Four Into One Will Go

by Ed Plower

Copyright© 2017 by Ed Plower

Erotica Sex Story: Vic had arranged a surprise foursome for his highly sexed woman, but the foursome who arrive and tie him to a chair to view their lascivious treatment of her are not what he had planned. He sees her taken, and eventually giving, in every way possible.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   MaleDom   Rough   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

Tied firmly to a chair, Vince Reason, his gut still aching from the fist that had floored him, could not work out how his plan had gone so terribly wrong as four big guys in different coloured masks pawed and slobbered over his woman, Carrie, who lay sprawled naked on the bed. Black hands were mauling her tits, as she sucked on a massive black cock, and a well-endowed white man was fucking her like crazy. Trouble was, she seemed to be enjoying it. And these men were all strangers, not at all what Vince had organised.

Ever since the night he saw Carrie Mayhew dancing alone on the edge of the dance floor, Vince had wanted her. Her every movement had emphasised breasts, hips, thighs and buttocks under a revealing blue silk dress that was like seeing her naked body undulating behind a thin veil. When he danced beside her, he learned more about her unbridled sensuality, in the provocative way she swayed, and rubbed her belly against his eager hardness.

Taking her to his home, he had hardly closed his front door before she had unzipped him and taken his cock straight to the back of her throat. That night they fucked three times and Vince had little doubt that he was on to something special. It was no problem to talk her into moving in with him.

For over a year, Vince learned that practically every inch of her skin was an erogenous zone, but her tits, particularly the nipples were triggers to her passion. He timed that fingering a nipple took ten minutes to arousal, but sucking that luscious brown nub really quickened her demands for his cock. Her reaction time was unbelievable. Timing her clit reaction, with fingers took only a few minutes, but lips and sucking and in no time she was demanding his, what she called, ‘iron rod’ inside her.

But beyond that year of many delights, Vince noticed changes in Carrie’s attitude, changes in his belief in her, and an unexpected change in his own thinking. Given the wild eroticism of his hours with Carrie, there developed, somewhere deep in his subconscious, a curiosity to watch her in action.

With another man? That should have been unthinkable, but as the idea took hold, alongside it came the realisation that Carrie was less giving. Excuses for avoidance became regular. Her work as a model, never a problem, had lately brought apologies for getting home late. Too often she claimed to need a sleeping tablet after a hard day’s modelling.

Vince had deepening suspicions. Was she was getting it somewhere else? His idea flickered with renewed strength. To watch her screwing another man, what would that be like? If she was cheating on him, he could arrange it without any warning. His good mate, Arch, had often admitted how much he envied Vince with Carrie, “She’s a real goer, I’ll bet.”

Vince worked it out. No element of threat. Make it look like a break-in, and he’d be tied to a chair. Ideal. But one guy couldn’t manage that alone, could he? As soon as that thought struck him, it quickly gathered momentum. Carrie servicing two guys. How would she take to that? Vince was beginning to think that was very appealing.

Vince was totally unsurprised at Arch’s response to his offer. “Me? Screw Carrie? You serious?” Vince told him of his plans, and if he knew of somebody trustworthy. Arch, all eagerness, mentioned Rusk, his friend a tall amiable black man. Wow, the very idea of seeing black hands on her pale breasts, and more, a black prick shoving into Carrie. They talked out the finer details, including leaving the rear door unlatched. Vince could hardly believe he was going to watch two men screwing Carrie. One of them being black. Wow!.

The next day Arch phoned to say Rusk had his cousin staying with him. Would it be all right for him to come too. God, three!. Vince was full of anticipation and some doubt.

The night of another “late night shoot,” came around, and when she arrived home “too tired to talk.” Vince was thinking, “I’ve planned something and you won’t need to talk.” He watched her take a sleeping tablet. She slipped her lacy thin nightdress over her head. Vince, wearing only pyjama pants sat bare chested on the edge of the bed

“I’ll be asleep in two minutes,” she whispered. Vince watched as she pulled the thin duvet over her. He was thinking, not spitefully, “It may be a disturbed sleep.” Trembling with anticipation, he waited until her deep breathing told him it was action time. Dialling Arch he heard him, sounding like an eager schoolboy, promise they’d be there very soon.

