Drinks With Amanda and David

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2017 by Victor Echo

Erotica Sex Story: You never know what can happen when you run into an old friend. NOTE: This story contains male on male interactions. If you find this offensive, please take your homophobia somewhere else. Perhaps something less offensive like a Dr. Seuss story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   BiSexual   Anal Sex   Analingus   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Well Met


I looked up from my reading into the most sultry, soulful brown eyes I thought I would never see again.

“Hello, Amanda! How are you?”

Once upon a time, Amanda and I had been friends, and then lovers, but as things went, we fell apart and went our separate ways. I had not seen her in several years. I stood up, and we hugged and kissed quickly. I offered her a seat at my table, and she took it.

“What’s been keeping you entertained?” she asked as we sat.

“This and that.”

“Still making posters for movies?”

“That, and other campaigns. Most of my work is for websites now, although I do the odd coordinated campaign where I am working on a print, web, and television look. I have a small team that work with me to get it all done. How about you?”

“Trying to keep the high profiled scum out of prison,” she said with a laugh.

“Do you need a shower after every meeting?”

“Frequently,” she said. “Married?”

“No, still chasing skirts.”

“If I remember correctly, they chased you.”

“They still do. How is marriage treating you?”

She looked at her hand, and then back at me.

“Not as well as you might think actually. He left me several weeks ago. Seems I was not exciting enough for him.”

“Sorry to hear that. He wanted to fuck your ass?”

“If only. No, he wanted a threesome. With another woman.”

“You should have suggested another man,” I said with a smirk.

“I did. He almost sprinted out of the bedroom. His already insignificant erection practically disappeared.”

“That’s not nice.”

“No, but truthful.”

We both laughed.

“I have to run, but can I call you?”


I passed over my card with my personal information on it over to her, and she put it in her purse. We kissed again, and she headed off to wherever she was going. I fully expected that would be the last I saw of her. I was wrong.

The email came in two days later.

Hey, Vic. I missed you. Well, OK, more than that. I am glad I ran into you. Could I convince you to have a drink with me?

I sat there and looked at it for longer than it took me to actually read it. Amanda. The sex had been fantastic. We had a connection. The sort of thing where we laughed at each other’s jokes, even if they were not funny. We could tease each other with a look. But at the end of the day, we were not compatible enough with each other to make it a lifetime commitment. But when we were together, it was terrific. And erotic.

You can always convince me to have a drink with you. When and where?

I went back to work and tried not to think about it.

I was nervous, as I sat at the bar and waited for Amanda. I took several deep breaths, trying to calm my nerves without much luck. My beer sat untouched next to me. I worked hard not to replay images of her naked in my mind. She had a fantastic body though, and from the quick look I had of her earlier in the week, she still did have a great body. Soft in all the right places and with a bit of a kinky side. She had her issues though. She could be clingy and tended to get jealous at the drop of a hat, even if she was standing next to me, and all I was doing was asking for directions. Still, the sex was terrific, and while I did not miss it, that did not mean I did not remember it fondly.

“Been waiting long?” she asked coming up behind me.

“Haven’t even put a dent in my beer,” I said honestly.

“Let’s get a table.”

We found a nook and a small table for two where we could talk and not be overheard easily. She ordered a martini, and I carried my beer.

“Ever come close to getting married?” she asked after we sat down.

“No, not really. A couple of long-term relationships that eventually flamed out...”

“Your fault of hers?”

“Probably an equal share of both.”

“How did you get better looking?”

“Genetics, or so I am led to believe. I think it has something to do with the painting in the closet, myself.”

“Oh, is that where you are keeping it? Good to know.”

“So you were not adventurous enough for him? You mellow in your later years? I seem to remember you being pretty outgoing. And that was before we had sex outside.”

“That was fun wasn’t it. He was not interested, although I did strip a couple of times in public. He was more of the it should stay in the bedroom, or occasionally the living room, kind of adventurous.”

