The Hitchhiker Mountain Guide

by Wiveslovecock

Copyright© 2017 by Wiveslovecock

Sex Story: On a camping trip to the mountains My wife and I picked up a hitchhiker who gave us a mountain hike that we'd never forget.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Sharing   Group Sex   Swinging   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Size   Nudism   .

It started with a road trip. My wife, Jane, and I were heading for a mid summer camping trip in the mountains. After three years of marriage and eight together I still smiled every time I looked at her. Dark hair, full lips, and blue eyes that sparkled. She was 28, slender on top with breast that were halfway between a b and c cup, but her butt ... her hips flared wide from her waist, with an ass that was big, round, and slightly heart shaped. It was definitely a head turner. Right now in her yoga pants and her oversized t-shirt, her feet up on the dash in the passenger’s seat, she looked damn near perfection to me.

The camping gear was in the back of the jeep, as we rolled down the highway, a Blake Shelton song on the radio. She leaned over and gave me a kiss. “Hey babe,” she said, her hand playing with my stubble, “Think we’ll get there in time for a hike today.”

I checked my watch, “Shouldn’t be a problem, looks like we’re running a little ahead of what we thought.”

Her hand stroked my khaki shorts. “ a head hmm...” she smiled at her own bad pun. She smoothly unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick. “My favorite cock,” she said as she rapidly brought it to full mast.

“It kind of has to be since you’ve had nothing to compare it to,” I said. She slapped my arm playfully, then took me into her mouth. She worked her tongue along the underside of the shaft. Starting slow and building. She knew every button of mine to push. I reached across the seat and squeezed her ass through the yoga pants. She quickened her pace in response. I was past the point of no return and about to blow.

I checked the road and swerved, slamming on the brakes as I came. I’d almost hit a hippie with a sign that read Mountain Guide for a Ride. Jane’s head shot up as the car stopped, “Connor what happened?” She panted. A knock at my window stopped me from answering. The hippie was standing there. He was tall and skinny with blond white guy dreads. He couldn’t have looked more of a stereo type without tye dye, He was in brown fibrous shorts and a matching t-shirt with flip flops on. A canvas bag was slung over one shoulder. I rolled down the window.

“Hey, man thanks for stopping,” he said with a smile. “where you headed?”

I told him our campground.

“Cool brother, That’s close enough for me.” He said and opened the back door. He threw his canvas bag in first before joining it. “And don’t worry, dude, it’s your car, if you want to rock out with your cock out while you drive it don’t bother me.”

I quickly tucked myself back into my pants as he settled himself in the backseat. I froze for a moment and my wife turned to face him. Before she could say anything he looked at her, “uh sunflower,” he said politely, “I think you got a little cum on the side of your cheek.”

My wife turned forward again, her entire face going red as she grabbed a napkin. Not knowing what to do, I just started to drive.

“I’m Buck, by the way,” the hippie said.

“Connor,” I answered, “And this is my wife, Jane.”

“Cool man,” Buck said, “So where can I take you guys hiking today?”

“You don’t have to...” I began.

“Sure, sure,” Buck said, “but I ain’t about taking, man. I’m about sharing. You’re sharing your ride with me and I share my knowledge of these mountains with you. And trust me, ain’t nobody knows these mountains better than me.”

“We were going to do a day hike,” Jane admitted.

“Cool,” Buck said, “Any place in particular?”

“No,” I said.

“Alright then, I know a great spot that no one else does. Soon as we park I’ll take you there.”

Buck’s easy going nature was surprisingly infectious. He was completely unperturbed by our unusual meeting and soon any embarrassment we had felt from it vanished as well. The three of us chatted as we drove the rest of the way to our semi-private camping area. Buck told us he knew a beautiful private spot that was perfect to hike to and relax at. He insisted on helping us set up our camp. During the process he proved to be quite the charmer. He casually flirted with Jane and made pleasant conversation with me. More than once I noticed Buck checking out my wife’s ass. Not that I could blame him. I did mention it to Jane. She laughed, pulled me in and kissed me deeply. It didn’t take long before we had our hiking boots on and water bottles in hand, ready to check out Buck’s special spot. I was hauling our day pack with some snacks and our air mattresses to lounge on when we arrived. Buck had his canvas bag and was still wearing his flip flops. I wasn’t sure how he could hike in those but he seemed to pull it off with ease.