Vince paced the floor nervously, moving a chair handily close to the bed, his viewing point. He lowered the lights, to just enough for him to follow the action. He wanted to get it all going. When, at last, he heard the familiar click then squeak of the back door, he was surprised. They were faster than expected. As arranged, he moved out into the darkened landing, where he would go through the act of being overpowered. In the dim light figures were mounting the stairs in line, and even in the dark, he saw that they were wearing face masks.

At the top of the stairs, Vince had his first frisson of worry. Were there actually four figures? He wasn’t expecting that, nor was he expecting the fist that drove into his gut, doubling him over in agony. That wasn’t part of the script. “Hey,” he gasped, “that’s--” His words were cut short by a length of duct tape being slapped over his mouth. Arch was overplaying his hand here. But as hands grabbed him roughly he had to wonder if it was Arch. His doubts multiplied as he was almost lifted from the ground, and, still woozy from the blow, bundled into the bedroom, where he was flung onto the chair and duct tape quickly fastened his arms and legs.

Vince was slowly recovering from the punch, and could see for certain that there were four men, and seeing their hands, he knew two were white and two black. But a chill ran through him as he realised that neither of the white men could be Arch. All four were dressed in black T shirts and jeans, but Arch was quite a slender man, while all the invaders were extremely well built. The masks they wore were like tight stocking masks, with eye holes, but no trailing leg pieces.

They covered the head but mouths and chins were clear. They each had a different colour. The white men wore the red and the green. But how had they replaced Arch and his crew?

Vince’s insides churned as he watched the four assemble around the bed, lustful grins on their lips, eyes on the sleeping mound that was Carrie, now at greater risk than he had ever intended ... The two black guys in blue and yellow masks were on opposite sides of the bed. Eagerly, yellow mask grabbed the duvet and flung it back. “This must be the honey pot you promised,” he chuckled. They moved closer, and stared down at Carrie sleeping on her back, the flimsy nightie hardly hiding the push of her breasts, and the dark triangle.

“Looks like being a luscious night,” Red mask declared from the foot of the bed, with one knee on the bed as though eager to climb on board. Vince feared what might be on his mind.

“We need a better view,” Blue declared, and he grabbed the neck of Carrie’s nightie and pulled. It was so thin, it tore away like spider silk, and Carrie’s luscious, succulent body lay exposed to hungry eyes. Vince could not avoid a sense of guilt, yet could not deny that, even though he had possessed her body in so many ways, right at that moment, she looked more desirable than ever. God, she was all luscious curves.

The four guys obviously thought that too, as they leaned in closer and their hot breaths must have been toasting her. “Jesus, look at those delicious tits. They’re pointing straight at the ceiling. Wake her up,” Green said eagerly.

Yellow wafted a hand over her bush, and growled, “Man, I can’t wait for a mouthful of that hairy pie.”

That brought a burst of laughter, and Green sniggered, “I wonder how she’ll take to my big boner up her ass?”

More laughter as Blue retorted, “Yours is just a white tiddler compared to my black iron bar.”

At that moment, Carrie’s eyes opened wide, clearly disturbed by the voices. As she gathered her senses, her eyes glanced around wildly, taking in the four masked men, and then seeing Vince tied up. That seemed to be the trigger, as a brief scream escaped her lips and she started to rise, anger replacing the initial fear in her eyes. Immediately Blue pressed a hand over her mouth, while his other hand clutched her upper arm to hold her down. Yellow applied the same pressure to her other arm. Black hands were vivid against her white skin. Vince could see the fury in Carrie’s eyes, as she struggled against the hands holding her. Red had placed one knee at the bottom of the bed as though about to crawl towards her parted legs. He got no further as Carrie’s foot lashed out in his direction, and she continued heaving against her two captors, who had to apply greater pressure to hold her down. Good for you, kid.

Neither Red nor Green tried to hold her legs and for several minutes the four men, Vince too, watched fascinated as Carrie’s legs, and whole lower body thrashed, twisted, and flayed. Her hips jerked up and sideways, her legs kicked up and out, her belly heaved. God, Vince couldn’t help thinking, despite all they’d done together, it was one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen.

Despite Red’s face cover, Vince could see his eyes bulge as he watched, and Vince realised that from his angle he would be looking into the pink, winking eye of her secret places. If eyes bulged, so did the front of four pairs of jeans jut out even more strongly. Hell, hadn’t his own prick moved through the gears, and, semi-erect, was pushing against the fabric of his pyjamas. Guiltily, he ignored his own unexpected reaction.

