by stev2244

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Erotica Sex Story: An inexperienced guy stumbling through improbable events.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fairy Tale   Humor   .

22. That was the magical number. 22. I was 22 years old. Not a problem in itself. Only if you took into consideration the fact that I was still a virgin. Not that I really suffered because of it; I had two healthy hands. But it somehow didn´t feel right. And avoiding the issue when I talked with my buddies became more and more tedious. I just hoped they didn´t have a clue about my stigma.

But the clue hinting at the fact was obvious enough. It was right at the front of my head and was commonly known as a face. My mother in her sometimes less than loving ways had assured me that I was ugly right when I started my difficult journey into puberty. Her observation matched my own one pretty well, so the fact was never really in question.

Of course, I avoided contact with the mysterious species called “girls” as much as I could from then on. No need to bother them with the ungainly sight of my face or the sudden ineloquence that befell me in their presence.

So I watched my way more handsome buddies making their first experiences, having their first relationships, having their first fights and breakups. It all was quite interesting, but my main problem was to keep the fact I was totally inexperienced a secret. Actually, it turned out nobody suspected that I hadn´t even kissed a girl or nobody gave a shit while being busy with their own little dramas.

The situation even got worse when I began to study at a university that turned out to have almost no female students.

So there I was, at one of the campus parties. I guessed that several hundred boys and a few girls were present. The exact number was impossible to tell. But one exact number was quite easy to tell. One. There surely was exactly one virgin present. Me.

Okay, over there were my buddies. Right at the bar. I had enough reason and opportunity to get royally hammered. And that was exactly what I did.

Ringing. Pain. Cotton in my mouth. Pain in my head. Have I mentioned the pain? And that damn ringing again. This shitty old phone ringtone almost every iPhone used. Please ... not now. This pain ... oh my God.

“Stop this damn ringing!” was what I wanted to shout in a loud and assertive voice. A muffled “Hmmmbbmmm...” was what escaped my mouth. Finally my brain cleared enough to make me realize that it was my own phone that nearly killed me acoustically.

“Anything you want to do about it?” someone asked me.

Hey, that voice was definitely female. And, well, I couldn´t deny the fact that I was in somebody´s bed. There were white mice printed on a light blue background so I could safely assume that this was not my own bed, which showed some cool Star Wars scenes. And another fact was quite obvious - I had one hell of an hangover.

Okay, the first priority was to save my few remaining brain cells - silence the damn phone. I refused to look around, afraid to fully perceive the situation and its implications. I had no idea what had happened during the last few hours and I wasn´t sure if I wanted to find out. So my right hand gingerly moved in the general direction of the torturing sound and I was relieved to find my phone lying on a surface that confusingly felt like plush. No, I definitely wasn´t at home. No plush nightstands to be found there, not a single one.

With the phone silenced, the most urgent problem was solved. It gave me a little time to tackle the next one. I figured it was time to lift my eyes and take in the surroundings. But I decided to approach the task cautiously. Opening one eye to a slit would have to be enough. No sense in overdosing reality at this point.

There were more white mice everywhere. Beneath them was what felt suspiciously like my totally nude body. Okay man, these are some facts I can work with, I thought.

#1 - I was naked. #2 - I was in a bed obviously belonging to a female. No self-respecting male would own bedsheets with white mice. #3 - My phone was present and still charged.

Okay, fact #3 led me to believe that I hadn´t missed much time. This was probably the morning after the party. Good.

Facts #1 and #2 somehow led me to the impression that I might have gotten laid last night. Which led me to the conclusion that the girl in question must be overwhelmingly ugly to put up with someone like me. The thing was - I might have been ugly. But I still disliked ugly girls. Hypocrite? Yes. So this led me to:

#4 - I didn´t really want to look at the female that was obviously present in this room.

What was seen coudn´t be unseen. So could I somehow sneak out without looking at her? And maybe pretend afterwards that she was totally hot? No, unlikely. Not as thoroughly undressed as I was.

And boy, if I really had been laid, I had no memory of it. Oh, shit...

