by Tony Tiger

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Erotica Sex Story: A young man tells about his slutty girlfriend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Nudism   .

Maybe that seems disrespectful but she likes the nickname I gave her. She says it fits as good as the hard dicks she so enjoys.

She started serious fucking almost a half dozen years ago. Before that she played “doctor” and “hose” out in the camps that boys would take her to. Unlike most people, her first lover is not easy to remember. Well, exactly anyway. There were four boys who spent that momentous afternoon plundering her cunnie, the first of many such episodes.

When her periods started they didn’t last long and here mom had to take her on a trip to the next state followed by birth control.

That didn’t hurt her slim body with the upturned c-cup tits and naturally neat blond bush, matching her short hair on top. She was beautiful, looking like the angel she wasn’t. That got her all the cock she wanted, which was fine with her.

When I met her she had been screwing for six years and she was only eighteen. It was at a party I attended at the invite of a friend of mine. He said he hoped Connie, her legal name, would be there. When I asked why he just grinned and said, “You’ll see!”

We got there late and the line to the upstairs bedroom was pretty short when we joined it. He let me stand in front of him. Periodically the door would open, a guy would come out fixing his pants, and the next one would go in. A gang-bang! I’d fucked a few girls but not like this.

I couldn’t see through the door when it opened so when it was my turn I caught my first sight of Cunnie. I’ll never forget it. She was on her back, firm tits up, knees bent and thighs wide open. She smiled. I introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Tony.”

“I’ll be damned, a polite one for a change. I’m Connie and welcome aboard.”

Seeing those perfect tits, I had an idea, “Would you like to be on top?”

“You bet! I’m tired of this position and I need to cum again. Better that way.”

She changed towels as I stripped and as she flung her leg over me, cum dripping out in a trail across my hip to land on my rod. She didn’t mention it as she reached down to line me up. I’d never had sloppies before but it felt sexy wet and I loved it.

I gave her tits my best attention as she moved her hips to get herself off. It didn’t take much of that to shoot my wad where who-knows-how-many had already been left.

My friend high-fived me as he went to take his turn. There were two other guys drinking beer waiting outside the door. I rejoined the line. When another drunk staggered up I said, “I’m the last one for tonight.” He staggered away. I turned away five more before it was my turn again.

Cunnie’s eyes widened when she saw walk over to the bed. “It’s Tony, right?”


“I’m pretty good with names especially if they are attached to a good fuck.”

“So I’m one of those?”

“Best one tonight.”

“The party is winding down and I’ll take you home or to my place, your choice.”

“Take me to the shower first.”

She cleaned up nicely and when we got in my car she leaned over to kiss me. “I don’t like to sleep alone. By the time we get there my pussy ought to be ready to thank you for your courtesy.”

She was amazing, having fucked an estimated dozen guys, some more than once, and she was ready to give me some prime pussy again. This was much nicer than at the party, mostly because there was no rush and I could concentrate on her pleasure.

I was spooned behind her later in the night and she just pulled her leg up to give me access when my erection started probing her nether regions.

I took her home after breakfast and she showed me her little apartment and gave me her phone number to text her for a date. As I was about to leave, there was a knock on her door. An older guy was there and she kissed him hello and introduced us. Then she kissed me goodbye.

The first date I could get was Thursday at eight. We’d go out for drinks. My instructions were to try her door. If it was unlocked just come in. Otherwise knock and wait.

I found out why on my first visit. The door was unlocked and I walked in. her bedroom door was open and she was riding somebody’s cock, making the noises I’d heard from her at the party. Neither of them could see me so I watched this erotic scene for a bit then sat down on her couch and listened.

A short time later two naked people headed for the bathroom. She was flushed and his cock was wilting. She saw me and said, “Ooops! I’ll be right with you.” The shower ran for a little bit and the guy, to whom I had not been introduced, walked to the bedroom with a towel around him, dressed and left. Cunnie didn’t bother dressing and sat down beside me.

“I lost track of the time and forgot to lock the door. I apologize.”

“No need. I enjoyed the show. It got me hard.”

She grinned, “Do you want me to take care of that now or later?”

I countered with, “We don’t have to be anywhere on a schedule so how about both?”

She laughed, “You’ve had me freshly-fucked before and seemed to like it. Get your clothes off.”

I must admit that I did like it, especially with the fresh visual memories. Actually I like the idea of fucking her any way possible. If it had to be after another guy or guys, so be it.

