Blame It on the Purge

by Mark Gander

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Gander

BDSM Sex Story: A night of watching "The Purge" leads to a question whose answer would change the brother/sister relationship that Julian had with his stepsister Marcy for good.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Squirting   Water Sports   .

Marcy and I were sitting on my sofa, watching the Purge, as it happened, just days away from Halloween. We ate plenty of popcorn and drank a few beers together, just kicking around a bit, brother and sister (okay, stepbrother and stepsister, but we had grown up together, so we tended to leave the “step” part out of things). I jokingly called her “Marcia Brady” and “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,” while she teased me by twisting my name, changing Julian to “Julia” or “Jules” (her excuse being that “Julian” was a bastardized English name of my true Cajun name, anyway). I usually paid her back by tickling her more than a little and demanding that she call me “sir,” as Marcy in Peanuts did with Peppermint Patty. We had this routine down since we were at least in grade school (okay, minus the beer), but I was twenty-five to her twenty now. She wasn’t technically legal to drink in most states, but this was Louisiana, so we lucked out that way.

It was my first Halloween since leaving the Army due to the shrapnel after just seven years of service. I was glad for Marcy’s company, to put it mildly. When Uncle Sam and I separated, he got custody of my girlfriend, who was still in the Army, not that I failed to understand. She just didn’t have time for me what with everything happening, plus we both cheated enough times to have doubts about our future. There wasn’t much bitterness, especially since she was still serving our country and I was proud of her for that. It wasn’t my fault that my ties to the Army were severed, but since she was still whole, Adrienne still hoped to make a career of it. Despite being from the same state, we would likely not see each other again while she was in the service, unless on her next leave.

“So, if the Purge were real, what crime would you commit, if any?” Marcy teased me now, as the movie came to an end (after watching it the eleventh time, so we already knew it without being too focused on it).

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe fuck some jailbait. No murder. I’ve seen enough violence. I wouldn’t rob anyone, either. I’d want a fairly victimless crime. Fuck some jailbait or get with a hooker. No need to worry about being arrested for soliciting as a john if all crime is legal. That’s what I don’t get about this whole thing ... why does everyone want to kill first? If all crime is legal, why does it always come down to murder? Realistically, wouldn’t there be other crimes, too?

“Not everyone wants to kill first. I’ve done enough killing in my case to last me a good while, and what I did wasn’t even wrong. It was just war. That didn’t stop it being unpleasant, though. That’s someone’s son, brother, husband, father, uncle, etc. You try not to think about that too much, but sometimes it really just hits you hard. What about you?” I turned to my sister, and got the answer that shook me to my core and changed everything about our relationship.

“Oh, that’s easy, since you’re asking. I’d rape you,” Marcy told me, bringing me up short and making me snort out my beer.

“RAPE me? Why on Earth would you do that?” I recovered after nearly choking, I coughed so much.

“Sure, how else am I going to give you my cherry? I’m your sister. You’d never take it voluntarily, would you? That would be incest. Though if I knew how you felt about jailbait, I might have seduced you when I was younger,” Marcy informed me, making me blush in spite of myself.

“Wait a second. You’re STILL a virgin, and you want me to have it? When did you plan to tell me this, and what did you plan to do about it?” I coughed and sputtered a bit in response to her news.

“Yeah, think that I’m going to let those fools take my cherry? I don’t mind slutting around, but I want my first time to be yours. I decided that years ago. I just had to find the opportunity. Now I have it. I’m just waiting for my chance and I’m going to seize it whenever it happens. I want to enjoy my first time, not have it hurt like hell and ruin sex for me and cause me to need therapy for years, Jules.

“Besides, they’re so not worthy of my virginity, of the tightness that is sure to make them cum far too soon. They’d be cumming and leaving me high and dry. You, on the other hand, would have me screaming your name. I just know it. Even if you came too fast, you’d find a way to make me cum, anyway, and more than make up for it. They’d just give me the bum’s rush and never give it a second thought, I believe,” Marcy explained her thinking, which had me more than a little shaken up.

“And fucking your own brother wouldn’t put you in therapy?” I asked skeptically, “not to mention the guilt of raping him?”

