Lusty Lori

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Sailor meets and beds some great crew women.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slut Wife   Sharing   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Cream Pie   Water Sports   .

She was the kind of woman I usually notice. Not especially beautiful but radiating a high energy sexual aura. I’d been watching her all evening at the party. She’d disappear with one or two guys and they’d reappear looking a bit flushed a while later. And then gone again with a different guy or guys. As the party was winding down I intercepted her as she was returning from one of those times, introduced myself, and invited her to breakfast when morning came. She smiled a radiant one and replied, “I’ve had lots of invitations tonight but you are the first with that one. You’re on. I shouldn’t drive home so are you staying nearby?”

“We can walk to my hotel room,” I replied. She gathered her things and took my arm. In my room, she used the bathroom and accepted the nightcap I offered.

She said matter-of-factly, “I’m going to text my husband where I’m staying so he won’t be concerned.”

“I wondered if that ring was real or for show.”

“We’ve been happily married for almost twenty years.”

My new acquaintance Lori, short for Lorinda, was at that wonderful late 30’s age for women. Beautifully “ripe” physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. My very favorite person to be with for any kind of activities. And here she was in my room for the night.

I opened with, “Would you join me in the shower?” She smiled, nodded, and began undressing. Her body wasn’t the stuff models are made of but it got my erection in gear. She was tall, had full breasts with that sexy undercurve, and wide hips just perfect for cradling lovers. Her hair up top was a short and styled dark red, and her trimmed crotch carpet was very similar. She seemed appreciative of my erect shaft as we soaped, rinsed and toweled each other. Nightclothes weren’t on the agenda as we took the remnants of our nightcap to the king bed and sat against the headboard.

I asked, “Apparently you have an unusually open-minded husband.”

“He’s got diabetes and can’t get hard often enough to satisfy me, so I have expanded my horizons. I love him very much though, and any outside sex is just that.”

We got acquainted with more conversation for a while before getting sleepy.

She offered, “Would you like a blowjob? I have ‘sore snatch syndrome’ right now. I fuck a lot, but tonight was more than I am used to.”

“How much more.”

“Well, it’s difficult to keep count after a while but maybe 8 to 10 loads of cum. They didn’t last as long as I like so I got some extras, I guess.”

“It was probably because you are so sexy that they couldn’t hold back.”

“I like that explanation.”

I enjoyed a first-class blast in her mouth, especially since I was a couple of weeks without sex. I even kissed her goodnight, which she appreciated.

I awoke to lips on my dick and was soon finding out just how comfortable her body and cunt were. She was more active under me than most women are on top. It was apparent why she was so popular at the party. After sating our desire, I mentioned that my cock couldn’t tell that she’d been with so many men less than half a day earlier.

“I cleaned up for you. Or do you enjoy leftovers?”


“I’ll remember that.”

As we ate the room service breakfast I learned more about her. Then she offered my “leftovers” in a happy, playful body sharing which we both heartily enjoyed. Damn that woman could fuck!

I commented that she was either brave or foolish to be here with me, a man she hadn’t met before.

“I’m neither. I can ‘read’ men very well which helps me a lot in bed. I’d noticed your sustained interest in me so I checked you out with the host who was one of the last men I screwed. He vouched for you so I gave you the opportunity to talk with me. And the rest is history, as they say.”

“So you picked ME up, instead of the other way around?”

“You might say that ... I also didn’t want to get a room alone,” she grinned.

She asked where I lived and I explained that I was a “live aboard” on a 40-foot Morgan ketch at the yacht club. Lori’s eyes lit up and she said she’d always wanted to sail. Her husband had done quite a bit before they met and his tales were so interesting.

“Could we go sailing with you sometime?”

“How about next weekend? The weather prediction is good.”


We had a languorous coupling before I walked her back to her car. I was amazed at her versatility and her sensitivity to the needs of the moment. She kissed me with emphasis and again said how much she was looking forward to seeing me on the weekend. I emailed her some pictures of my boat which kept her interest high.

Friday late afternoon they arrived at the marina and we stowed their small bags aboard. It would be warm in the daytime and cool at night, perfect for anchoring out, so we motored for an hour to a small wooded bay and set our hook. There were a few other boats spread out in the nice anchorage as we popped some champagne and toasted the weekend.

Mitch, her husband, was indeed a sailor and needed only minimal instruction to assist even though this was a much larger craft than he had ever sailed on. Lori wore a cute and short sailor dress which, we quickly discovered, often gave us glimpses of her uncovered treasures as she moved around the boat. She had brought a simple dinner which we ate in the cockpit.

Lori’s husband and I, in addition to the common bond of sailing, were in the computer industry. Like me, he started as a software developer about the same time and was now in marketing. Lori must have been feeling ignored so served dessert sans the little dress. The other boats weren’t very close so she made sure we got a real good look at her as she sat with us, first on my side of the table then her husband’s. The message was unmistakable and we didn’t linger topside after the food was finished.

