Happy Halloween Street

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2017 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Surprise public encounter with an ex teacher in tiny costume leads to fingering and adult party.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Teacher/Student   Halloween   .

Fresh out of high school, at the ripe old age of eighteen, I remember hurrying down the local town parade route immediately after the holiday parade. The mayor had decreed that the street, all six blocks of it, would be officially known as HALLOWEEN STREET for the twenty-four-hour duration. I was headed for the biggest, well only, costume shop in town. My new girlfriend insisted I find some racy outfit since she found my Tarzan mockup unacceptable.

When she showed me her costume was my old orange T-shirt which she had ‘modified’ by sewing in large pumpkin-like padding under the sides, having me add dark orange strips and, most importantly cutting out two large triangle eyes, an inverted triangle nose and a broad, sparsely toothed mouth, I understood. She weighed down the hem slightly with a plastic hoop to ‘hold the bottom rounded’, so she said. The result was that the upper tips of the eyes were centered just above her nipples so nipples and half of each breast were easily visible.

She gave me an inadvertent preview of how lusty that would be when her nipples hardened and extended past the shirt. After checking the mirror, she decided to expand the eyes because, “I have to sew up the edges so they don’t look frayed.” Since I knew better than to contradict her rationalizing her flashing, I chose to just enjoy the show with everyone else. The thought made my dick tingle.

When she carefully cut out the extra large mouth, my dick swelled. The bottom of the mouth touched the bottom hoop of the shirt and the crooked, happy, gaping smile was at clit level. As she twirled for the mirror, her pubes, clit and denuded, swollen pussy were clearly visible! Though not sure if I wanted her to be publicly bare assed under the shirt, my dick voted a firm yea! For better or worse, she found orange-dyed panties to put on. Even standing tall and still, her camel toe was visible below the shirt hem. Dickie throbbed again. Our adult p-p-party would be an UPstanding success no matter what the others wore.

Still aroused by ribald anticipation, I wondered how I could modify my Tarzan breechcloth to mimic my girl’s exposure. On the way to the costume shop, I decided to forego wearing anything under the dual flap loincloth just so ‘me Tarzan, swing!’ From half a block away, I saw the lovely, sexy form of a beautiful, shapely woman swaying toward me. Her pretty face barely registered since I was stuck on her shapely, toned, bare thighs and how her lusty hips swayed beneath her slim waist. Wow! What a knockout. My horny, stiff dick agreed and tented my slacks. Hey, it’s Halloween, I decided I could let it stick out and blatantly compliment her.

As we converged, I shifted some of my attention to her beautiful face. She looked familiar. We both stopped and stared open-mouthed as we said our names in chorus. This was my eighth-grade teacher. She was always pretty to me, but when, how did she get so hot? Admittedly, she had never worn a tennis skirt to class, but WOW!

“Mrs. G? Is that really you? I-I-I don’t remember your looking like ... that!” Though I tried so hard to be cool, I was far from it and my dick was still trying to drill thru my slacks. Her translucent blouse let her brown nipples show through and her pleated white skirt ended just above her gleaming white panties and noticeable camel toe. What-a-dream!

“Al? Is that YOU?” She pointed at my cock then quickly to my chest. Glancing briefly at my stiffness she added, “My, my you have grown - UP. I’m not your teacher anymore, though that might change,” I heard her softly groan to herself. “so you may call me Belle. I’m happy to hear you remembered your proper gerund form. Ha ha!”

Her sexy demeanor got my heart racing even more and I felt encouraged to be daring and flirt a bit. “Belle? Really? I have to say that ‘beautiful’ name suits you perfectly. If you dressed like this hot tennis player in class, I would have grown UP before your eyes! You bring your racket and I’ll bring my balls!” I laughed and we both blushed. Nonetheless, she extended her hand to me to shake and I briefly imagined she wanted to shake my cock right there on HALLOWEEN STREET.

I shook off the invigorating revery and stepped closer to shake her hand. That’s when my daring mood, fortified by my racing pulse, adrenalin and surging cock, outvoted my brain. I sidestepped her hand and went directly to her crotch. Before she could react, I cupped her mound while sliding a finger up her camel to her obvious clit, quickly pulled her panties aside and fingered her married pussy right there on HALLOWEEN STREET, at dusk, while unnumbered and unnoticed people watched. She gasped deeply, froze with her hand still extended, now touching my chest.

Her mouth fluttered, but no sound came out. Her eyes closed and she sighed as she so obviously enjoyed my finger slowly penetrating her damp sex. Her knees shook and I took her reduced reluctance and spasming pussy as an invitation to continue. After adding a second finger inside her then wet and swollen snatch, I angled my thumb to bump the side of her clit each time I slowly impaled her. She lurched, gasped, but didn’t move away. I sighed as I groked that I was truly finger fucking my gorgeous ex teacher. That it was in public should have mattered, but by that point, it didn’t.

As her rapid breathing increased, I moved her suspended hand to my cock. She immediately squeezed it firmly then slowly stroked across my crown. Her skillful squeeze-and-pull move was intense. If I didn’t hurry her along, she would make me cum in my slacks and that would not do. Lifting her tiny skirt improved my view of her dripping pussy. Her swollen, sodden lips were hairless and her stiff clit was standing at full attention. Pressing her hood fully back elicited a loud groan which she stifled with her hand. She swayed as I sped up my pulsing fingers and suddenly her hands dropped and she shuddered in a prolonged orgasm.

We both were heady and I stilled my fingers deep inside her. Feeling her warmth, wetness and snug clamping made me groan. After giving her a few seconds to calm herself, I slowly and reluctantly extracted my fingers. As I did, I turned my fingers up and lightly dragged along her vaginal roof to tease her prostate. As I expected, it was swollen and sensitive. After spreading my fingers to stroke around her G, I moved them together and gently pressed it. She lurched and gasped then thrust against my hand. Completely shameless in public now, she begged me in a whisper, “Yes, there, ohh there ... ohhh!”

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