Things That Bite You in the Butt

by Mike McGifford

Copyright© 2017 by Mike McGifford

Erotica Story: Danielle is the sixteen year old niece to Pete and his wife Nancy, staying with them for the summer. She's a bundle of energy, inquisitiveness and is quickly learning to use her feminine wiles.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   Niece   BDSM   Big Breasts   .

“Wakey-wakey rise and shine,” our niece said merrily as she flipped the bedroom light on, before quickly making her way back out of our bedroom.

“I’m going to fucking kill her,” Nancy groused, pulling the pillow from under her head to cover her eyes. “At least she could turn the light on before scaring us awake with that damned cheerfulness.”

As my own eyes adjusted to the brightness, I was kind of glad she didn’t this morning. I was laying on my back, completely uncovered, the covers festooned around my wife where she’d pulled them off me in her usual way. I sleep naked and it would have been bad enough with the sixteen year old seeing me in all my glory first thing in the morning, but this morning I was sporting a full boner. At least the blackout curtains made the room a pitch-black tomb without lights and if she flicked them on as she left like I suspected, she was at least spared that shock.

Instead of laughing at my perturbed wife, I began burrowing under the covers she’d stolen, looking for her body. I needed to get off so I could pee. Twenty minutes later, I was in the shower, Nancy sitting on the commode, draining. A few minutes after that, Nancy hit the shower for a proper clean out while I shaved.

Of course when we finally arrived downstairs, we had no time left for breakfast even though Danielle had set the table and had pancakes, toast, bacon and eggs for us. Her face dropped when she realized that her preparations were once again wasted. Seeing her smile droop as Nancy headed directly towards the back door, I mumbled, “fuck it,” and instead of following my wife, I sat myself down at the table.

“This looks great!” I enthused, pretending to be excited to sit down for a hearty breakfast.

Nancy paused at the door and reminded me, “You’d better get moving baby or you’ll be late. See ya Danni, love you babe,” she said over her shoulder as she disappeared, not even waiting for a response.

When she was sure Nancy was gone and hadn’t forgotten anything that would require her to pop back through the door, Dannie looked like she was going to say something then changed her mind at the last moment. Instead she said quietly, “I know you don’t have time for breakfast again. Don’t worry, tomorrow’s Saturday and you’ll have time for a proper morning meal.”

I was already loading bacon and eggs onto a piece of toast, and decided that I was going to eat with her despite the thought that raced through my mind about making it into a bacon and egg sandwich for the road. “I get there early every day. If I eat the food you obviously went to so much trouble to make, I might just be there only a little early instead of a lot early, okay?” I said, totally truthfully. I really did generally turn up an hour early.

Danielle’s reappearing smile was all the validation I needed for my decision to stay. “What was it you really wanted to say?” I asked her quietly.

“Nothing, just that ... no, really, it was nothing.”

“Don’t you dare start that shit, Danni. You were going to say something then decided not to. Was it about Aunt Nancy?” I asked, thinking about the way she’d watched the door for so long before speaking.

“No, really, it’s none of my business. I’m just a kid, after all.”

“So it’s about grown up stuff, huh?” I asked with a grin. “Come on, just ask. You’ve been asking me off-the-wall questions since you could talk. I couldn’t imagine you not doing that now.”

Danielle blushed. She was kind of pretty in a farm-girl way, but the blush really worked for her. I’m not saying that I was attracted to her or anything. She’s my sister’s only daughter and looked just like Mary did when she was Danielle’s age; five-five, dirty blonde hair, almost skinny legs and arms, no tummy bulge at all, yet fully developed on top, or at least I hoped so, based on the size of the bras I’d just spent so much money on. Once she was past this awkward stage of her life, boys would be calling, if for no other reason than brains and body.

“I know...” she began, then stopped abruptly. “Never mind, it’s too embarrassing to ask. Don’t worry about it.”

“This morning?” I asked instead of agreeing with her. I had an idea what she was going to ask.

Danielle nodded.

“I’m married to Nancy. It’s okay for me to make love with her, you know. Were we too loud?”

“How do you get that thing in her?” She blurted. “That bitch must have a pussy the size of the Ramsdon caves!” Danielle covered her eyes suddenly realizing what she’d just said.

Okay, we were now officially in embarrassing territory. No thirty two year old male should be talking to a sixteen year old virgin girl about sex, in my opinion. Family or not. But worse, she’d called Nancy a bitch. If that’s how she felt about her, she wasn’t going to get the birds and bees talk from Nancy, that’s for sure.

“Ahh, okaaaaay. Shit. Where to begin...”

“Look uncle Pete, I know how things are supposed to work, but your thing is like this long,” she exaggerated, holding her hands two feet apart. “And as round as a fucking wine bottle!” She again exaggerated.

Ignoring the coarse language, I replied, “It’s not that big at all and what were you doing looking anyway?”

“I saw your ad,” she mumbled, looking away.

The advertisement I’d been working with alongside Nancy. The one that was all Nancy’s idea. The one we planned to put on Craigslist after Danielle went home for school at the end of the Summer. The one that referred to me as ‘well hung’ ... but much more than that.

“Oh. I can explain, Danni,” I said quietly.

“I think the ad pretty much covers it,” she said with a chuckle, still turned away, her ears even showing the blush now. “Mistress requires a very submissive slut to service both her and her well hung husband,” was pretty much the gist of it, right? Is that why Aunt Nancy is such a bitch to me all the time? Is it because she’s a dominatrix? Do you serve her?”

“Whoa. No! Nancy is very particular and she sometimes comes off as being abrasive, but we’ve never, you know, played bondage games with each other,” I lied a little. “We were kind of interested in seeing if there was someone out there that would be interested in serving a couple in that way.”