Carrie’s angry efforts had all but exhausted her, and she lay relatively quiet, her tired legs slightly parted, giving Red the chance to kneel between them, just about level with her ankles, and he spread her legs wider. Carrie only had enough strength to twitch slightly under his touch. He nodded to Blue, who still had his hand over her mouth and said, “Let her breath.”

At first he appreciated the man’s concerns, but knew this man was about to reap the wild benefits of this intrusion. Carrie was drawing in welcome breaths through her mouth before she panted determinedly, “There’s no way I’m going to let you bastards rape me.” Her head looked from side to side, “None of you.” That brought hoots of coarse laughter from the four men, and Red edging back onto the bed, began to unbuckled his belt, nodding at the others as he did.

Carrie’s eyes rested briefly on Vince, and she mouthed, “Sorry, Vince.” She would never know how bad her apology made him feel. For a second or two he tugged at the tape binding him. It was useless. Now, Carrie’s attention was taken by the jocular mutterings of the four intruders. Four pairs of jeans were pushed down simultaneously, and four large erect cocks loomed out at her. Vince saw Carrie’s eyes widen with initial horror as her jaw dropped. God, all four were massive. To drop their jeans, Yellow and Blue had to release their grips on Carrie’s arms, but as she struggled to twist away, they each, one handed, pinned her back by the upper arms.

While three of them proudly fingered their large hefty tools, Red kneeled back between Carrie’s legs, and told her, “Quite honestly, I’m sure you’ll not think it rape for very long,” and, he pushed one of her thighs one way while Green pulled the other towards him, stroking his fingers along what Vince knew was incredible smoothness. Red immediately buried his face into her warm wetness that Vince knew so well ... In confirmation of that fact he raised his head to grunt, “Jesus, she’s soaked already.”

Vince had a brief view of the tongue raking along her crevice, as Green’s hand groped under her buttocks to lift her. Vince could see the tongue run way back to linger at her main hole before moving on to tickle around her anus.

He heard Carrie gasp at Red’s first tongue assault, but at the same time Blue and Yellow had begun to fondle her breasts, with hands shockingly vivid black on her pale skin. “What tits!” Blue crowed. “They fit my hand just perfect.” Yellow had begun fingering a nipple. Vince had already noted Carrie’s heavier breathing as Yellow hissed, “I’ll bet they taste good.” As he lowered his mouth to draw his lips around that nipple, Red’s tongue travelled through her pink petals, and, with pounding heart, Vince guessed that he must be licking on her clit. Yellow mask sucking a nipple, Blue mask fingering the other one, Red mask licking her clit, and, from what he could see, Green mask had a finger possibly probing her anus. Oh, hell, it could be countdown time.

Yes, now, he was recognising that abandoned look on Carrie’s face. So many times his attention to her clit or nipple had produced that look, mouth gaping, lips trembling, and those green eyes blinking rapidly. It was like watching a film when you knew what would happen next, and he guessed that Red had been tonguing her clit for well over a minute.

Everything happening at once was bound to bring a response from her. Just as he suspected, and catching them all totally by surprise, Carrie heaved herself out of the slackened grip of the two black men, loosening their attention to her tits as she lurched forward screaming, “Fuck me, you bastard. Fuck me.”

As she sat forward her hand was desperately reaching for the generous prick of the astounded Red. Her fingers closed around it, but he needed no guidance in placing the jutting head right at her entry. Carrie flopped onto her back once more as Red plunged his hot pounding cock almost viciously up into her. “This how you want it, lady? Hard and heavy?” Carrie was immediately gasping and groaning, and as her head tossed to one side Blue held it steady and plunged his cock between her gaping lips, and so wild was Carrie, she sucked on it avidly. Making an eager cry, Yellow moved to the other side of her head, tapped her cheek as he held his stiff cock forward. Carrie released Blue and enveloped her second black cock, gagging as Yellow plunged forcefully down her throat. “A great suck,” Blue said, “I’ll have some more of that.” That it was black made no difference to her fierce demand, that had the guys grunting with delighted surprise.

