Dr. Evans

by Vektor

Copyright© 2017 by Vektor

Science Fiction Sex Story: A young doctor takes a job at a secret research lab and discovers a hidden secret.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Hispanic Female   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Doctor/Nurse   .

I often wondered what my life would have been like if I had never gone to medical school. I wondered how my mother would have handled it too. How she would have screamed at me while probably threatening to disown me. She insisted that I do the best no matter what. Not just my best, because the best and my best could be different things. I had to get the best grades, and be the best at everything. School was my main focus as soon as I was young, and it was never ending even while in college.

I do miss my father, as he died when I was ten leaving me alone with my mother. I often attributed his passing with a sign that the last good part of my mother was dead inside. I felt the urge to leave my mother early on as she continued to make me feel that I was less then and needed to do more.

I remember the urge to leave home early on. I remember going to my friend’s thirteenth birthday party and reading about colleges to attend, and how college life was going to be different. When my classmates were going to prom, I was packing my bags to go to college early. Spring break my senior year I was already meeting my professors for early summer classes. All the while I thought about how life was going to be different once I was away from home and the dread existence under my mother’s rules.

I never bragged about myself, or was one to wear revealing clothes even though I had the body for them. The few friends that I had always urged me to show off what I had. To me I was just keeping my body healthy and in shape. My health and my grades were always perfect in my eyes, although my mother would disagree with her constant pushing for more.

Although I never dated or better yet was not allowed to date, I did find some time to play sports. I felt my self-esteem got better as I got older, but I still could hear my mother’s voice telling me I could do better. I was hit on and asked out on many occasions, I just never found the time for guys that did have an interest me. My school work was always my priority, and I had no time to spend on meaningless dates. I do recall boys complaining about me being too smart for them, but I never really let it get to my head.

I met Tricia in college. We were similar in that we both applied to Harvard, and we both changed our minds to attend Johns Hopkins. She was my roommate who became my friend, and then my lover. I knew from the moment I saw her that she was interested in the same sex. Although I never gave it a thought before her, she insisted that I at least try it out as an experiment before passing judgement.

I was a virgin to college life, and sexual relations of any kind. I never kissed anyone, and never even caressed anyone’s privates either. Tricia found it funny, but also sexually stimulating that I was so new to sex. It was not that I found women more attractive, or that men were not my type. I just fell into something with Tricia, and it was easy.

At first it was a simple experimentation. She would go down on me, and I would finger her until we got off. When Tricia began to kiss me, and spend the night in my bed, I knew things had progressed from experimenting to lover. I found it exciting at first that I was able to have someone get me off, but over time it became a full time commitment to Tricia. Although I was never fully committed to the lifestyle or love of it all, I just found it as a pleasant distraction.

I remember how Tricia would wait on me hand and foot, and want to touch me constantly. Although I found some men attractive, I found Trisha to be convenient and easy. She was pretty, and I enjoyed our time together, but I also knew telling my mother that I was eating a girl’s pussy every night would not go over well. I never considered myself anything other than a person, while Tricia made sure she identified as a lesbian. It’s not that I was afraid of my mother’s reaction at this time, but I felt it was just something to do while I passed the time.

After four years with Tricia, I did find myself caring for her more than I cared for anyone else prior. The problem with Tricia though, was she was Tricia. She had good grades, but could never match mine, or my drive to do something great. She was attractive, but she would always tell me how better looking I was, and how she was beneath me. The remarks about how my long dark hair was never flat or messy, or how the curve of my ass was just right. I never considered breast size an issue until Tricia looked into surgery to have the same size breasts as me. She had a nice healthy D Cup compared to my C. But Tricia liked my nipples, and wanted to have the same as mine. I knew she tried to guilt me into a more serious commitment, but I also knew that at the root of all her issues were my grades. She tried so hard just to hold down a B average, while I was easily going to be valedictorian.

After graduating, we both took jobs at the same hospital, and she made sure we had almost the same shifts together. This did not always work out, but it was common for us to have time alone at night together. I had yet to break the news to my mother that I was romantically attached to another girl, and this was another driving wedge in our relationship. While Tricia wanted to build a life together, I was just wanting a build my life as a doctor. I enjoyed our time together, and even enjoyed the sexual release that came with it, but I knew that it was temporary. I was not looking to find a man to sweep me off my feet, but more of doing my research and doing something great.