“Oh, I’d feel no guilt, because I know that you want this and I’d be giving it up to you. Okay, maybe a little guilt over the rape part, but none over the incest. I don’t have that hang-up, even if you probably do. Besides, although we’re brother and sister, we’re not blood. We are brother and sister because we grew up together, part of the same family, and because you consider my mother to be Mom and I think of your father as Dad. But guilt?

“Not much, just over the rape part, and not even much over that, since I know that you already want me. I can just tell. You just have too much of a conscience to do anything about it for whatever reason. You’d do a teenybopper, but somehow, incest is beyond the pale. That’s society for you, fucking with your head. You want this pussy, I know it, and I’d love to give it up to you. It’s really yours for the asking, anyway, for the wanting. You want it, you get it. Anytime. You name it.

“Look, I’m going to end up in bed with you, sooner or later. You deserve to know that. Sooner or later, you and I are going to fuck, and once that happens, it will never stop. Ever. We can’t ever marry. I know that. Pesky little family of ours would never let that happen. They’d lie and stall and pressure and cajole and whatnot, until people refused to officiate, witness, etc. But all the same, this booty is yours and remains so for life. I don’t care if you marry, get another girlfriend, if I end up marrying or getting a boyfriend or whatever. This is my pussy, but I’m going to award it to you. I’m going to let you fuck me whenever you like, whatever happens.

“But the first time, I’m in charge. Why? So I can get it my way, the way that I feel comfortable doing it. I need to feel safe and relaxed. I need to feel free to enjoy my first ever sex how I like it. I want my first time to be on my terms. I’m going to take you. I’m going to ravish you. I’m going to have my way with you, Jules. After that, you can punish me, hurt me, teach me any lessons about sex that you think that I need to learn. I just want to dominate you my first time, and I’m ready to submit forever after that.

“So, fair warning, bro. Someday, and soon, I’m going to break in, tie you up, use you for sex, make you my bitch for the night, and then stick around to face the music the next morning. Just, please, promise me that you’ll administer my punishment. You won’t press charges. You won’t ruin my life for this. You’ll just use me for your own pleasure, maybe get a bit rough and hurt me, but no lasting harm. What do you think, bro?” my sweet sister really shocked me with this side of her, which I hadn’t seen much of at all.

“What if I change the locks, making your key useless?” I teased her, trying to get her goat.

“I’ll just break a window, and hope that you haven’t set an alarm, I guess. You’d still have to press charges for them to prosecute me, even then, right? But you wouldn’t do that to me, would you? Not to your only sister in the world,” Marcy poured on the charm now, after jarring me with this bizarre confession of her intention to force sex on me.

“Can’t rape the willing, you know,” I pointed out to her with a grin.

“Well, let’s pretend that I didn’t hear that. I prefer to think that my brother isn’t willing. It adds more of a kick to things. I want to believe that you want me, but aren’t willing due to your hang-ups and fears and conscience and all of that other crap. It’s part of the game, part of the fun, at least for me. I started out just wanting sex with you, but the more I thought of it, the more I obsessed over it, you get the idea. The stronger of an appeal it had for me. I can have it my way for a bit, and then we can do it yours,” Marcy continued.

“But the Purge isn’t real. You said that you’d rape me if there was a Purge, right? But the Purge isn’t real, it’s just a movie, so you couldn’t rape me, could you? Or do you have another way to do this without getting into trouble,” I stipulated, triggering a grin from her, a very wicked one.

“Yes, throwing myself on the mercy of the court, and not too much mercy, I hope,” Marcy winked at me, “I’d be sure to pay plenty of restitution and do your bidding for life. Weren’t you listening? My plan is simple. Rape you and then turn myself over to your custody, for you to deal out the punishment as you wish. The court that I have in mind is you. You’d be judge, jury, and executioner, not literally with the third, of course. You’d have some serious dirt on me, after all, so I’d have to submit to your blackmail, wouldn’t I, bro?”

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to believe of what you told me. Some of it just seemed like trash talk or teasing, as you often do. Were you seriously going to keep putting out for me, even if you or I ... or both of us, got married or had serious relationships? Are you basically offering to be my booty call?” I wanted to clarify this whole deal, see if Marcy was clowning around as usual, or in earnest about some of her ideas, including the proposed rape.