“Sounds dull. Kids?”

“No, no kids, and it was. I should have been suspicious when he asked to have a threesome with another woman, but I have just never been that interested in sex with another woman. Now another man, that sounds like fun.”

“Hedonist that you are. Well, if you need a third, look me up. Guys are not really my thing but now and then I can take one for the team.”

“You’re serious?”

“About what?”

“You’ve been in a threesome with another man?”

“Yes, a couple.”

“And how far have you gone?”

“Pretty much every which way you can,” I said taking a drink.

I looked at the expression on Amanda’s face and waited for it to catch up with her brain and any other parts of her anatomy. The blush that covered her face and spread down her neck let me know she had fully grasped the concept.

“You sucked another guy’s cock?” she asked breathlessly.


“Wow. And I missed it. That would have been a fun night.”

“It was.”

“Did he cum?” she asked breathlessly.

“Eventually, but not in my mouth. The lady I was with took care of it, but it was short work for her. Apparently, I knew what I was doing.”

Her mouth was open, and she gasped for breath.

“How many...”

“Couple of times. As I said, I will take one for the team, but it doesn’t do anything for me.”

Her hand moved unconsciously along her thigh as I said this and she was trying to squeeze her tits between her arms. I was sure she was turned on hearing about all of this.

“The double penetration was a bit tricky, but we pulled it off. I am pretty sure he didn’t think he would be the one being fucked. Well pegged actually. I moved around. Rode his cock, fucked her, got blown. Not what he expected to happen, but interesting. We did do it more traditionally. She was a mess by the time we were done,” I said before I took a drink.

“Fuck,” she said. “Be right back.”

I sat back in the chair and waited. Amanda was returned a few minutes later.

“Only one?” I asked.

“Three, bastard. How much of that was true?”

“All of it.”


“You said that already.”

“It’s all your fault for winding me up, and I am horny.”

“I haven’t touched you.”

“You don’t have to, and you know it. Bastard. How do you do that and why didn’t I lock you in the cellar when I had the chance!”

I just shrugged and sipped my beer. Amanda ordered another martini and quaffed half of it when it arrived.

“How are you getting home?” I asked.

“With you?”


“Damn it, I need a good fucking, and you were always the best. No one came close, ever. It’s been so long.”

“And tomorrow?”

“Is tomorrow.”

“We are not getting back together.”

“No, but a friend with benefits is what I need right now, and you are that friend. And you come with great benefits.”

Something told me I was going to regret this, but she was right about the sex. We were always good together.

“Why don’t we get some food, talk, and then see what happens,” I said.

It was possible she would change her mind as the evening went on. Maybe her husband had not left her. If I could get her talking, I might figure out what she had in mind. And dinner was always a good place to start.

We went around the corner to a small Italian place. Amanda did not wobble too much, despite the amount of alcohol she had already consumed. A little Alfredo for me and a veal parmesan for Amanda.

“Tell me about him,” I said.

“Not much to tell. After you I went out with a couple of real winners, you know the type. Either hung up on their mother, or their ex, or so full of themselves you want to throw your wine in their face. I did with one guy. Most don’t seem to know where the clit is, much less what it is for and they are snoring before your nipples are hard. Anyway, I met Mitch, that was his name, at a cattle call. We hit it off, and six months later we were married. I thought it was the real thing. Maybe he did too. I was his second, and that should have told me something, but I persevered. It started getting bad about a year ago. We had been married, oh, four years then. I had long given up on dressing to impress or to even be slightly alluring. Maybe that was wrong, but he didn’t seem to respond anyway.”

She took a sip of her wine, and I waited for her to continue.

“Anyway, he seemed to be spending a lot of time on his phone. At first, I ignored it. Then he left it where the screen reflected the image. It was a threesome, and the women looked attractive. So he was looking at porn. I got a bit upset, but I didn’t let on I had seen it. After all, I was looking at my share of it too. Then the late nights started. Then he started to get, well, kinky. Not like you and me kinky, but kinky for him. I never told him about all the things we had done, but when he brought up the threesome, I said two men sounded fun and asked who he had in mind. You should have seen him backpedal.”