But as Red continued to power up her channel, Vince could tell, by the wildness in her eyes and the sounds coming from her mouth despite the cock filling it, that she was on the verge of cumming. While this was all going on Green mask had moved to bury his face into her breasts, “Oh, a Vince knew well that he wouldn’t have that joy for long, for Red was delivering long hard thrusts and Carrie’s hips heaved back at him, while her mouth gaped open around the black cock, as her head began a wild side to side motion that twisted her away from the black prick. Her whole body arched pushing Green off her tits. The, so familiar, seagull squawks bursting from her mouth, before an almighty squeal of pleasure told him that, without any doubt, she was in the throes of an early orgasm.

Red had continued to drive on into her, “Are you cumming already?” he gasped. His buttocks quickened their motion. “Ooh, yes. Fuck me. Don’t stop,” Carrie cried, then wailed as Red withdrew his still solid cock, grunting, “Christ, that is some cock sucking cunt she’s got there. Look!”

The others all followed his direction to where his hard cock glistened in the pale light. “I haven’t cum yet. That’s her cum shining there.” And with Carrie screaming out a further demand to be fucked as Blue and Yellow pushed their solid rods back in her face, and Green fingered her nipple, Red prodded Green, “Go on, get your cock up there. You all must have a quick fuck at this. And if you cum before she does you must be a right Jesse.”

Green had no hesitation in getting around to guide his staff up into her, “Christ,” he said, keenly, “so much juice.”

“And none of it is mine,” Red declared as he fondled a breast and took a nipple into his mouth. Still panting hard, Carrie leaned back and took Yellow’s cock back into her mouth while grasping Blue’s in her hand. For a very short while, with Green getting into a deep driving rhythm, and Red sucking firmly at her nipple, while his fingers played with the other one, she moved her mouth from one cock to the other.

Green was really stuffing it to Carrie and Vince knew that, once again, it wouldn’t take long, with that kind of action and Red working on her tits. Sure enough, just like before her heaving hips, body and wildly shaking head dislodged the others as she gave an anguished scream in Green’s direction, “Don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“You gone?” Red asked the still thrusting Green.

“No, man. She’s crazy for it.”

Red gave Yellow a nudge, “You take over.”

Grinning like crazy Yellow rushed to take Green’s place, holding his stiff prick, wet from Carrie’s mouth out in front of him, as Green reluctantly withdrew his stiff rod, shining, as Green admitted, “Only with her cum. Christ, does she pour.”

“One down, two to go.”

Just as he had when he invaded her mouth Yellow drove fiercely up into Carrie’s eager hole, and she threw her head back in a mixture of delight and shock, “Ooh, that’s so big. Do it. Oh, yes.” Her hips heaved up at Yellow’s efforts, as he leaned forward, to grunt, “Lady, my cock is in one hell of a hot grip. Enjoy it.” And he continued his vigorous humping, as Green resumed his attention to sucking at her tits, with Blue trawling his tongue around the other one.

“These are a pair of superb tits,” Blue mumbled, before sucking on that nipple.

“This wench has quite a few exquisite features,” Red replied, standing with his purple headed erection poised at Carrie’s face, but for the first time looking back to where Vince was tied, he added, “You’ve been a lucky bastard, keeping this to yourself.” Vince could do little but watch for the next explosion from Carrie which he could see was imminent, with her panting breath, her grunts and her mouth gaping. Red took advantage of that by poking his cock deep along her tongue, so she had to be tasting her own juices. The next second Red had to grasp her head tightly to stay in her mouth as her moans and muffled squeals escaped around his prick, and her whole body went into spasms with her hips heaving up accepting Yellow’s deep strokes.

“Jesus God!” Yellow gasped. “It’s like having your cock in a grinder.”

“You haven’t cum, have you?” Red was gasping himself at the frenzied contortions of her tongue and teeth around his pounding cock.

“No, but she bloody well has, God Almighty!”

“Okay, Blue, give her a sample of yours.”

Blue, releasing her nipple, and with a grin on his face, moaned, “I’m always bloody last.” Vince thought that Blue’s erection with its near maroon head looked bigger than any of the others, as he shuffled alongside Yellow.

Reluctantly, Yellow withdrew his cock out of Carrie’s pulsing cunt. “Look at that,” he cried, and his hand held up his glittering tool. “It looks like that when I’ve cum. But I haven’t. That’s her stuff shining there.”

