The Challenge of a Younger Wife

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Older man makes concessions to keep a young hottie happy.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Swinging   .

I’m turning fifty and my new wife is half my age. She is very pretty, built nicely, and loves sex. I do too but realize that I can’t keep up with her youthful libido. Here is how we got together.

We worked in the same building and parked in the same lot. Our arrivals coincided quite often and I’d briefly visit with her as we walked. One Friday morning she seemed very out-of-sorts so I asked her what was wrong.

She was near tears as she explained that a boyfriend had promised her a weekend at the beach but had dumped her just before she started towards work this morning. She had SO been looking forward to it, having never seen the ocean.

I was single and relationship-free so I just blurted out, “How about if I take you?”

She stopped and just looked at me.

I quickly continued, “I won’t expect anything but your company. We can get two rooms.”

Molly asked, “Can I let you know at lunchtime?” I gave her my phone number.

Right on time I got a call, “This is so sweet of you. I’d be happy to be company for you. You can get one room but it must have two beds. Text me the plans. I got on the web and found a beachside, modestly priced place that we could take the train to.” I gave Molly a time to meet me at a train station after she went home to pick up the suitcase she’d already packed.

The two-hour train ride gave us some time to get better acquainted. We shared the usual family and educational histories. I had a graduate professional degree while she was struggling to get a part-time undergraduate degree. She wasn’t too motivated as a student and was drifting through life.

We checked into our modest but ocean-view room and went to dinner. It was past sunset when we finished so I suggested a walk on the nearby beach. Molly was fascinated with what she was seeing and hearing. She asked, “Can I take my shoes off?”

“Sure! Feel the sand and water. I’ll take mine off too and we can wade.” We both had shorts on. When a bigger wave splashed up against her legs she reached for my hand and didn’t let it go from then on, all the way to the room.

We sat out on the hotel veranda and saw the moon rise. That added to the magic of the surf sounds. I bought us both drinks and we sipped them as we soaked up the scene.

Finally, Molly said she was tired so we went to our room. I offered, “Go ahead and use the bathroom first.”

Molly blushed, “I don’t wear nighties and don’t have a robe so please don’t peek when I ask you.”

I laughed and agreed.

I was in my robe when she came out and got under the covers. Then I opened my eyes and took my shower. “Molly, I don’t wear pajamas so you have to close your eyes, or not. I’m not shy. You’ve been warned.” I noticed she didn’t avert her gaze.

We worked it out in the morning and put on swimsuits under our clothes. After breakfast it was time to hit the swim area of the beach. Her swim suit was tiny and my pecker was difficult to control as I watched her ass and tits move.

When we got a couple of beach chairs she wanted to get a tan. I had some sunscreen, light enough that some rays would get through. She asked me to put it on her back and touching her skin almost set my horny dick off, especially when she untied her top.

“Molly,” I said after a while, “Topless is legal on this beach if you want to avoid some tan lines.”

“Oh, really. I don’t want to embarrass you. Is it OK?”

“I may be older but I’m not dead. Of course I’d love to see a body like yours uncovered.”

She looked at me with a mischievous grin, “But you will have to put some sunscreen on those white parts.”

I came in my swimsuit before I finished. Molly noticed, “You certainly aren’t dead. And thank you. It felt good to me too.”

When we went back to the room to shower, Molly piped up, “We’ve seen most of each other. How about the rest? Let’s shower together.”

We masturbated each other as we washed, then dressed and found a casual restaurant. Molly was ready to talk now that we were on more intimate terms. After two drinks she was tipsy enough to unload.

“The son-of-a-bitch was separated from his wife unbeknownst to me. She offered to reconcile so I got dumped even though he said I was a much better piece than she ever was. I thought he had the best potential for a long-term relationship of any of the guys I was dating. I’ve screwed around for years but it’s been just for fun. I’m feeling the need to settle down now that I’m twenty-three.”

I interrupted, “So how many guys do you date?”

She said brightly, “There are two others that I get together with once or twice a week with. They are just fuck-buddies. Do you know what that is?”

I acted ignorant to see what she would say.

“They are just men who you have sex with only for fun. They are not boyfriends because you don’t do anything else with them. They are not lovers either because there is no affection.”

I responded, “I would like to be a boyfriend since I enjoy doing things with you. I haven’t had sex for a long time so I don’t know if I could be any good for you even of you are interested.”

Molly gave me the sweetest look, “You are a dear man and have treated me so very well. I don’t want to fuck you,...”

My crestfallen face prompted her to finish, “ ... I want to make love with you. I’ve already learned to like you a lot.”

We walked to our room hand-in-hand, enjoying the balmy evening. Clothes quickly came off and we were side-by-side on the bed, exploring each other with our hands and then our mouths. I hadn’t touched a young firm body like that for decades. My apprehension about my response was alleviated. My hardon hadn’t been so firm since I couldn’t remember when. She seemed pleased with what she found.