We talked over drinks and I learned a lot about this vixen. She appreciated my interest in her as a person. For most of the men she fucked she was primarily a sex object but that was how she used them too.

Back in the sack, I asked her to do me her favorite way. She grinned and said that took three men but with just one available she liked one variation of the scissors. So that’s what we did for starters. She offered her ass but I postponed that to another time. I hadn’t had enough of the natural opening yet.

She told me that she had an 11 pm date that night so I couldn’t stay overnight. “It’s your friend that brought you to the party,” she remarked. “He’s a regular of mine and he told me about you. He was right, you’re a good guy and I’m glad you wanted to date me. Hey, stick around until he gets here and maybe he’ll be OK with a threesome but you’ll need to leave after that.”

He was all for it and I had another new experience with this hottie. Damn she was something! The only complaint I had was her cunt was so popular I had to wait too long between dippings.

Sunday evening, I got to do my first overnight date. When I asked, she unashamedly related her day so far. Her Saturday overnight didn’t go to church after a morning bonk. She usually got taken out to dinner after the service by an older man who she fucked when he took her home. After a quiet afternoon she had a supper date with two brothers that loved to team her. They had left an hour ago. She needed a rest after them so could we talk for a while?

She’d learned from my friend that I liked to camp. She’d never done that but liked the outdoors and had good memories of being laid in nature a few times. I described several places I liked to go and we looked at a map to pick one.

Her calendar was usually full a couple of weeks out, especially on weekends but we chose one and I cleaned up my gear. I hadn’t used it all summer because the girlfriend who I’d camped with last year was history.

I made sure Cunnie had good boots and the proper clothes for the weekend outing. It would not be at a so-called campground, but out in a state forest an hour’s hike from the trailhead. She could walk that far carrying a light load I figured.

She seemed in a good mood as I stopped by her place as soon as she got home from work. She was babbling happily as we drove two hours to the parking area. Twenty minutes to load up and we hit the trail. She looked around and asked lots of questions. This was a very different experience for the city girl.

The campsite I’d used before was off the main trail on a bluff and overlooked a lake. My beauty for the whole weekend wasn’t much help as I hurried to get our tent set up before the light was gone. A campfire cooked our simple meal and she was lovely in the flickering light.

An inflatable foam mat made the ground comfortable and the closed-up tent was warm enough for us to fool around on top of the sleeping bag. In the middle of foreplay she had to go pee. I realized that she hadn’t done that since we left home so I took her outside and showed her the pit I’d dug off to one side of our clearing. She was worried about being attacked by animals so I had to stand guard and then she aimed my hose at a bush because it was too firm to bend down very far. I’d learned to pee with an erection which impressed her.

Cunnie was fascinated by the night sounds so different than in the city. She screwed me with an unusual vigor, really turned on by this new venue. We were awakened by thunder in the night and she clung to me, finally getting me hard to reassure her with my dick deep inside.

It was raining and chilly when we woke up and had to pee. She looked worried and I chuckled. Not the first time I’d had that happen. I told her to watch while I pissed in a widemouthed container I’d brought for that specific purpose.

“What about me?” she asked in a worried tone of voice. I told her to squat over the bottle opening and I would make sure she hit it. It took a little time to relax but she finally let go, giggling, and nearly overflowed the container. I surprised her by licking her slit dry but she resisted my trying to kiss her immediately afterwards.

I put the top on and she was sucking my cock to full hardness, forgetting that I had just peed, aroused by this odd little activity. By the time we finished a leisurely fuck we were hungry and the rain had passed by. We put on some clothes and I got a fire going for breakfast. I made her take our pee to the pit and pour it in.

It was warming up nicely so I gathered up a few things and told her to follow me. We went down a faint trail towards the lake. I knew there was a small sandy beach we could hang out at. She squealed when she saw where we were going. “Can I get naked?” she asked. I nodded and she quickly stripped. The sand went out aways so she waded in. I dropped my clothes too and followed her. We swam for a while and then laid down on the blanket I’d brought in the shade of a tree.

She snuggled up and whispered that this was really fun. She reached for my limp pecker which didn’t stay that way long. We got into a comfortable scissors position and gently copulated, talking and kissing frequently.

She fell asleep and I got up to pee. As I went back into the bushes I caught a glimpse of a color that wasn’t from nature. After emptying myself I very quietly circled around behind the mysterious thing I had spotted. It was two teenage boys staring at the sleeping nude Cunnie with their hard peckers being wanked. I spoke up, “Enjoying the view, I see.”

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