Stay Hard Man Wanted

by Something Else

Copyright© 2017 by Something Else

Erotica Sex Story: One woman's story about fulfilling a fantasy. She proves that reality can be better than fantasy. Anonymous sex where she is in control is her objective. She succeeds!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Oral Sex   .

I re-read my posting.

‘Wanted – A stay hard man to fulfill my fantasy. When meeting in person there will be no communication. You will be blindfolded and will never see me. I will comfortably restrain you and have my way with your body. All sensuous, no pain. Duration of no longer than two hours. Must be able to remain hard for the duration and have control of your orgasms. Good looking body, fit and slim, no muscle bound guys. Above average cock, cut, decent girth and in seven-inch range. I am not a size queen so no monster cocks. Also, clean and shaved. Race not important. This is my fantasy but you will also receive maximum enjoyment. Body pictures and emails will be exchanged before I make my choice. Take a chance, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!’

I clicked on POST and off it went into the magic of the Craigslist site.

I am a horny forty something gal that lives by herself in Florida. I have tried two marriages and dozens of short term relationships. I use a number of online dating apps but this is my first posting on Craigslist. I have a burning desire to have anonymous sex with a man and have complete control of the situation. My fantasy is not about me raping a man but more about me having control rather than the usual flailing about that happens during first time sex. I want to be in control of his pleasure and my pleasure. The anonymous part comes from my memories of a one night stand that I had where we didn’t exchange any information. We just went to bed and fucked and then I left. It was the best sex I have ever had. Not because he was overly good in bed or extremely good looking but because I was fucking a guy that I knew nothing about, not even his name. It was great!

Much to my surprise I got a huge response to my posting. Not being in any hurry, I had no timeframe for this encounter, I diligently plowed through the responses one by one. I created a maybe folder and moved about thirty percent to this folder, the others I deleted. I got pretty good at splitting the responses as I went along. Many of the responses contained the expected dick pics accompanied by a short text like, ‘I want to fuck you’ or ‘I can pleasure you like no one else’. I must admit that some of the dick pics were impressive and I used a few as fantasy fodder during my many masturbation sessions. Did I mention that I am a horny woman!

After my first pass through the responses I had twenty-nine in my maybe folder. I then created another folder labeled likely. I took more time to review these twenty-nine. I then realized that one of the criteria I had failed to request was location. It wouldn’t do me much good to pick somebody if they lived in California when I was in Florida. Oh well, I decided to narrow my responses down to five in my likely folder and see if I could luck out by having one of them within striking distance of me.

Unconsciously I began to realize the criteria I was using to select the likely candidates. Anybody that was specifically addressing each of the criteria in my posting, used good grammar with no spelling mistakes and expressed a curiosity in my fantasy. Seemed like weird criteria for picking someone to play with and fuck but what the hell, it was working for me.

I got my short list of five and composed a common response to all of them.

‘Thank you for your response to my Stay Hard posting. If you decide to pursue my fantasy with me I would ask that you create an anonymous email account via gmail, I will do the same, and we will use these accounts for any further communication. I failed to mention in my posting that I live in Miami Florida and that is where my fantasy will take place. If this doesn’t work for you I totally understand. Maybe some other time. You were kind enough to address each of my fantasy criteria which I appreciate. Now is the time to actually see the goods!”

I inserted my new gmail address in the response.

I received responses from all five of my volunteers. Unfortunately, one of them hadn’t bothered to create a fictitious gmail account so I eliminated him. No point in pursuing somebody that can’t even follow basic instructions. Two of the others lived on the west coast. Not very convenient so they were also eliminated. That left me with two. One of them actually lived in Miami and the other lived in Chicago but traveled extensively for his work and was in Miami on a semi-regular basis. I spent a couple of days studying and thinking about their responses and especially their pictures.

The Miami response was drop dead gorgeous. He had included a large number of pictures, both clothed and unclothed. The pictures looked like they had been professionally done. Maybe he was a model. He definitely had the looks, tall and slim with just a hint of muscle and impeccably groomed. He appeared to be fairly young, maybe mid twenties, and admitted to having similar fantasies to my own. Very tempting!

The Chicago guy had a rugged good look to him. He was older, maybe late thirties or early forties, and looked like the type of guy who is most comfortable sitting at a bar drinking beer with his buddies and watching a game. His pictures were all selfies and some of them not all that flattering. He was physically a large man. I pictured him as an ex football player that had given up on going to the gym. Yet there was something very appealing about him. He had a realness and honesty feel that I didn’t get from the Miami response. I should also mention that he had included a dick pic and it was impressive!