The trail was beautiful. And not just because I was walking behind my wife. The woods were thick and the trail could easily have been missed if we didn’t have our guide. The ground was soft instead of packed and lacked the usual detritus of the well traveled paths.

About halfway up the trail, and well beyond any sign of civilization Buck put his hand up for us to stop. Jane and I froze. At first I was worried it would be a bear but a moment later a white tail doe and her fawn walked across the trail only a few feet in front of us.

Buck smiled at me. “You get some truly unbelievable situations in the woods,” he whispered.

My wife didn’t stop smiling the whole time the deer were in view.

Buck was confident in his directions, which was good because I was mostly lost. I could probably have gotten us back to camp but I doubted I could find this trail again. It was a steep hike but we made it without too much struggle. After several more twists through the canopy of trees we emerged into the bright afternoon sunlight as it reflected off a crystal clear mountain lake. The sight looked like some water color fantasy brought into the real world. A picture perfect scene of undisturbed beauty.

“Whoa,” I said less than eloquently.

“Damn right whoa,” Buck said as he took the lead onto the rough earth that served as a lakeshore. “I’ve been coming here for years and ain’t never seen a soul I didn’t bring myself.”

“You should have told us to bring our swim suits,” I said. “The water looks perfect.”

“It is perfect my free willy friend, but out here we’re in the heart of nature and this lake is like nature distilled and a swimsuit is no way to experience nature. You need to experience nature, all natural.” He said, purposefully butchering the saying with his anglicizing of it.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“What you worried about,” Buck said. “I’ve already seen your cock and it ain’t like your wife has anything to be shy about.”

Jane looked up at me she seemed half drunk off the natural beauty. “I’m okay with it if you are,” she said.

She had that look of desire in her eyes that I can never say no to. Whenever she wants something she just gives me that look and any objection I might have collapse under the weight of wanting to make her happy. “Okay.”

“Alright, let’s do it,”Buck said. He’d already ditched his shirt and boots. Jane and I began to follow suit but when Buck dropped his pants we both froze. The size of the monster that hung between his legs was hard to believe. I’d never seen anything that big outside of porn. I had never thought of myself as small but he was bigger soft than I was hard, and by a good margin. Jane’s eyes seemed to linger and he smiled at her as he noticed her gaze. It twitched and she broke her stare and went back to stripping.

Jane took her top and sports bra off first. Her pert breasts looked glorious in the sun. Each nipple was pointed straight out in excitement. When her boots and yoga pants followed it freed the wonder that was the naked beauty of my wife. She kept her pussy clean shaven and the sun light showed a glint of moisture on the lips of that tight hole. As she trotted into the lake to join Buck I watched every jiggle her gloriously large ass made.

The hypnotic trance of her beauty was broken as the pair yelled at me to join them. I finished stripping and was a little embarrassed to see that I was already rock hard. I thought about trying to hide it for a minute but then decided it was unnecessary. I thought I might get lucky and Jane and I could sneak off into the woods for a little fun before we headed back. I knew the situation was exciting her as well.

When I joined Jane and Buck they were already laughing about something.

“What’s so funny,” I asked with an easy smile.

“Buck’s just being flirty,” Jane said.

“No Buck’s being honest,” Buck said.

“What did he say?” I asked.

“That this,” Buck said as he grabbed my wife’s ass with both hands, “Is the most beautiful moon I’ve seen on this lake”

I was about to say something but Jane laughed and placed a hand on his chest and lightly pushed him back. Her hand drifted slowly down from there until her finger tips absently traces over his huge cock. She paused for a moment then looked at me and flushed as she remembered where she was.

“Come on,” Jane said and started to splash the two of us. I wanted to say something. I should have said something. But for the moment I was to enraptured by the free spirit and joy my wife was experiencing. Given the hike to get to this place, it didn’t take long before we started to tire. Buck and my wife had started to chat again and Jane suggested I go set up the air mattresses so we could rest in the sun. I hustled back to the shore.

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