Blue was already ploughing up inside her. Vince saw her hips lifting to greet him, and Red chuckled, “She’s liking that, Blue. And her mouth is giving me the benefit.”

“Can I try that lovely mouth, Red?” Green asked

“Thought you were tits and ass?”

“Just sharing things around.”

Red nodded and drew his cock out of Carrie’s mouth, and, just before Green found her lips she mumbled, “The one in me now—he’s massive.”

Red looked down at her and asked, “Does it feel like rape?”

Vince saw the slight shake of her head, as she sighed, “Not if—uh—ooh- you suck my nipples. And fuck like this one is.” She had given the secret away. Now her mouth was working on Green’s considerable rod.

Red’s face showed he had caught on, “That’s it. That’s how she’s cumming so fast. She’s got sensitive nipples. Better help.” And he immediately plunged his face over the tit opposite where Yellow was sucking.”

“You holding it, Blue,” Green grunted under Carrie’s oral ministrations.

“Christ, only just. Her cunt muscles are pulling me off.”

It was at that moment that a loud squeal issued from Carrie’s mouth despite having Green’s cock gagging her, and her whole body heaved and shuddered, as yet another orgasm hit her. Both Red and Yellow stood back from her trembling tits, and Green pulled out of her mouth to allow her mewling, screeching climax express itself.

“Hanging in there, Blue?” Yellow asked.

“Only just,” Blue gasped, “Christ, it’s like having your cock in a warm shower. The wetness is all hers.”

“Keep going. Don’t stop. Push it harder.” It was Carrie who made that plea, Red nodded to both Green and Yellow, “Better hold her down. I guess we’ll need the ties for a while. You able to pull out, Blue?”

“A pity, but yes.” Blue replied, while Green and Yellow leaned their combined weight on Carrie’s upper arms, as she screamed, “No, I want it.”

Red had moved to a small canvas bag that Vince hadn’t noticed, but of course he had been incapable at the start. Now he saw what looked like a bundle of thin cord in Red’s hands as he approached where Carrie was being held.

“Are you finished with me now?” Carrie asked, her eyes on what Red was carrying.

Splitting the cords carefully Red said, “You’ve cum a few times, haven’t you?”

Unwillingly Carrie hissed, “You know I have.”

Red grinned around at the others as he signalled for Blue to hold her twitching legs and said, “Well, you see, lady, we haven’t. There’s nothing running out of you, is there? Except your own beautiful cream.” And saying that, while his hands slipped loops over her ankles, his head ducked between her legs and his tongue gave a long hard lick along her crevice, an action that drew an involuntary yelp from Carrie. “Yum,” he said as he drew back his head and tied one loop to a bedpost while Blue tied the other. Even from where he was tied, Vince could see the hint of her pink petals at the pinnacle of her widespread legs.

Red threw a looped cord to each of Green and Yellow who fastened her wrists to the bed, so Carrie lay spread-eagled and naked. “Why are you tying me?” she asked, a note of worry in her voice.

“Mightn’t be too long if you’re good,” Green told her now, as the four men gathered together at the foot of the bed.

Red grinned at the others before telling Carrie, “You’ve cum, but we haven’t. Yet.” He waved a hand at the four stiff cocks. “There’s a hell of a load of cream here. It has to be released somewhere.”

“Well, go and fuck yourself,” Carrie growled, without any real conviction, and turned her head away. Vince might have laughed if the situation had been different.

Red did laugh, as he turned back to the others, “Which way now?” he said, deliberately lowering his voice.

“This one could go all night,” Yellow put in.

Blue’s head was shaking, “We’re out of sync.”

“Yes, we usually start light—hands on stuff,” Green said. “She’s been –different.”

“You could say that,” Red nodded firmly. “Right, let’s go to stroking.”

Blue held a small piece of tape and placed it over Carrie’s mouth, and Red explained, “You’ll need to be quiet while we work.” Carrie shook her head and could only make dull ‘Mm’ sounds. The four had placed themselves on either side of the bed, and now they leaned over her body and four pairs of hands began stroking over every inch of her naked skin. There was nothing but tenderness in their touch as fingers moved from her thighs down to her feet, flat hands slid over her belly, her bush, and up over her breasts.

