The New Man in the House...Revised and Re-written

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: A story re-written. I have tried to contact the original author to no avail

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Rape   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Father   Daughter   Niece   Grand Parent   Interracial   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   .

This is a recent story by SatinSlip which I enjoyed immensely, but in my humble opinion, needed a lot of editing. I have done that, changing character names, improved the grammar, altered the tense, dragged it reluctantly from the US over the pond and added relevant and hopefully illuminating detail to it. I think I have embellished it. I did try and contact SatinSlip but there aren’t any links how to, having requested them from the moderator, so here is my version of Man in the House. I would be pleased to hear from him about the mods I have made and also of course any comments from readers.

“Don’t forget the time kids,” shouted Denis Rafferty to the household in general as he carried crates of beer out to the pool patio and stacked them in the cool box.

“As if we would Dad,” a disgruntled Tiffany called back from the kitchen, placing cold new potatoes in a dish.

“Yeah! does he know how much grub we’ve prepared for it?” muttered Cate, washing lettuce. “And where’s golden balls Timothy?”

“I wish you wouldn’t use that horrid term Cate,” chuntered Mamie, their mother, checking the general spread before carrying it out.

“Well he is Mum, can’t do anything wrong ... can he?” Cate argued. Mamie ignored the constant moan and agreement from Tiffany.

Up stairs, on his computer screen, Timothy viewed a couple men, one old and white haired, who slowly stripped a big titted, very very black, middle aged, not pretty woman who had bet everything on her poker hand and lost. As her shirt came off, revealing a lacy black brassiere barely containing an amazing pair of bouncing, glowing ebony puppies, Timothy’s hand slipped under the band of his shorts. His already hardening penis throbbed as his fingers brushed it’s tip, sending a shiver through his body. On the screen the woman struggled as the men yanked down her tight white slacks revealing a tiny bright red thong. She’d decided she didn’t want to pay her debts after all. As the men slapped her into submission, Timothy stroked the bottom of his shaft. The tip of his now rock hard cock peeked out of his shorts.

He re-wound the video to watch the woman struggle, and get slapped again. Rubbing the palm of his hand over the tip of his helmet, causing a sensation that was exciting yet almost painful. Now bent over the poker table, the woman’s panty clad, rotund arse was revealed in it’s magnificent glory, as the younger, toned Mulatto man spanked both cheeks. She squealed. Making her stand up, the older man tore her bra from her body, despite her begging. Her enormous mammaries wobbled and swayed with each movement. Her nipples low on the heavy looking flesh, erect and shiny, coal black in wide circles of lumpy areolae. Timothy took a firm grasp of his cock and began to slowly wank it. Now her tits were the targets of the man’s slapping. Causing them both to bounce and jiggle and glow. Also causing Timothy to moan with lust.

It was time for the Mulatto to take his dues. Forcing her to bend over the table again, tits mashing uncomfortably on a pile of poker chips. He pulled down her thong and rammed his, long thin stiffy up her dark and hairy crack obviously finding the wrong hole then her gash as she stiffened then relaxed – as much as she could in the circumstance. Pounding away while the other man moved to the far side of the table, and forced his mature and servicable cock in the woman’s mouth.

Timothy watched the rough violation of the woman for a minute, before fast forwarding, feeling that pure sex, however rough can get a tad boring and repetitive. Now the woman was on her knees sucking off two greasy white cocks. As she did Timothy’s own penis throbbed as cum shot out into his hand and tissue, drizzling the ropes of jism all over his shorts. He continued to watch until the mixed race man cock slapped the unlucky woman’s face a few more times, while his partner stuck a couple of poker chips in her soppy pussy.

Timothy checked his watch and hurried to clean up. He could hear people arriving for the pool party. The teen didn’t want to miss a minute of his sister’s friends in their bikinis. When he got out there, the backyard was a veritable smorgasbord of beautiful women. There was Tiffany, his older sister and her four friends. All of them wearing bikinis as risqué as they could get away with. Tiffany was blonde with boobs bigger than any of her friends, almost as big as her mother’s. Tiffany was a real bitch, always picking on Timothy. His mum, Mamie, was wearing a demure light brown one piece that had difficulty hiding her full, droopy 52 year old tits, such was the cutaway revealing a lot of side boob which increased with each movement. It was also high cut at the hips showing off her fleshy shape, especially her pronounced pussy pouch. Mamie’s long light brown hair, matching her suit, bouncing as she laughed at a friend’s joke.

Janet and his mom had been friends for longer than Timothy had been alive. Janet, 50 year old wore a black bikini, a bit more conservative than the teens, but still showed off her chubby body. He noticed flutters of pubic hair escaping the vee at her crotch. Her red hair still wet from her swim.

His younger sister, Cate, and her friend Beth, were splashing in the water. A year younger than him at 16, the teens both had noticeably budding breasts under their cute black swim team one-piece suits. Timothy found both the brunettes adorably fuckable.