“Okay, bro, it’s SO on! You doubt that I mean it? You think that I’m kidding? You’re going to find out, soon enough. I give you fair warning, dear brother. I’m going to rape you like nobody’s business, and then, once I’ve raped you, I’m going to throw myself at your feet, taking whatever punishment you choose to give me. If you want to press charges, I’ll be hurt, but I’ll gladly pay the price for just one night with my beloved brother. If you want to tie me up and use me, that would be better, but it’s all up to you. I could die happy, having been with you just once,” Marcy told me, now looking rather shockingly serious about it ... she was in earnest!

“You chose this movie tonight so that you could set me up with this, didn’t you? So that you could warn me of your intentions, to be fair to me, and to prepare myself for whatever you had in mind, right? You do realize that warning me gives me a chance to thwart your plans, don’t you? You’re not exactly the dullest knife in the drawer, after all. We’re both fairly intelligent people, so you know what I could do to stop you, especially as a veteran,” I confronted her, knowing that she was well aware that the odds of overpowering me were not on her side.

“Don’t worry, I won’t shoot you. I could never hurt my brother like that. I plan to sneak in, tie you up, maybe while you sleep, and then start having my way with you. You’re in for a night like few that you’ve ever seen. Or maybe I’ll pretend to be a trick or treater, just to get inside, and have my way with you that way,” Marcy winked at me, licking her lips at the thought of her intended trick (or was that “treat”).

“Wow, sis. Just wow. I never thought that you had it in you. I’m not even sure of what to say about all of this. This is a huge deal, this whole fantasy of yours. You set me up for it, too, with the selection of the Purge as a film. Hell, I think that every time we’ve watched the Purge, this was on your mind. Wow,” I reacted with some shock, but after that, we both went to bed, each of us tired by the movie and conversation, though I noted that Marcy only wore my Garfield T-shirt and some of my boxers ... for some reason, that actually turned me on, much to my surprise.

I thought that I was safe for the night, of course, that she planned her rape scene for later on, but I awoke around 0200 or thereabouts, to find that my wrists were bound. I panicked a bit, realizing that Marcy had decided not to let this opportunity pass, that she was going to go ahead and rape me tonight, rather than wait for another chance. Sure enough, I wasn’t alone. I had a shadowy figure in the darkness with me, but I already knew without looking that it was Marcy. She had come for me, and she was there to take me against my will.

To my surprise, Marcy didn’t bind my legs, at least not yet. Instead, she parted them and removed my boxers to expose my hard cock to her gaze. Licking her lips, Marcy moved upwards with her tongue, from my toes and feet, going up to my calves, then to my knees, making me shiver with every flick of her tongue and kiss of her soft lips on my flesh. I could feel the goosebumps on my skin, as my stepsister treated me like an ice cream cone or something. I gasped with pleasure, unable to think, as Marcy kept up the pace, circling her way closer to her target, her goal, as she went.

When she reached my groin, I knew what was up, as she got a devilish gleam in her eyes. I felt myself groaning, as Marcy slowly, teasingly, began licking and kissing the head of my cock, lathering it with her spit. When she also began playing with my balls, I shivered yet again. It was one thing to get it on with someone like Adrienne, hot stuff, but quite acceptable socially. It was quite another to have a girl who teased and taunted me, pouted to get her way, watched movies with me growing up, played catch, made me wait while she primped so that I could use the bathroom, and embarrassed me a few times while a youth, to have a girl who grew up with me and knew my flaws do this kind of thing with me.

This was a girl that I knew intimately in every way but this ... until now, that is. Now she would know me this way as well. Blood or not, she was my sister, that’s how I always thought of her, and now she was changing the rules of our relationship to put sex on the table when it never had been there in the past. It also meant that she knew that I wasn’t perfect, had no illusions about me, and still wanted to fuck me. She knew that I hated mayo and only pretended to like Aunt Lydia’s macaroni salad so as not to hurt her feelings. She knew that I could go through a bag of pretzels mindlessly if not interrupted. She knew that I was easily grossed out by flatulence and had always bribed her to take my turn cleaning out the litter box ... and she had always haggled with me over the bribe, too.

