First Time Seeing It Live

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: Found work badly written, this is my version of a bloke in on a secret.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

First Time Seeing It Live by SoRaw1978 and revised by uksnowy

Last summer I went with friends on a camping trip in Colorado. We are from N. C, excited to go and buy weed legal. When we got there my friend’s fiancée met us at her parent’s cabin house. It was in a very beautiful wooded area. We had stopped at the dispensary before getting to the cabin. Once we got here my buddy Eric greeted his 22 year old girlfriend Lisa. A five foot one, very thick, lumpy nice tits, very smart young lady, very sophisticated. I really didn’t have a date to bring so I was a third wheel. When we got settled down; we went out back built a camp fire, had some marshmallows, crackers, drank some wine and smoked a few joints, soon all of us were out of our minds. Feeling really good from the joint we smoked; super relaxed, the others had gone leaving three of us to shack out.

Quietly sitting with Eric and Lisa, her wealthy parents appeared. I think her father works in the senate or something, but anyway her father came in to pick up some keys for the other lake house he owned across the pond. We all sat back and laughed a few minutes until they left.

Her father came back and said “Do you want too see Bobby Blue”?

“Yeah! she said. “Bring him I miss him.”

Well hours went by, still high we order pizza and watch some movies, then a knock at the door and it was her dad with this huge black Rottweiler with blue eyes. He was so happy to see Lisa and she was happy to see him. After her Dad left we went walking and smoking through the woods enjoying nature. It got dark and we headed back to the cabin, we played call cards for three hours.

One thing I did notice was Bobby Blue was very protective of Lisa. He would growl at Eric if he touched Lisa, liking me because I gave him food and water during the evening, Lisa was so stoned she’d forgotten that. We all went to bed and I must have been knocked out for about two hours, I woke up and went to get some water. I heard Eric say come here and looked to see who was sitting the dark in the living room.

“That dog is fucking up my night, he is on the bed, blocking me, laying on Lisa. So we got into an argument because I said ‘put the dog in another room until we finished fucking’. ‘She said no and I was pissed, so came downstairs.”

We talked. He said “If I tell you something you can’t say shit.”

“OK, I won’t tell a soul.”

“You know Lisa fucked that dog when she was 14?”

That really shocked, because she was a very religious girl as well, so never would I have guessed that. My Dick was so hard too because I took half of her Dad’s blue pills in the bathroom. I guess he left them one time because they where like a year old.

I told Eric.

Eric said.”Yeah I wanted to try it, I don’t need them but want to really fuck her socks off, but the damn dog,”

We sat there giggling because he was in pain with a hard dick. He got up and went to bathroom, I heard some banging, then he came out with something wrapped in toilet paper. I asked what it was, he said, crushed Viagra pills I’m putting it in Bobby Blue’s water bowl.

I said I hope you know enough not to kill him, he said no, just a little, in his bowl, so Eric sprimkled about a tablespoon full in the dog’s bowl.

“Now I’m going to tell Lisa I wanted to see if Blue might want to go out and pee.

He ran up stairs and got Bobby Blue taking him out. Lisa puzzled and sleepily came too in a pair of washed out denim shorts and yellow tank top. I just couldn’t believe this angel fucked a dog. She got something to drink and went back upstairs. Eric re-entered, sweating, the dog also tired.

“I ran the shit out of him so he’d want to drink that water,” he snickerd.

Bobby Blue very noisily drank the water like he was dying of thirst. Eric and I laughed.

“Now I hope his dick get hard. I’m going to take him upstairs and talk her into fucking the dog, I’ll leave door open and I want you to see this. Just listen out, come upstairs, give me an hour.” he chuckled.

I smoked and listen to music. About forty minutes passed until I heard a high pitch female voice, “saying what is wrong with Blue?”

Upstairs I crept to peek.

“He is acting weird, and his cock is out hard as a rock.” whined Lisa, in a enquiring tone rather than angry.

“Fuck him babe,”

“If I do it, you want ever have sex with me?”

“I will fuck you right after, so let’s do it.” he said enthusiastically.

About ten minutes passed and Lisa was sucking Bobby Blue’s pink dick. The dog was just so wild and hard I knew that pill had him like that. Next thing, she slowly pulled her shorts down and Wow! What a fat smooth pussy. Big labia and clit hood dripping obvious from where I was at. Eric unearthed her natural tits, flopping them out of her tank top. The dog licked her while she knelt up, at that moment Eric said “I’m going to shut the door babe.” I got his wink and I crawled further into the room so he could shut door. I gave him thumbs up and a smile. I had a clear view and Bobby Blue or Lisa hadn’t a clue I was in the room.

Saliva dribbled off the dog’s wet tongue, frantically licking her wet pussy and arse hole hard and deep. He licked her into doggy-style position, her hips moved with every stroke of his tongue licking her arse hole and pussy hole. Lisa moaned in ecstasy. She patted her hip and Bobby Blue jumped up seeming to know what to do. He missed a few time with his dick, so fast was he shunting I could see his knot was exposed. He finally hit the spot and he assaulted her wet pussy really fast and hard that not everything was going in nice and hard. He was splitting her with every thrust of his knot going deep inside of her butt, her pussy was squirting and he was shooting off at the same time. The sound slapping from every pound that he would thrust into her.

The dog finally knotted her and they were stuck, more or less still, in the doggy style position for about 20 minutes but then Blue started humping her harder again. He stopped and knotted her again and the his cum was spilling out of her all over the sheet then onto the hardwood floors; I can see all of the cum in a big puddle, just ahead of my peeking squat. Lisa she was steadily squirting and I could hear her moaning and moving and every time that she moved he started humping her again really hard and the smacking and the cum spilling out everywhere. I was in danger of catching splashes, so close was I.

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