“I can only imagine.”

She stopped to eat some of her dinner, and I filled the space with a story of a friend of mine who wanted to take one of my porn scripts and turn it into an actual movie. Amanda vacillated between interest, excitement, and humor that I had actually found someone that might be that interesting. She was flabbergasted when I told her the shooting budget we had sketched out.

“He asked a couple of times for the threesome, and when I finally said I was not that into girls, he moved out. Well, a day or so later. That was three months ago.”

“Who did he move in with?” I asked.

“As far as I know he has his own apartment. Now what he does there, I have no idea.”

“He could be making porn.”

“He could at that,” she said with a laugh. “So, I am alone, horny, and now I am tipsy, which only makes me want your hard cock thrusting in and out of me more. So, are we going to skip dessert and fuck?”

I had not dissuaded her one bit. I was not tipsy. She had drunk the better part of the wine. If I were a good friend, I would have taken her to her place. I was not sure I could actually get away with it.

We finished our dinner, and I paid the bill. We walked outside, and she almost pulled me back to where I had parked the Jeep. She all but shoved me against the side door and kissed me, shoving her tongue into my mouth and pinning my hips with her own. She clung to me like a drowning victim. I could have pushed her away. I almost did, but as I put my hands on her shoulder to do that, she broke the kiss and started crying. Long, hard sobs wracked her body, and I held her close against me as the emotions ran through her.

“Let me get a tissue,” I said as she wound down.

She continued to cling to me as I unlocked the door and pulled the box off the back floor. She sat on the running board and blew her nose and dabbed her eyes. He makeup was shot, and I would probably have to replace my shirt. Mascara almost never comes out.

“I’m a mess,” she finally croaked out.

“Yes, you are.”

“Sleep with me? Just hold me?” She sounded like a little girl.

I helped her into the Jeep and then got in, and after getting directions from her, I drove her home. She did not say anything on the drive, her hand rested on my leg, and she stared straight ahead.

When the alarm went off the next morning, I drove her back to her car, wished her good luck and drove off, not knowing if I would ever see her again.

Bed and Breakfast

It was more than a year later when my phone rang. I was making sauce and missed the call but listened to the voice mail.

“Hello, Vic! Miss me? No, I did not turn to drugs and alcohol, but it was a near thing. Give me a call if you get a minute. Lots of news. Love you, miss you!”

She sounded happy, happier than she did when she cried on my shoulder that evening a year ago. I stirred the sauce and called her back.

“Good afternoon, Amanda. How’s tricks?”

“Vic, how are you. Things are great! I got a divorce, had some fun that I just have to tell you about, and I think I found the one.”

“Sounds like a couple of drinks at least.”

“More than a couple and some hot sex as well if you are interested.”

“I could be convinced,” I said, wondering where this was going.

“Good. How’s next weekend for you? We can run away!”

“Let me check my calendar, and I will get back to you. Where are we running away to?”

“Somewhere I can tell you about my adventures, and you can help relieve the pressure that comes with telling you about all my adventures and we can have a wild last fling.”

“OK, for you, I will clear my calendar. But you know I wouldn’t do this for just any women?”

“Sure you would. See you Friday. I will send details. Ta!”

She certainly sounded happy. I blocked my work calendar and called the two appointments I did have and canceled them until the following week.

I gunned the Jeep up a tricky incline and around a tight curve at the top. The road was in sad shape after several days of rain, and I wondered how it was impacting business. I slowed briefly as a deer hopped out of the way and then pressed on through the sun-dappled woods. Amanda sure could pick them, that was for sure. The scenery was idyllic if you are interested in that sort of thing, and of course, I was. And so was she. I slowed again as I rumbled over a cow fence in the road. The plaque on the fieldstone fence post said Aldie Bed and Breakfast and I drove slowly up the sweeping driveway to the manor house at the end of it. Across from me were stables and what looked like an apple orchard in full bloom. I pulled into one of the parking spaces near the main building and noted the number of high-end luxury sedans parked there. I silently tipped my hat at the two battered Jeeps off to the side, apparently belonging to the establishment, rather than the guests, and got out.