Then there was 58 year old aunt Rebecca. A widow with her own lingerie business in Basett, Southampton. She looked spectacular – as always, with long, curly brown gone grey hair, an ample shapely bosom and a soft round sagging arse, twinning a waist that was still there but going to seed. She was always beautifully elegant but in a daring way. Her pink suit was instant boner material. The front was basically just two strips of cloth that partly covered each boob, meeting in a delicious camel toe at her crotch. The back was just a string thong that went all the way back up. Timothy looked forward to seeing her bend over again for her sun glasses to get another glimpse of her anal area, having seen the tell-tale dark tone where her anus would be. His mum obviously didn’t approve of Rebecca’s swim suit, by her harsh glances, but wouldn’t say anything. She had always been intimidated by her sister-in-law.

Timothy knew it was wrong to lust after his own family, but he couldn’t help it. He was 17, and he was randy all the time. A devoted science and arts student and ardent reader, not the inveterate clubber, he devoted his free time to internet porn and had lots of ideas for the future. Out here with all the hot women around the pool he felt like some porn producer. He imagined he could just snap his fingers and get a blowjob. He ignored his dad and his friends ... teenagers eh? He was still imagining all the girls lined up to suck his cock when he went inside to get another drink. After he closed the fridge, he turned around to find his aunt Rebecca standing close. “I see you like my bathing suit.” she murmured with a smile looking down at his crotch and dragging him into the utility room locking the door.

Timothy finally, when he had recovered from her activities, blushed as he realized his shorts were tented because of his hard-on.

“I ... I don’t. That is ... um...” he stammered.

“Ssh.” She put a finger on his lips. “There’s nothing wrong with a young man enjoying beautiful women. In fact I am quite flattered.”

Her hands move down his chest, as she kneeled down. “You are a very special young man, and it is time to claim what is rightfully yours.” She told him, pulling down his trunks. His rock hard cock sprang up, almost hitting his aunt in the face causing her to grin again. Rebecca’s hand wrapped around the base of his dick, as her tongue expertly tickled underneath his knob head. Timothy held his breath as an exciting tingling coursed through him.

He moaned softly as Rebecca’s mouth slid over his dick. As she sucked him, he looked out of the windows at the other women around the pool. The sensation was even better than he had imagined. With one of her hands massaging his balls, he could feel his orgasm approaching. His aunt gasped as he shot stream after stream of young spunk into her mouth. The mature woman greedily gulped every drop, then slowly stood, swiping her chin catching dribbles of his jism. She patted his crotch, then pulled up his swimsuit. She was tidy and thoughtful he mused.

“Did you enjoy that nephew?”

“Yes auntie!” puffed Timothy.

“Good. You see men in our family have a certain power over women. Your father refused to use it,” she rolled her hazel eyes and shook her head. She took his hand and helped him slide it under her swimsuit, letting him fondle a breast, his first tit fumble and certainly the first older woman’s for the first time.

“My hope is that you will be more open.”

“What, could I do with this power?” the distracted teen asked, also wondering what she meant by referring to his father.

Daringly and being allowed, Timothy slid the suit off his aunt’s shoulders so he could both see her knockers and squeeze them. She remained calm and willing, cooing him to be gentle.

“You can make any woman your sex slave, even against their will. There are other things as well, but that is the core of your power.”

“But why would you want to tell me this?” he asked, as she gently removed his hands and re-adjusted her one piece suit.

“I will reveal all my secrets in time. For now lets say I have always wanted to treat your mother as the whore she truly is.” The thought of aunt Rebecca sexually abusing his beautiful mother instantly gives him another erection.

“Ah I see you are up to the task.” His aunt snickered, rubbing his hard dick through his shorts. “Look I have a cunning plan if you’re up for it.”

He nodded.

“Why don’t you meet me in the pool house in ten minutes. I’ll make an excuse I need to make a long private phone call and go over that way, I’ll get in. I will help you finish becoming a man. Can you manage that?”

Timothy nodded enthusiastically, taking a different route outside as she instructed, knowing the pool house was out of bounds for the party, being renovated. He couldn’t help looking around at all the women as he waited out the long ten minutes, wondering what his own mother’s tits would feel like, bigger than aunt Rebecca’s. Being a man and empowered as Rebecca told him, he smiled thinking about spanking Tiffany, a swat for every time she called him a brat. He imagined making Cate and Beth eat each other out. Corrupting the two innocent teens.

After ten long, agonizing minutes Timothy made his way, not without difficulty through the builder’s materials into the pool house. His alluring, beautiful aunt, already waiting, pulled him into an embrace and gave him a very un-chaste kiss. Pushing him onto the couch after clearing small tarpaulin, she spread her legs for him, moving the crotch of her pink swimsuit aside. She pulled down his trunks, and guided his dick into her waiting pussy. With a grunt he pushed balls deep into his mature aunt. Timothy pushed her flimsy swimsuit off her tits so he could suck and squeeze them, causing her at first to squeak with pain in his untutored hands, then to gasp and moan with pleasure. As he thrust into her, they could both hear the other women enjoying the day around the pool and grinned cheekily at each other. Her legs wrapped sensously round him, and he squeezed her tits hard. In seconds, the inexperienced young Timothy climaxed, This time his dick flooded not her face and mouth but high up her cunt.

