The Lusty Prince

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Historical Sex Story: Some things never change.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Fairy Tale   Incest   Royalty   .

The Prince went out a’hunting one fine day. “A’cunting” would be much more accurate since this trip was motivated by an itching in his loins to seek pussy, not wild game. Although such trips were supposed to be for seeking a royal spouse, he was only interested in temporary mating. He made no distinction as to the status of who he copulated with by invoking the local interpretation of droit de seigneur, the right of the rulers to have sex with women of their choosing.

His targets were selected entirely on the basis of appearance, not age nor marital status. A few virgins even came into his net, but they were rare these days. The menfolk in the kingdom had learned to keep their pretty women out of sight when the Prince left the palace, but some of them resisted being hidden away, having heard tales or personally experienced the substantial lance which he wielded quite well, according to the talk among the womenfolk. It was also known that there were assorted offspring resulting from such captures who were expected to be raised properly by husbands, or future husbands, of the mothers.

On this day he ventured upon a farm he had not visited before. Being unwarned of his coming, the three daughters greeted the rare visitor who was dressed so well and on such a fine horse. He was made welcome and offered a meal. It was then that they discovered that he was their Prince.

At the end of the meal he chose the youngest daughter who was also the fairest. Her name was Auburna and he told her of his wish, to the disappointment of her two older sisters who were less attractive and quite eager to mate with any man who would have them. She led him to the barn, knowing what he wished. Once in a private place, she surprised him greatly.

Ordinarily the woman would lie back and raise their skirt. At that time undergarments were often not worn, especially by lower-class people. For many people, acess to pussy was expedited by this during the daytime when spontaneous couplings might occur among married and unmarried partners, or combinations of both.

Auburna removed all of her clothing provocatively, revealing substantial and well-formed breasts with nipples hard as nails. Her genitals were lightly covered by the same reddish hair that adorned her head. The inner lips poked provocatively through the outer ones. Once fully on display, she knelt down and removed his pantaloons. Her mouth engulfed the already erect and substantial organ.

This was a rare and unexpected treat, an active and eager partner, so unlike the passive receptacles he usually encountered. He reached down to cup her magnificent mammaries as she teased his hard shaft and swollen head. He was ready to pull her on her back and mount her in the usual manner when she moved quickly to poise her pussy above his ready rod.

As she descended upon it he felt a resistance which suddenly broke and she gave a little cry but kept progressively taking more and more of it inside. He could see little streaks of blood as she rose up and then came back down over and over. His attention was torn between the tight pussy engulfing him and the beautiful breasts waving in his face, asking to be sucked and nibbled on.

Finally he got his release and the force of his seed planting surprised even him, a rather jaded stud. She fell upon him and began kissing him deeply and with tongue, something that also rarely happened when he used a woman for his pleasure.

After a while they pulled apart and he left her there in the barn as he dressed, mounted his horse and rode away, more satisfied than he could remember.

He took other rides and experienced other women, young and old, single, married, or widowed, but he could not forget Auburna. His custom was to not repeat with women he had taken, but the memories of her pulled him back to that farm and she immediately welcomed him in the barn, served a meal, and then took him back to the barn again.

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