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by Caractacus

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Historical Story: i can FEEL the hate i know it is out there all names have been removed so as not to incriminate the guilty nothing to see here, folks, keep on moving

Tags: Ma/Fa   Fiction   True Story   Celebrity   Crime   Wimp Husband   FemaleDom   Humiliation  

Names have been removed to avoid incriminating the guilty.

The man lay back on the fluffed-up pillows, favoring his just-spanked ass, and sucked on his cigar. He had to do it that way, for two reasons, sticking it into his own spend was ... Ughhh ... not his idea of fun, and second, the lesbo bitch was ... well, she was a lesbo bitch, not just that, but a MLF (Militant Lesbian Feminist) and inserting his cigar into her pussy was akin to rape, even if he was sufficiently motivated to beg.

Anyway, she was hanging up her whips, putting away her latex and leather suit, and her other paraphernalia. ‘‘That’s it, I am already pregnant, you’ll get your baby, one child, your heir. You’re never bringing that THING near me again,’’ his wife told him.

He chopped off the end of the cigar, and held the gold lighter underneath for several seconds, allowing it to warm up the end of the cigar, ‘‘for fuck’s sakes, woman, and then... ? What happens after the baby is born?’’

She replied, ‘‘well, I go back to my lesbian lovers, and my dominatrix ways; and you, you can have your pick of women, you’ve been the governor for six months now, for god’s sake, they’re all lining up at the door.’’

He pulled on his cigar, ‘‘you know that I have greater aspirations, damn it all, I can’t spend the rest of my life as governor of this pissant state, and going back to attorney-general would be tantamount to a step-down.’’

She said, ‘‘I know, that’s why I married you, why I allowed you to marry me. I get the societal benefits of a visibly heterosexual marriage, with the freedom to pursue my own lifestyle, and you have the benefit of an ambitious wife who will happily look the other way! You know, now that you are governor, you will have even greater freedom to remove those who get too close to our secrets, than you ever could as attorney-general, and all the contacts you’ve already made in the cartels will be only too happy to keep us in the style that we have become used to.’’

He responded, facetiously, but with a great amount of truth in his words, ‘‘oh yeah, like-minded people; users, just like us, people who don’t care who gets hurt as long as we get what we want. I’ve made a lot of contacts with murderers, rapists and thieves, I suppose that if we can’t buy someone, we can always deal with them in some other way.’’

She shuddered, almost as though she was orgasming, she may have been, as she was slowly, gently (possibly the only times that you could use the word ‘gentle’ when describing her) diddling herself, ‘‘you mean... ‘‘ and in a conspirational whisper, ‘‘ ... like, as in ‘wet work’? We’ll leave a trail of bodies in our wake, what fun?’’

‘‘Blackmail, whatever ... it doesn’t really matter!’’

And then she continued, ‘‘what when you ... when you ... if something actually did happen? And it all comes out in the media, we get exposed!’’

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