by Tony Tiger

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Sex Story: Cancer patients help each other out with caring at many levels. Based on issues real people deal with although the solutions I describe are probably not common though many might wish they were.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Sharing   Water Sports   Amputee   Body Modification   .

I’d just returned from putting my wife on a plane to home. I was settling into an extended stay residence for six weeks of radiation therapy. My mood certainly wasn’t a happy one. There was a knock on my door and when I opened it there were two women and a man. They were carrying flowers, snacks, and a couple of bottles. The woman in front, beautiful but completely hairless, said, “Hi, welcome to our little world here. We are the welcoming team. May we come in?”

I showed them into the small living area and she continued, “I’m Rachel, this is Margaret, and this is Tommy. We are all patients like yourself and just want you to feel like you’re not alone. We have sparkling grape juice and champagne, your choice.”

I chose the champagne since I hadn’t been told yet I had to be a teetotaler. Rachel was on a long-term chemo program, one week a month for who knew how long. Margaret was in radiation treatment for leg cancer, and Tommy was fighting testicular cancer. Rachel explained that there was a loose knit “group” of residents who helped each other and had social interactions as well. You could opt out if you wished but most everyone found that the support was invaluable. I was given a form to fill out that got my basic personal info and had places where I could list specific needs and also skills that I could provide to others. Helping was good therapy for you too.

The acting chair got passed from resident to resident. Rachel took it the weeks she was there, like now. They’d check in with me tomorrow after my first radiation session. I’d lost an eye to cancer and was real nervous about this upcoming treatment.

Margaret and Tommy left so Rachel and I visited for a while longer. When she was leaving she put her hands on my shoulders and asked, “Would you sleep with me tonight?” I was speechless, so she continued, “You can wear pajamas if you want, although I don’t. This doesn’t mean sex although it could. It helps with the loneliness of being here. I’m in room 107 so be there by 9 pm if you are interested.”

I struggled with this for a bit. I’d been a monogamous husband for more than 25 years, but celibate, not by my choice, for ten. I decided that this was one of those rare opportunities that I’d regret not taking so I was there in a robe with toothbrush at 8:30. Rachel gave me a big hug. Through our light clothing I could feel that she had only a right breast but it was substantial.

We visited for a little then Rachel took my hand and led me to her bed. I was still wearing my shorts but she revealed her completely hairless body to me. Yes, there was a mastectomy scar on the left. I was still healing from losing my left eye so that was unmasked as well. In spite of the strange beauty in front of me, my pecker remained limp. Rachel smiled and as we laid down she pressed herself against me.

“Touch me wherever you want. I love closeness. May I touch you all over too?” I nodded. We didn’t kiss, just touched and caressed. It was very relaxing and I finally took her hand and put it in my shorts. When my cock responded she pulled off my shorts and used her mouth to pleasure me further. That hadn’t happened since I don’t remember when.

Her pussy was wet to my fingers and she hummed and made happy noises as my fingers explored it. Finally she put herself over me and slid down on my erection. Oh My God! I barely remembered how good that felt. She made sure her tit was in easy reach of my mouth and hands. It was a beauty and I suckled and nibbled and kissed it continuously. She came and I followed soon after.

We rolled on our sides, still connected, and she began to talk. “Mmmmmm. Felt good huh? I know it’s been a long time for you but see, you’ve still got it.

“I’ve been single all my life. Never found the right guy, possibly because I’ve always liked ‘guys’. I did the usual backseat and after school screwing in high school but didn’t really enjoy sex until college. A couple of older men showed me how it ought to be done and then it took more than one boyfriend to keep me satisfied. In the work world my looks attracted the cool guys with money and I later became a plaything for the CEO types who would take me to conferences and exotic vacations in their corporate jets. I made some very nice ‘bonuses’ for entertaining special customers. When I hit the mid-30s that slowed down and I was happy banging older guys who lavished gifts on me. Then cancer took one of my prime assets and my whole life changed.

“Actually it was for the better. I found myself in bed with men who really cared for me as a person instead of a plaything. And I’m now getting laid more often in addition to being emotionally more satisfied. Coupling with you just now wasn’t the most physically satisfying I’ve ever had, but the look on your face when you entered me and then when you came was priceless. You will never forget me ... this was like a second ‘first time’, right? [I nodded] Let’s sleep a bit and I know our next time will be even better.”

I slept and had a dream about having a big erection which was being lovingly worked over by a talented mouth. I woke up and it wasn’t a dream. We fucked scissor style for quite a while until we both climaxed again. The alarm woke us and I had to hustle to get to my first radiation appointment. Rachel explained she had a busy calendar the next couple of days but I should contact Margaret who wanted to get to know me better.