When Marcy finally engulfed my cock with her hot, wet mouth, taking me in to the base, I groaned yet again, unable to process such pleasures at her hand. She sucked me harder and harder, playing with my balls the whole time, too. I could see the silhouette of her hair as she blew me good, giving me head that would put even Adrienne’s to shame, and that wasn’t easy to do. More than once, I heard a popping sound as I felt her let go of my dick, but not for long. I was soon back in her mouth at the root, her warm, slick mouth feeling like a pussy right then, and a glorious one at that, nice and juicy.

It was too much, no question of that, for me to control myself much longer, even as I wondered just how my virginal stepsister became so good at blowjobs. Then I remembered that many “virgins” still gave head, partly so as to STAY virgins, of course. Was my Marcy one of that sort, and if so, why? I shuddered, gasped, and shivered once more, and then exploded in my sister’s warm and willing mouth. She lapped it up, licked her lips again, and raised herself up to my face to kiss me with a snowball. I was stunned, but I didn’t resist. This was a delightfully kinky side to Marcy and I couldn’t help but stay at least a little hard. She caught that and got up to bring over something liquid to me, some kind of beverage.

“What is that?” I asked her, speaking at last.

“Shhh ... this is my time. Just drink. You’ll be in charge soon enough. Time enough for talking then. Tonight, I’m the boss,” Marcy told me, making me drink as much as I could of what turned out to be iced tea, but with a funny taste to it.

Once I swallowed that, Marcy asked me, “So, how did the Viagra taste?”

“Viagra?” I panicked now, knowing that she was determined to kill any chance of me getting a decent night’s rest to sleep off the booze ... I was going to be her living, breathing Sybian and I knew it ... knew it, wanted it, and also feared it.

“Yep, if I’m going to be punished for raping you later, I’m going to milk the rape for as much as I can get from it, right? In for a penny, in for a pound, and I’m getting my full time lover tonight. I’m going to ride you again and again tonight. You’ll be drained and sore ... and you’ll love every second of it. Now, the rules of the Purge say 12 hours, so I figure that gives me until about two thirty or so this afternoon, right? It’s not 7 to 7, but it’s also not the right month for the Purge. It doesn’t matter. As you yourself said, the Purge isn’t real, so we can modify it as we wish,” my sweet sister coolly informed me as she planted her pussy on my face and I could smell the wonderful scent of its wetness.

It was impossible to resist, of course, and I went for it, my tongue darting at the outside first, playfully probing and teasing Marcy’s juicy twat, lapping eagerly at her fluids. There was no attempt to even pretend that I didn’t want this anymore. Far from it. I desired it. I burned for it now, whereas before I held my attraction in check and buried it in the back of my mind. It was now very much at the front of my mind instead, and God, I relished the experience! It was literally delicious to me, eating my sister’s pussy, so much that it wasn’t much longer before I greedily went deeper, wanting much more of that lady juice.

If Marcy intended a sixty-nine or something, it was too bad, because while I was tied up, right then, I was still very much in control and she knew it. Whatever my sister’s plans for me right at that moment, she was putty in my hands, or was that my tongue in this case, since my hands remained bound. At this point, she could have suffocated me and I would have been fine with trading the air to breathe for more of her sweet juices on my tongue, more of her delectable cunt on my lips. Marcy squirmed, shivered, whimpered, moaned, panted, and cursed, repeatedly in fact, as she came on my face three or four times in a row. We weren’t thinking of anything else in the past or future at that point. We were both very much living in the moment, in the present.

“Oh, God, bro ... Oh, God ... I wish that I knew how great you are at this! Oh, damn, I’d have had you every time you went on leave, every time that I could get you away from Adrienne and Uncle Sam! I would have pounced on you, seduced you, did whatever it took to make you mine! It wouldn’t have matter if you were married or nothing ... Oh, God, I’d sell my soul for this tongue inside me!” Marcy confessed as we both collapsed from the way that my tongue feasted on her.

“So, what next? Too sore for dick?” I taunted Marcy, who giggled and gave me a very eager kiss that indicated quite the opposite.

