by Marduk

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Erotica Sex Story: The story of a woman, handed over to a African to be pick-up for an educational class. She begins a sexual relationship that turns into a horror event as she is abused. In desperation she seeks her original companion - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Humiliation   Rough   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Water Sports   Violent   .

Rick arrived back at his abode earlier than expected. It had been a hectic day with the new agenda for the ‘adult education studies’ that he had been involved with for a couple of years, now with the new semester coming up he knew he wouldn’t be able to pick up Isabella again. ‘She was getting to be a bit of a nuisance’, he muttered as he checked the names on his enrolment form. ‘I don’t want to cross her off but I know she doesn’t have transport and in the early days picking her up was icing on the cake and certainly gave a boost for the entire days activities, nothing like a suck job in the car before class and a bum fuck in the small room after the rest of the class had gone, no wonder I enjoyed picking her up, even though it was out of my way. Unfortunately those days ended some time back and picking her up was now more of an obligation than a pleasure’, he finished his muttering when the phone rang.

The call was a breakthrough and ended his dilemma regards accommodating Isabella. The call was from a class member who joined the educational forum half way through the semester the year before, his name was Omo and he was from Africa. He was ringing to enquire about the coming semester and it was then that Rick put forth the suggestion to pick up Isabella. Omo had met her because she had been to the coffee lounge after the class and had chattered her up, just general conversation. “You don’t live that far away”, Rick said. “If you could I would appreciate it and to add a bit of encouragement if you are nice she will suck you off and she does fuck. I know I have been though her a number of times”. There was silence then and almost in a whisper, ‘Really?’ Rick gave the appropriate reply and then informed Omo that he would text the woman and advise her of the new pick-up arrangement, he then signed off.

Isabella received the text for she was wondering whether she would continue going to the sessions for she didn’t have transport and she knew that her association with Rick had cooled and she sensed that he was getting a bit annoyed for to pick her up was a bit out of his way. She was puzzled for a bit till she recalled Omo and remembered she had been a bit impressed by him, sure he was as black as coal but was rather charming and she had liked the brief conversations she had with him so when he arrived she was quite delighted. Being a new man she dressed to impress and his first comment made her oozes with delight; therefore she didn’t hesitate in accepting his fingers into her own and when he squeezed them she responded so by the time she got into his vehicle she was already giggling and relaxed. Omo was also in a good mood for the thought of fucking a white woman had been his desire ever since arriving in the area and now, maybe that desire was going to bare fruit.

Rick had told him that he parked in the underground area of the shopping complex and then walked to the venue and it was there that Isabella had first engaged his cock with her mouth, so Omo was hoping for the same result and the way Isabella was engaging him in conversation and the way she had responded to his initial contact with her fingers made him think that a suck job could be on the way. Isabella was in a good mood, the best she had been in ages for in reality she was a lonely woman and sometimes regretted her decision to end what was become more of a ritual with Rick, at least he had been company and did take her out for a coffee now and again, so when Omo turned off the engine and put his hand on her knee she responded and as he kissed and felt her tits she began to erupt as she had once done with Rick and it wasn’t long before her tits were bare, her dress pulled up and a finger, maybe more was giving her cunt a workout that only increased her desire and when he pulled her head towards his now naked and throbbing cock she closed her mouth over it and did what she could to swallow it, for even in that crammed enclosure his cock was big.

He pumped her head, like he had done with other women of his race for he had been sucked before, but then those women could accommodate his entire length, this white cunt couldn’t but what she was doing certainly was great and when he emptied his load, she struggled for he emptied more cum into her mouth than she had experienced and when she was released he couldn’t help but grin for the essence of his balls flowed like a torrent. It was some tissues later that they emerged and even as they walked she was continually spinning into a tissue, but the surprising thing she wasn’t angry, very surprised but she clung onto him, telling him that the suck was just the entrée to what could be on the menu.

