New Discovery

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: When a Kaire looking for their past sets out, he has no idea what he will find. First from space and then he must face the Kaire council and challenge for the right. The find is more than contradicting. Besides the first find there is a second and it holds more than the race of Kaire expect. Not just who they are and where they came from but the how.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

For millenniums one area of Kair has been restricted. The area of mountains known as Ire. On the far side was the Tab river which flowed away from the Rey falls. Only stories were told and not even the Kair clan or the Liious were allowed to go there. One area was restricted on this side and had a few vehicles come or go but never around the falls.

I had found the study of the past fascinating. I even went to Aur but it had been a colony world, even if it was over ten thousand years old, I wanted to find our past. Where had we come from and from what did we evolve? There were patterns and sites and that spread out in a fan from the Ire. So far the oldest site dated back twenty thousand years.

The system runner was borrowed and we only had it for a week. Besides me there were five other archeologists. One was even human so it felt a little strange. The runner had a crew of three and they acted as if we were crazy. I was twenty and unmated with I do not know how many requests.

If we could not go into the Ire we could use scopes and take pictures. We could use scans to see beneath the earth. An hour and we were in orbit and I got first look to adjust the scope and vid cameras. We had thought to follow the river out of the mountains. As I slowly zoomed in I saw huge falls and shifted the focus.

When I got down to under a ten kilometer area things jumped out at me, “Hama?”

He was very old and taught the archeology classes. He grinned as he moved closer, “you done?”

I shook my head and moved, “no but ... you need to see.”

He bent to look at the screen and then hissed, “this ... someone has been...”

He zoomed in and shifted the focus, “this is...”

He stood and moved, “Dr Shaw?”

The human quickly took his spot and hissed. I took a lot of vids and we did a hundred scans and made a thousand calls. Three days later we were before the full council. They were not happy we had even looked down from space at the Ire mountains. They argued and kept refusing to allow us into the mountains and...

I was angry and frustrated and yanked out my knife and vaulted over the tables and into the center, “I CHALLENGE!”

My own clan leader growled but I glared, “either face me or bow.”

The leader of clans grinned and then his son leaped over and strode to me. His eyes were bright as he looked into mine, “you would go to Rey falls to do what?”

I glanced around before I faced him, “to learn where we came from. To find answers that have been lost. To one side of the falls are what is plainly some type of ancient containers. When were they brought and by who? Is this really something from our past?”

He watched my eyes intently before turning, “cousin?”

Everyone knew the Kaire that looked back. Keit Sa Nor Saj KairLiious was respected by all and he looked at the leader of clans, “leave a thousand kilometer marker around the clan pillar. Allow them to the falls but no where else.”

He looked at me, “beware young warrior. Once large lizards hunted there and none were safe. The past is not always what you think it was or what you believe.”

The other clan leaders grumbled and he grinned, “if you disagree accept his challenge.”

One by one they bowed and I relaxed and put my knife away. The heir slapped my shoulder, “now it is on your shoulders warrior. Your demand, yours to lead and command.”

I blinked and looked at the others and nodded, “accepted.”

One day and I was swamped with requests and supply lists and demands and ... a human teenager cleared her throat. I looked up, “requests go in the pile to the left, supply lists to the right and demands into the trash.”

She grinned, “nice sorting. I am here as a protector.”

I blinked and really looked at her. She was in her late teens and had mid length reddish amber hair. She had curves in the right places and seemed to know it. She looked over her shoulder and I followed her look. A female golden with black spots and a pink throat marking was beside the door.

The human grinned, “he is doing a mating growl Tara.”

I realized I was and shook myself, “I...”

She smiled, “are very cute.”

I sighed, “we do not have funds for protectors.”

She handed me a data stick and I looked at it and put it in my comp. I looked at a contract approved by the heir. He was paying them to protect the group going to the falls. I nodded, “okay. That is one of a thousand things I do not have to worry about.”

She gestured and moved around the table, “relax.”

She began sorting and the other female joined her. It was like they were reading each others minds and kept passing data sticks back and forth or screens. The human was Nicole Amber Smith and the Kaire was Tara Nas Lii Gre. They had grown up together which was probably why they acted like a mated pair.