She took me missionary the first time, murmuring, “Cum in me. I love feeling it. I never use condoms.” The feeling of her velvet socket for my plunging pole was mind-blowing. I lasted longer than I thought I would and was rewarded by her body shaking in orgasm as I throbbed and squirted. It got up again quicker too and she rode me. Her firm, full breasts were amazing to see and touch and suck. She came again form my nipple play.

At dawn we peed. She held my pecker playfully as I emptied then kissed the head. After breakfast we coupled again before checking out. There was time for a beach visit before boarding the train.

She didn’t invite me to spend the night as I had hoped. Later, as I learned her sexual schedule I found out that a sex-buddy regularly banged her Sunday nights. I could see her again on Wednesday after work and she had dinner and sex at my place before I took her home. She didn’t stay overnight during the week because it made getting ready for work too difficult. Friday and Saturday nights would be for me.

The nights I wasn’t with her were filled with imagination about what this lovely woman was doing. I respected her privacy and didn’t pry. Of course I wondered what that wonderful body had been doing since I saw her last. It was a combination of jealousy and envy and lust.

Finally, as I was screwing the shit out of her on a Wednesday evening, I couldn’t hold back any longer, “How much fucking have you done since we were together?”

Molly stopped and asked, “Are you sure you want to know? I’ll answer any question honestly but you’d better handle it right.”

“Go ahead,” I suggested.

“OK, Sunday night my youngest fuck-buddy comes over. He usually screws me three times before he leaves. I see him Tuesday too. On Monday I have an older guy, agewise sort of between the other guy and you. He’s usually good for two romps. So that adds up to eight pieces.”

“So which one is the best?” I queried.

“There is no ‘best’. I like them all because they are different enough. I just love and enjoy sex, period. I just focus on who I am with. Right now it’s you so keep going! I want to feel you cum in me.”

We grew closer and closer as we did more non-sex things together. That was a depth of feeling her other guys couldn’t provide. Finally, I asked her to move in with me.

“I really like you and we do the best things together, both in and out of bed, but I’m not ready to give up my fuck-buddies. I’m not being mean when I say that I don’t know if you alone could keep up with my sex needs. No one guy has been able to so far.”

My response was, “If I let you keep them, would that work?”

“So I would screw them at their place and then come home to you? Would you want to fuck me too?”

“Probably. I’ve fantasized about that.”

“Hmmm. That could be fun. The closest I get to two in a row is when you do me Sunday morning and my other guy does me late afternoon. Maybe you’d like to watch sometime too?”

“It’s a possibility.”

“With a clear understanding, I’ll agree. If you have problems, I’m gone.”

Molly moved in on a weekend so we screwed Sunday morning as usual. She left after lunch and returned about eight pm. I took her directly to the bedroom and undressed her. She had clearly just been ridden hard. She flopped down on the bed, spread her legs and offered, “Used pussy available. Help yourself.”

I knew she was testing me so I fondled her tits, rubbed the still seeping semen around on her clit, and shoved my shaft home. As I slammed into her well-fucked twat I got a commentary going, “Damn, this is the best pussy you’ve ever given me. Why have you been holding back all this time?”

She came with a screech and whole-body tremors, yelling, “Put your cum in me. There are three loads already. Rub your cock in them and I want yours too.” She got it!

So it went for a year. One guy got replaced and I did watch her longest-running guy screw her on her birthday. By then I was pretty well adjusted to her pussy’s activities. She had also learned how to ease my tensions while enjoying post-fuck-buddy sessions with me.

Her job was a dead-end so I had mentored her about career paths and she’d enrolled in a technical school. The schoolwork assignments did take up some evening time that had been reserved for buddy-fucking but she made up for that by bring home classmates that could help her.

Not unexpectedly for my hottie, their help wasn’t entirely academic. After some intense study together, it was common for her to just pull off the skirt she preferred to wear commando, and pull the other student, invariably a guy, between her legs for a quickie while I read on the other side of the room. After they finished their studying I’d get seconds, already hard from watching her. At this time in her life, sex was just a hunger that needed sating in whatever way was convenient.

The young men were more shy than she was, often glancing at me as they pumped in her pussy. As the weather warmed, she’d require that they study naked which resulted in multiple pussy fillings per session, especially if she’d invited two guys to “study”. Near the end of the session I’d pull out my pecker and stroke it as she was screwed. She loved to watch me as they pumped and spurted in her. She was wild on my cock after they departed and told me she loved me for being so good to her and thoughtful about her needs.

Was it real love or just appreciation, I wondered? Especially after I took her to an adult resort for a week. She loved parading around on the nude beach, which didn’t surprise me. But then there were the beach dances lighted by Tiki torches each evening. She went in a Hawaiian outfit with grass skirt, commando of course, and just a lei over her tits. A lot of young guys asked her to dance and off she went. I was visiting with a couple about my age and who lived not too far from us and lost track of Molly.

