Keep It at Home

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2017 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Sex Story: Meeting women was difficult for Al. When Karen came into his life, it appeared his luck changed but unfortunately complications set in. Time and love conquered the demons resulting in a marriage that brought love, joy and two beautiful daughters into their lives. Karen promised herself that her daughters would never experience what had happened in her dark past. Al unknowingly was the instrument of that promise.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2017 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

As a young man I had two major goals in my life, sex and money. With a great deal of effort I did manage to get an education that boded well for my vocational endeavors. Now for the sex part that was a different matter. Not being a debonair good-looking stud and shy often left me on the wayside of love. Meeting women had always been a challenge for me.

After graduating, all my efforts and energy went into securing employment in my field and ensuring that my employer realized my value. First as dedicated employee whose efforts were worth more than the salary being paid, then allowing me to grow in my field becoming a very sought after professional.

I accomplished my first goal in the first two years of my career. Having a natural talent in computers and with the guidance of my professors my forte turned out to be the eliminations of viruses and some software development. Having been responsible for saving massive amounts of data for three major clients after their networks had become infected, gave me a word of mouth reputation as one who knew what he was doing.

Some of my software innovations turned out to be actually useable with many applications thus giving me another boost in my reliability by my innovations, further enhancing my reputation. Early in my career I learned the golden rule, don’t step on any toes that could subsequently end up in your ass kicked and don’t blow your own horn, let others do it for you. That philosophy kept me in good standing with my current employer and peers. Plus the fact that I was receiving numerous new job opportunities offers from a number of headhunters certainly didn’t hurt.

With my first goal achieved, the sex part proved to be the more difficult of the two. Since girls seemed to shy away from me I took the easy way out. Ladies of the night provided relief as required. Hey I had to use my money for something.

My name is Al Parson; at twenty-nine I was ready for life. Over the last two years the money had been very good allowing me to purchase a modest home in a good subdivision and my pet, a current model Suburban, plenty of power, lots of room and a guaranteed to visit to every service station. Truthfully, for the size and power of the unit it was rather good on fuel. It was the price of fuel these days that made any large vehicle seem like a gas-guzzler.

Several of my married friend’s wives took it upon themselves to become matchmakers. Being a guest at their homes as they tried to connect me with one of their lady friends provided two very good female friends plus many excellent home cooked meals. Both women were in the same boat as I was with the opposite sex. They were career oriented, actually happy with their situation in life and only succumb to their girlfriends badgering to get them off their cases. In both situations we had second dates giving the matchmakers reason to think they had been successful but on both occasions it was only to have a partner to go to a function. We enjoyed a dinner and an entertaining evening parting at the theatre to go our separate ways. Neither one appealed to me sexually nor did I appeal to them.

Meeting the love of my life was a story unto itself. My job entailed numerous field trips to client’s places of business. Working with computers and servers was my life. One job in particular nearly beat me. The client’s information was protected but the actual server was infected with a particular nasty virus that keeps reproducing itself attacking every file it could attach itself too. Fortunately the firewall protecting the data was still doing its job but nobody could say for how long. Over a period of two months I was a constant visitor. All the server staff was at my beck and call. During the second week during a break I had left the building to sit in the employees outside compound to clear my mind and enjoy some fresh air. A beautiful brown haired young lady drove into the area, after parking she gathered a large pile of books from the back of her van and enters the building through the employee entrance. My curiosity got the better of me and I followed. She was in the employee’s lunchroom arranging the books on a large display table. The titles cover a vast number of subjects. She was an agent for a local book distributor specializing in direct sales. The employees could look at the samples and if interested could fill out an order sheet that she filled the next visit.

She was quite the sight. Her brown hair fell softly on her shoulders. It was full bodied and looked like silk when she moved her hair seemed to flow just like the shampoo commercials. Her face was striking with a distinct beauty; her biggest feature was her large brown bedroom eyes that were highlighted with the very light application of makeup. Her lips were full and lavishly coated with a red lip-gloss. The only thing going through my mind was how could I meet her? And I did, would there be magic between us? I had similar feelings for others and had been shunned.

“That is quite a selections of books you have here. Do you get a lot of positive reaction?”

When she turned and looked at me I nearly collapsed as my knees were shaking. Her smile was disarming showing a perfect set of glowing white teeth. Her perfume, a haunting fruity scent, bamboozled me giving me the willies, the nerve in my left cheek twitched. I was not an expert on woman’s perfume; I just loved the scent of it emanating from this woman.