After the third time Tara shook my shoulder to quiet a mating growl I sighed. They were grinning and I shook my head and looked at Nicole, “Nicole Amber Smith I see you.”

She looked at Tara before cupping my face and looking into my eyes, “Samuel Nor Sa Ry I see you.”

I reached out to touch her smooth skin, “I claim you.”

She scratched my face lightly and turned me, “now my mate.”

I grinned as I turned to see Tara, “Tara Nas Lii Gre I see you.”

She bent to cup my face, “Samuel Nor Sa Ry I see and claim you.”

She gave my cheek a pat, “now you may growl all you want.”

I grinned and Nicole laughed and touched a request, “this is from a human.”

I glanced at it, “Dr Shaw. We have worked with him on the orbit scan data collection.”

She tapped the screen, “he would bring this federation group.”

I looked at it, “one of his support groups and ... they are pledging to fund and support us for eight weeks.”

I blinked and reached for my comm. A minute later I was disconnecting, “he is asking to bring three others to study the site.”

Nicole shook her head, “more humans...”

I shook my head, “an Albaer, a Cartell and a Sizz.”

They looked at each other and I finally nodded, “we can work with them.”

Besides those three I reluctantly added a strange Sidhe. Altogether there were eighteen going and a third were not Kaire. By the time I finished and the two girls had finished the lists and we had everyone in the room. I let the Sizz get and check the three transports. The Cartell managed the supplies and the loading.

The Albaer was a little strange and was already setting up a data net and comps for everything. That left everyone else to go get and bring back the supplies. It was the middle of the night when the transports lifted. I know I was rushing and we should go slow but I did not want to give anyone time to change their minds.

We landed below and to one side of the falls and started unloading. As soon as the transports were empty they lifted and vanished into the dark. It was morning before we started setting up the sonic barriers, small cargo pods for storage and the tents. I was beyond tired but listened to Nicole and Tara when they talked about safety and dangers.

I led the way out and to the northeast along the cliff. We stopped to stare at the vegetation that had grown on and over the strange and ancient containers. It was like they had been stacked into walls for a defense. I moved forward to a dark gap and kept using a scanner. The gap became a hole in what had been the side of a bottom container.

I checked for any bio sign before I stuck my head in and looked around using a light. There were shelves and strange boxes and piles of rust and debris. I moved back and used a special analyzer on the exposed edge of the container. I looked at the results with everyone trying to look over my shoulder.

I looked at the container, “at least twenty thousand years old.”

I looked around, “we start right here and work out and in slowly so nothing is missed.”

I gestured to the top of the containers, “Nicole you and Tara will need to be very careful if you try to climb the containers. They could be very fragile. Everyone will need to begin wearing the comm links. Remember, take or move nothing until it has been recorded.”

Ten minutes and equipment was being set up and small spheres were slowly moving into the container. I used a special anti grav harness and climbed the corner of the containers and the cliff. I looked at the top of the containers and they had collapsed in several places and trees were growing out of them.

I went over and looked down into the sloping center area. I used a sonic probe to map what was under the dirt and debris. I saw what could be entrances in the inside of the containers and then along the cliff I found the cut doorway. It was filled in but it made me look at the cliff. I saw cuts and slits and twenty meters up and to one side I saw something.

Part of the cliff had broken away and a cave like space could be seen. I sent up a sphere, “someone monitor my scan sphere and record this.”

Several moments and I heard the sidhe Darus, “it was a room and there is a doorway.”

I looked at the top and inside of the containers. I would have to wait before doing anything here but, “I am climbing up to check it out.”

It took awhile to work my way out and up before I pulled myself into the space. I set an anchor and several lines for other climbers. I collected my sphere as I looked at remains and debris, “this was a sleeping place.”

I turned as Darus climbed in. He grinned and looked around, “I bet it had a nice view.”