“Coffee? Water? Aspirin?”

Uh, she was near. Very near. Maybe about one meter to my left. Her voice was pleasant enough, but I knew from experience that the ugliest girls were quite often very friendly, had a nice voice and looked very promising from behind. Okay, man, get over with it. So I finally shifted my eyes towards her.

Hey, not bad. Okay, she was no supermodel. But she was thoroughly out of my league nonetheless. Okay, that was no big deal. But she was really quite pretty. More than I ever had hoped to achieve. She was small, had straight, long brunette hair and a cute face. And she looked friendly, which seemed a little odd. A pretty girl was not supposed to look friendly upon finding me lying naked in her bed.

“Ugh, um.” Come on, you´ve fucked her. Maybe. Hopefully. Okay, you´ve possibly fucked her. Now talk to her. How hard can it be? “Yes, thanks.” Good, I´m turning into some kind of womanizer.

“Okay.” She smiled and lifted her butt from the bed she was sitting on. She turned around and I saw that all she wore was a T-shirt. Not a huge male T-Shirt covering her petite body. No, this one ended right at her waist. I was actually looking at a girl´s nude butt. A cute butt, to be more precise. Okay, I´ve seen them before while entertaining my right hand with the more relevant half of the internet. But I had never seen one live and this close. Okay, this increased the probability of us really having had intercourse. Damn, and I still didn´t have the slightest idea about it.

She came back and handed me the pill, water and the liquid energizer. I gulped it all down.

“Bad hangover?”

“Uh, yeah. Terrible.”

“Peter, I want to thank you for last night.”

“What?” What the hell was she talking about? Had I maybe just fixed her computer and nothing else had happened? This was usually the only reason why females ever thanked me. She would certainly not thank me for participating in the process of losing my virginity. So she was obviously talking about something else.

“You were marvelous,” she went on.

“Uh, thanks.”

“Was it okay for you too?” Shit, what was she talking about? Baking a cake? Having wild sex? Watching Mr. Bean? Painting the kitchen?

“Oh, yeah.” Don´t be too specific as long as it isn´t clear what we´re talking about.

“I´m glad, Peter.” Damn. She knew my name. She was at a distinctive advantage.

“It´s just a shame that you fell asleep while doing it.”

Shit. Fell asleep while doing what? Certainly not while I lost my virginity? My life was shitty, but hopefully not THAT shitty. But probably also not while knitting a sock. I could rule that one out at least, I had no idea about knitting.

“Maybe we can continue, now that I´m awake?” That was a safe route. Whatever we had done last night, she seemed to have liked it. Proposing to continue was certainly a good way to get some information about the process.

“You would? I mean, it must have been painful for you.”

What? Painful? Had we tried some hard s/m stuff with me on the receiving side? And I had just foolishly proposed to do it again? Apart from my headache I seemed to be unharmed, but these things might be done without lasting damage.

“No, not really.” Well, the only manly thing to say, right? I just hoped I hadn´t held the nails while she learned how to use a hammer last night.

“Okay, today it´s my turn. You started last night and it was marvelous, just a dream.” Seriously? Something I had done was “like a dream” for a female being? I furiously racked my brain what that might have been. I could rule out sex by now. Sex performed by a virgin couldn´t have been marvelous. Okay, I had read a lot about the issue to be prepared for the unlikely event. But still, without any practice there was not a chance that I had suddenly turned into Casanova.

“Go ahead.” I said, still keeping my cards closely to my chest.

“No pun intended, huh?” Pun? What was she talking about? She just laughed, ripped the sheets away and plunged her mouth onto my semi-erect dick.

Wait, wait, wait. This couldn´t really happen. Hey, stop, space-time continuum. This is Peter, not Brad Pitt. A reasonably pretty girl is not supposed to suck my dick. Which, by the way, had a totally different opinion about the matter. It soon felt like I could have punched holes into the walls with it. Assuming the need for this arose for this nameless girl. Which seemed unlikely.