It was a lovely place. It had probably been a turn of the nineteenth century manor hour for the surrounding lands. My history of the area was not good, so I did know what they would have grown or even if it had been part of the Civil War. It may have been purpose built for all I knew in the style that just looked turn of the century. I enjoyed the gentle breeze for a moment before I walked through the main doors.

The interior was tasteful if neutrally decorated. The entry was typical of the type of house it was trying to be with a large central staircase that went to the upper level. Doors that lead to right and left. In a corner near the stair was a small desk with a sign that said Reception and a Will Return clock next to it that indicated 3 PM. Amanda had told me that check in was not until 3, and it was just a few minutes before that, so I wandered into the room on the right. It was done up as a combination library and study. One wall contained a floor to ceiling bookcase, most of the lower shelves filled with well-thumbed modern paperbacks. The upper shelves seemed to be filled with leather bound matching books. They could have been encyclopedias for all I could tell from my vantage. The rest of the room was decorated with sofas, large, comfortable chairs, lights, and paintings. There was not a television in view. A pair of French doors led out onto a flagstone patio and patio furniture. There was a large lawn beyond that. I could see a croquet set and the posts for a net. There was a thick hedge that acted as a fence around the yard and added some privacy. Through a gap in the hedge, I saw what must be a pool. There seemed to be shapes moving on the deck, and I surmised that is where the guests currently were.

“Can I help you?” a lilting female voice asked from behind me.

“Yes,” I said, turning around. “I have a reservation.”

“Excellent. Please come with me,” she said.

She led the way to the Reception desk and pulled out a ledger with several names on it. I gave her Amanda’s name, and she put a check mark next to it. She pulled open a drawer and passed me over a key with an old-fashioned iron thing attached to it. She gave me directions to our room and indicated that Amanda had not checked in yet.

“The pool is across the lawn. Dinner is at six, although I see you will not be joining us tonight. Breakfast is from eight until nine-thirty. If you would like to go horseback riding, you can sign up at breakfast. The staff areas are marked, and we request you stay out of them please for your safety.”

I thanked her and took myself and my overnight bag up to our room. It was a cozy little nook under a sloped roof. It had two windows across from each other and a small, one might say, intimate, bathroom with a small tub and shower. A king-sized bed dominated what space there was in the room. A small window seat was built into the window that overlooked the lawn. It was a beautiful view, and from here, you could see the pool. There were about a dozen people there in various stages of bathing attire. I had only been there a few minutes when I heard the key in the door, and by the time I stood up to open it, Amanda had already done so and stepped in.

“Hello!” she said.

She dropped her bag and stepped into my arms. She kissed me fondly, and I kissed her back until both of us were breathing hard. We broke our kiss but did not let each other go as we looked into each other’s eyes. She put her head on my chest and pulled me close.

“Pretty place,” she said eventually.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I added.

“Thank you for coming. Have you looked around yet?”

“I have only seen the library and this room really, and there is not much to see in this room.”

“Well, besides the bed.”

She had a mischievous glint in her eye as she put her bag on a rack near the bed.

“Where’s your bag?” she asked.

“Over here,” I said, pointing at my battered overnight bag.

“You still have that thing. I should buy you a new one.”

“What’s wrong with it? It’s leather, its a bit beat up, but it still works, and it has seen the world.”

“I suppose. Now, come and kiss me and make me wet,” she said directly.

