Damn I Love to Fuck

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Wife can't keep her legs together around guys so husband makes the best of it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Sharing   .

My name is Katy but my husband likes to call me Kutie. I’m medium size with maybe a few extra pounds. Some of those are in my big and kinda droopy tits. Hubby, and others, like them that way though. They say there is lots to play with or titty-fuck. I have short dark red hair top and bottom.

I’ve been married to the right guy for about three years now. No kids came in spite of a lot of trying. I can’t get pregnant, we found out. Well, I’ll save on birth control!

So sex is only for fun now. And I sure think it’s fun! And it was a lot of fun when I was single. A virgin at twenty-four when I met my future husband (MFH), he helped me see beyond the controlling teachings of my fundamentalist parents. I finally realized that sex was a natural appetite and good for me when, like eating or any other natural activity, it was done responsibly. I studied it and got on birth control and started screwing MFH. Damn, it was soooo good!

I’d been dating some other guys who would accept that I didn’t put out. Well, they got a pleasant surprise when I did! There was no commitment to MFH at that time, so why not get some more experience with those wonderful hard shafts that made me feel so good?

MFH soon realized that he’d unleashed a sex monster who was trying to make up for years lost. I learned a lot about the variety of tools that men carried between their legs. And they ALL felt so good thrusting and squirting inside me! Oral is nice for me, but anal is out. I want cock and cum where nature intended.

For about the next two years I always had two or three other boyfriends besides MFH. Maybe I shouldn’t call them boyfriends since that implies a romantic connection. I liked them but they were no more than males that I’d do things with and fuck. And both as much as possible. Three copulations a day with different partners was a wonderful goal but not easy to arrange.

While other guys got jealous and tried to control me, MFH accepted what I needed to do and helped me feel OK with it. That was a real smart move because it made me feel even better about him. I did tease him that my busy sex life was all HIS fault for showing me how good sex was. But I was always very careful to remind him that he was the only one in my heart and I loved him tremendously for letting me explore and develop myself. He knew that he always got the best of my body too. Of course, he will always be my first.

One time I had just had a date over to my apartment. We’d screwed twice so I was full of semen. I’d kinda lost track of time, which I tend to do when I’ve got a hard cock to play with, and MFH arrived before I could shower. I was in my robe and he smelled the sex all over me. Taking me to the bedroom, the only thing he said was, “Put a clean towel down”.

I got two more cum loads in short order and more later that night. Got me hooked on serial screwing, for sure. We didn’t talk about what had transpired but MFH did ask, “Can I watch sometime?”

My answer, “You can do more than that if we are engaged!” I knew I wanted him as a long term partner. He made no comment except to stick his dick in me again and fuck me like a madman.

It was interesting the way he put his proposal a week later. “I want you to be my wife. I do not expect you to be monogamous. I do require that you tell me about any other sexual relations you have and allow me to watch and participate whenever practical.”

I responded, “You know me well. I agree and promise that you will always have priority in my heart and body. I further promise that any child I bear will be yours without question.”

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