It was three years after graduation that Tricia proposed to me. I turned her down, and broke her heart. I felt bad, but I failed to tell her of the job that was offered. She knew I was doing research, and knew that I was being scouted by a medical group. I told Tricia that this was the most important thing in my life. She wanted me to take the marriage proposal more seriously.

Tricia cried for days when I took the job, and she would call me every night for me to come home. The heartless bitch comment was followed by the threats on her life, and how she was going to kill herself. I changed my number, and still continued to get pestered with emails about how she could not function without me. I wanted to comfort her, but my research was getting attention, and the new job was well-funded.

At first it was a simple research grant that offered a research position with it. Dresden Biomedical Group was based out of Houston. It had approved my research grant for a new nerve transplant procedure I was researching how to do. I had done a lot of work with transplants, and did research on a new way to transplant small nerve endings with almost no loss of sensitivity or motor function. In theory, my method could revolutionize the way transplants are done, but I was a long way away from any trials or stunning announcements.

I did not realize it until I presented my basic proposal to the board of directors that the company was funded solely by the government. There were no outside donors, and no corporate red tape to get through to approve experiments. I had to submit to medical exam after medical exam before I even was allowed clearance in the building. I was just so excited and desperate I never questioned what I was submitting to. I just knew I needed to leave Tricia in the past.

I was now working for Dresden Biomedical Group doing medical research. I was given government clearance, and was told I was going to be relocated to a new research facility in Arizona in a few months. It came at me so fast I did not realize how deep I was in until the first day I came to the Facility. It did not even have a name, and everyone just called in The Facility.

I was told I did not need an apartment and that I was to stay at the Facility in a separate residential wing. I did not need a car as I was given a government vehicle for my needs if any arose. I was to be stationed at the Facility for six month intervals with only a month off before going back for another six months. I signed on the work there for three years with an option for another three.

When I arrived at the airport I realized why the Facility did not want me to drive. I was to be driven everywhere by a military driver in uniform. I was even more taken aback by the fact the Facility was deep in the desert with no markings or signs that it was a government facility. I knew from medical school that the government ran medical research facilities, but this was something completely different.

Pulling up, I saw that this was not a facility as more as it was a complex of buildings. I was given a quick tour of only two of the buildings and one of those buildings was where I would be staying. The other was my lab where I was to work with a team that had been assembled for me. I was once again taken aback that I was given a team whose youngest member was older than me by more than ten years.

The team consisted of two other doctors and myself. I never had a team to work with, and never was told that I was going to be leading a team either. Dr. Ferris who was the senior project manager told me that the team was assembled to help my transition, and that they all requested to work with me after reading my proposal. I was also told that my budget for research was endless, but it did require success if it was going to continue that way.

Dr. Chen was a young Asian doctor out of New York, and she was both brilliant and beautiful. She was a cross between an Asian model, and a doctor. I had first thought she was a former model by the way her body was perfectly sculpted, and I even had to ask her after a few drinks if she had surgery to get such a perfect form. Although I was attracted to her, I was not the only one. It seemed like everyone was attracted to her; male and female.

Dr. Chen was not interested in finding romance though and was the most dedicated doctor I ever met. Although I wondered why she was not in charge over Dr. Ferris. She had a tedious job too, and I wondered what she did wrong to be demoted.

The Facility used a new type of radiation that was known to cause cervical cancer, and it was her job to keep track of the radiation levels on the doctors,.so Dr. Chen would do routine medical exams on me.

Once a week I was brought in for a Pap test to check for radiation. As much as I wondered about the routine tests, Dr. Chen would smile and comment on how pretty I was as her cold, bare hands examined me. She used no gloves, and I could swear she was doing it to see if I would hit on her, or ask her for more. I thought about it, but knew my research was more important.

My team and I were still planning after three months but were ahead of schedule in the timeline that I was given at the start. My new method used small miniscule electrical impulses coupled with stem cells that helped the nerve attach to its new connection with no loss of sensation.

I was so nervous when Dr. Ferris allowed me to begin the next phase of my experiments on living subjects. I also knew that the facility was not bound by any governmental watchdog on ethical standards. I guess I was so sure of myself, and was happy that I was allowed to progress so fast. When they started bringing in chimpanzees, I knew that my research had hit a point of no return. I also saw that I was in an organization that cared very little about medical ethics.