I looked out and nodded and then moved to the doorway. I turned on a hand light as I stepped into another larger room that must have been a common area. More empty doorways led away and we stayed together and explored. We found stairs and what might have been a lift shaft. We stayed on that level and used the spheres to map it.

Deep in the cliff was a single room that had a door. The wood had turned to stone many millennium ago. Inside we found display cases that were sealed, some fused by rust and others by chemicals and a type of plastic. It was brittle and I wished I could see through what had to be a glass front.

I took a hundred vids before I gestured to Darus. We were very careful lifting one of many cases and carrying it back to the outer room. Looking out I realized we had been doing this all day and it was afternoon, “time to bring it together. Everyone meet in the collection tent and someone start warming the dinner rations.”

Darus and I lowered the case before we used the anti grav harnesses. We carried the case to the shelter and set it on a table as everyone returned. They gathered around and murmured and looked at the case and used scanners and ... I stretched, “food and than the evening briefing.”

The sonic barrier was running when we ate and then sat to go over everything we had seen or found. We made a plan for the next day before cleaning up. I went to our tent and stripped before heading to the showers. One of the first things we had done was run a water line from the falls so we had plenty of water.

The girls slipped into the shower with me and I grinned as I stood under the water, “have fun babysitting?”

Nicole grinned, “it was not to bad. We took turns watching and exploring. The council was right about the lizards. They were larger than us and I think some may still be around.”

Tara shifted, “I saw fresh tracks to the south and more close to the river. I also saw what might have once been a drainage ditch for a field or maybe a street.”

She rubbed my chest and I growled in response which made Nicole laugh, “there is our tom.”

I shuddered and caught her and pulled her close, “why is it I have never done that before meeting you?”

She kissed me which sent tingles through my body, “because your body knows what it wants.”

Tara chuckled as she shut the water off, “dry off so we can have our claiming.”

We moved out so others could take their turn and dried before I was pulled back to our tent. Nicole turned to Tara and kissed her and she pulled her down on the bed, “you first.”

I shook myself and knelt and moved between Nicole’s legs. I looked at her trimmed pussy and then licked and wiggled my tongue on her clit. She groaned and shivered and her hips lifted, “ooohhhh!”

I glanced up to see Tara sucking on a nipple and kneading the other breast. A few minutes and Nicole was struggling and shaking and tried to close her legs. Tara pulled me up, “take her before you go into rut.”

Nicole was panting but grinned as I moved up and reached between us to rub my cock sheath. My cock emerged and she positioned it and pulled and I sank into her. She gasped and clutched me, “TARA!”

She jerked and spasmed and her pussy constantly rippled and squeezed. I shoved and pressed and rubbed and she thrashed and bucked as she howled, “aaaahhhh!”

When I pulled back and then pushed into her again her eyes rolled up and she began to convulse, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her and used firm thrusts and kept her under me. It was like she was Kaire and this was primal. She bucked and thrashed as I kept shoving into her. I finally buried my cock and pressed while spewing a stream of sperm. She gasped and clutched me, “TARA!”

I kept her in place as I spent myself and then rubbed the side of her neck and licked behind her ear. She spasmed and shuddered and her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I hesitated and then pulled out and looked at Tara sitting beside us. She grinned, “she is my mate and had her ovaries replaced with four we grew from mine. She also enhanced the nerves in and around her pussy.”

I looked at Nicole as she panted and then leaned and pushed Tara back and down. She spread her legs as I moved down, “if she does not have an implant...”

She laughed and humped, “we do not but we are not in season ... yet.”

I shook my head and bent to look at her pussy before I licked and started to flick my tongue back and forth on her clit. A few moments and Nicole had recovered and was sucking on one of Tara’s nipples and squeezing the other breast. Tara bucked and twisted and jerked and Nicole laughed as I growled.

She pulled me up and I moved over Tara and humped and pressed and my cock emerged. I pushed into her and she clutched me and shook, “ooohhhh!”

I began to rub and grind and nibble on her neck. She twitched and jerked and her pussy constantly clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

When I finally pulled back and then buried my cock again she howled and thrashed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I used long thrusts and she twisted and struggled and I tried to hold her under me. I was planting my cock with each thrust and waiting before I pulled back. It was awhile before I was fucking her hard and she was yelling. I held her and shoved in as I spewed sperm and she bucked and squirmed, “NICOLE!”