“Better not linger there,” Blue muttered, and they laughed. Fingers played through her hair, and over her face, stroking her neck, her shoulders and arms. The four changed places around her so they each had a feel of every part of her. Like her breasts, the fingers that travelled along her moist crevice, stroked but did not stay too long. By now the sounds emanating from behind the tape were more ecstatic. Not surprising when she was having an all-over massage four times over. and Vince saw her eyes roll whenever a finger strayed deeper into her honey pot. Hands even slid under her body to fondle her buttocks.

After about ten minutes of that the four collected again at the foot of the bed,

“Which way now?” Yellow asked.

“I need to off-load,” Green said, holding his swollen cock.

“Don’t we all,” Red said, and then looking around them he added, “Solo? To ease the ache.”

All four heads nodded, and Red asked, “Where do you want to fill her?”

For some reason, they leaned in close and whispered their choice.

Red moved up to Carrie’s head, and gently pulled away the tape on her mouth. “If I loosen your hands and feet, will you behave yourself---if not, we might have to get rough.”

Carrie licked her lips before asking, “What’s going to happen?”

“You’ll need to take us, one at a time.”

Warily, Carrie nodded her head, “Okay.”

Red began to unfasten her hands, while others attended to free her feet.

“Blue wants a blowjob,” Red said, as her hands came loose. Very briefly, Vince saw a cloud pass across her face, but she sighed as Red placed a cushion under her head. “Okay, Blue, you’re on.”

Blue moved to ease alongside her head, and lifted his big, solid black cock towards her face. With all the nous that Vince knew she possessed, Carrie trailed her fingers over the massive prick, and licked her lips as though preparing to savour a steak. Blue shuffled to take his prick closer to her face, and as she continued to finger along his hardness, her tongue licked out at the dark maroon shiny head, “Oh, yeah,” Blue grunted.

The other three men were clearly going to observe this solo effort, while at the same time, making little delicate touches around Carrie’s body. A cock might be pressed against a thigh or on a breast, while a hand would stroke along an inner thigh or a finger poke gently and short time into her pink folds. All the while heads would nod in encouragement at what was happening with Blue.

Carrie’s tongue lapped along the whole length of his solid prick. Vince frustratingly recalled receiving that favour, and was shocked to feel his erect prick poke from his pyjamas. Surely, he shouldn’t be enjoying watching his woman being treated in this way. Guilty or not, there wasn’t much he could do about it. Blue’s head was thrown back and his eyes closed as, after much tonguing, her mouth closed completely around that maroon head. Very slowly at first, that black cock slid deeper between her lips, and Blue’s hips began a steady flexing as he began changing a blowjob into a face fuck.

Vince could hear little familiar moans coming from Carrie despite her mouth being crammed by Blue’s thick cock. She put one hand down to stroke his balls, while, to Vince’s surprise, when Yellow rolled his huge cock across one breast, Carrie reached out, with her other hand to grip it, and began flexing it. Yellow’s face registered his surprise as he looked back at the others.

By now Blue’s plunges into Carrie’s mouth were becoming frantic, and a couple of times, Carrie gagged as his cock struck into her throat. His moans were becoming more emphatic, and, when Carrie began squeezing his balls more firmly, an elongated groan preceded a solid thrust into her face and his voice croaked, “Here it comes, baby.” He threw his head back as each surge burst from him, Carrie’s mouth opened in what looked like desperation as her throat could be seen to be gulping furiously at what had to be masses of cum. Thrusts of his hips and heavy groans marked each spurt of cum, and seemed to go on for minutes as Blue emptied himself into Carrie’s throat.

She let go of Yellow’s cock, and he immediately moved down to the foot of the bed, peeling off his T shirt as he went. “May as well get ready. Boy, it’s great to know exactly what’s coming.”

“Well, we know what’s going to be cumming, don’t we?” Red joked.

Amid the laughter that followed, Blue’s slack cock had slipped from Carrie’s lips, leaving a thin silver trail between lip and cock head, and Vince was horrified to see her tongue poke out to collect the loose cum. Was she really enjoying it all?

“Yellow wants to fuck you now.” Red called to Carrie. “Be good to him.”

“With a body like he’s got, and that cock, oh, what more could a girl want?”