“I certainly won’t make my fortune from the commissions but it keeps a roof over my head so I can finish my education.”

“I know the feeling. I washed dishes at a greasy spoon doing the same thing.”

“It doesn’t look like you’re a dishwasher now.”

That was the icebreaker. She was the first girl in a millennium to make me feel at ease as I talked with her.

“I am just a bit above that classification but not much. What is your field?”

“My major is astrophysics; my minor is computers, an odd combination.”

“I don’t know a thing about astrophysics but computers just a bit. My Commodore 64 is a real whiz.”

Her laugh could stop wars, so soft and honest. My break was ending and I didn’t even know her name.

“My breaks is ending, I hope this doesn’t sound to forward but would you be interested in a coffee after work?”

She looked me in the eyes analyzing. The longer she took answering the more I felt like rejection was going to be her answer. Then her face broke into her smile and she took out a pad and wrote.

“Here is my cell number. I have class at seven tonight that should be finished at eight. If that fits into your plans you can pick me up at the university. The computer labs are the first big building to your right as you enter the gate.”

“I will be there. I drive a maroon Suburban so if you spot a dummy driving around like he is lost it will be me.”

“Okay it is a date.”

“Wonderful. Bye the way I am Al Parson. You?”

“Karen Allen.”

“Miss Allen I will see you tonight.”

The balance of the afternoon was a complete blur. I couldn’t believe I actually talked to a strange beautiful woman and actually asked her for a date, well sort of a date. Did having a coffee constitute a date? Did I care?

Leaving the clients the first thing I did was drive to the University locating the Computer lab. At home I quickly had a light dinner and then showered. Dressing in new casual slacks and an open short sleeve shirt I left the house at seven-forty. Not having any idea how hard it was to get a parking space the last thing I wanted to be was late. As it happened I was waiting at the entrance a few minutes before eight. Fifteen minutes later Karen came out of the door when she saw me she gave me her devastating smile.

“How long have you been waiting? Not too long I hope.”

“Just a few minutes, I wasn’t sure how available the parking would be.”

“In the evening it is not too bad, during the day forget it.”

“The Suburban is over there; let me carry your books.”

“Humm a gentleman, I better watch myself.”

Karen was wearing light green tailored slacks, matching jacket and a white lacy blouse. Her hair was still flowing as she moved. Karen walked close to me bumping at the hip numerous times. Each contact gave me a jolt of adrenalin by the time we reached the Suburban I was on a high. Opening the door I watched her tight posterior maneuver upwards sliding into the seat. Karen had a well-shaped bottom just the view of it had me panting.

“I don’t know the area where would you suggest we go?”

“There is a student hangout two blocks from here if you don’t mind the noise.”

Noisy bars and restaurants I avoided like the plague but it was Karen’s choice. She was right about the noise; the only redeeming factor was I was able to enjoy looking at Karen and having her company. I could feel the magic my only hope was it wasn’t just flowing one way. Fortunately she refused a refill. Looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes reminded me of drowning pools.

“Would you like to go?”

“Whatever you like.”

Outside she looked at me smiling.

“You really hated that didn’t you?”

“Did it show that much?”

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“I didn’t want to appear out of step with today students.”

“I will be honest with you, that was the first time I have been here and it likely will be the last.”

Both laughing we leaned against each other for support. Being this close to an angel really had me tied up in knots. How was I to act and not turn her off? She grabbed my hand and we started walking down the street. We ended up at Tim Horton’s and had a cup of good coffee. Here I learned about Karen.

She was an only child of a loveless marriage. She had no idea where either of her parents were and really didn’t care. Her aunt Kate raised her, helping her as much as possible but most of her life she had to take care of herself. Her part-time job was enough to pay for a small apartment on top of a variety store. She lived alone, didn’t have a boyfriend as her studies came first. She had been hit on by all kinds of phonies offering her assistance but only wanting to get into her panties. She knew without an education she wouldn’t have a chance to change her life. She just turned twenty-one a month ago. All through the conversation her voice didn’t change except when she mentioned boyfriends. I was sure I sensed what seemed like anxiety and fear. Did someone hurt this vision of softness and beauty? For my part during the conversation, it was hard not to stare at her. Karen’s breasts were large pushing against her blouse and jacket. Her skin was satiny smooth and flawless. It was difficult to believe she wasn’t attached then my shitty mind wondered if she even liked men.