So, I responded to the Miami guy thanking him for his response to my ad and letting him know that I might use him in my next fantasy. I also complimented him on his looks and included a few neck down sexy pictures of myself. I had a feeling that we would eventually be hooking up. I responded to the Chicago guy with, what I thought, was a sincere, sexy and inviting email indicating that he was the chosen one and that I was excited to fulfill my fantasy with him.

He got back to me within the hour and said that he would be in Miami the following week for two days. I told him this would work for me and I would provide him with the time and location of our rendezvous in a few days.

I had to choose a location for our rendezvous. This is not something that I wanted to have happen in my apartment. The idea of giving my home address to someone I didn’t really know or probably ever want to see again was not appealing.

So, I went online and perused hotels in my general vicinity. Part of my fantasy involved a table so I decided that a suite hotel would be most suitable. Thanks to the online photos of the rooms I could see the layout and narrowed my search primarily based on the dining room table location and size. I wasn’t really interested in the kitchens or bedrooms and definitely wasn’t going to pay a premium for a view. I selected a medium priced hotel and booked it for the one night that we had agreed on. I wasn’t pleased about spending money to fulfill my fantasy but I rationalized the expense by looking forward to spending the night in the room. The hotel even had a nice looking bar that I might visit later to celebrate my fantasy come true.

I emailed the address of the hotel to my volunteer and told him that I would email him the room number one hour prior to our agreed upon meet time.

Now it was just a waiting game. I am not a patient person so the next few days were painful for me. I busied myself by picking up a few items that I needed from a nearby sex shop and treated myself to a full wax treatment. Normally I just shave my pussy on a daily basis but for this special event I decided get the little lady in pristine condition.

The day was finally here! I was a basket case at work. My concentration level was at an all time low. I found myself doubting my decision to follow through with my fantasy. There were so many things that could go wrong and I went through each of them in my mind. At lunch time I went to a bar and had a couple of drinks which I had never done before. It helped me to get through the afternoon and I found myself focusing on what I was going to do to and with this complete stranger rather than all the negative stuff. I was even getting horny but I resisted going to the restroom to rub one out which is what I typically would have done in this situation.

Finally, it was five thirty and time to go home. I couldn’t wait to get out of the office. I hurried home and opened a bottle of wine. I had more time to kill until eight pm so I busied myself preparing my overnight bag. I had to pack not only for my fantasy, which only involved a few bondage implements, but also for my possible post fantasy foray to the hotel bar and an overnight stay. It all fit easily into a small case that I use for short business trips. With that done, I had a shower and then spent considerable time making myself up. I went all out. Something that I would normally only do if I was meeting somebody that I knew I wanted to fuck. Come to think of it, I was going to fuck this guy. The difference being that he would never even see my face! Oh well, it made me feel sexy plus there was always the option of going to the hotel bar afterwards. I had discovered some time ago that hotel bars were gold for hooking up with men. Most were on business trips, bored and married but they could provide for an interesting couple of hours in the sack. I put on one of my sexy little black dresses. I had found that these dresses could double as office attire, just barely, and also be seductive in an evening situation especially in low light situations.

I wheeled my small case out to my car and headed to the hotel. I checked in using my corporate credit card and looked like any other person traveling for business. I quickly went up to my room and checked it out. It was exactly as the pictures had depicted. I slid the dining room table around so the narrow end of the table was up against the wall.

It was now seven pm so I emailed my volunteer my room number as promised.

I then went into the bedroom and unpacked my suitcase. I laid out my night things on the bed and took my makeup and toiletries into the bathroom. I then removed the bondage items that I had brought. Four leather cuffs, four lengths of rope, a blindfold and a soft leather flogger. I took these out to the living room and placed them on a chair next to the table. I experimented with various lighting in the room. Suite hotels don’t offer much in terms of mood lighting. I finally decided that by just having the kitchen light on in the background it created subdued lighting over the dining room table. Just the effect I was looking for.

I had brought my screw top previously opened bottle of wine with me. I washed out a glass, poured myself a drink and plunked myself down on the couch. I surprised myself, I was excited but calm. All doubts had vanished. I just knew that this was going to be fantastic.