My first task on live subjects was exhilarating for me. Although my team did most of the research on reattachment before I took over, I was so excited to be the doctor in charge of the project. I was given the task of repairing muscle damage to reattached limbs. I was to repair the muscles on chimpanzees who had reattached limbs.

I knew that another team had amputated the limb, but I tried to think about something else during the surgery. I knew that the cameras in the operating room were probably being watched by people in the highest levels of the government. I also knew that my career would take a hit if not fail if my new method was a failure. It was a year before I thought we were ready to take on the operation.

I eagerly asked for another assignment to progress further in the Facility. I never checked on the status of my last experiment as I was told it was a success. I tried to contain my ego, and I just knew I was just one of many doctors who made it possible, but I felt superior since I performed the surgery. I had never let things get to my head until this time.

My next assignment was not nerve transplants, but entire muscle transplants. Dr. Chen was promoted to team leader in another building, while I was tasked with my new assignment. I was also given a higher security clearance and attended my first division meeting. I will never forget the moment the presentation played and what I was really brought on to do.

The plan was to build a human from the ground up. Apparently the Facility was hard at work for years growing organs and building the perfect superhuman. I could not believe my own eyes as the progress was laid out in front of me. I was the final piece in the puzzle. The only thing I had to do was attach the nerves to the spinal cord of the muscles that were attached by another team.

I just nodded my head in agreement knowing that the Facility was almost twenty years ahead of any research ever conducted. They were past the experimental research and full onto medical discoveries that could change the world. I was just in awe as they explained how far they had gone with full brain transplants.

I later did my own research and found that the body being used had been grown and genetically modified. I was both mortified, and excited at the possibility. I always thought Dr. Chen was given a minor role, but then realized her real task had been completed a year ahead of schedule. She was really in charge of organ modification, and growth. It was her research that allowed for certain organs to be perfected upon and grown with stem cells and cloning. She cloned perfect organs from donors, and then altered them to be stronger and more durable. She only was checking for radiation levels out of boredom.

I was moved to a different building on the site, and was given a team of young nurses at my disposal. I was promoted and given the task of overseeing the patient’s progress. I had never done this before, but I felt I was personally vested in the project and was ordered to keep detailed records of everything.

I had four nurses who were to help me oversee the new task of keeping track of the patient’s progress. Lois was a licensed practitioner that I put in charge of creating the work schedule. Rita, and Karen was simple RN’s, while Lori was my ICU nurse.

Lori was a very petite girl with long blonde hair she always wore in a tight ponytail. Her cute curves were only matched by her sweet demeanor. She was often mistaken for a dumb blonde, but everyone who worked with her knew different.

Rita was a Hispanic and had the curves you would expect from one. Her raven colored hair was long but neatly put up. She was not tall, but acted with such authority, one would expect her to run the department at times.

Lois and Karen were friends, and both seemed to have a very pleasant demeanor. They were both striking brunettes with bodies of fitness instructors. I wondered if the facility had an aversion to normal looking medical professionals. I even joked that the Facility was sexist in their hiring practices.

To the Facility he was patient 22135, to me and the nurses he was just John. I called him after a boy that had the courage to ask me out in high school. I knew that he was shy, and yet he asked me out anyway. I turned him down, but did tell him that if I was going to go out with anyone he would be the person.

I had no idea who John was before the surgery, and for the first few weeks I had no idea if he was going to live or die. He was still under a respirator as I pumped him full of drugs to stop the body from rejecting his brain which was transplanted in.

John’s new body was six feet three inches tall, and was the perfect male specimen in every aspect. His vision was engineered to be 20/10, his hearing was altered as well. The muscles in his new body would not atrophy even in old age. All his organs were genetically engineered to be stronger and more durable.

I did find out quickly that one of the doctors had a strong liking for the male genitalia. If John awoke, he would be happy to see that his male organ was about seven or eight inches soft. It was circumcised and perfectly shaped to give any woman pleasure.

I could see that his brain was giving off normal readings, and no signs of rejecting the transplant were detected either. With the normal brain scan it could be determined that the surgery was a success.