“Um ... hell, no, bro! Time to ride you at last!” Marcy told me as she climbed my now very stiff rod and started moving before I could even process what she did.

Oh, God, I thought, this was ... damn! Marcy was incredibly tight, of course, confirming her story of being a virgin, and I wondered just how I would avoid cumming too quickly in such a juicy, gripping twat. The way that Marcy moved her hips didn’t hurt, either, taking me deeper with every single stroke. She obviously adored me and craved me in ways that I could never have guessed in the slightest. Sure, we loved each other, but as siblings, right? We were brother and sister, always had been, lack of blood ties notwithstanding. Now, Marcy proved that she wanted a lot more from me than just fraternal affection. She wanted my body, my wounded, scarred, damaged body ... why? It wasn’t ... romantic love, was it? Or was it plain old lust, and if so, why? What about me would attract her sexually at all?

“Damn it, sis!” I grunted at last, unable to hold back much longer.

“Lovin’ it, aren’t you, bro? Just think, there’s more of this comin’ ... a lot more! Any time that you want it, in fact. No conditions. No strings. No demands. No questions about the future. The future is what you want it to be. Just complete, blind loyalty and obedience. All that I ask for is this day, this one day, not even a full day ... just 12 hours of total control of this situation. Both to have my fantasy and to lose my virginity the way that I want it lost,” Marcy smiled down at me with brazen desire, her lovely tits waving in my face and adding to the glory that was her.

“Oh ... God ... damn ... it!” I groaned, fighting back the urge just a little more.

“Oh, did I mention that I’m fertile tonight? I stopped taking the Pill just in time, bro!” Marcy winked at me before leaning over to give me the wettest, sloppiest French kiss that she could, invading my mouth with her tongue yet again.

I couldn’t fight the need anymore ... I came like crazy, bareback, inside my sweet sister. She responded by squirting furiously all over my still erect cock. Oh, fuck, how was I not going limp? Oh, yeah, the damn Viagra! Oh, shit! I didn’t have priapism, did I? I worried for a bit, but at last my dick went soft for just a little while, enough to make it clear that I didn’t have that horrible condition. That was a relief! I didn’t take my sister as my lover only to have a ruined prick, thank God!

“Oh, and I wasn’t lying about being fertile, Jules! Little confession time, bro. I’m a bit more than just attracted to you. I ... love you. As in, I’m IN LOVE with you, okay? And I have been since I was at least ten, believe it or not. Yes, that damn long I’ve held a torch for you, knowing and fearing that there could never be a chance. At first, it was a silly, girlish crush, and yes, Mom and Dad knew of that, but thought that I’d grow out of it.

“I let them think of that, but I told myself that if I ever got the chance to be yours, I’d grab with both hands, and that’s what I’m doing now. I AM yours now, and forever, and you are mine, at least for today. That’s what this about, babe. I’m your girl, whatever you do, and even if you have other women, I’m still your girl. I will ALWAYS be your girl! Period! I belong to you and ... I believe that you want to belong to me, too, don’t you, dear brother?” Marcy declared, as she worked on my prick to get it back to life, her mouth and hands magical in their manipulation of my cock and balls...

I already came twice, once from the blowjob, the next from cowgirl-style. What was next? I found out in short order, as I felt my hard-on returning and Marcy climbing back on me, this time with her back facing me. She went for “reverse” cowgirl this time around, giving me an excellent view of her bottom, which was truly the most beautiful thing that I ever saw in my life. I had seen many pretty things, but her ass topped them all. It was just large enough to make it tough for her to put on most jeans, without making it burst through them. I could see that lovely rosebud between her wonderful buns as well, which further excited me and helped the Viagra do the job of getting me back in fucking trim.

Buried back inside Marcy and her truly fantastic snatch, what could I do but enjoy the ride, though she was the rider as before? It was glorious, being mounted like this, her booty facing me, even if my being bound prevented me doing what I wished by now, which was grabbing that fine derriere. Oh, well, I told myself, I’d be taking it in hand soon enough, at least if Marcy kept her word. If she didn’t, well, our relationship would be irreparably harmed, as she would have proven both a liar and a rapist at once. My own consent at this point, now that it was given, was at least partly based on her promises, after all.