When I was done I tried to relax but her pussy kept squeezing and I had to pull out. Nicole giggled as she took my place and laid on Tara. I relaxed beside them and Tara caught her breath. She smirked and hugged Nicole, “you are it.”

She laughed as she turned and moved to me and rubbed my cock sheath until it started to emerge. She straddled me and sank her messy pussy down my cock with a sigh. It was a long time before they let me sleep and I was more than exhausted. I woke to a barking sound as both Nicole and Tara vanished out the door.

I rolled and quickly dressed and put on my weapon belt. I crawled out and moved to the few people looking through the sonic barrier. Outside were six reptiles taller than I with short stubby tails. Their mouths were large with more than enough teeth to do serious damage. From the way they moved back and forth and barked at each other I or we knew they were talking.

We also knew they would not hesitate to kill and eat any of us. I moved to Nicole, “I brought a sonic beacon. Start on the low end and let it climb. They will run when it begins to hurt.”

She grinned and I pointed to a crate in the center of the camp. The beacon worked and ten minutes later they were gone. We ate and made plans to keep everyone safe while Darus came to help me put up a portable airless chamber. It was around the display case and once we finished it was time to find a way to break the seal and open the case.

Before I knew it we had Dr Shaw and half the people helping. Finally a remote inside the chamber lifted the lid. We looked at a screen as a vid showed what could only be ancient books. The remote slowly and very carefully used a grav, anti grav system to remove each book. I could not believe we had books that were twenty thousand years old.

Dr Shaw cleared his throat, “I could be mistaken but those characters on the spines look like ancient human numbers.”

We looked at him and Darus zoomed in, “you are right. They look like one of the ancient number systems.”

I looked back and forth, “twenty thousand years ago humans were not even out of their own system.”

The Albaer used a vision scope, “perhaps but the sidhe were and they did not use ships.”

I looked at him and then at Darus who shrugged, “true but we forgot how to do it until a wizard returned and started teaching us.”

I growled, “so the wizards could have...”

Dr Shaw snorted, “wizards did and do not write in any one human language.”

He gestured to the buried containers, “and they do not make or bring containers like those.”

I looked at the books, “so which is the one with the lowest number?”

The Cartell Johan bent and pointed, “that one I think.”

Darus nodded, “I believe he is correct.”

I shifted, “okay here is what we need. First we need a comp connection that can identify human languages, ancient human languages. Next we need Dr Say from the containers. He is the best at micro manipulation of artifacts. Third we need Dr Azzh to copy everything and to piece together anything missing.”

I looked at the Albaer, “can you create a data net to use the ancient language and translate it?”

He nodded and I looked around, “we go through the books in order and take as much time with each page as we need. We use the sonic scanner to slowly penetrate each layer and page. I want vids before, during and after we attempt to physically turn each page.”

Everyone nodded and I stood, “lets get started. I need to start making calls. Hama would you take the lead?”

He bowed and I moved away and used the sat link and my comm. It took a few minutes before the heir answered, “you need help already?”

I looked around, “three things. First you were right about the large reptiles. They are pack animals and very smart I think. Second we have made several discoveries. One was in a sealed metal and glass case. It held books that are still good and on the spine are ancient human characters.”

He hissed and I looked up at the hole, “third we need a link to the human home system and a data net of their ancient languages.”

I shook my head, “if I could I would seal this whole area and bring out an army of scientists. How did humans get here when they had not even left their systems? If they were here, where did they go and why did they come?”

He sighed, “let me speak to father and make some calls. It will not be easy linking to their home system.”

He disconnected and I moved to the sonic barrier, “who wants to climb up and explore in the dwelling?”

Thirty minutes and six others were with me and Darus. We used special sonic scanners to look inside the cases we took vids of and moved. Unlike the first case these held crude books or strange devises. Some were large and crude looking and others slim and compact. We moved through six rooms, not always finding anything.

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