“I haven’t talked this much to anyone in years. What are you doing to me? I hope you don’t expect to get into my panties, at least not right away. I have been doing all the talking now you tell me a bit about yourself.”

For a moment we stared at each other, her comment about her panties was a wakeup call for me. Since we met this afternoon all I had been thinking of was Karen but not in a totally sexual sense. I was hoping there would be some chemistry between us but now I was not sure.

“Our lives are sort of a parallel, my dad skipped out on my mom and I when I was thirteen. Mom did all kinds of menial jobs to keep us together and to help me with my education. I did all kinds of odd jobs to keep myself in school. My mom died the year I graduated.”

“Maybe it is fate that we met.”

Just being with Karen had me so nervous due to the different signals she was radiating. Liked her, it had been a long while since I enjoyed the company of the opposite sex one on one that hadn’t been shoved on me by my friends. When we left the coffee shop, Karen asked me to walk with her. At that point I would have done anything to keep her close to me. I had been smitten.

Starting out she grabbed my arm and snuggled into my shoulder causing a tingle to run up my spine. The acceleration running through my body was immense. The small shivers kept running up and down my spine as she tightened her grip on my arm. Then we crossed the street and walked back towards the Suburban. Once in the vehicle was moving, Karen provided me with her address; it was in the downtown core.

“Would you like to come up for a real coffee?”

Nodding yes I quickly disembarked the Suburban and opened the door for her. Offering my hand I got a good look at her long shapely legs as she slid down the seat. From my point of view, Karen was perfect. Grabbing her backpack I followed up a set of very narrow stairs to the second floor. Maintenance wasn’t the motto of the landlord. Paint was peeling and a single low wattage light provided a dim light showing the worn linoleum.

Karen’s apartment was small but very clean. All the fixtures were out of the thirties but were functional. A small gas stove and a refrigerator that came off the ark nearly filled the very small kitchen. The rest of the furnishings were very Spartan. A small sofa and side table with a reading lamp completed the furniture. No television or radio, the kitchen had a small wooden table with two mismatched chairs. Karen lite a burner and got an old fashioned perk coffee pot from the cupboard. Watching her prepare the pot had me appreciating how feminine her movements were.

“It will be a few minutes. As you can see I don’t spend too much on furniture. I usually come home after class and study, preparing myself for the next day. Tonight is the expectation.”

Looking around at what Karen didn’t have, has me wanting to help her. I would have offered her assistance right then but something inside of me told me to wait.

“I hope you are able to survive without too much problem.”

“I only have two lectures tomorrow afternoon. I will bone up in the morning.”

“And your book business?”

“I have four businesses to call on, one good thing about the job is the van they allow me to use. I can’t afford a car so it works out great. Coffee is ready.”

Karen’s coffee was full and robust. Not wanting to overstay my welcome I left shortly after but not until Karen agreed to a second meeting, Friday evening for dinner and possibly a movie. She looked frightened when I asked her then her face changed and I got a smile.

“I would like that. Pick me up here at six thirty?”

“You got it.”

Leaving her, Karen did the unexpected she shook my hand. Driving home my mind was spinning out of control with all kinds of scenarios of what that meant. Needless to say Karen was a focal point of my thoughts for the balance of the week.

Friday evening while driving over to her apartment I selected three different restaurants in my mind depending on how Karen was dressed. My desire was to make her feel comfortable not to give her any reason for embarrassment. When she opened the door I was blessed with a vision. She was wearing a full floral gingham skirt with a soft pattern of multiple flowers and a light blue blouse that accented her ample chest. Her hair shone in the light. My body was trembling slightly.

“Wow Karen, you will be the target of every male we see tonight.”

“You don’t look bad yourself.”

My selection of restaurant was an up scaled family type. Nice atmosphere and very good food. As predicted Karen did turn every male head. As it turned out Karen had a healthy appetite.

“Thank you for the delicious meal Al. It has been a long time since someone took me for dinner.”

“My pleasure, would you like to go to a movie?”

“To be honest with no, I have a major project to complete this weekend that is a large part of my course. If you don’t mind I would like to go home.”

“Your wish is my command.”

It wasn’t what I wanted of course. Driving to her apartment she seemed to be lost in her thoughts. My first reaction was I blew it. At her apartment I assisted her from the Suburban. Her scent of shampoo and perfume blanketed me. At the bottom of her stairs we looked into each other’s eyes, taking a chance I kissed her just a peck. Her body reaction was to stiffen; I could actually see fear in her eyes. Her eyes misted like in tears and she threw herself at me.