I pulled her close against me and felt the warmth radiate from her. She molded her body tight against me and ran her hands through my hair. She got as close as we could get with clothes between us. We panted as we pulled apart and could not get our clothes off fast enough. We tumbled together onto the bed and struggled to push the comforter and sheets down. Amanda got tangled up, and I pulled her feet free from the tangle and then attacked her soaked pussy. She tossed her head back and gripped the sheets, and I sucked on her clit. She moaned loudly and pushed her hips down against my mouth and wrapped her feet around my shoulders. She ground against my mouth, almost fucking me as she shoved her clit against me. She cried out as her orgasms rocked her body. She went limp long enough for me to extricate myself and get a gulp of air. I moved up beside her, and we kissed again.

“You taste like girl,” she said and giggled.

“I wonder why “ I said.

I kissed her again and pinched her nipple. She bit my lower lip gently and moaned. I tweaked the other one, and she pushed me over on my back.

“I am going to ride you until you are raw,” she said.

She slipped my cock into her molten core and dropped down on me. Our groins slapped together, and we both let go with groans of desire. She wasted no time in lifting and falling on me, riding me like a bronco bucking beneath her. She would grind her clit against my skin, my cock, anything that would give her pleasure. She braced herself on my biceps, keeping me immobilized and only able to move my hips and thrust up into her. She shivered and flooded my cock with her juice. I gasped, swelled and filled her pussy with my cum. She continued to ride me until I was too soft to stay inside of her. As I dropped out, she slid down my body and took my gooey cock into her mouth and sucked it clean, and kept sucking until it was hard again. She moved back up my body and impaled herself again.

“I told you I was going to ride you raw,” she growled and started again.

She rode me hard for several minutes and then turned around and rode me backward. I slipped a finger between her cheeks and played with her ass. She moaned and grabbed my feet, a small orgasm running through her body. I heard her gasp. I slipped my finger deeper.

“Oh, fuck... ,” she moaned.

The muscles in her ass milked my finger, and she just held her position before she fell off to the side. She turned around again and curled up against my side and kissed me.

“Can you...”

She pulled me over on top of her, and I slipped back inside of her. She pulled back her legs and I pistoned in and out of her. She raked my back with her nails as we pounded away. We were both in a full sweat. I paused and kissed her.

“I am nowhere near cumming,” I said.

“It’s OK,” she said, and we collapse against each other.

We kissed softly curled up in each other’s arms.

“That was a good start,” she said quietly. “Want to take a shower and see the sights?”

I pushed back a bit and looked at her from top to bottom.

“Seen ‘em already,” I said with a smile.

She kissed me again.

“Let’s take a shower,” she said again.

“Slave driver. I thought I was on vacation. OK, OK!” I said as she grabbed my cock.

I followed her into the bathroom and gave her enough room to start the shower. There was not a lot of room for either of us in the shower alone, and two of us was a crowd. We managed to get ourselves clean before we climbed out and dried off. We dressed casually and went down to look through the library.

Across from the library, we found a similar room, fitted with a pool table, and other board games and another set of French doors that opened onto a more significant brick patio. A built-in bar-b-que was the centerpiece and apparently used a lot by the number of tables and chairs around it. There was smoke pouring out of a side vent, about twenty feet above our heads. The smell of roasted meat was evident and made me hungry.

“I understand we are not having dinner here?” I asked as we walked the short distance to the stables.

“Correct. They don’t have a liquor license, so we are going back down the road to town where there is a lovely little Italian place. Very Tuscan actually.”

“And then I have to drive back up this road? I better not drink too much then. It was hard enough sober.”

She looked at me a bit queerly and then put her hands over her mouth before she started laughing.

“You came up the main road?”

She was pointing back the way I had come in, apparently enjoying whatever joke she was having.

“Yes, and if you keep it up, you will not get a spanking.”

She still giggled before she settled down. She took me around the far side of the barn and pointed at a back gate.

“I don’t think I told you to take the second right did I? That leads to this road, and it is about as straight and level as anything in this area.”

“That explains why there are all these non-hill climbers in the parking lot,” I said laughing with her.