He lay, soaking in her warm wetness and rested on top of her for a moment, thoughtfully taking his weight on his elbows, as she stroked his hair affectionately. “Mmm,” she said, thinking he’ll learn and be very good, “Good, very good.”

In the evening after the party, Timothy lay on his bed thinking over the events of the day. Naked as usual, he slowly stroked his cock. What he contemplated was so much more than sneaking into Tiffany’s room and going through her underwear drawer and dirty laundry as usual. His aunt had told him, as they lay together, that his father was weak. He hadn’t had the guts to take what by rights belonged to him. - he hadn’t quizzed her what she meant.

Anyway, sex was paramount in his teen brain and he determined he wouldn’t be weak. He would start tonight. Everyone had already gone to bed. He would give it a half hour then make his first move. In the darkness he slipped into Cate’s room. He could make out his younger sister’s sleeping form under her sheet. Quietly he stepped up to the bed, and slowly, carefully, he slid the sheet down. She slept on in her t-shirt and pajama bottoms. After a big breath, gathering courage, his naked form kneeled over her. Straddling her legs he slid his eager hands over her round bottom, up to the waistband of her pj’s. She began to stir as he pulled down her pants, removing them. Cate’s pale bare arse shone like the moon in the darkness.

“What? What?” His sister mumbled as he squeezed her cute derrière.

“T ... Timothy? What are you doing?” she desperately asked. Timothy noticed she didn’t talk above a whisper, like she is unable to call for help.

Her brother leaned forward, his hard dick nestling in between her thighs, poking at her sweet bottom. He reached underneath her now struggling form to find her little tits. As his hands closed around those soft buds he told her, “I need this Cate. I need to fuck sooo bad.” Kneading her young breasts through her shirt she cried out.

“N ... no. Stop it. Stop please. Timothy don’t ... it’s wrong.”

Her begging just spurred the teen on, reaching back and digging in between her thighs with his thumbs, finding her young cunny and opening it enough to settle the tip of his cock against it.

“Gonna fuck you Cate. Gonna make you a real whore.” he says quietly. Leaning in close to his little sister.

“No Timothy. Please stop. I don’t like this and I never...”

He roughly pushed forward with his iron hard fuck rod. His sister started squealing and pounding the bed as he penetrated her tight virgin pussy. He felt a small obstruction that gave away and it was easy to ram hard and all the way.When he was balls deep he stopped, resting for a moment, letting Cate settle down, the young girl moaning beneath him.

“It’s done Kitten. You’re a whore now. You got a dick way up inside your cunt.” He taunted her happily.

“Noooo.” she moaned.

Reaching under his sister’s shirt, his incestual fingers found her little buds. With a grin he squeezed them hard, causing her to squeal again. Still inserted and enjoying the fact that her tight quim hadn’t forced his cock out, he started a thrusting rhythm over her struggles. Squeezing and pinching her young tits - he fucked her. Soon Cate was gripping her pillow and grunting in time to his thrusts. As he fucked her and played with her tits, he could feel her body start to tremble. Soon this built into a full body shake, like she sneezed a bunch of times in a row. Then she moaned underneath him. Timothy was pretty sure he had given his sister an orgasm – he hadn’t done it before and was proud. Either way the fight seemed to have gone out of her. Soon he was approaching his own orgasm. “I’m gonna cum in you sis.” He whispered in her ear.

“Noooo.” she moaned “Timothy ... pleeeease. Not that.”

“Oh yeah, here it comes. Right in your tight pussy.”

She felt his dick twitch, then a warm slime filled her teenage mott. There was so much that it leaked out of her, messing her bed.

“Timothy, that was nasty, why?” she asked.

He pulled out his slimy dick and turned her over. “Because you are my whore understand?” taking a moment to look at her cute uncovered tits.

“Timothy please.”

“Understand?” He demanded.

“Yes.” Cate answered meekly, lowering her gaze.

He pushed her head down to his crotch. “Clean me off. Suck that mess up.”

Reluctantly opening her mouth, his sister began to lick and suck the disgusting bloody mess off his flaccid dick. She didn’t question the bloody smears rivering amongst his globs of cum, but shes fucked and swallowed it all.

“Gross.” she mumbled, when he was satisfied.

“Better get used to it. You’re my whore now so you will be eating a lot of cum. Maybe I’ll share you with my friends. Bet you would like that,” he smirked.

“Nooooo Timothy, please?”

But the new born dominator teen just chuckled at the thought as he slid off her bed, put his gear on returning to his room, leaving her to deal with the virgin blood and jism. ‘One down’ he thought happily as he drifted off to sleep.

The next day at breakfast, Timothy noticed that Cate couldn’t look him in the eye. She must not have said anything to their mother though, as he wasn’t being hauled off by cops. He was starting to think his Aunt was right. He can make any woman be his slave. Under the table his dick got hard thinking about it. His sisters and his mum, sitting at the table with him, will be where he starts. He grinned before eating a forkful of pancakes, as he thought of the lewd things he will make them do.

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