“I am sorry Al but I just don’t want to be hurt again?”

That set me back, looking at her beauty wondering what she was referring too, hurting her how?

“I am sorry Karen but you lost me.”

I was totally confused and a bit hurt by the implication I would hurt her.

“My past experience has been something I don’t want to repeat. I am sorry Al. I will understand if you don’t want to see me again.”

Even as hurt as she made me feel I do want to see her again even if it was only to get to the bottom of her comments. She turned and ran upstairs I heard the apartment door slam and the deadlock engaged.

The drive home was not what I had predicted. Granted I didn’t think anything serious would happen on the first date but I had hoped to be in a good upbeat mood at the end of it. The balance of the weekend had me in a very shitty mood.

The two weeks following that infamous date were filled with several serious virus problems with a number of clients. The only good thing about all the work forced upon me, it kept my mind busy and not thinking of Karen. Things were so bad that I spent the weekend at one of my client’s offices working. When the crisis was over my firm gave me two days off, the first day I just crashed. The second, well my mind brought me back to Karen and our last meeting. As much as I tried to tell myself she wasn’t worth the pain and effort my heart pleaded with my dark side to call her. I gave in to my desire and called Karen Tuesday at nine figuring even if she had night classes she would be home.


“Hello Karen its Al.”

There was a long pause for what seems like an hour listening to static before she responded.

“I didn’t think you would call after what happened.”

“I have been fighting with myself for two weeks wondering what I did to make you react like that.”

“Oh Al, it isn’t anything you are responsible for but something that happened to me a long time ago. I just don’t want to be hurt again and I don’t mean just emotionally.”

“I am lost Karen; would you like to tell me what you mean?”

“Not on the phone, I do like you Al but I am so scared.”

“Can we meet for coffee?”

“I would like that.”

We made a date for six on Wednesday; I gave her my cell number just in case I got tied up on a project and I was late. I assured her that I wanted to see her and if I was late call right away.

Fortunately that meeting was the first of many, gradually Karen opened up and allowed me to actually kiss her with the passion I felt for her. What had happened to her was still hidden from me even though I had asked her. She was hesitant at first to give back the kisses but over a number of weeks she actually got to look forward and enjoyed our kissing. Two weeks ago she got to the point of rubbing her ample body against me but froze when I cupped her breast. After one particular date I asked her to come home with me, not so much to have sex but just to be alone with her. After dinner we drove to my house, I pulled into the driveway and parked.

“You live here?”


“All alone?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“It is so big, what do you do with yourself when you get home.”

My home was full of all the male toys, a powerful computer system with high speed Internet. What I called my den was equipped with a large screen television with surround sound plus a full feature stereo system, the only item I used on a daily basis. The kitchen was full of all the new appliances some still have the manufactures stickers on them since they haven’t been used.

After showing her the bathroom we entered my bedroom. The sight of the large king sized bed caused her to stiffen and she quickly left. In the kitchen she seemed to revert back to herself.

“Well what do you think?”

“You have a nice home Al. I still can’t get over all the space you have. You could fit ten of my apartments in here.”

“You haven’t seen the basement or the garage yet. I am glad you like it.”

Tears full her eyes and she was in my arms. Confused as usually, I comforted her from whatever demons she had. Kissing the top of her head and burying my face in her hair I waited for her subbing to stop.

“Oh Al, I want to do it with you but I am afraid, it hurts so much.”

Her comment about being hurt came into play again. What was she talking about; I would never do anything to hurt her. Then if finally came out, sobbing heavily, she told me about the terrible experience she had with her first and only so called lover who was only interested in satisfying himself and when brutally took her cherry. For all these years she had kept this to herself, not having a close girlfriend and never knowing what love was all about. Being on her own with no real friends, the lack of a television, she never allowed herself to feel what loving was supposed to be, wonderful and exciting for both parties. All her energy had been thrown at her desire for a good education and she had done a wonderful job of remaining aloof from true human contact.

