I Woke Up Wet

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2017 by Victor Echo

Erotica Sex Story: The month had been long and celibate. Liz said she would pick me up at the airport, regardless of the hour. I took her up on the offer. Then paid her back.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

That is what she said when she threw her leg over my hip and sunk down on my erection. My day was starting early, and I did not mind one bit. Let me back up a bit.

I had landed late the night before after a month dealing with a customer that insisted I be onsite and in person and would not put up with a daily phone call as we worked through his particular requirements. I saw it as a complete waste of money. Four weeks of hotel, food, and car costs, not to mention the airfare, which I insisted had to be first class. The topper of it all, it was a month of forced celibacy, which I hated just as much. It was not that I had sex every day. Or every other day, but not having sex at all, and not at my doing drove me nuts. So I was not opposed to being picked up at the airport. The drivers of the mandatory cab company were barely a week off the boat. From immigration to the DMV, to the cab driver’s school, they did not fill me with a great deal of confidence, and I avoid them if I can. When Liz offered to pick me up, at any time, I took her up on her offer. Even riding first class, I was still tired when I finally stepped into the cold air. Liz pulled up a minute or two later; her low slung sports car growled as she stopped at the curb. She popped the trunk, and I put my bags in before I slid almost bonelessly into the passenger seat. I levered myself up enough to kiss her gently and then pulled on my seat belt as she pulled away with a bit of acceleration in the slow speed limit.

“You look like crap,” she said.

“Feel like crap. Long flight, long month, no sex.”

“Poor boy,” she said with a laugh and ran a hand over my crotch without any intention of doing more.

She slowly accelerated up to speed as we left the airport and hit the expressway. Traffic was light, and I resisted the urge to look at the speedometer as she took us towards home, slowing as we exited the highway for local roads and the occasional red light. I did notice that she was wearing a coat that came down to her thighs, and it looked like she was not wearing jeans. It was too dark to be sure what she had on her legs, other than something dark as the pink mercury lights flashed colour through the windows. I was too tired to care and soon we were pulling into the parking lot of my apartment.

“You are tired,” she said as I closed the door behind us.

I put my bags down next to the desk and turned to look at her. She was wearing one of my coats that did fall to her mid-thigh, and she had it zipped up to her neck. Rather than answering her, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. Liz kissed back and slipped her cold hands inside my coat and against my flank. I kissed her jaw and sucked quickly on her chilled earlobe before I reached up and slid down the zipper. It was more than a quarter of the way along its track before I saw more than skin. I kissed the curve of her breast as I revealed her teal bra. By the time the zipper hit bottom, I was looking at a mostly naked Liz. Her boy shorts matched the bra, and she was wearing stay up black stockings. She was stunning, and I kissed her again and slid my hands inside her coat and down over her ass.

“I need to get some sleep,” I said as I broke the kiss. “Come to bed?”

She nodded, and I took the coat from her and added it to mine as I tossed them on the chair. She went down the hall to the bed, and I stopped at the bathroom before I joined her. Liz curled up against me as I settled down under the sheets. She kissed me and held me close as I fell into dreamland.

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