“You think I would come here if I had to drive up the main road? I’m sorry, I thought I had told you that. Well, if anyone could manage it, you could.”

We continued our walk around the grounds. There was an apple orchard in full bloom and some buzzing insects. We found the pool, now empty, and a small hot tub off to the side with a couple in it enjoying the late afternoon air. We walked back across the lawn to the library and let ourselves back in before returning to our room.

“What time did you book dinner for?” I asked as I let us in.

“Seven, and it takes about twenty minutes to get there,” she said.

“So we have about an hour,” I said, opening the windows.

A lovely cross breeze filled the room and had the added benefit of airing out the smell of our prior activities. Amanda pulled me close and kissed me again.

“You may think we have an hour, but that will be just enough time for me to change. You will want to put some pants on.”

“And then make myself scarce, I am guessing.”


She moved to open her suitcase and started pulling things out of it. I merely acknowledged my role, took off my shorts, pulled on a pair of pants, kissed her quickly and let myself out.

I sat in the library and flipped through a book of history on the War of 1812. It was more to pass the time than anything else as I waited for Amanda to come down. I was reviewing the opinions of the Congress of the time when Amanda walked in. The dress she wore was appropriate for the warm spring evening. A light cotton print that clung to her curves that belled out just above her knees. Light sandals covered her feet, and gold jewelry adorned her skin with her hair swept back. She was a lovely vision, and I am sure my mouth hung open as I stood up to greet her.

“You look lovely,” I said taking her in my arms.

I did not dare kiss her. I was afraid to mess up her make up.

“Thank you. Shall we go to dinner?”

Dinner was a lovely affair with wine and artesian vegetable and locally sourced meat. We took our time and flirted unmercifully and drove back to the inn in the later hours of the night. The sky was dark, with stars scattered across the velvet. It was a beautiful evening. Not too warm, and not too cold.

“When was the last time you made love outside?” Amanda asked as I pulled into a parking spot.

“Not in a long time,” I said looking over at her.

“I have a blanket in my car.”

We got out of the Jeep and walked over to her car where she opened the trunk and pulled out the blanket. She tossed it at me and took my hand and led me towards the stables. We walked around the stables and down a path that led through some woods. She turned onto a side path and came out into a small clearing. She looked at me, and I pulled her against me. We kissed softly, our lips sliding against each other as our hands teased and touched each other gently. The passion increased, and our tongues slipped out and battled against each other as she pulled me tight against her. I let my hands slide up and down her body, each time I got closer to her ass. She moaned into my mouth as my hands finally cupped her firm, muscled ass.

Her hands pulled at the hem of my shirt, yanking it out of my pants and over my head. She kissed me again, hard, and then started working on the belt of my pants and the buttons on my jeans. She grabbed the blanket from me and tossed it on the ground and pushed me down on to it, still yanking my pants down as she did. I pushed my shoes off as she got my pants below my knees with was far enough for her as she pulled her dress over her head. Her body was instantly naked, and she impaled herself on my erection as soon as it cleared her head.

“Fuck me,” she said as she started bouncing on my cock.

I pushed back against her and grabbed her nipples. I pinched them hard, and she moaned more as she raked my chest with her fingers. She shook briefly and rolled off of me onto her knees. I moved behind her and shoved my cock into her swiftly. She cried out and bit her arm to keep the noise down. We slapped away for several minutes as she had an orgasm or two and then dropped onto her belly, her breathing came in labored gasps.

“Take my ass?” she asked. “Please?”

She rolled over and pulled back her legs. She was wet and well used, her pussy swollen and her clit prominent as I slicked up my cock with her juices. I put the head of my cock against her ass and watched her face as I pushed it forward. I was balls deep inside of her, and she nodded. I started to saw in and out of her, and she went crazy. Her head thrashed from side to side, and her legs shook uncontrollably as she tried to cut my cock off at the base. That did it for me, and with a shutter and a cry, I unloaded inside of her, before I collapsed, my muscles unable to support my weight. I rolled off of Amanda and pulled her close against me. She was crying and hung onto me. I kissed her gently and stroked her back as she got her body back under control.