The first time Karen allowed me to make love with her I couldn’t tell you how nervous we both were but for different reasons. I because I was still in shock that someone as beautiful as Karen actually wanted me, Karen because of the clumsy experience she had at the hands a lout that didn’t had any idea how to satisfy a woman. He hurt her badly and that was what she expected with me. She seems resigned to have to be hurt to satisfy me. With all my assurances she still was in doubt. After slowly undressing her and admiring her naked body I softly caressed her. There was fear in her eyes but she allowed me to explore. Her body was as tight as a drum. I slowly made love to her with my hands, fingers, tongue and mouth. Karen had never experienced a climax. At twenty-one she had never masturbated. She was trembling when I touched her, her body jerked as I spread her legs. Her love lips were full and thick. Her clitoris was just poking out of its hood. My wish was it because she was a bit excited. Karen’s body was so tense. After kissing her lips and working my way down to her ruby colored nipples she gradually let her senses take over. When I kissed her pussy her eyes flash open and she just stared. Kissing her love lips again and softly licking her clitoris got soft sobbing sounds, tears rolled from her eyes. When I sucked her clitoris to her first climax she cried like a baby. Ensuring she was in sexual bliss I mounted her and slowly entered her. Her eyes again were wide and mistrusting as I inched deeper into her. Once in, my slow movements won her over and she again let her new feelings take over. Bringing her to a strong vaginal climax she buried her fingernails in my back. I still bear the scars of our first encounter, my badge of courage.

After showing her the joys of mutual sex she became very proficient at making sure I was as satisfied as she was after our lovemaking. One of the surprising occurrences was when we attempted anal sex. It was something she really didn’t comprehend but the delightful outcome was she loved it. Her anal muscle squeezed me when she came. After satisfying her orally with foreplay she often would roll to her tummy offering me her soft sexy bottom. One night after a day together at the end of the evening we professed our love for each other and she agreed to make our commitment official. I could still remember her saying.

“Al, I never knew being in love and sex could be like this. All my life I didn’t let anyone touch me because of my first and only experience that was horrible. I certainly couldn’t use my parents as an example. Now I know why I love you so much. I vow if we have girls they will never have the bad experience I had.”

This comment came back later in our married life. Good sex was one thing our marriage never lacked.

Eight months later we married. It was a very small service with only a best man and a bride’s maid as witnesses. Karen did graduate the top of her class in astrophysics. She is now one of the tops in her field.

We had been married sixteen years. We live in a very large house in a fenced subdivision. We had been blessed with two beautiful children, Jessica fifteen going on twenty and Karri fourteen also going on twenty. Both took after their mother with beautiful manes of full shoulder length deep brown hair usually in a ponytail but when they were going out they comb it out with the help of Karen.

Karen had kept her hair long and flowing like her daughters. I gave thanks every time I enjoyed making love with her that my sexual side had won that debate with my dark side. Karen had become my rock of stability.

Lately I had been noticing both our daughters were growing up very fast. Jessica was a beauty with very similar facial features as her mom. The only noticeable difference was a small mole just below her right nostril giving her a sexual provocative look. Her large bedroom eyes and sensational lips added to her beauty. She must be giving a lot of boys’ wet dreams.

Both girls with the assistance of their mother kept The Gap in business. Their young body’s accented the current fashion making me wonder just how they managed to still be good girls. Both made special efforts to shock the hell out of me whenever they could and lately it had been more often than not.

Seeing my daughters dressed in those new low rider jeans and cutoff t-shirts had to tantalize even the most devout man. It was hard to accept how sexy your own daughters looked.

Jessica had a passion for very sexy lingerie a trait she must have gotten from her mother. She takes great joy in astounding me walking out of the bathroom as I passed dressed only in a thong and matching bra.

Seeing her dressed like that reminded me of Karen prior to us getting married. Her wardrobe was very limited and didn’t include any what you would call sexy lingerie or nighties. Everything she owned was utilitarian in nature bought for wear and price. She admitted her dowdy looks was to help keep any potential admirers away. With a little detective work I got her measurements. Getting the nerve to actually enter a Victoria’s Secret shop at the mall was a major undertaking. Fortunately a young clerk thought my embarrassment was so romantic. When I asked her why she told me I really must love my girlfriend to put myself in such a predicament. That young lady earned some good commissions as a result of her comments as I shopped their weekly for months until Karen had a large selection of the sexist lingerie I could find. With her body anything but thongs and bikinis would have been a sacrilege. Karen really did justice to all the designer labels I bought for her. Although she kept telling me I shouldn’t the look on her face when she saw the bags of goodies was worth every penny. Karen has beautiful breasts and still has an hourglass figure even after the birth of our two daughters. She, with my agreement, locked the door on the possibility of more children. Her looks had passed to Jessica and Karri. My genes must had been on strike when they were conceived.