At exactly eight pm there was a soft knock on my hotel room door. I peered through the peep hole and saw the back of a man’s head. So far so good, he was following my instructions perfectly. I went back to the chair containing my toys and retrieved the blindfold. I slowly opened the door and peeked down the hallway to ensure that nobody was watching us. He was very tall, I had to stand on my tip toes to slip the blindfold over his head. After some minor adjustments to make sure he couldn’t see anything I took him by the hand and led him into my room. Before closing the door, I did another check to make sure nobody had seen us.

I took his hand again and guided him over to the end of the table. I turned him around so his bum was resting against the edge of the table. I stood back to take in my sex slave. He was gorgeous. Much better looking in person than what I had seen in his homemade pics. He had a calm look on his face like he submitted to strange women all the time. I couldn’t help myself, I took a picture of this hunk who was going to be at my disposal for the next few hours. I slowly approached him and placed my hands on his hard chest. The white shirt he was wearing felt crisp and smelled of a recent dry cleaning. I stood on my toes and grazed my lips across his. There was no response. It was like he was a statue. I licked my tongue across his lips then planted a hard wet kiss on his lips. He responded by opening his lips slightly. I took advantage and slipped my tongue between his slightly parted lips. I then kissed him hard. He opened his mouth wider and accepted my exploring tongue into his mouth. My hands slid up from his chest to the back of his neck. I pulled him into me roughly. Our tongues were dancing with each other. I was in heaven and the fun hadn’t even started yet!

I stood back and started slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt. I took my time. I wanted to savor every delicious moment of this experience. I looked up at his face. He had very manly features. Thick set jaw, narrow cheeks, deep set dark brown eyes framed by nicely arched eyebrows and a mane of hair that looked ruffled but was probably made to look this way by a significant amount of grooming. He had a light stubble on his face. I finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it out from his pants then slid it off his shoulders. I took the shirt over to the closet and hung it on a hanger. No point in wrinkling the clothes of a man that obviously took pride in his appearance. I wondered what he was thinking. We had agreed on no communication during our session and with a blindfold covering his eyes it was difficult to determine if he was indifferent, curious, interested or just plain bored. Not knowing didn’t bother me as this was my show for my enjoyment but, secretly I wanted him to enjoy this as much as myself.

I slowly ran my hands over his bare chest and down his flat stomach. This guy was in better shape than I had thought. Either very good genes or a lot of time at the gym. I grabbed his nipples and gave them a firm squeeze. He shuddered and his tongue licked his lips. A good sign, I thought to myself.

I squatted down and ran my hands down the front of his pants. I hesitated at his groin and was rewarded with the feel of his manhood beneath the fabric. Not bad, he was either slightly aroused or maybe just a shower rather than a grower. I continued down his legs. I undid the laces on his nicely polished shoes and tapped each leg with my hand which he correctly read as time to lift his leg. I slipped the shoes off followed by his socks. I took the shoes and socks over to the closet. I could feel myself getting impatient. I wanted this man naked now. I fought the urge to speed up my undressing of this magnificent man.

I undid his belt and the top of his pants. I slowly slid down the zipper and slipped my hand inside to fondle his growing member. It felt so warm and firm. Not rock hard but definitely on its way. I slid his slacks down his legs and he once again he lifted his legs so I could remove his pants. Again, I took them to the closet and carefully folded them over a hanger. I eagerly returned to my sex slave. He was wearing a pair of tight, short boxers that showed off his package to perfection. I ran my hands up and down his muscular thighs forcing myself to stop just short of caressing his package. I could see that my soft touches were having the desired effect. His cock was actually squirming within the confines of his tight shorts! Delicious!

I couldn’t help myself. I slid down onto my knees, grabbed the top of his shorts and, slowly as I could, pulled them down to his thighs. Wow! His cock sprung out at me like a caged animal that had been released. It was magnificent! Somehow I stopped myself from grabbing him and instead eased his shorts down his legs and off his feet. These were also deposited in the closet neatly on top of his shoes and socks.

I stood in front of him and took in the fantastic view. Had I ever lucked out! Over my life I have seen a lot of naked men but never have I seen something as gorgeous as this. Slim, trim and just the right amount of muscle plus, a cock that must have been at least seven inches long and nice and thick. It was bobbing around looking for some attention. I couldn’t resist. I flicked my tongue softly over the head of his magnificent manhood. I noticed his hands take a firmer grip on the table that he was leaning against. His cock responded as if it had a mind of its own. It was bobbing and weaving around like a boxer who was enjoying the movements of his craft. I had trouble connecting my tongue with my target as it danced up and down and side to side. I purposely avoided touching his erect dick with my hand. That would come later. Instead, I sensually ran my hands from his feet up his legs to his balls. I gently massaged them. One in each hand. I heard a moan from my man which made me smile.