Late in the evening, after I’d had some “interesting” dances with the wife of the couple I mentioned above, Molly reappeared. When we got back to our cabin I asked her where she’d been. “Oh, on the beach with those nice boys who asked me to dance.”

“So what did you do there?” I pursued.

“I fucked them. They were so nice!”

“All of them?”

“Sure, they were all so nice. Don’t worry. I have some left for you.”

I took it, of course.

The next night Molly was up to the same tricks. I hooked up with the same couple and took the wife for a walk on the beach. She was later-forties, buxom and a bit on the heavy side. Short dark hair. Just as I suspected, she was ripe for a new dick and she got mine just the way she wanted it. Having her on top was a thrill for both of us because I could really play with her big and pendulous tits. She told me as we walked back, “My husband has been wanting me to try this for a long time. He will be thrilled. Can I see you tomorrow?”

“I enjoyed you a lot. Maybe we don’t have to wait until evening. I’ll look for you at lunch.”

Trudy, the wife, was ecstatic when I found her. “My husband is hornier than even on our honeymoon. Would you fuck me right in front of him?”

Wow, she moved fast! We screwed our brains out all afternoon and when I got back to the room Molly was waiting. “Where have you been? I looked all over for you!”

“I’ve been enjoying some of the resort’s most pleasurable activities just like you did. What’s the problem?”

“Oh. I guess I took you for granted. My mistake. I got tired of the immature guys and wanted your good loving. Would you tell me what you did?”

I told her about Trudy and her husband and our threesome. Molly exclaimed, “You probably had more fun than I did. All those young guys wanted to do was stick their dicks in and cum. They didn’t really care about my satisfaction. I’d like to meet your friends.”

We were both fucked out until morning when we had a nice screw. At breakfast I introduced Molly. Trudy’s husband certainly perked up, especially when I mentioned that maybe we could have some fun as a foursome.

We played on the beach until lunch after which Trudy suggested we go to their room for a nap. I knew what she really wanted. Molly was just fine with the husband’s thick cock, but then Molly seemed to be fine with any cock. I heard her squeal with delight as I pounded Trudy. She was glad her husband was getting some new stuff too.

We traded off with this couple until we left. They were special friends now.

As we drove home Molly was thoughtful. “I’ve been pretty immature and irresponsible. When I saw how Trudy and her husband behaved with each other I realized how I should be treating you. Please forgive me!”

I squeezed her shoulder and replied, “We all learn the important lessons at our own speed. I’ve stuck with you to give you a chance. It’s been a learning experience for me too, I want you to understand. I know I love you and would certainly consider a marriage as honest and respectful as Trudy has. What do you think?”

After a quiet spell, Molly replied, “I love you too in a way different and deeper than I have ever had before. Since we are already living together, let’s act like husband and wife for six months and, if it works, I’d marry you.”

Six months later there was a small ceremony with Trudy and her husband as witnesses. The foursome went back to the hotel where it all started and had a few days of fun sex for all. Molly was pretty hooked on older guys after that. It used to be that a cock was a cock. Now it mattered who the cock was attached to.

Molly still has her young woman needs, of course. More than I can handle. I’m satisfied with three or four good lays a week with more on special occasions. She is very selective about her extramarital cock now. They are usually study partners who change from semester to semester and she screws them at home. The more confident ones do it naked in the family room with me there, with Molly smiling at me as I read nearby. I like to hear her coos and moans and squeals as she enjoys them. It’s easy to tell when they cum in her from her urging and the way the bed squeaking changes.

Sometimes I’m hard and take seconds but often I’ve screwed her before they arrive. Molly likes that because she’s already aroused and says my slickness keeps them from, cumming too soon so she can get hers. Sometimes I can hear the squishing sounds of their pecker as it goes in and out of my cum.

One lad even asked to see me take seconds while he watched. He told Molly he’s looking for an open-minded girlfriend but they’re not plentiful. Molly quipped, “If you find a good one be sure to bring her over here for my husband to try out. He hasn’t had any new pussy for a while. I like to watch him get laid too.”

Sure enough, near the end of the semester that fuck-buddy brought his new girlfriend over. Sheila was only four-eleven but a sex tiger. Built like a muscular barrel with a layer of fat cushion over it, she was strong and agile. Her claim was that she worked out several times a day, always with the help of a guy. She got naked faster than Molly and cooed, “I’ve wanted to fuck an older guy for a long time. Let’s get started. I’m wet already thanks to my boyfriend. I couldn’t wait.”

Sheila wore me out in every position imaginable then made out with Molly as my wife was being bonked by the boyfriend. Sucking his dick clean kept it hard enough she could ride him to exhaustion too.

That was a one-time deal. I was afraid she’d kill me! Molly didn’t like all my energy being so drained either. She wished the fuck-buddy well, hoping he could keep up. He said he wasn’t her only stud, thank goodness.

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