Seeing Jessica in her lingerie gave me thoughts I shouldn’t have about my own daughter. It was bad enough when only Jessica took joy in rattling me but now Karri was doing the same thing. I couldn’t go upstairs without one of them confronting me. The worst part was they both stop and let me get a good look then smile and went to their rooms. I was going to have to talk to Karen.

That night cuddled up to Karen I made my plea.

“Karen I don’t know if you noticed but your daughters are making your husband’s life very difficult at times.”

“My daughters? How come when they seem to be in trouble they are my daughters but when they come home with good marks they are your daughters?”

“That is the order of things, isn’t it? I get the credit and you get the rest.”

An elbow in my solar plexus refuted that statement.

“What are they doing now?”

“Your daughters take great pleasure in teasing their Daddy with their developing bodies draped in all that skimpy expensive lingerie you keep buying for them.”

“I thought you like sexy lingerie. You bought me enough before we got married. If I recall you enjoyed looking at me and couldn’t wait to take it off my body. Hmm those were good times Al. They remind me why I love you so much.”

“I love you too Karen but that doesn’t solve my problem.”


“Yes problem. Your daughters have an undesirable effect on your husband. I don’t think it is right. You will have to tell them to stop.”

“Al, you have the hots for your daughters? Good.”

“Good, what the hell do you mean?”

“I wanted to talk to you about the same thing but didn’t know how to bring it up to you.”

“You lost me again, but you have a knack for doing that.”

“Remember when we first made love how totally frightened I was?”


“Do you remember what I said after my first experience with you making love to me?”

“The only thing I remember is how good you tasted and how it has gotten better.”

“No, that isn’t what I mean.”

“Enlighten me.”

“I told you if we ever had girls there is no way on earth I would allow them to ever experience what I went through.”

“Okay, I vaguely remember you saying that but what has that go to do with your daughters terrorizing me?”

“You are going to be their teacher to show them what love is all about. I want you to make love with both of them.”

I must be leading a very sheltered life because I was sure what Karen was suggesting was called incest. As much as I loved my daughters and got excited looking at their young teen bodies having sex with them had never crossed my mind. My stunned look had Karen laughing. She hugged me her hand slipped down the covers grasping my now very subdued cock. Slowly she brought it back to life.

“Think about it Al, both girls are ravishingly beautiful, would you want them to experience what I did on their first involvement with sex? Can you envision some young buck having sex with your daughters not knowing how to please them, leaving them scared? I swore that would never happen.”

“Karen, I wouldn’t wish that on any girl. Your preconceived notions had you in fear of me. I worshipped you then and now. When I think of what might have happened I shudder.”

“Well, who is the best qualified to teach our daughters the wonderful things about sex? You of course.”

“You can’t mean that.”

“Oh I do and to really give you a shock I have talked to both girls about it nearly two months ago and they are overjoyed with the prospect of their Daddy making love to them. Why do you think they have been teasing you for the last month?”

“You talked to them before you talked to me? How could you?”

“If they thought was a bad idea you would have never known about it. But both think it is perfect. They both adore you and want you to be their first. Just think of it, you will have to satisfy three women instead of one. What a stud.”

Shocked I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Now go to sleep and think on it.”

Go to sleep, she had to be kidding. Both Jessica and Karri had the cutest little breasts capped with grape sized nipples which they enjoyed using to tantalize and tease me with their semi-transparent bras. Their bottoms were exposed to me when they were in their thongs and as they wiggled their bottoms in those tight jeans. Not that I had seen them naked for years but majority of their lingerie was of very soft material that outlines everything they have. Both had love lips that very puffy and had the distinct shape of camel’s toes just like their mother’s but slightly smaller. Their young teen bodies had been developing over that last year; gone was the baby fat replaced by developing feminine curves. Both had long thin but shapely legs that I imagined must look lovely spread to expose their lovely pussies. Hell what was I thinking? Dam to Karen for telling that!

The next morning at breakfast, both girls were present wearing soft flowing robes. The way they looked at me suggested that they were aware of the conversation Karen, their Mom, had with me last night. How kissable and oh so desirable they looked. After the shock of last night just looking at them had taken on new meaning. Both left the table sporting smiles that seemed to say ‘we know what you are looking at and thinking’.