Vince had noticed Yellow’s firmly muscled body, but was Carrie being sarcastic? He hoped so. Yellow was already running his thick prick along her inner thigh pointing it towards its goal. “Christ, I’ve got such a head on. Hope I don’t cum too quick.”

“Suck her nipples on your way up.” Red advised, “That’ll speed things up.”

Vince saw the big dark cock head nestle into Carrie’s nest, as he leaned over and began sucking at one nipple and then the other. As he sucked on the second nipple his hips gave a jerk and his cock disappeared inside her, and Carrie gave out a great wailing, “Aaaah”. Vic could see that both sets of pubes were meshed together so he had to be deep inside. His hips drew back before plunging again and another squeal came from Carrie’s lips, and he could see her own hips lifting spasmodically from the bed.

Then Yellow moved his black face from her nipples, wriggled his own chest over her breasts, black skin on white skin, and his mouth travelled up until his lips closed on Carrie’s. Nobody had kissed her up to this point, and Vince was hoping to see her jerk her head away, but as Yellow drew his mouth back and murmured something to her, her tongue came out and he saw Yellow’s pink tongue wrap around hers as their lips mingle again, twisting together as both pairs of hips pounded. Vince was amazed to find that, after all he had observed, that kiss was the most disturbing. Yes, she was really enjoying it.

Yellow’s hips had begun pounding more desperately, and he pulled his mouth from her, mumbled, “Oh, Jesus, your cunt is –” and then he began sucking furiously on her nipples again, clearly he knew he couldn’t hold back. But Carrie’s mouth was gaping, grunting noises issued from her throat, and her head began tossing from side to side. Then she was screaming, “Do it. Cum in me. Hard. Oh, yes.” Her exhortations were just right for Yellow as, moaning and grunting, he gave two thrusts and then a series of humps that clearly showed he was pumping his cum deep inside Carrie. Every thrust had been signalled by Carrie’s gasping squeals of delight.

As Yellow eased back she cried, “Don’t pull out.”

Yellow shook his head, “No choice,” he told her, as his limp dick, still an impressive length slid out of her cunt. Red was coming out of the en-suite and he flung a towel in Yellow’s direction as he was stepping back. “Just wipe out your mess. Before Green has his shot.”

Green had moved to the bottom of the bed, and was watching as Yellow pressed the towel between Carrie’s thighs. “I’ll only be taking a short dip in that hole. I’ll be depositing my load in the other hole---always nice and tight.”

Vince hadn’t long to wait for the protest. The one intimate contact she had always refused was anal. Yes, she had taken a short dab up there with a finger, just so long as another finger was poking her cunt, but being fucked there---never.

As Green stood keenly lobbing his hardness, Red nodded his head and said, “Oh, naturally. How could I forget you were an ass man?”

Carrie’s body shot up to almost a sitting position, her eyes wide, “I don’t do anal!” she declared, “I’ve never done anal!”

With a glance and nod at the others, Red said, “So you don’t know if you like it.”

“I know it’ll hurt.”

Red had moved to the bag as he told her, “Only because you’re frightened of it. A few shunts up there and you’ll be eager for it.”

Vince saw him pass a small tube to Green, as Carrie groaned, “Never.”

“That means just a little early rough,” Red murmured and nodded to Blue and Yellow who had placed themselves on opposite sides of Carrie. Now they each grabbed an ankle and lifted and spread Carrie’s legs into the air, drawing a raw squeal from her. Her legs were so high that she could not raise her head, and Vince could never imagine they could be so widespread. Her two holes were open to view, as her body was hauled towards the bottom of the bed where Green waited, his hefty cock heaving in anticipation.

“No. No. Please.” Carrie pleaded.

“Try to relax,” Green said quietly. “You’ll like it.” And he squeezed some cream from the tube onto a finger before rubbing just inside her anus. Blue and Yellow had to hold on tight as her whole body reflexed at his touch. His finger took more cream and dipped deeper into her tight hole, while Carrie whimpered her protests

“Now a little natural lubrication,” Green said, and, stepping in closer, he placed his large purple cock head at her cunt entry, and Vince could see why she had been hauled near the foot of the bed. Green could fuck her without lifting his feet off the floor. Slowly his long hard rod slid into her juiciest part, and Carrie gave a little “Ooh,” of pleasure.