“That was spectacular,” she said.

“I thought it was pretty wild.”

“That too. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in I don’t know how long.”

“The new guy can’t do that to you?”

“He can do other things. I haven’t let him have my ass yet. I am saving that for our wedding day.”

“So he really is the one?”

“I think so. I want you to meet him. But not tonight. Tonight I want you to take me back to our room and do that to me again.”

“I am always willing to do what the lady asks.”

She pulled her dress over her head and tossed me my shirt as I pulled on my pants and did them up enough to be presentable. I grabbed the blanket, and we walked back to the B&B. We made our way to our room, and I tossed the blanket into the corner as Amanda pulled her dress over her head. I slipped into the bathroom, stripped, and cleaned up before I came back into the main room. Amanda was on the bed and playing with her clit. I crawled up between her legs and stuck my tongue between her fingers and licked her clit.

She sighed and pushed her hips toward my mouth.

“Be gentle,” she admonished.

I backed off slightly, and she sighed again.

“Yes, like that. While I was busy enjoying my freedom, I met this little bit of a thing. She was really cute. Short cut hair, almost cropped, and she was butch. She liked being in command, but she had the softest tongue strokes. It took forever to get me to cum when she licked me, but she got me plenty wet and took advantage of that by riding me hard.”

As Amanda recounted this story I did notice that she became wetter the softer I worked her with my mouth.

“When she was feeling particularly controlling, she would pull out this huge dildo. It did not even look real, but once she got me wet enough, and loose enough, the way it filled me up, and the way it could make me cum was out of this world. She would pound me into complete submission. I would beg for another orgasm as my body screened against the invasion.”

Amanda’s clit was hard, and I took it between my lips and gently sucked on it like a small nipple. I felt the muscles in her legs contract a moment before she cried out.

“Oh, fuck yes that was it.”

She wrapped her hands in my hair and held me in place. I kept licking her, and there were two more quick orgasms before she pushed me away and fell back against the pillows.

“That was good,” she sighed. “Come here.”

I moved up beside her, and she rolled against me, her head rested on my shoulder as her hand traveled up and down my body.

“You’ve had sex with another man?” she asked.

“There was a woman in the bed too, but yes.”

“Who’s idea was it?”

“Hers. She had this fantasy about being double penetrated. It would leave the bed soaked when we watched videos. Although I think she also got off on the idea of two guys sucking dick too.”

“And you did that?”


“Sucked another guy’s dick.”

“Yup. She played with his nipples. He seemed to like it.”

“Did you make him cum?”

“No, she got impatient. Wanted a cock inside of her, and she wasn’t fussy who it was. I held her legs back and played with her nipples while he pounded her.”

“What happened?”

“I guess he was better in bed than I was. As far as I know, they are still together.”

“Would you do it again?”


While we talked, she had teased my cock back to firmness, and now she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it gently.

“It sounds fun,” she said. “Ever been with two girls?”

“A couple of times, yes. Also quite fun, especially when the girls get going.”

“I bet.”

She kisses my nipples lightly before she started to lick them, her hand still moving steadily on my cock. She moved her mouth down my body, and her hand went lower to tease my balls as her mouth settled over the head of my cock where she licked it.

“Did he suck your cock?” she asked between licks.

“Yes. Made me cum. He was all business. No foreplay. It was not that good. Mechanical is the best way I could describe it,” I said with a gasp, and she sucked on my cock. “Certainly nothing as enjoyable as this,” I added with a hiss.

Amanda continued to lick and suck my cock, teasing as much as trying to make me cum.

“What was it like to watch someone else fuck your lover while you helped?”

“Pretty erotic actually. And she liked it.”

“Two men stimulating her? I bet. Did she ever get her double penetration?”