Okay, time to get serious. I stood up and gently pushed his broad shoulders back. He got the hint and laid back on the table. Now I had to figure out how to communicate to him, with no words, to slide further up the table. I decided to use his hard cock as a handle and grabbed on and pulled such as he had to squirm up further on the table else it would be painful. I noticed a smile on his face as if he was proud that he interpreted my non-verbal communication correctly. Once he was properly positioned on the table top I retrieved the cuffs from the chair. I slowly and deliberately fastened a cuff on each of his wrists. I then duplicated the exercise on each of his ankles.

I then retrieved my four lengths of rope. I slipped the first rope through a D ring on his right wrist cuff. I tied a knot and pulled on it to make sure it was secure. I then fed the rope around the table leg and secured it with another knot. I was thoroughly enjoying fastening this gorgeous man to the table but I found myself getting impatient once again. I continued, with some urgency, to repeat the process with his other wrist and his two ankles. I noticed that despite the lack of attention his cock was still rock hard and swinging and swaying away as if it was dancing to some secret song. This is going to be fun!

I retrieved a bottle of coconut oil that I had brought with me and slipped into the kitchen of the suite and poured a large amount into a bowl that I found in the cupboard. I set the bowl in the microwave and warmed it up. I took the bowl back to the table and set it beside my helpless slave.

Now it was time for me to get ready. I quickly stripped off all my clothes. No point in doing a strip tease when he couldn’t see me. I hung my clothes beside his in the closet. When I returned I noticed that he had lost some of his hardness. His cock was now laying quietly on his flat stomach. It still looked very impressive and I knew that what was coming would get it back to full attention.

I dipped my fingers into the warm oil and rubbed my hands together to get a good coating of oil on them. I then gently placed my hands on his hard chest and began a slow massage. He felt soooo good as my slippery hands slid over his well-defined pecs. More oil and I let my hands slide up his outstretched arms. I detected a slight tremor as my fingers glided over his armpits. It’s always nice to know where your partner’s erogenous zones are and I think I had just found one.

Time to switch ends. I bathed each of his restrained feet in the beautiful smelling oil. He was ticklish on the bottom of his feet. I slowly and deliberately worked my way up his legs to his knees. Another tremor as I caressed the underside of his knees. Another refresh of oil and I began to slowly work my way up his firm thighs. As I neared his crotch I was rewarded with a response from his cock. It wasn’t standing at attention yet but was slowly slapping his stomach as if it was trying to stand and then stumbled and fell down to the comfort of his stomach. His stomach was starting to undulate showing ripples of muscle.

Time for a refresh of oil. I spread the oil on his flat stomach and softly spread it from his chest down to his groin. As my hands caressed his hard abs I detected a soft moan. His legs were also pulling against the ropes holding him to the table. The more I stroked his stomach the higher his cock rose. I felt proud of myself. Here was a man that I have never met, and don’t even know his name, and I was in total control of what he was feeling. And, from all indications, what he was feeling was very good.

A dip of my fingers back into the oil. I then let my hands roam up his inner thighs and cupped his cleanly shaven balls. As I fondled his balls I watched in amazement as his long cock finally stood straight up. No bobbing and weaving this time. He was rock hard. Yummm!

I carefully poured a small amount of oil from the bowl onto the tip of his erect manhood. I watched as it slowly slid down his shaft making it glisten like the rest of his body. I put the bowl down and firmly grabbed the base of his hard member with my left hand. He was thick. My fingers barely met as I held onto his warm cock. Then, with my right hand I ever so softly tickled the flared head. His reaction was immediate. He tugged at his restraints as his ass humped up and down and his stomach tightened. A long moan escaped from his parted lips. This was awesome!

I formed a circle with the fingers on my right hand and slowly slid it over the head of his cock. The intention was to mimic the feeling of his cock popping into a pussy or asshole. It had the desired effect as his gyrations and moaning increased. I then slid my hand all the way down his long shaft until I hit my other hand that was still firmly grasping the base of his dick. Based on his reaction I decided to slow down. I didn’t want this hunk of a man to blow his load just yet. But it was so hot watching him writhe on the table with his arms and legs spread and firmly restrained.

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