They arrived at the venue, fingers entwined; Rick smiled. He didn’t comment on the smile on Omo’s face or the evidence of missed cum on Isabella’s lips. He conducted the class as normal, he deliberately avoided any serious conversation with Omo and just briefly asked Isabella if the pick-up arrangement was satisfactory, of which she gave a positive reply. He didn’t suggest to Omo that Isabella wipe her mouth for it really was none of his business. The class ended with the usual question of who was going for coffee and he wasn’t surprised that Omo registered his interest and Isabella gave a nod of agreement. The coffee ritual was just an update on what had been discussed but there was no hiding the evidence that Isabella was rather thrilled to be with Omo for the constant finger squeezing was very noticeable. “Well I am off” Rick said. “I have a lunch appointment with on old friend”.

“Male or female?” he was asked. He just grinned but all knew that it would be a woman.

Isabella followed the same programme she had done when she first met Rick, Omo was invited for a light lunch, naturally he accepted and although it was just toasted sandwiches Isabella made them with gusto, she wanted more of what she had already sucked. After lunch and on the lounge she purred as he bared her tits and she stroked his cock. “Shall we go into the bedroom?” she whispered as he played with her now extended nipple. Such a question deserved only one answer. Foreplay had already turned the tap of desire on and as they disrobed to reveal them both in all their glory, Isabella could only gape as the rising monster and as for him the heavy growth between her legs and her sagging but full tits only made that monster grow and thicken. “I love a hairy cunt”, he said as he pushed her onto the bed, pulled her legs apart and just before he plunged that monster she recalled Rick saying the same thing that he also loved a hairy cunt.

Any further reference or thought of Rick was dispelled as the ravishing began. Omo was determined to fuck this white cunt of the planet to send his twelve inch cock to the depths and as for Isabella her only response, that was to the initial thrust was a long drawn out ‘Oooooo!’ However, that would soon be replaced with very auditable gasps and moans as Omo drove his cock to the utter depths of her cunt, he banged with determination to satisfy his desire to fuck a white woman till the ‘cows came home’ and he had no intention of withdrawing till he had emptied his balls deep within her accommodating cunt.

Isabella bucked with every thrust, she clawed at his back, pushing her backside up, longing for just another inch, not for a moment realizing that she had twelve inches of solid black ivory rammed up her, there were no more inches to give, but she crave for just another inch. Omo anchored himself inside her and then moulded her tits into whatever shape there size would allow; he sucked on her nipples dragging them into his mouth so they stretched and began to discharge as he sucked. Isabella lifted herself up as he withdraw, she didn’t want that cock out, but then he hovered and thrust, all whole being vibrated so that she shook from her toes to the hair on her head and her cry of ‘Ahhhhh!’ vibrated off the walls. Again and again he rammed that monster home so by the time he hovered, with that cum covered cock appearing like a tree trunk, rising from the heavy growth of hair at her groin, she was sweating but when he thrust and blew his balls she erupted as a minor earth tremor and he kept pumping the essence of his balls till they were empty and only then did he roll over, pulling that spend length free of her accommodating cunt. Isabella was still gasping and offering a various array of utterance for some time and her tits, covered in saliva and sweat were still wobbling when he got up with a comment. ‘I need a drink’.

She wandered into the bathroom, putting it bluntly she was fucked, never before had she accommodated such a length. He supported her as they entered the shower and it was awhile before she could consider herself stable enough to consider herself ‘human’. “Omo!” she kept saying as he washed her. “I have never had such a cock, it ... it was terrific. I ... I can now say I have been fucked, absolutely”. He just smiled as he handed her a towel.

They didn’t dress, just a drink for both were rather thirsty, almost on the point of dehydration. However, the pleasure she had given him and with her womanly apparel on display it wasn’t long before that black ivory monster was again showing interest and as she washed the glasses he came up behind her, gripped her tits and began to push the head of his cock between the cheeks of her bottom. She felt it, she licked her lips. Was she going to experience what her husband and his brothers had done, fuck her up the bum? He moved to that hairy triangle and with a tit held, her cunt being pleasured and the monster gradually being inserted between the cheeks of her backside, when he whispered ‘bend over’ she didn’t have to be a genius to know what he had in mind, but when he thrust, her howl this time didn’t just echo off the wall, it encroached into every corner and crack. He withdraw and thrust again, her entire being vibrated and shuddered, her grip tightened till her knuckles hurt, her tits swung and bounced as he ravished and then that final shove, the gush after gush of hot cum her only response was a mild gasp, she was drained.

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