Having come twice before, I had better control, and Marcy used that to milk me for every last stroke and thrust that she could get from me. She bounced up and down on me, vigorously enough that I worried a couple of times that she might break my dick, but there was no real danger of that. Marcy knew just the right angle and pace (she actually researched that, strangely enough) to avoid the risk of a broken penis. I soon put such worries from my mind, focusing on the exquisite delight of being taken like this. Marcy knew how to make my captivity very pleasant, as it happened, treating my cock as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread. I kept groaning for what felt like hours, as she moaned on me, cussing as she took me balls deep in her cunt and deliberately clenched me to make me cum at last.

“Oh, God, woman ... oh, God!” I exclaimed, as I felt as if every last drop of my spunk were squeezed from my balls through the tube that was my dick into her slippery, wet, warm snatch.

“You liked that a lot, didn’t you? Good to know. I’m far from done, of course. Far, far from it. We have many hours left to go, hours of pleasure, of love, of passion. Hours of you being my prisoner and me taking you to the heights of ecstasy. You’ve made me cum far more than I thought possible. I’ve done oral before, both kinds, but this ... is clearly why plain old cock in pussy is best, at least for me. Especially since you can knock me up ... and will, this way. I’ll give you Stockholm Syndrome like crazy, too. I’m going to spoil you rotten, big brother, in ways that no little sister would dare, but I can and will,” Marcy told me, sucking me yet again from her own twat, “hey, I taste pretty good, don’t I?”

“Yes ... you are quite yummy, sis. I have to wonder how your ass tastes, too. If it’s anything like your pussy, oh, God... ,” I reacted to the extra flicks of Marcy’s tongue across the head of my sore, but sated prick, sensations of pleasure overwhelming me and my poor brain right then.

“Oh, you want that kind of action, do you? Well, I’m still in charge while we’re doing this Purge roleplay, but I did promise to spoil you, didn’t I? I definitely want you coming back for more of what I have to offer you ... much, much more of it,” Marcy went to the john for a bit and I heard her washing carefully to make sure that she was nice and clean, I could just tell.

The next thing that I knew, Marcy was on my face again, this time offering me her butt-crack for a delightful rimjob. I couldn’t resist, of course. I started tickling Marcy’s booty with my tongue, my lips enclosed on that puckered hole of hers. She shivered and I could see the goosebumps form on her ass, the flesh on her buns very much affected by my oral services to her and her magnificent bottom. She really lost any self-restraint now, her whole body shaking from the thrill of me rimming her with a vengeance. All I cared about right at that moment was the sweetness of her tush, the luscious ass that begged to be eaten. I could hear Marcy breathing very shallow breaths, unable to cope with the raw pleasure of having me lick her bottom like that.

I could then hear her scream out, “JJJJUUUULLLEEESS! Oh, my God ... OH, MY EVER LOVING GOD!”

Marcy collapsed on top of me, whimpering, as if broken on my tongue, being owned by her captive brother. I was the one restrained, yet I was clearly in command of her body and she knew it. I showed her no mercy, though. If she was going to hold me like this, her prisoner, she was going to remember this day. I continued to give her quick swipes of her asshole with my tongue, making her flinch, jump, and whimper as I pleasured her with more aftershocks to follow the great earthquake that I caused with my mouth. I had licked her into submission, making her absolutely mine now.

“You know that I own this ass, right? I licked it, so it’s mine,” I taunted Marcy, making her moan again from my words as well as my tongue.

“Yes, well, you’ll have to wait a bit to take possession of your property, sir. You’re still my captive for now, in case you forgot,” Marcy teased me back now, “if you can promise me to return to your bonds like a good prisoner, I will take a shower with you now.”

“I will, if you promise to taste yourself on my tongue,” I offered Marcy, still rimming her with a passion that few could match, mostly because I loved the taste of her.

“You got a deal, bro,” Marcy told me, getting off my face and untying me at last, leading me to the shower before she gave me a French kiss that was as steamy as the shower could ever be.

“Hot damn, sis, why haven’t we done this kind of thing with each other before? You’re a natural!” I praised Marcy, even as she began washing me with the puff and taking her own sweet time of touching my flesh as she did so.