Anyway, my dick wasn´t used to being touched by anything but my own hands and was enthusiastically agreeing with the surprising turn of events. And I knew the damn thing, it would stay this way for quite some time. Maybe I was desensitized by all the wanking, but it was always the same. It was like a curse. My dick would get hard in no time and it was hard work and took quite a while to pursuade it to change this status again. I really had to think of extremely erotic things to overcome that hurdle. And even then it took 30 or up to 60 minutes, which had always limited my relief options whenever I had a short break between lectures in my small apartment. So the nameless girl had unwittingly dedicated herself to a hard piece of work and I would have pitied her if I hadn´t been that surprised still. My mind wasn´t foggy with passion or anything like it. It never was, that was another side effect of my less than sensitive reproductive organ. Wanking was never a big experience for me, it was a mere duty to find some relief. Somehow this didn´t match the stories the other guys exchanged about the subject.

She looked up at me now and took my little bastard out of her mouth.

“May I?” Oh, shit, now comes the painful part? But I still nodded bravely, assuming that I could stop things any time. At least in case she didn´t plan to tie me up.

“Thank you,” she said, which didn´t alleviate my apprehension. Did she need my dick hard for whatever she had in mind with it?

It turned out that that was exactly the case. She straddled me, inserted my dick into her pussy (unbelievable - it finally happened while I was awake), doffed her T-shirt and started to ride me.

The sensation on my dick wasn´t bad. Actually, it was quite nice, even a little nicer than the feeling caused my my own ministrations. But the view was what really stunned me. Apart from some sneak peeks into generous cleavages I had never seen nude boobs live. And here I was - under a girl openly showing me hers. Okay, she wouldn´t have qualified for a Russ Meyer movie. But that didn´t matter. I had no specific taste in boobs anyway and was just thankful for the opportunity to watch some. They were rather small, but very pretty. I even dared to lift my hands towards them, boldly toying with the idea to actually touch them. She caught my movement, smiled and pushed her chest downwards into my hands. Wow. Boobs. In my hands. I felt like I finally had become a man. Years of embarrassing situations while trying to avoid talking about the subject were now a thing of the past.

Okay, as I have explained, my own mind wasn´t exactly crazy with lust at the time, despite the unfamiliar sensations. So I started to take things over, slowed her movements down and started to grind her clit on the root of my cock. I had spent a lot of research and time on the matter because I wanted to make things right in the unlikely case that I ever got laid.

“Peter, you don´t...”

Surprised, I stopped the movement. “What´s wrong? Have I hurt you?”

“No, quite the opposite. Peter, you´ve brought me to four orgasms last night this way. Just for your information, I´ve only had one before with a man and that was a small one. And then you come along and totally fuck my brains out. And then you fall asleep without having your own. I felt so bad. Please, let me bring you off, okay?”

Oh, that shed a whole new light on the “painful” remark and on last night´s events. That didn´t sound too bad, actually. I certainly hadn´t suffered from the blue balls symptom while I was asleep.

“Okay,” I simply said, knowing which kind of task lay ahead of her. She started to ride my dick in earnest now, using long strokes. Sure enough, these were the right ones to bring me off. I just hoped she had no other plans for the coming half or full hour.

As it turned out, she hadn´t. And even while applying the long strokes, she came to another climax after about half an hour. I knew that because I could see the alarm clock while I thought about the things I needed to do that day. As I said, my brain was generally quite unimpressed by my cock´s actions. Maybe I was some kind of male frigid.

After 45 minutes I felt that things became tiring and it might be time to come to a conclusion. So I thought about various erotic things, looked at her boobs, played with them and finally came to my own, slightly less than overwhelming climax.

After the sex I wanted to cuddle a little when it occured me that we had never actually kissed. Those things were what I really craved. Intimacy with a girl, affection, some tenderness.

But the girl without a name jumped out of the bed immediately, maybe sensing my plans and ran straight into her shower. I remained in bed slightly disappointed and watched my dick slowly starting to deflate. I knew that this process could take quite some time.