I laughed when I found out the nurses took turns giving John a sponge bath. At first, I thought just dividing the task among them so nobody would have to do it all the time. I then realized it was the job they all looked forward to doing.

Lois asked shyly if I wanted to do it as well, and I almost agreed. Although I had never been with a man, or even touched one sexually, I still thought about doing it longer than I should have. I could not deny the fact John was strikingly handsome, but I had to keep boundaries. He was in a coma and anything I did would feel like he was being taken advantage of. I think they took it as that I was not interested in men though.

It seems John might not be able to move in his coma, but his body reacted to stimuli. I knew it would react, but was more concerned with his brain functions once he woke up. I also was not faulting the nurses as I could understand why they were doing it. I just said not to overdo it and have him orgasm from it.

John was still in a coma, but his brain’s ability to control breathing and heartbeat would let me know if the nerves were working. It was right at the moment I heard the beep of the monitor that I realized it was medical history.

I knew my success and research of the Facility would probably be kept secret for years. I wanted to brag to everyone that I knew in college, but I had to keep silent. As much as I wanted to celebrate, I still had to make sure my patient was able to function like he should.

When John awoke he was not able to speak. I did not anticipate his brain being able to recognize the muscles right away. I had not planned for anything actually and was taking each problem as it came. I did notice that the nurses were more eager than ever to attend to his every need.

I did hear Lois make a comment to Rita that one of the reasons I was in charge of his recovery was that I was a lesbian and able to keep better control over my feelings around him. I knew the comment was wrong, but I did feel that for a guy he was very good looking. I also did not feel like pursuing Dr. Chen either and she was gorgeous.

Within a week John was able to talk, and eat on his own. I kept up on his progress almost hourly, and made note of every advance he made. I reported to Dr. Ferris daily, and was happy to learn that I had a new bank account that was filled with a bonus for the work I had done. No matter if John died right now or lived to a ripe old age, I was given a lifetime of pay for my work.

I spent more time with the nurses than John, but I still learned a lot about his life before becoming a patient for the government. He was an Army Ranger who was paralyzed after a parachute mishap during training. He had no family but was eager to start one after his time in the military was up.

John never expressed any concerns or voiced any doubts about the shortcomings of the project. He was the most pleasant person to be around and seemed thankful for every day I met with him. I went over the complications that could arise from his body rejecting his brain, and how the nerve endings in his spinal cord were new and could result in awkward movements or feelings in any area of his body. Nothing fazed him, and he just continued to smile at everything I said. The idea of being trapped in his old body was a fate worse than death, and I handed him keys to a body that could not be matched by any other. All he said he wanted to do was get back to exercising.

I noticed the nurses making passes at John, and just let it slide, as I figured it was normal for them. I never really found out why girls would behave in such a manner, but I also did not want to make myself an overbearing boss. The innuendos could also be seen as simple jokes, and I was not about to make a fuss over something I thought as trivial. The thoughts of my mother being too strict with me, only tempered my lack of strictness in the nurses.

When John began therapy, I was there to monitor his progress. I started him with a walker that looked more like an oversized child walker. Just him holding his back straight was difficult, and his arms lacked any real fine motor skills. It was like he was an infant all over again. His drive to get better was one of the reasons he was able to be finally moved to a normal walker. By the time he was using his walker he was also eating on his own.

By the third week, John was able to get around the hallways of the building, and wanted to try using crutches now. I had set up a schedule of progress for him before he woke up, and realized that he was a month ahead of schedule. A normal person recovering from spinal injuries should be in crutches after three months, and John was able to progress by the second week. I had no idea he was going to be able to recover so fast.

I informed Dr. Ferris about the patient’s progress and was told to monitor him closely in person to avoid any injuries that might come from such a speedy recovery. I was also happy to hear that my contract was renewed and that I was approved for a separate lab out in New York with Dr. Chen.

I decided to let John know that he would be able to get crutches and walk around the grounds outside. I figured he was cooped up long enough a little sun would do him some good. I had seen him progress so fast and wanted to tell him that his recover prognosis was outstanding so far.

The lights in the hallway were always on, but I could see the lights in his room were dim, but not off. I figured either he was reading or watching TV. I walked past the nurse’s station and noticed Rita was not at the desk. I assumed she was either in the bathroom or copying records for filing. Dr. Ferris was still insisting on old records being stored on paper and electronically. I thought nothing of it until I heard a noise coming from John’s room.

