Alas Muslim Breeding

by Rick Kittle

Copyright© 2017 by Rick Kittle

Erotica Sex Story: A couples friendship and financial troubles lead to unprotected sex and pregnancy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   Foot Fetish   .

Times had been tough for George and Ala. Married just on a year from being young sweethearts Ala had just lost her job, and the house payments and bank notices were mounting. Ala thought that surely it wouldn’t be that hard to get back into the fashion industry, an industry she loved but it proved so. Every day she would present her 5 foot 9 inch frame in knee length skirts and tight tops that enhanced her small firm boobs before chasing work.

Problem was Ala looked a bit too high class, and although a bit chubby in the thighs, bum, and belly she had a strikingly beautiful face, and long slender ankles that led to the most superbly kept and presented feet that she showed off daily in heels. Ala learned early in the piece that men liked well kept and beautifully mani/pedicured women. Her skin was milky white, flawless, and her hair a mess of jet black curls. She was as striking as a woman in her late 20s could be, and this air of elegance and confidence worked against her when looking for mid-level jobs.

Another week passed with no work, and Ala looked forward to kicking back Friday night with her husband George and their friend Tarek who being Egyptian didn’t drink, so would happily spend the night in with his new friends and do simple stuff like watch TV and play board games. Tarek worked in the finance industry and was helping George restructure the home loan lest they should lose the house, and although they hadn’t known him for more than a couple of months Tarek had provided them with invaluable help so far and shown himself to be a good friend.

This Friday night was Monopoly night and due to the cold night air Ala had the heater on and was already in her night gown when the doorbell rung, and sure enough it was Tarek, dressed in his usual Armani, the sound of his newish BMW pulling up out the front giving him away. A handsome guy with dark olive skin and jet black eyes Tarek was already joking with George as he walked in the door.

The game had started and it didn’t take long for George to be down several hundred Monopoly dollars and staring down the barrel of being out of the game. Maybe it was the wine they were drinking while Tareks religious beliefs kept him sober?

‘How about I loan you a few hundred of these game dollars so you can stay in?’ Tarek laughed. George put his hand out to accept but Tarek pulled back. ‘It is going to cost you’ he said ‘You can have the money if Ala goes and puts some of her beautiful heels on so I can look at her!’ and they all broke into laughter.

A little bit tipsy and keen to continue the joke Ala walked off to the room, looking back at the boys and winking at them. They laughed. Within minutes Ala walked out with a skin tight black dress on with a low-cut cleavage enhancing her small but pert chest, and some strappy open-toed black shoes that showed off her relaxed nude coloured toes as the perfection they were. As if on cue both of the guys gasped and muttered some compliments, they all sat back down and the game continued.

Once finished and with several bottles of cheap wine gone they were all relaxing on the couch and discussing their dire financial predicament when Tarek laughed again, ‘How about I give you $200 if Ala puts those feet in my lap!’, George looked oddly and said ‘But the board has been put away so can’t help you there Tarek’, but as he said this Tarek leaned forward, pulled out his wallet and handed over two $100 notes to George. He paused, then slowly took them. Ala looked at them both stunned, but slowly George nodded to Ala prompting her to do as asked.

Ala wasn’t sure what to think about this but being light headed and in the spirit of fun she went and sat next to Tarek and angled her slender heeled feet in his lap. Tarek just looked at them admiring the longer second toe, the perfect nail structure, and their overall elegant look. Everyone at first laughed, but the mood changed slightly when one of Alas heels pushed against the large lump which had risen in the front of Tareks pants. ‘Oh George your wife’s feet are so beautiful I will give you another $200 if I can take the shoes off and rub them.

With that another $200 was given to George, and although stunned he look at Ala who shrugged her shoulders and nodded. Without a word Tarek unstrapped her heels and let them drop on the floor and started to gently rub and knead at her soles, taking care to stroke the length of her toes. Although Ala knew she had beautiful feet George never paid them much attention so this was mesmerizing for her and it felt good. Tarek obviously thought so too, as while he was stroking and caressing one foot he pushed the other against his throbbing erection which Ala was gently rubbing.

‘Stop’ Tarek shouted and stood up. ‘George this is pain for me I must be relieved her so please accept another $500 and let Ala rub those feet on my bare body. George was doing the sums in his head and realized that over a week’s wages had just been made and all Ala had to do was rub her feet on some guy. She however shook her head at them both as to say no, but George started to croon at her ‘Please baby we need this money to survive and it is Tarek our friend, what can it hurt?’ ‘Ok but nothing more’ Ala said as Tarek laid back and exposed his large hooded brown phallus. Much darker than Georges it was brown enough to look dirty in Alas eyes, and it already had a large glob of leakage forming on the large uncut head.

Gently Tarek grabbed her feet and held them in his hands, gliding them up and down his shaft which was now slick with pre-cum. She worked her toes over the eye and it started to drip. Tarek arched his back and started to mumble something in his native Egyptian, head rolled back, mouth open, and started to ejaculate. Big long ropes of pungent semen spewed from the tip of his cock, shooting through the gaps of her toes, and spraying up her legs. By the time the Arab cock had started to deflate there was mess everywhere, with Alas feet tacky and glazed with sperm. Tarek looked embarrassed, apologised, stood up, and left. Ala said nothing and went for a long warm shower.

Their need for money, and the amount that Tarek was willing to pay for such a service was intoxicating to the young couple though so Friday nights quickly turned into a organised procession of Ala spending an hour putting fresh shiny polish on her toes, getting drunk, then slinking around and teasing in heels before letting the big Arab ejaculate up her feet and legs. For nearly $1000 a week it was worth the moral conflict it caused her. There could be no more though as George was the only man Ala had ever had intercourse with and only then with condoms. She took no birth control and strictly believed that any pregnancy had to be carried to term. She was very, very careful, and it would stay that way.

About a month in though, Tarek decided to take it further. As Ala rubbed his thick brown cock with her feet Tarek took them down and said to George ‘Brother if you will have her do this naked for me than I will give you $1000, and I will be naked too.’ Ala who was embarrassed of her small boobs, chubby thighs, and butt instantly said no. There wasn’t an amount of money that would make her do this, but Tarek as he stood up to undress had already handed over the $1000 to George and he got firm ‘Ala you have to do this for us, not for Tarek, please understand’.

Tarek gasped as Alas dress fell of her shoulders and onto the ground in front of him. Her pert breasts and wide hips were his idea of perfection in a woman and together they looked quite a contrast his rippling brown skin against her almost luminous soft white body. ‘Oh George please let me touch her’ Tarek said and without waiting for approval leaned forward and started to suckle her breasts. Ala tried to pull back but George stopped her ‘just let it go Ala, we need this, please baby’. Tarek pushed Ala down backwards onto the sofa and bent down to his trousers on the floor. He shuffled around in his pockets before pulling out a small package, and another massive wad of notes. ‘Brother George I have a condom, I have $5000 more for you here if I can sex Ala’.

George stopped and said no but Tarek countered ‘We are like brothers please I will do no harm, you will be able to pay the bank and I will be happy’. Ala was now quite drunk, and was in shock as George said ‘Ok but please be careful and this will not happen again’. His erection standing out and arching upwards towards his belly Tarek rolled the condom down to its base took Ala by each ankle and started to lick and suck her toes. As he moved forward he pushed her ample thighs further and further apart till the tip of the rubber was now probing the entrance to her tacky, lubricated vagina. ‘Oh no Tarek’ Ala started to say before her breath was taken away as the large brown cock started to enter her. Expertly he pushed in deeper and deeper each stroke, muttering and murmering in his native tongue as he slowly reached full depth.

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