“You know that you´re quite big, right?” she asked while entering the room again. She was still naked and was towelling her hair.

“I´m about 1.75 meters.”

She laughed. “No, I mean your dick.”

“Oh. You think so?” I had never deemed that important.

“The biggest I´ve seen so far.”

“Oh, really?” But the news didn´t excite me overly. It was obviously working fine and that was enough for me.

“Yes. I don´t know if it results from it, but sex with you is marvelous. A totally different league than with the other guys.”

“Oh, thank you.” Wow, that sounded like she had chosen complete losers only until now. And as a certified member of that group it explained why I was in her bed as well.

She just smiled.

“Um, I´d like to ask something.”

“Go ahead, Peter. Feel free to ask.”

“What´s your name?” I just hoped she wouldn´t get angry. But in fact, she just looked dazzled and then started to laugh like crazy. I joined in a little, more out of politeness.

“Julia,” she said after having calmed down a little, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Thanks. Ah, Julia, I really like you.”

She suddenly turned serious. “Peter, I´m not looking for a relationship. But if you want to have sex, just call me, okay?”

“Okay.” I tried not to let her know how disappointed I was. Okay, it was to be expected, I was just too ugly to be kissed or seen with in public. The sad thing was, I was certain that it would take me at least another 22 years until I would get my second chance to find a girl. But hey, at least I was no virgin any more. That was as unexpected as it was welcome.

The 22 year prediction turned out to be not exactly true.

I was hanging around on campus when I spotted Julia passing by, chatting with another girl. The other one was nice and pleasant to look at as well. The kind of girl that wouldn´t give me the time of the day under usual circumstances. She was a little bigger than Julia in every direction and had blond hair just reaching her shoulders. While she was no raving beauty, she certainly was pretty.

Julia pointed me out and left for another building. The other girl advanced me straight and waved a little. I quickly turned around to check if anyone of interest stood behind me, but there was just a brick wall. Assuming I was at least slightly more interesting than the wall, I dared to wave back. The girl was laughing.

“Hey, I´m Emmy,” she said, extending her hand.

“Um, Peter,” I said while shaking it in disbelief. What was going on here? A nice girl was not supposed to address me. I quickly had the urge to check if I hadn´t mistakenly put on a George Clooney mask in the morning.

“Nice to meet you, Peter. You have any lectures this afternoon?”

“Yeah, one. But it´s not important.”

“Good, You can skip it?”

“Well, I could maybe.”

“Great. I live right over there.”

Interesting information. But why was it given at this time? What was going on here?

“Let´s go,” she just said, taking my hand and pulling me along.

I would have to consider to start smoking, I thought. I hated it, but here I was, lying in the bed of a girl I hardly knew. Just having had sex with her after having met her only minutes before. She was lying by my side, still quivering in a weird way and playing leisurely with her pussy. I had licked her to two orgasms and fucked her to three more. The process had taken almost an hour and had left me throughly exhausted. As usual, I had problems to come myself and wasn´t exactly swept away with the experience when it finally happened. But it was sure nice to watch her quite large boobs shake and her face distorted in ecstasy. What could be a more appropriate time for a cigarette than this?

She was still in lala land. I had to recognize that my fucking skills had improved since my first time with Julia. And I wondered if more buzz marketing would happen after today and more strange girls would pull me into their beds. Well, why not? Worse things were thinkable. And maybe one day one of them would even not be too repulsed by me to avoid my need for kisses and closeness. I omitted to ask Emmy for our long-term relationship prospects, just used her shower and left her small apartment.

It turned out that Julia and Emmy also had a close friend named Maria. Like her friends she was way too pretty for me and generally looked like her name led me to expect. Dark, long, wavy hair, full lips and a nice body. Maria was graciously taken into the group that had access to the human dildo named Peter under the condition of total confidence. Needless to say, none of them wanted to be seen with me in public or kiss me. But they had worked out a very professional looking schedule regarding my usage. They even traded slots for small favors. I was just glad that at least no money was involved. I felt bad enough about being some merchandise for the girls. Being a whore and them being my pimps would have been too much.