It was not John making the noise, but the sound of Rita softly moaning. This distinct sound of Rita made me think something wrong was going on. It was not a single moan either, but a constant soft moan that could easily be heard the closer I got to John’s room.

I walked over silently wondering what Rita was doing, and if she might have even hurt herself maybe helping John into bed. When I saw Rita almost laying on the bed with her head between John’s legs, I felt naive to what she was really doing. I never really saw John in a sexual way, and I knew that he was created to look like a model of human perfection. I just thought the nurses would have more self control.

The door was slightly open, and I was able to peer in without being noticed. I saw Rita stop what she was doing and then move her long black hair to the side as she used her mouth to fully engulf John’s large manhood. He had to be over ten inches hard and I could see Rita move back down and only get half way before hearing her slurp and moan as she retreated back up his shaft.

I could see John’s hard, thick shaft gleaming with Rita’s spit as she stroked it with her hand before sliding her mouth back down on it again. I looked up to see John’s face moaning with his eyes closed as Rita once again began to fully engulf his male organ with no success. Each time Rita went down to try and deepthroat John’s massive erection her mouth softly moaned as she seemed to be getting aroused from giving fellatio.

No matter how hard she tried she could only get halfway down his hard cock before coming back up for it. It was not for a lack of trying either as she continued to go up and down his male organ faster than before as she tried to get in all the way down. Each time Rita slide her mouth down I could see John’s manhood just dripping with her saliva and her hand just stroking it in as it glided up and down. Like a machine, her mouth went down and then up followed by her hand all the while slurping as I knew her mouth was producing more spit for better lubrication.

I pulled my eyes away and moved along the doorway. My heart was beating fast and I was at a loss of words and understanding. I had never seen such a sight before in my life. I had watched porn only a few times in my life and never really saw the point of it.

I had the full intention of walking in and handling this situation, but I also knew that John having an orgasm was a sign of recovery. It was not a scientific test, but it would let me know he was fully functional. I decided to let it happen, but I also knew I was going to write a formal reprimand for Rita tomorrow morning

I moved back and I saw Rita with her mouth over the tip of John’s cock head as her hand furiously stroked his slick shaft. I knew then that he was about to ejaculate as his manhood jerked and became bright red as it pumped with blood. I peered up to see his face and his eyes were closed as his mouth was moaning softly.

Rita gagged a little and I instantly looked at Rita as I only assumed she was taking John’s ejaculation in her mouth. Nothing was coming down the sides of her mouth or over her lips. I could only assume she was swallowing his sperm.

I had enough, and was disgusted that Rita would swallow John’s ejaculation. I truly thought she was just going to have him spew into a rag she had with her for the sponge bath. I had no idea how far it was going to go, and I truly did not think Rita was actually going to let John spew his orgasm in her mouth, and then swallow it.

I was so furious at myself for not stopping Rita. In my mind, the whole act of oral sex was for Rita’s benefit and not John’s, that her soft moans were her getting aroused from an act of taking his large member in her mouth. The more I thought about what happened, the more I realized I had no real knowledge about sexual relations with men. The idea of not expecting Rita to swallow sperm made me upset that I was so inexperienced.

I made a vow right then and there that if I saw or heard anything inappropriate I was going to say something. I also pulled up Rita’s personnel records and wrote the formal reprimand for her to sign first thing tomorrow.

I decided to not talk to John about this and knew that he was probably the victim since the nurses were talking about him before he was even awake. I just knew I had to continue on with his recovery. I pushed all thoughts of John’s looks and how well-endowed he was aside. I needed to be a professional even if the nurses weren’t.

I went in the next day and was shocked by all of the nurses huddled around John. He was standing up and I was pissed thinking they gave him the crutches before I got there. I needed to document his progress, and here they were going ahead without me.

When I got closer I realized that I was not only mistaken but shocked myself. John was walking on his own. He was not only walking but he was able to walk without any assistance from the nurses. It was like his motor skills in his legs were either finally working with his spinal cord or his past brain memories of how to walk returned and was able to function with his new body. No matter what the cause, I needed to question him and make some tests.