There was a long silence while Danni processed my words. Eventually she said, “I would,” in a whisper.

My hands went straight to my ears as if to stop sounds reaching me. “No, no, no, no! I can’t hear you!” I said aloud to myself.

Danielle, still turned away, didn’t see my hands doing the ear thing so she continued. “I’ve wanted to for like, ever,” she said, then added, “And it’d be nice if Aunt Nancy started liking me for a change.”

Seems that covering your ears and talking to yourself doesn’t really stop another’s voice from being heard, even if they’re talking quietly.

“Your Aunt does like you. She just has a hard time showing it. Believe me. If she didn’t like you, she’d tell you to your face. She tells people all the time.” I replied automatically.

“So it’s me then,” Danielle deduced. “I’m not pretty enough or my tits are too big or I’m too young to be horny,” she finished, allowing a sob to escape.

“Danielle, I promise you it’s none of those things. You’re my niece, for heavens sake. Your mom would kill me, bring me back to life and kill me again!”

“That’s bullshit,” Daniele spat, anger taking over. “You fucked mom for two years before she married dad. I’m just too much of a baaaaay-bee.”

I could have denied her claim about sleeping with my sister but it was true. I just had no idea Danielle knew. I thought Mary, Nancy and I were the sole conspirators to the act. Danielle certainly should never have known.

As if reading my mind, Danielle added, “I saw a few seconds of old film from the attic. When I found mom’s journal.”

The Super Eight camera we’d gotten from that yard sale and I’d used for a school project. “Mary said the film got ruined,” I carefully replied.

“There were just a dozen or so frames tucked into the journal. I couldn’t really even tell who it was, just what was happening. We don’t have a projector so I shon a flashlight through it onto a blank wall. The diary gave the details.” She said, her anger again under control.

“We were just fooling around,” I tried. “It should never have happened.”

“And maybe it shouldn’t have kept happening regularly for two years?” Danielle added bitterly. “Mom loved you. She still does. If it wasn’t for dad, she’d do you today. I know that for a fact. I read her newer diaries too.”

“You are just too sneaky for your own good, young lady,” I managed, shaking my head and chuckling a little now. I was busted and there was no point in denying it. “The fact remains that you’re a sixteen year old virgin and I’m old enough to be your father, even if you weren’t related to me.”

“I’m not. A virgin, that is. Amanda Fuller took care of that last year with a hairbrush. Even if ... ummm ... even if I can’t be, you know, the ummm ... submissive you want, could I ... at least, you know, ummm ... touch it a little?”

“Danni, baby. You can’t even call it what it is. Having no hymen doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin anymore either. If you were eighteen and not sixteen and Nancy and your mom agreed...”

“It’s a dick. A penis. A cock and I’ve seen it tons of times. Why do you think I wake you guys up every morning? I figured you wanted me to see and that’s why you always sleep naked without the covers on,” she said, finally turning back to look at me.

“If Nancy left me covers, I’d be covered,” I laughed. “Oh shit, I’m going to really be late. I’ve got to go. Talk to Nancy, Sugar Puff. I don’t cheat on my wife,” I added, hoping that Danielle would be too scared to actually talk to her. I had absolutely no interest in inviting my niece to see, much less touch my package.

I swept up my briefcase and hurried to the back door before changing my mind and returning to give Danielle a hug and kiss on the forehead. “I love you Sugar Puff and that’s the most important thing, right?” I asked as I flew out the door not waiting for an answer.

We got no noisy wake up call Saturday morning and it was almost like a gift, although we both awoke at pretty much the same instant anyway. Unfortunately, the lack of suddenly blinding lights and, ‘wakey wakey’ did make me wonder what was going on in Danielle’s teenaged mind. I hoped I hadn’t hurt her too much. I was thinking this as Nancy was sliding down the bed towards my cock, her mouth already open and a sparkle in her eyes. Then I realized just how light it really was in the bedroom despite the blackout drapes. Right now was not the time to broach the subject of my niece with Nancy.

Afterwards, wrapped in robes and still smelling of sex, we entered the kitchen. The coffee pot was on, but there was no Danielle. Danielle is certainly a morning person and is up with the roosters, so her not being in the kitchen was surprising, to say the least. Although she’d certainly been there, judging by the heavenly scent of fresh coffee. Hopefully she wasn’t going to avoid me.

It was therefore somewhat of a relief to hear her a few minutes later, open the bathroom door and pad down the hallway. I certainly wasn’t relieved to see her still dressed in her nightie. Or rather kind of dressed in her nightie. Kids just don’t wear babydoll nighties, do they? I wanted to cover my eyes before they exploded out of my head. As it was, my brain took a few extra moments before making the connection with the muscles required to make me twist away from her. No real life human can have boobs that big and that jiggly without them being made of silicone, can they? Even her mom’s were only double-d’s.

“Ahhh, robe please?” I begged, talking about Danielle.

“You’ve got your own!” Nancy joked back. “But I guess Pete’s right,” she said to Danielle. “One good look at you and he’ll be dragging me back to the bedroom for round three.” She said with an uncharacteristic giggle. Well I guess Nancy is usually in a pretty good mood after an orgasm.

“Can I watch?” Danielle asked quietly, causing the grin to leave Nancy’s face.

I hadn’t even had a chance to talk to Nancy about my conversation with Danielle yesterday morning. I guess it had slipped my mind. Nah, I was scared of Nancy’s reaction, was the honest truth.

“Danielle Mary Culver, what has gotten into you? You bounce in here wearing just a transparent nightie and a thong, then ask if you can watch your aunt and uncle fuck?”

“Sorry, auntie,” Danielle said in her best naughty little girl voice. I just wanted you guys to see the nightie mom gave me. She said uncle Pete would enjoy it.”

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