“Because Mom and Dad would have killed us, I think. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet, isn’t it? You’re a natural, too! Adrienne must have been off her rocker to give this up! She’ll be back at your doorstep before you know it, missing that great lovin’, and you should totally give her a good, hard grudge fuck for her trouble. Then you should let me taste her on you, see how she tastes, how delicious she must be if you ate her out as much as you clearly did.

“You can totally have both of us if you wish, at least from my end of things. You can marry her sweet ass and I will still be there for you, your side piece and eager to pitch hit for her or just take the edge off whenever she’s out of commission, or whatever else you need that she can’t give you. I’ll lez her out for you, too, if you wish,” Marcy reinforced the idea that she would truly do anything that I wished, just as she promised before.

“Well, to be fair to her, she left me for Uncle Sam. He kinda has rights to her body in a way that I don’t. At least until her term of enlistment runs out. Hard to compete with that. I’m proud of her for being such a damn fine soldier, even if it hurt to lose her. It just couldn’t work out, at least in her mind, long-distance like that. She was probably worried that either she or I, or both, would cheat, as we have in the past.

“She was probably right about that, too. I don’t think that I’m cut out for monogamy, and I doubt that she is, either, but she’s a good Catholic girl, or tries to be. It would be rough to accept that she can’t make a traditional marriage work with the ‘right guy’ once she is ready to ‘settle down’ and all that jazz. I can’t fault her too much, but I do miss her, whatever her flaws,” I confessed to my lovely sister, caressing her face in the shower as I now washed her skin for my turn.

“That’s the beauty of it, though. I’d totally respect the sanctity of her marriage to you. I could just be a mistress, a maitresse in the French tradition, and as Cajuns, we are all of French stock, aren’t we? If the Church doesn’t like it, let me point out that people who cover up altar boys shouldn’t throw stones. Don’t get me wrong. In my own, lapsed way, I guess that I’m still a Roman Catholic ... Very lapsed and very prone to use my own judgment instead of the Church’s, but the Church didn’t have infallibility until the 19th century, so we kind of had to think for ourselves until, anyway. I could be her mistress, too, if you and she both wished it. I’m not saying that she’ll go for it, just that I’m open to it, that’s all,” Marcy offered me, even as I felt the urge to whiz suddenly and started to step out of the shower.

“What are you doing?” Marcy asked me, worried that she’d offended me, “I didn’t mean to upset you by talking about your ex, I promise! If you want, we’ll talk of something else, I swear!”

“Chill, sis ... I just gotta pee. I wasn’t offended, though I can’t promise how Adrienne would react to your unusual proposition. Don’t worry, okay? I’m not about to drop you, sis, not like that,” I reassured my sexy sister.

“Then pee on me, please! Mark your territory like the stud that you are!” Marcy pleaded with me, much to my shock, even slapping my ass, which forced a massive stream to let loose from my crowded bladder, stinging her, “ouch! Damn, that stings!”

“Sorry, but you asked me to piss on you, to mark my territory, and I did,” I blushed a little now ... me, a combat veteran blushing, imagine that!

“Hey, now, I wasn’t mad! It hurt, but I don’t mind the pain, honestly. It’s just a little discomfort ... but, may I return the favor?” Marcy asked me now, her soulful, adorable eyes begging me.

“Sure, go ahead and pee on me!” I smiled at her, not one bit upset at that, since it would wash off in the shower.

Marcy let off a stream of her own, stinging me as well, but we both washed and rinsed it off, letting our bodies refresh from the emptiness of our bladders and the fresh washing of our skin. We also had a new feeling of intimacy from having pissed on each other, sharing a dirty kink of sorts together. I kissed her forcefully, and we both climbed out of the shower, making out as we enjoyed the caress of each other’s hands on our flesh. That was when I pulled my own little stunt and picked Marcy up to plant her sweet ass on the sink and part her legs.

“Jules, bro ... what are you doing?” Marcy’s voice hit a note of panic, but soon she shut up, as she felt my tongue explore her snatch yet again, nice and freshly clean as it was.