Margaret was delighted I called and invited me to dinner. She asked about my first treatment session and nodded knowingly as I described what had happened. How this big mask had clamped my head to the machine and it whirred and clicked as the beams were fired into my head. She told me she was receiving radiation for bone cancer in her left leg and laughingly said she didn’t have any interesting deformities like Rachel. I added, “Or me!” She added that since she discovered that guys actually liked seeing an old woman like her without clothes it had made her a lot less shy.

I protested that for an early 70s guy, her 20 less years certainly made her a “younger woman” and I was looking forward to seeing her naked if she would give me that honor. She beamed.

She came over and kissed the patch of skin that covered the big hole where my eye had been. Then she moved down and right and planted a big kiss on my lips. The next one had tongue and the third one had my hands on her tits. Rachel had given me the confidence I needed to go for it.

We took turns removing each other’s clothing. When her bra came off there was an interruption in the progress due to my need to explore the nice mommy hangers I had just uncovered. She moaned softly as my hands and lips and tongue checked them out.

When pants came off she got distracted by the mostly filled rod that stuck out from my crotch. It was my turn to make pleasure noises as it rose to full readiness from her hand and mouth attentions.

Margaret took her phone and snapped a close-up photo saying, “I’ll explain later. Let’s put this nice thing where it belongs right now.” As I sank into her furry snatch, she snapped another photo then concentrated on fucking. After we came and I was pulling out, she stopped me and took a photo of her wet box and my softening, cum covered pecker just outside of it.

She smiled at me as she did something on her phone and said, “I’m sending those pictures to my husband. He will jack off to them. I know you’re puzzled so let me explain. We married early and had never been with anyone else. We had five children and finally found ourselves alone. I read in a women’s magazine how porn can get the juices flowing again so I showed some to my husband. It did and we started talking about things and ideas we never had before. We swapped with my sister and her husband on a trip we took with them. They are the only ones we have done since we live in a small town. When I started coming here and met Rachel and the others I told my husband and he said to do whatever I felt ok with but let him know. So that is why I send the pictures. We talk about it too. I decided to do one new guy each week I was here. You are the fifth. There is only one of the earlier ones still here and I’m bedding him too, just so you know.”

I had been playing with her body as she talked. Hearing about other people’s sex lives, especially when I was naked in bed with them, was better than the Penthouse Forum letters I used to read. I asked her, “So you are here having a good time while your husband just jacks off?”

“Hell no! My sister stops by every day to provide cooking, cleaning and pussy. He’s getting all he can handle. He’s going to be here this weekend for a visit. How do you feel about a threesome?”

That got me hard as she told me what a good time I would have based on the experience with her brother-in-law. We fucked every day, even after those few times I got a piece of the busy Rachel too. Margaret asked me for a fuck late Friday afternoon so she’d be juicy for her husband who would be arriving later. I had a dinner date (and fuck) with Rachel, who had an overnighter after our date. I was invited to Margaret’s for breakfast.

She and her husband met me at the door naked so I quickly complied with the dress code. We had a nice meal and then her husband asked if he could watch me fuck his wife. She had already worn him out anyway and was ready for more. Good sex just seems to make a woman hornier.

I played it up for him, commenting how good her pussy felt with his cum in it; what a lucky man he was to have such a hot wife; etc. We used several positions so he could get the maximum visuals. As soon as I came, with appropriate sound effects, he was hard again and in her in a flash. They fucked wildly. I loved watching the first live sex I had ever seen. Margaret reached for my pecker as I nursed one tit and her husband the other. We collapsed together with her in the middle.

When we awoke we managed a threesome shower and the impish wife made her two guys wash each other’s genitals. That was a new and interesting experience, I must admit. We were both hard again since Frank, her husband, had shared Cialis with me. We alternately fucked her for twenty strokes each. Frank came first so I got the pleasure of fresh ‘seconds’. Margaret was glowing.

We played the rest of the day until bedtime when they wanted to be alone together. Frank thanked me for being such a good companion for Margaret and hugged me. It didn’t bother me that our peckers rubbed together. Hell, they’d been sharing each other’s cum in the same pussy all day!

The next afternoon Margaret called me after he left and we had a nice coupling. She commented how “wickedly and fully female” she felt each time the guy she was fucking wasn’t the same one as the last time. I replied that sex was an appetite and if we ate or drank the same thing all the time it would get pretty boring. Her husband had learned that with her sister. This was the second threesome for them since she started therapy.

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