So for a few months my nights were quite busy. In fact, there was not a single night that I didn´t have sex with one of them. Sadly, all those nights ended alone in my own bed. None of them wanted to spend a whole night with me. At one time one of my shifts with Maria was given to Julia, who needed some consolation because of trouble with her boyfriend. Shit. Of course, I did it. I would have been an idiot not to. But it still felt bad that they used me to cheat on their boyfriends. Well, at least one boyfriend, I had been unable to determine if Maria and Emmy were in a relationship. Which was what I craved to be in myself. Yeah, I know that I should have stepped up and stopped the charade, but what would I have gained? I would have joined the endless mass of un-laid, wanking students again. So I continued to endure being forced to have sex with three pretty girls all the time, even though the situation was less than perfect. Quite bizarre, huh?

Being seen with me in public obviously still was some kind of nightmare to them and had to be avoided under any circumstances. I could understand that from a rational point of view, but it hurt nonetheless. The same for the fact that all I had ever got were some small pecks, but no real kisses. I complained about it a lot and got the answer that I should be happy for what I had, which even made some sense to me.

After a lot of negotiation I managed to take this night off from my human dildo duties to go on a party with some friends. Maria and Emmy were present, but of course pretended not to know me to avoid embarrassment. Did this cause me to sit in a corner, whine around and question myself? Hell, was I a man or a little girl? So of course it did, with the exception of sitting in a corner. Instead I decided on the bar to be the right place to contemplate my weird life. I faced the serious decision if getting hammered was the right thing to do - again. The last time had made my life a lot better, but there was still some room for improvement.

Yes, hammer time.

So I approached the bar again and pondered my poison for the night.

I had just communicated my chosen ethanol carrier to the bartender when an assertive female voice cut in.

“Put that on my tab.”

I turned around and was immediately blinded by something that was not supposed to exist in these surroundings. Sure, such things existed at the news stand around the corner, in the middle of a Playboy magazine. But here? No way. Yet, the phenomenon was undeniably talking to me. Long, wavy blonde hair, a stunningly beautiful face and if I had dared to look at it, I would surely have seen a beautiful body too.

“Cat got your tongue, buster?”

And she did it in a surprsingly mundane way.

“Cheers,” she said. Responding to that was highly automated in my brain. The process helped to break my mental barrier to even dare to talk to such a cracker. Usually there would be no need to gain any communication ability while around a beautiful woman. But for some mysterious reason this one seemed to wish to talk to me. This was a shock - to me and to the bystanding male students.

“Cheers.” And I gulped down my drink quickly in the hope of gaining some courage.

I the corner of my eye I caught Emmy and Maria staring. No, staring is not the word. Glaring. Yes, that´s it. Could they be jealous? It almost seemed that way. As I wasn´t in a relationship with any of them, their jealousy could only mean that they feared to lose the toy they assumed to own.

“Peter,” the Playboy-girl said. “my name is Anna.” She offered her hand and I gingerly took it, still unsure what all of this might meant. “I´ve heard a lot about you.”

“What? Me? You´re sure you´re not confusing me with someone?”

“No, I´m quite sure.” She laughed and I was totally captivated. Wow. The Emmy/Julia/Maria team was out of my league. But this one was out of my planet. Why was she even talking to me?

“Peter, quite frankly - I´d like to have sex with you.”

It was a close thing. I was just barely able to jerk my head around while I coughed the remnants of my drink out, thus avoiding to redecorate her dress.

Then the cold reality hit me. Why was I even so surprised? The undeniable fact was - I was ugly. As usual I decided to sum up the facts.

#1 - I was an embarrassment. #2 - I seemed to have a nice cock. #3 - Women obviously were under the impresssion that I knew how to use it. #4 - A total scorcher was chatting me up and asking me bluntly for sex.

The conclusion: I was about to be used as some sex object again. Which meant getting near a woman whose exhaled air I usually wouldn´t be allowed to breathe in. But it also meant never getting near her enough to gain anything of relevance for me. Sex - yes. Intimacy or a relationship - no way.