I gave Marcy the sort of lapping that she couldn’t resist and we both knew it, as my lips and tongue devoured her, savored her, and reveled in her delightful juices. She could tell that it was not just my chance to taste her extra clean, but also an act of submission as well. I was still not normally a submissive at heart, but we had agreed that this was HER day. She was in charge today, and by kneeling to put her needs first, I sent the message that I was a man of my word and would give her pleasure without thinking of myself at the moment.

Of course, it wasn’t all selfless, as she was a very juicy young woman and we both knew that by now. Marcy could easily qualify as a dessert in my book, not that she would appear on any menu that I’d ever seen. At least by eating her, I could please my taste buds and not gain a pound. I didn’t mind her blonde bush, either, licking it right along with her pussy lips and her clit with the same degree of enjoyment. Marcy’s eyes grew wide as saucers and she held my head in place, not wanting to take the chance that I’d change my mind about dining at the Y.

I grabbed her ass for my part and fondled her as I tongue fucked her cunt like it was the great honeypot or something. As delectable as it was, it might as well have been the great honeypot, in fact. When I started to finger her asshole, Marcy really lost it and came all over my face, splattering my recent goatee with her sweet nectar. I didn’t show any mercy, though, instead choosing to flip her over and part her cheeks to start another rimming session that was sure to drive her out of her mind. I kissed and licked that ass of hers with a fervor that she knew would never be matched by any ex-boyfriend of hers. What could I say? I loved the taste of her ass!

“Oh, you’ve been a naughty boy, taking advantage of me like that for your own pleasure,” Marcy teased me once she could think, let alone speak, again, “ready for your punishment?”

“Sure, why not? You’re in charge for now, right? That was our deal and I agreed to return to your captivity when the shower ended, after all. I’m a man of my word,” I winked and teased her back, though not prepared for what came next, as she got off the sink and had me bend over it.

“Good, because it’s time for a bare-bottom spanking!” Marcy laughed, slapping my ass with her hands, gently at first, though it still stung.

“Ouch!” I let out, as it really did hurt.

“Oh, come on! You got hit by shrapnel in combat! Surely, that swat was tame next to that!” Marcy urged me to keep taking my punishment.

Marcy swung yet again, and then again, each time connecting with her hand on my defenseless bottom, as I refused to put my hands there or try to block the blows. She could be relentless, ruthless even, as she smacked my booty several more times, each time really making it hurt more. She was right that it was tamer than the pain from my war wound, one that required the use of morphine to hold back the agony. It didn’t even turn me on, but I submitted to it nonetheless, taking my licks as per our deal. Marcy just kept striking me, losing herself in the excitement of the moment for a bit, and then suddenly stopping with a scream.

“Oh, God ... oh, God, what have I done? Oh, please, don’t move. Let me ... do something for you! Oh, baby, I’m so sorry!” Marcy told me, sobbing as she began kissing the stinging area.

The next thing that I knew, Marcy’s kisses were followed by her tongue along the crack of my ass, as she rubbed my cheeks to soothe away the pain. She kissed and licked my buns again as well before returning to my crack, alternating her self-appointed tasks of easing my agony and suffering. I felt her tears fall on my butt, too, which was truly weird. Most of all, she did everything in her power to cool down the hot, blinding pain of the many swats that I had endured at her own sore hands.

“Oh, I’m so ... sorry, bro! We can stop this now, since I can’t be trusted not to do you real injury, babe! You’ll still get your rights to me, too. I’ll do whatever you ask from now on, I swear, just please forgive me! I forgot how easily you bruise when spanked! Please, forgive me!” Marcy implored before I stood up and hugged her tight against my body.

“Shhhh ... it’s okay. It’s just my skin. I’ve always bruised easily and it always looked worse than it really was, much worse, in fact. I’m gonna be fine, okay? Don’t cut this short, sweetheart. This is your fantasy. Live it out. Get it out of your system. In other words, PURGE, okay? You’re still in charge until two thirty this afternoon and I mean it. That was our deal and I’ll keep my word, as a man of honor should,” I encouraged Marcy, as she cried on my shoulder and I cradled her a little just then, “you didn’t really rape me and you know it. It hasn’t been rape or kidnapping, not since I cooperated with you. You didn’t abuse your big brother, either, trust me. I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself.”

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