A couple of little jerks and a quick comment, “Such a cosy cunt. Pity I can’t stay.” He looked between the parted legs into Carrie’s eyes. “Maybe later.”

Then he pulled out of that hole, and placed his juice coated rod right along her stretched channel, but only briefly before he was holding it to point at the tight little hole.

“Okay, now.” He murmured, and Vince worried, yet fascinated, saw the head absorbed into that tiny hole and heard the agonised scream from Carrie. Her body shook and jerked so much that Blue and Yellow had to hang on to her legs more tightly. Green’s mouth was twisted with lust as he thrust deeper. Carrie’s mouth was issuing a range of pained ‘Oh’, sounds but the deeper Green drove and as his thrusts became more of a true fucking motion, those sounds changed their tone, less pained, more surprised. Green nodded at the pair holding Carrie’s legs and, as he lowered his body, they draped her legs over Green’s shoulders. He gripped her thighs and pulled to drive his cock deeper. Vince looked at Carrie’s face as an indistinguishable cry came from her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Was she really enjoying it?

To make that into a certainty, Green moved one hand along her thigh to jiggle fingers in her moistness. Vince saw that he was going for her clit, and Connie’s head began to move from side to side. But, unexpectedly, Green withdrew his cock completely, and Connie wailed, “No, no, no.”

Green growled, “Now you’re ready for anything.” Immediately, his cock plunged up into her ass until his balls bounced against her. Cassie started her seagull yelps, as Green called out, “Oh, here it comes, sweetheart.” And he began throbbing solidly into her while Vince could see that Carrie’s hips were pulsing in time with his thrusts. He was grunting with each expulsion, on and on, lunge on lunge. At last he calmed, and he stood there, panting and shaking his head. He lifted Carrie’s legs off his shoulders, and as he lowered them, his shrinking cock slipped out of her, followed by flows of white. Green pushed a towel under her, and wiped thoroughly.

“Come on, Green,” Red said urgently, moving up behind him. “All this watching, my balls are near bursting.”

With a final wipe, Green said, “All yours, pal.”

Blue and Yellow as soon as they’d released her legs had started fondling her tits. “That’s good,” Red encouraged them. “She needs to be ready. Give them a suck,” Carrie’s legs were still well parted with her knees raised. As he spoke, Red was holding his stiff prick near her entry, but his hand had begun searching along her channel settling on her clit, where his fingers worked. That, and the sucking on both nipples had Carrie moaning loudly.

Red did not wait long, without further action, he had plunged his hot rod up into Carrie’s eager passage. Red’s mouth was twisted in passion, just as Green’s had been.

His thrusts were almost savage as he tore into her. Carrie’s head was swinging wildly from side to side, and her mouth gaped emitting weird bleating noises. Very quickly her whole body stiffened before going into spasms of undulation from shoulder to lunging hips as she madly took Red’s solid pillar.

“Oh, yes, baby, I feel your cum,” Red grunted, thrusting even deeper in response to her orgasm. “Now, take mine.” His body leaned in over her as his ass heaved with each pulsing delivery. Carrie screamed her delight, and together their bodies challenged each other as Red’s cum must have been filling her. It seemed to go on for a long time, until Red finally dripped out of her, and Carrie lay back exhausted.

As Carrie lay, with her eyes closed, the four intruders gathered together with their eyes caressing over her gorgeous pummelled naked body. “What now?” Green asked.

“Recovery time,” Blue said, “and it shouldn’t take long with that waiting to be serviced.” He nodded at Carrie’s naked body.

“Clean up, time?” Red suggested.

“I don’t know,” Yellow laughed, “I like having the smell of her on my cock. Should she have a scrub?”

“Good idea,” Red agreed, “pick her up.”

Carrie’s body was grabbed eagerly and carried head high like some public sacrifice, as they all disappeared into the en-suite.

Vince was left to listen to the sounds coming from the part open door. A rush of water, a giggling squeal from Carrie, much splashing. A male voice, “Ooh, you’re a lovely feel.” Another, “Yeah, go on rub it.” Somebody else, “Jesus, those tits.” Another giggle from Carrie, followed by her recognisable, “Ooh,” followed by a male voice, “Keep your fingers out of there.” Then, “Christ, she’s got me on the rise already.” Then there were mixed sounds, before a voice said, “Okay, drying time.”

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