This was totally wrong. I needed a girlfriend, not another female coldly using me. So what did I answer?

“Okay, let´s go.” But I at least had the decency to hate me a little for it.

Her apartment was nice and tidy. She seemed to be better off than the other students I had contact with. But I noticed this only briefly because she had begun to shed her clothes as soon as the door was closed behind her. Well, that was a girl that went straight down to business. She obviously knew what she wanted and she was used to take it. I found out that a gaping mouth is something that might stop a man from removing his clothes. She was tanned without any visible panty lines, her body was well toned from obviously working out a lot. Her boobs were a little on the small side, but still looked fantastic. In the likely case she was a narcissist, she had any reason to.

“Come on, Peter. I´m curious. Show me the famous tool.”

Famous? Tool? Ah ... So I shed the last of my clothes, trying not to be too embarrassed about the total absence of muscles. I needn´t have worried, the only muscle she showed any interest in was standing at full attention between my legs.

“Not bad at all. Interesting curve.” I had heard the curve remark quite a lot until then and I really began to wonder if other cocks were straight when being erect. My homophobia had always led me to ignore the cocks shown in porn movies. But now that I considered it, they looked quite straight indeed.

Anna led me into her bedroom and wasted no time in positioning herself on her back with her legs widely spread. There I was. An ugly nerd in front of a beautiful woman, with her shaved pussy on full display. It was an almost complete turn-off. Why? Beause she craved no intimacy. No need for closeness. No need for kisses or foreplay, for getting into the mood. She was barely interested in me at all. If my tongue and my cock were available without the rest of my body, she would have surely preferred this.

So what did I do? Of course, I complied and started my task, but not without some internal protest note. Anna didn´t care about any subtleties and was just enjoying what my tongue and fingers did to her. She was quite receptive, but didn´t have an actual orgasm during foreplay, which was a little unusual for me. She seemed definitely less sensitive or receptive to my technique than my other three users. But that didn´t put me off, it just piqued my curiosity and my ambition.

After a while I gave up the foreplay, a little miffled because I had failed to bring her off with it. Sex was some kind of service for women to me. The only chance I had to get near them and therefore a thing I took very seriously, still without deriving much pleasure for myself. So I started my task to fuck this walking dream and I gave everything I had. This was turning into a question of honor quickly. I couldn´t risk my reputation being tainted by a less than completely satisfied customer.

So I opened my bag of tricks widely, using all the experience I had gained recently. As despicable as Julia´s, Emmy´s and Maria´s exploit of my person had been, it had sure helped honing my sexual prowess to damn near perfection. I soon got into a nice rhythm and had the opportunity to think about that damn thermodynamics problem I still had to solve, about her very nice body, about Andy really sucking big time at our current gaming addiction “Counter Strike” and about the sad fact that I wouldn´t be able to buy a pizza later if this went on for much longer.

My sexual services were obviously unaffected by my less than totally focused attention. I could safely assume that, based on Anna´s facial expression. She had tried to keep it particularly bored in the beginning. Afterwards her face had begun to soften a bit, followed by a slight frown. Now she was showing open confusion and consternation. Her eyes were wide open and she looked like she wanted to ask me a very important question, but had momentarily lost her ability to speak. And then she suddenly found it again. Well, sort of.


Her body tensed under mine and her previously indifferent posture turned into a clamping grasp that put any gorilla to shame. Not that I had ever been hugged by a gorilla, mind you. Her pussy muscles were still convulsing while the rest of her body became very still. Damn, that was surely a big one. My reputation as the ugly bringer of guaranteed orgasms was saved and I felt good in a professional way.

I was tempted to just get off and walk away. It would save me from the tedious task of getting my own orgasm, which I expected to be much harder to achieve than hers. And I still wanted that pizza ... But courtesy and professionalism ruled that out. Somehow I knew that my own one was exptected by my female customers. Okay, then...