“No, not that night. We all kind of ran out of steam. I am sure she has had it since. I think she just didn’t want to do it with me.”

“But she did everything else, right?”


Amanda engulfed my cock again and gave a good, long suck before she started bobbing up and down on it while her hands continued to short stroke the base.

“I love your cock,” Amanda said. “And how hard it is. I am torn between wanting you to cum in my mouth and come in my pussy.”

She continued to stroke me and sucked me as she fought her inner desires. I moaned and thrust in time with her ministrations. My cock was hard and oozing, but I was not close to unloading in her mouth anytime soon.

“If you want to come for a ride, you might be able to get a long one,” I said.

“Tempting. Very tempting.”

She sucked and stroked me again and moved around, so her pussy was accessible. I slipped a finger between her lips and played it over her clit. She wiggled back and forth as I rubbed her clit and she got progressively wetter. She moaned around my cock in her mouth for a moment and then rolled onto her back. I smiled at her and moved between her legs, my cock running over her clit as my cock found her opening and slipped into her molten center. Amanda cried out as I hit bottom and we pounded each other hard. We were almost instantly covered in sweat, and the friction between us was negligible as her orgasm covered my cock in more of her lubrication. We panted and slapped and moaned. Amanda cried out again and clamped my cock inside her pussy. There was not much left, but that was enough to send me over the edge, and my orgasm took the last of my energy. I collapsed and barely fell off Amanda before I hit the bed. We gasped and lay where we fell for several minutes before we kissed and remembered nothing more that night.

Sometime in the middle of the night I got up, used the bathroom and pulled the sheet up over us. I woke up on my side, with an arm wrapped around Amanda. Her ass was pressed against my cock, and it showed some life, but nothing like it had shown the night before. She pulled my hand closer to her.

“You’re awake?” she asked quietly.

“Yes,” I said and kissed her neck.

“Mm, a nice way to wake up, but don’t get any other ideas. I am sore.”

“I bet. Not to worry. I didn’t have any ideas other than just laying here for the moment.”

“If I can talk him into it, would you come and play with us?”

“I think it can be arranged.”

“Good. Because I want to see you suck a guy’s dick,” she said with a giggle.

We drifted back to sleep for a while longer before we got up, showered and went down to breakfast. I noticed a few of the women who were sipping their coffee looked at us. I could not tell if it was envy or jealousy, but I really did not care. I did kiss Amanda a couple of times behind the ear as she was waiting for her omelet and I know there were a couple of men who were checking her out. We finished our breakfast and gathered our belongings and took them out to the car. I passed her the blanket which she dumped into the trunk before putting in her bag.

“Thank you,” she said before she kissed me. “You are a dear friend, you know. Don’t change.”

I kissed her back.

“I had a wonderful time as well. Thank you, my friend.”

We hugged, and I let her go. She got into the car and started it up, and I made my way back to the Jeep I followed her out of the driveway to the main road, and I turned right when she turned left. I wondered what we would get up to if we ever saw each other again.


The October wind howled outside the window. It rattled the glass and made me wish for a fireplace in my apartment. Instead, I turned up the heat, poured myself another cup of coffee and stuck my feet under a fleece blanket that I kept for just that sort of thing. I flipped through the channels until I found something to entertain me and contemplated taking a nap, at least until my phone rang.

“Yes?” I asked

“Afternoon Vic. Catch you in the middle of someone?”

“Don’t I wish. The wind is howling and the apartment leaks. What can I do for you, Amanda? Already kicked him to the curb?”

“Nope. In fact, he is sprawled next to me.”

“Lucky guy.”

“He thinks so. What are you doing for dinner on Friday?”

“There is nothing on my schedule at the moment. Why?”

“Want to get laid?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Ever been fucked?”

“Once or twice. Even fucked over.”

Amanda laughed out loud, and I could hear her smile over the phone.

“You are a terrible, terrible, man. Mind if David joins us?”

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