sips.

“I love having Megan as a student” she commented.

“Yeh ... she’s a good kid ... cheeky at times if she has a fault” I replied.

“All girls that age can be a handful ... I know that I was at her age” Olivia explained.

We talked about Megan and her class, and the success of the production. The coffees were soon all gone, but we continued to chat. During a short pause in our conversation, she took the empty cups to the kitchen.

“Don’t move ... I’ll be back in a moment”.

I watched her firm rounded ass as she walked away from me. I would love to have my hands on that ass, cupping and grabbing at it.

Within seconds she was back, surprising me when she climbed onto my lap.

“Now to properly thank you” she whispered leaning forward to kiss me.

Her lips were soft and pliable. We kissed gently but with growing passion with tongues and teeth coming into play.

After a few minutes, she leant back and stripped her top over her head revealing her naked breasts. They were beautiful, full rounded with darkened areola topped with hard dark nipples. Her upper body was nicely tanned - I suspected that she indulged in some nude sunbathing.

Olivia was a beautiful sandy blonde with long straight hair down to the middle of her back. It framed a beautiful face which was always smiling. She has a lovely neck ... I needed to nibble on it ... it looked so tasty.

“Beautiful ... just beautiful” I murmured.

Her hands went to my shirt, unbuttoning it and pushing it off my shoulders. Soon it had joined her top on the floor.

She leant back into me, pressing her breasts into my chest as we kissed passionately.

My cock was growing under her wiggling ass. It was hard, and trapped in my pants between us.

“Mmmm ... someone wants to come out to play” she cheekily whispered in my ear whilst wiggling about on my cock.

We laughed together with one of my hands already occupied with her full firm breast and it’s hard nipple.

She eased back off by lap and stood up, holding out her hand to me.

“Let’s go somewhere more comfortable ... you are staying the night aren’t you?” she asked.

I silently gave thanks to the gods that were evidently smiling down upon me.

I followed her to the back of the house.

We made short work of undressing each other - I was soon standing naked in front of Olivia who was crouched in front of me. She had her hand wrapped around my cock - well as best she could manage given that my cock is quite fat and about 8 inches long when erect.

And I was so immensely erect.

“Lovely ... a beautiful big cock” she commented as she examined it closely.

She gave it a lick ... along one side then the other. I stood there and enjoyed her attentions for a couple of minutes. Her licking and sucking had no equal in my opinion.

“Please stand up ... I want to admire your beautiful body too” I urged her.

She had a wonderful body ... curvy in all the right places. I’d checked out her full breasts before, but now my eyes were drawn to her pussy where she had a small tuft of dark blonde hair on her mound, with her pussy lips completely bare.

I crouched down this time, bringing my face close to her delicious looking pussy.

“This looks so yummy” I commented as I leant forward and gave her pussy a lick.

“Ooh ... I love a man who loves pussy pie” she exclaimed excitedly.

“I love it with cream on top” I blurted out before thinking of any consequences.

In a serious voice she asked “You do?”. It sounded like a cream pie would be a new experience for her.

“Love it ... and you will too” I assured her before sending my tongue on a scouting mission ... along the ridges of her pussy lips before delving between them.

“Oh fuck” she moaned.

“Up on the bed ... I want to get you ready ... for cock” I urged her.

She laid back on the bed, and I went to work on her pussy. Teasing her pussy and clit with my lips and tongue, and slipping one or two fingers into the mix. I soon had her on edge ... just on the cusp of a massive cum.

Her pussy was being pushed hard against my face whilst I held her ass, pulling her towards me.

I took her to the edge a few times before she begged for release... “Please ... please ... I want to cum”.

I prolonged the tease for just a few more seconds before I granted her wish.

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