“Peter?” she whispered softly. That surprised me. She actually acknowledged that there was a person attached to that marvelous cock.


“Thank you.” It shocked me to see tears forming in the eyes of the arrogant bitch. She really seemed quite overwhelmed by the recent events. That felt good. A nobody like me had been able to make an impact on such a woman.

“Why? What´s the matter?”

“Peter, that was my first. It was marvelous.”

What? This was her first orgasm? I couldn´t believe that I was ahead of her in any aspect. And then she did the unthinkable. She grabbed me and kissed me. No, not a small peck on the cheek. Which would have been surprising in itself. No, a full blown kiss on the lips. Open-mouthed even. With her tongue exploring my mouth. The other girls had all more or less fled the bed at this point and had politely pointed out the location of the apartment door.

If I hadn´t been so occupied, I would have screamed out and tried to prevent her from soiling her beauty by kissing an ugly toad like me. But she was determined to go ahead and I had no choice but to follow. And to even get aroused a little, which surprised the hell out of me. Automatically, I started to move my hips again. And I stopped thinking about thermodynamics or shopping lists this time. This was really getting good and I tried not to think about the future either. I was just fucking a dream woman and she wasn´t even repulsed by me. She had even kissed me tenderly. This was exactly what I needed and I really started to enjoy it.

And so did she. After her initial rather cool attitude towards fucking, she was coming around quite nicely, even enthusiastically so. Two of her climaxes and one of my own later we were lying in bed and I had time to appreciate that her bedsheets were totally free of printed mice, other animals or any of the cute stuff the girls usually liked. Of course, it didn´t show any cool tech stuff either. We were both totally content and she even tried to snuggle onto my shoulder until she found out that my bony body was just too uncomfortable. Again, I vowed to start lifting weights soon and again I already knew that nothing of the sort was actually about to happen. Not that it would make any difference. I assumed that my body was immune to any form of masculinity anyway.

I continued to look around and it again struck me how wrong all of this was. The apartment was too expensive, too classy and too tidy to contain anything like me. I was the only flaw in here. And the woman lying beside my was just some kind of fate´s cruel joke. It was just wrong that she was within a radius of 50 meters around me. And just to prevent to become too attached, I decided to clarify some things right away. Be a man about it. Cry later. The whole thing...

“So what have you planned?” I asked, bracing myself for the inevitable humiliation.

“Well, I definitely plan to continue this.”

Okay, not too bad. At least I would see her from time to time. Sex with her wasn´t exactly the dream the other guys always talked about, but it was still better than with Emmy, Julia and Maria. There was at least some degree of tenderness and emotion involved. She didn´t just treat me like the lump of flesh coincidentally connected to their favorite cock.

“So you´d like to use my sexual services from time to time?”

“Indeed. I can assume you have no objections?” Wow, a woman was asking for my consent? That was surely unexpected after having to deal with the three pretty dictators for so long.

“Um, yes, that would be okay. How often do you want to meet me?”

“As often as I can, honey.” Honey? Seriously? She had just called me honey?


“Sure. But I expect you to stay away from other girls. You´re mine now. I know the three bitches won´t be happy about that. But they had their chances to stake their claims and they fucked it up.”

“Wow. Yeah, true enough.” Now what? So far, so unbelievable. Still unconsciously suspecting a prank and looking around for hidden cameras, I began to ponder the unthinkable. Did she really want to hint at some kind of relationship? I mean, come on ... The sex might have been great, but it would never be enough to found a relationship on. Not as mismatched as we were.

Somehow my whole life recently felt like I was being led through a totally improbable series of events by my cock. He and the girls seemed to negotiate all the relevant details and I was just tagging along because I was happen to be attached to it. Did I like it? Hell, what do you think? What did I think? To be honest, I had no idea how I thought about it.

But I decided to man up and take things into my own hands for a change.

“Um, ah, Anna?” Well, not the most assertive way to start this talk.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Come on, she called me sweetheart? After one fuck? What was going on here? But it still sounded great.

“Ah, what kind of relationship will be have?”