For some reason my mind was not on my work and when four-thirty rolled around it was a relief. The drive home had me thinking about what Karen suggested. Was I up to such a thing? Who would be first Jessica or Karri? Arriving at home I found the house empty. Building myself a hefty Black Russian I went out to the deck to contemplate what life would be like if Karen’s suggestion was implemented. There were footsteps behind me.

“Hi daddy, Karri and I were at the doctors today.”

“Why? Just a checkup?”

She was still in her sexy school uniform. Jessica held up a plastic circle, I knew the shape; it looked an awful lot like the container for birth control pills Karen took for years. Closer examination confirmed they were birth control pills and the script on the package was in Jessica’s name.

“I can start taking them in two days Daddy. I am just ending my period.”

Now there was a bit of information I had never had before. I looked at her dumbfounded.

“I want to be first. Karri won’t be ready till the middle of next month. We can start next week.”

More information, what was going to happen next? Jessica walked over to me pauses for a moment then was on my lap. She felt so soft and warm or maybe I was the warm one. Jessica encircled my neck and gave me a kiss that made my toes curl; it certainly didn’t resemble any Daddy daughter kiss we had shared in the past.

“I love you daddy. Mom says I should be fine after taking the pill for three or four days. I can’t wait till we are together.”

“Yah sure.”

For some reason I really didn’t have much to say. All this still hadn’t really sunk in. Both girls wanted their Daddy to show them all about sex. I couldn’t wait to see what happens when Karri got home. Jessica took my hand and cupped it to her left breast. Wow it was so soft and warm. I couldn’t believe how big it was for a girl only fifteen. Then a quick kiss and I watched as she disappeared upstairs to change.

Shortly after that Karen and Karri came home. Karri looked like the cat that ate the canary; Karen was smiling and was good spirits. Hearing the tinkle of a glass, Karen was building herself a drink.

“Would you like another Al? I can make before I join you.”

“Please. I think I am going to need it.”

“Jessica has talked to you?”

The sound of her soft laughter filled the void. Karen came to the deck carrying the two drinks giving me mine she sat beside me. She looked ravishing in her pink dress. It was a sheath that hugged her body. Her eyes were shining and John Thomas reacted.

“Your daughters came through their medical with flying colors. It took a little persuading to get the doctor to give me their prescriptions but after showing him the article about how promiscuous girls and boys are at their age, he agreed. Karri still can’t believe she will be on the pill. She is really looking forward to being with you dear. I think I will be jealous of those young beauties stealing my man.”

“Hey, I had nothing to do with this. This was your idea.”

“Oh you had everything to do with it. If it hadn’t been because of you I still could be an old maid with my preconceived ideas about men.”

“That would have been a hellva waste.”

“Finish your drink; we are going to have a family discussion about this at dinner tonight. Be prepared for some really pointed questions from your daughters. They are primed for bear.”

I might as well get used to this, as the subject would not go away. The preparations Karen and the girls had done so far guaranteed it. At the dinner table both girls were dressed in short, shorts and very narrow tube tops. Nothing was left to the imagination. Looking at my teen daughters with a new perspective, reconfirms they were both very sexy appealing young girls. When Karen started to clean the table both girls jump in to help, this was a new wrinkle. Karen refilled my coffee cup and sat the girls followed.

“Okay girls, your dad is still unsure of your feelings. This will be an open meeting all subjects and thoughts are welcome, nothing is taboo. Your Dad and I will answer everything you ask to the best of our ability. Right Al?”

“Yes, if you say so.”

Grinning stupidly I didn’t know what else to say. Both girls and their mom gave me the dagger eyes. They don’t appreciate the humor. Karri piped up first.

“Daddy, mom told us what happened to her when she was young and I certainly don’t want my sex life to start that way. She told me how you made her feel so good and how sex should be. That is what I want. You love me don’t you? You will teach me all about sex?”

“Karri you know how much I love you and Jessica. You have seen I how I respect your mom in spite of all the things she does to make me angry.”

Karen was close enough to give me a bat on the back of my head. They still didn’t appreciate my humor.

“Al this is a serious conversation. Act like an adult and their father.”

“Mom, I talked to daddy when I got home. I showed him my pills and told him I would be ready next week.”

“And what did you dad say?”

“Nothing. He just sat there with his mouth hanging open.”

All three girls giggled. It seemed if the joke was on me it was okay to laugh.

“Is that okay with you Karri?”

“Yes Mom, Jessica is the oldest and she will be ready next week. My period doesn’t start till next week.”

“Good. Any other questions for your Dad?”

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