I smiled and approached with my hands out thinking he was going to fall. He smiled and thanked me profusely as he seemed perfectly able to walk without any assistance. I had to force him to return to bed as I ordered Lois to get the lab ready for testing. John still insisted that he could run and was so eager to show me. I told him soon, and that he would have to wait.

I was ordering a full scale work up to see how his nerves were able to remember past memories. Any other time a patient starts to walk after a major spinal surgery it is with years of therapy, not a couple of weeks. The motor skills that John presented were something unheard of and I needed to research it.

I called Rita into my office for me to handle the incident last night. The other nurses were handling the tests that were going to be done, while Rita came into my office. I shut the door and sat across from her.

Rita was twenty-five and was married a year before taking the job at the Facility. I knew from her records that she served time in the Navy before going to school to be a nurse. She was quite attractive and had her raven black hair in a neat pony tail. It was hard to tell while wearing scrubs all the time, but I did know she kept her body in good shape.

I asked her about last night, and she broke down crying. Rita claimed that she was giving John a sponge bath when all of a sudden she got aroused. I questioned why this time was different and she had no answer. All she said was that it just happened and that she felt so guilty about it after.

When I brought up her marriage and medical ethics, Rita cried even louder saying that she had such a good marriage and this would destroy her career and marriage. I was at a loss for words at her break down, and just felt sympathy for her. I was the last person people approached about sympathy, and knew that my nickname in college was the “Heartless Bitch”.

As much as I needed to set an example, I decided to let Rita go with a stern warning. I tore up the reprimand and promised to fire her if it happened again. She leapt up and hugged me as her tears were all over my shoulders.

I spent three days observing, testing and writing reports. I kept John in bed for fear that it would disrupt the test results, and began testing the nerves and his reflexes throughout his body. To my best guess was that since his body was genetically altered, his ability to heal had helped speed his recovery. I was asking hundreds of medical questions, and I made sure not to bring up Rita or what happened with her.

When the test results were back, I was shocked and scared. John had a very high level of testosterone, but it was normal compared to his estrogen levels for a man. I also noticed that his blood pressure was elevated, but I could not figure out why. His heart was not only genetically altered, it was mutated a bit to allow for an increased blood flow for his adrenal gland which was also genetically altered.

Dr. Ferris came to see the progress himself, and told me to speed up the testing. His new directive was for me to do physical tests only. Dr. Ferris wanted to see the limits of what John could do with his body. I agreed and set up a training regime for him to start.

I set up a scaled workout to tests the limits of what John could do. I was first going to start with endurance, and then move to weight training. After weights, I wanted to test his ability to get excited in a more focused test to see how well his heart and adrenal gland would function. I did not want to overheat John with running outside, so I had a treadmill set up in the empty room next to him. I figured I could monitor his vitals while measuring his motor function at the same time. I still had a lingering feeling that his motor skills in his legs were not fully healed.

John got in the room and was only wearing tight shorts so we could attach electrodes all over his legs, chest, and head. I watched Lori attach each electrode, but also noticed her stare constantly at his groin.

At first I was about to say something to Lori, but I knew it was not her fault. The shorts we gave John were just tight on him. His soft penis was clearly showing an outline to the point one could easily see the features of the manhood. Even the tip of his member showed great detail through the tight, thin fabric of the shorts. His scrotum was large too, and also clearly showed how the shorts barely supported them.

John began to walk and then to jog. I dismissed Lori as I was afraid she would spend more time staring at his genitalia than at the computer screen. I had no idea what girls saw in men’s rears, but I noticed she smiled wide as she left while staring down at John’s posterior.

The monitors were hooked up to the computers in the other room, and I could easily see and direct him with the cameras and intercom. I had no reason to be in the room, and watched from the monitor as all his vitals seemed normal.

I instructed him to advance from a steady jog to a run, and then to a sprint. I asked him to hold the sprint for as long as he could before going back to a jog, and then to a walk. As the time moved on I could see John holding the sprint for almost twenty minutes before his heart began to pump at an incredible rate.

The human heart cannot hold heart rates too high for so long before an arrhythmia would happen. John had reached a point where I had to stop him for fear of damaging his heart. I knew I could stress the heart later, but this was only the first test.

John said he was fine and could continue, and I let him jog at his own pace. I was monitoring his heart rate, when I saw it drop. It was at a stable level, but it happened faster than any human could attain. This went on for an hour before I decided to end the test.