“What kind? Are there different kinds? We will be boyfriend and girlfriend. As I said, you will stay away from the other girls.”

“Ah, okay. Good.” Did this sound a little one-sided to my ears only? “And what about you?”

She seemed to ponder the question longer than I was comfortable with. Much longer, actually. I was certainly no relationship expert as I had never been part of one even for a single second. But shouldn´t the answer be quite obvious if she really intended a classical boy/girlfriend relationship?

“Well, I certainly will keep going out. Parties, dancing and so on.”

“Okay.” Why did she tell me this?

“And you are probably not interested in such stuff at all.”

Boy, that hurt. So she didn´t want to be seen with me in public either. She planned to use the famous “Peter´s total cock service” like the others did. With the exception that she intended to use it exclusively.

“So you´re going to see other guys?”

“Oh, honey. Sure, I don´t want to go to parties alone. I need someone to dance with me, to buy me drinks. You can´t dance, right?”

“Umm, yeah.”

“And you´re too short on cash for exclusive clubs anyway?”

“Yes, sadly.”

“So you will understand that I need to date other guys. And honey, I will also dance with them and kiss them. But I won´t have sex with any of them. My pussy is yours from now on.”

She tried to sweeten the deal a little, that much was clear. Was it good enough for me? Why did I even think about it? Was I able to deny the request of such a hot woman anyway? No, probably not. Not a chance in hell, to be more precise. It was quite simple, I would agree to whatever conditions she chose to determine.

“So you´re going to have two boyfriends?”

“No, only you. I will not become attached to any of my dance partners.”

Okay, that sounded acceptable enough. “Okay.” To be honest, it sounded better than anything I had hoped for. It was still humiliating, but I was used to this meanwhile. To the feeling of being an ugly and unwanted attachment to a beautiful and irresistable reproductive organ. I had visions of my cock being clad in a miniature tuxedo, standing in front of a priest, exchanging vows with Anna while I stood crying in the last row.

But on the bright side, I finally had what I always wanted the most - a steady girlfriend. A walking dream, but one I could never brag about. Could be worse...

As expected, Anna wanted our strange relationship to stay secret. I was beyond being too disappointed by such stuff meanwhile and the lengthy sex sessions we had about every other day helped greatly to heal my wounds. She still was way more affectionate during sex than any other girl had been, which improved the experience a lot for me. I knew that she didn´t love me one bit and that I didn´t love her either. But I received a lot of badly needed tenderness nonetheless. And I loved her body like she loved my cock. None of us had any reason to seek the moral high ground. I would just have wished to spend more time with her.

As expected, Emmy, Julia and Maria didn´t take my rejection very well.

“Why can´t we fuck any more, Peter? I miss you,” Emmy asked me loudly and a little accusative one day on campus, which caused some orthopaedic problems in the neck area for some of the fellow students near enough to hear it. I could also almost hear the jaws dropping. Since this was a mainly technical university, the gender distribution was quite uneven and almost all of the guys were seriously underfucked and had no hope to change that any time soon.

“It´s just not right for me any more.” Now I could almost hear groans of anguish around me. A pretty girl was asking an ugly dude for sex? Unheard of. And worst of all - he refused? I almost sensed the forming tears of rage und frustration.

“It´s just me or don´t you want Maria and Julia any more as well?”

This was starting to get almost dangerous. The open mouths gaping in our direction from all sides were completely ignored by Emmy. Questions were surely forming in overworked brains. Pick-up lines, offers for sold souls, whatever. And the big question: how does this guy do it?

“It´s not just you. I don´t think it´s the right thing to do with Maria and Julia as well.”

Nothing changed. The situation still looked like in a zombie movie. The hero and a pretty girl were surrounded by numerous barely moving guys with drool escaping their open mouths.

“You´re fucking other girls? You´re too exhausted maybe? Baby, I would be very gentle. I would massage you. And I would be content with just one orgasm. And I would blow you real good. Here, take a look at my titties. They will convince you.” She pulled her top forward, so I could peek into it a little.

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