I walked in and John’s chest was sweaty but his breathing was not labored. I walked over to remove the electrodes, and then something strange happened. I could smell his distinct sweat just filling my nostrils like a smoker inhales smoke. It was filling not just my lungs, but my entire body. I was tingling, and giddy at the same time. What was worse, was that my sex had become wet. I noticed that I was not just wet, but drenched like I had an orgasm.

I closed my eyes tight and tried to regain my focus. I knew it would pass, and I had a job to do. I had no idea why I was getting excited, but I could feel my vaginal lips just getting even slicker for some reason. I was not horny before, but all of a sudden I felt a need to have sex.

I continued to remove the electrodes from John’s chest all while I tried to breathe and regain my thoughts. I was still getting turned on and had no idea why. I was never turned on before, and now I was turned on for a man, a patient no less. It was like all my thoughts were about sex. Not just any sexual encounter, but sex that included having a man slide his engorged penis right into me hard and fast.

I then bent over to remove the electrodes from his legs, and got a firsthand look at the outline of his penis. It was long and thick as it was clearly bulging out the fabric of his shorts. I could not help myself as my eyes moved to the head of his manhood to see the distinct mushroomed shaped head. It was perfectly outlined, and my brain seemed to go to mush with the urge to see it in the flesh.

I did not get to remove all of the electrodes as I fixed my posture and backed up so my body was against the handrail of the treadmill. I felt a weakness run through my body that could not be described. I never had such a strong sensation to anything before, but now I had this intense urge to have sex. Not just sex like I had in the past with Tricia, but to have John penetrate me with his maleness.

I was breathing heavy as I felt an intense hot flash come over me. It was like I was in an oven, and my clothes were making me hotter. To make it worse was how my body was reacting to the intense desire to have sexual relations. My sex was so wet and I was feeling small orgasms every time I shifted my legs and made my sex clench ever so slightly. I was extremely wet and could feel my vaginal lips almost dripping. I looked at John and wondered if he could tell that I was excited.

I began almost to hyperventilate as I tried to grapple with my own feelings, almost wetting myself with my own sex fluids as I just looked at John. I was never attracted to any guy as I was right now. I considered myself above sexual needs and knew I had an extremely limited sex drive. Now everything was turning me on. I felt the urgent need to be taken right away, and was now worried that I was going to be too tight for him. I was worried that my tightness was not going to hurt me, but it might stop John from penetrating me deep.

I looked up at John as I finally caught my breath. He asked if I was ok, and I just said I needed a moment. I was breathing heavy but was regaining some of my composure. I was looking at the floor knowing that if I looked at John he would see the weakness in me as I knew I could be easily taken by him.

John once again asked if there was anything he could do and he put his hand on my shoulder as he offered to help me. It was not sexual in anyway, nor would I have taken it as anything except as a sign of help or friendship. I was not in the right mind and gave him a look of lost and confusion. I was never lost as I always remembered my thoughts being clear and focused. Now I looked up at him and gave him a helpless look and I hated being helpless.

My mouth and my brain betrayed me and I said it to him. I could not imagine saying it to anyone more less a man and a patient. I asked him to fuck me. I never even asked Tricia to fuck or be with me. She initiated sex all the time as I was just willing. Now I asked John in an almost helpless voice for him to fuck me. I was never helpless in my life before, but I felt powerless as I looked at him asking to be fucked. I could not believe what I said, but I said it.

My heart beat so fast I did not know if my heart could handle it. John said something but I tuned him out as I pulled down my scrubs to my panties and grabbed the handrail of the treadmill.

I knew that John was going to be my first. He was going to be the first man to ever slide a penis into my vagina. He was going to feel something no man has ever had. My panties were not down, and I tried to fight the urge to go any further. I was hoping I would come to my senses and walk out but I felt hands pull my panties down slowly.

My hopes of getting out of there with my dignity intact were fleeting. John slide my panties down and my bare ass was before him. Not only was my naked ass presented to him for the taking, but my sex was so wet I knew anything could just slide into me.

John lips were on mine now as my thoughts of wrongdoing were now extinct. His hands were on my hips exploring upwards as his lips parted mine so his tongue could dance with mine. I knew there was no turning back now, and anticipated the moment when my sex was going to be penetrated.

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