The cozy cabin got even more so as she suggested we match her lack of clothes and asked for my help cleaning up the galley. In front of her husband my “mast” got bigger but not fully hard even though she deliberately brushed against it as often as she could manage when I was drying the dishes.

After last weekend I knew she was anything but shy around naked men so I wasn’t surprised when she sat next to me and, with a grin at her husband, bent over to tease my cock with her tongue and lips. He was smiling and rubbing his substantial but soft pecker.

“I hope that stern berth is big enough for three,” she said, “I don’t like to let a man sleep alone when I’m around and ready for fun.”

We, of course, put Lori in the middle, and I began the wonderful experience of my first MFM threesome. The two of them had lots of experience with this and helped me get comfortable with sharing a woman’s body. By the time Mitch held my ready rod and guided it into his wife it didn’t bother me ... actually it was rather exciting. After I had massaged her vagina with my cock for a while she indicated I should pull out. She thrilled me with her mouth as her husband did likewise to her pussy. Then back in I went.

It was damned interesting to be spurting cum into a woman whose husband is deeply involved in kissing her right at that moment. I rolled to my side of the berth and she skillfully used mouth and hands and fingers on his prostate to get him to orgasm which she swallowed with a triumphant smile.

We slept as the boat gently rocked. I made it rock differently in the middle of the night as I entered her from behind spoon fashion. Although it was dark, I had no doubt she was kissing and fondling Mitch as I pleasured us. I was beginning to appreciate how much this woman, who some might consider “wanton”, really loved her spouse. And how much he loved her to accept her sexual needs with the freedom to satisfy them.

We all jumped in the lake naked in the morning for our bath. We weren’t the only boat crew that shed clothes, I noticed. Breakfast was in the buff then we donned deck shoes for a day under sail. The wind was moderate and pretty steady as we headed for an island I knew about. We arrived at the sheltered anchorage midafternoon and settled in to a prime spot.

It was warm so, of course, we stayed naked and swam and sunbathed until supper time. I was happily surprised that no other boats showed up. We went ashore and hiked nude for a while then built a campfire to cook hot dogs and s’mores. The beach was smooth and Lori spread out a towel to give us both a very special dessert. Have you ever eaten a marshmallow from a pussy? Or had warm melted chocolate licked off your pecker? Mmmmm.

I was much more comfortable with Mitch’s participation by now. After I got her cunt opened up and well lubricated with my cock juice, I helped fit Mitch’s firm but not hard cock a little way into his wife. He was able, with all of our help, to get enough stimulation to ejaculate and all were pleased. I went down on Lori to bring her a rousing orgasm.

When we returned to the boat it was getting dark. Mitch went to the berth and crashed. Lori and I shared a bottle of brandy in the cockpit and talked.

Lori had a story to tell, “Thank you for such a wonderful experience and for including Mitch. I love you for that. <big kiss> Very few of the guys I bang are anywhere near as thoughtful. I do have a couple of regular fuck buddies and once in a while I go wild like at the party where you met me. When I met Mitch at a similar sex party almost twenty years ago I was 18 and by then had, as the saying goes, ‘more pricks than a pincushion’. I have loved sex ever since a man I babysat for when I was sixteen showed me how much fun a pecker can be.

“Anyway, Mitch made sure I got home safely that night. Even though he knew damned well I had been a ‘party favor’ for lots of guys, but not him, he asked me to dinner a couple of days later. I guess he figured if my pussy was rested he’d stand a better chance of getting in it, and he was right. We started dating. He didn’t want anyone else but I still did and he accepted that. When I fell pregnant he offered to marry me even though the odds were probably three or four to one it wasn’t his.

“I had a difficult birth and can’t have any more children. Our daughter is at college now. Mitch has been a marvelous father and husband. I’d fucked so many guys before I met him, and even while we dated, that he has no male insecurities when I get a new cock. I’ve settled down a lot but still need, once in a while, to get wild at parties, like the one you met me at, or on adult cruises. Places where I can be an anonymous fuck. I always feel especially good when I feel a cock gushing its semen inside me. I don’t like condoms or having cum in my ass or on the outside either. My analyst once said that wanting all that sperm in me might be compensation for being infertile. It makes me feel more female.” She sipped her brandy.

It was my turn, “I’ve been single for most of my life. I married too early when a girlfriend got pregnant. She miscarried and I’d found out she was also a ‘pincushion’ but without being honest with me so we divorced. I’m an introverted tekkie so my sex life has been sporadic and a tiny fraction as yours. I’ve studied my best relationships and realized they have been with women who, like you, truly enjoyed sex. Who didn’t play head games with it. Who could spend the night making tender love to one man as easily and happily as draining one hard cock after another in raw couplings. You are like that and that’s one of the reasons why I’m so attracted to you.”

Lori gave me a beautiful smile in the moonlight and pulled me to her breasts on the cockpit cushion. “Love me...”

We later joined Mitch in the big berth and she snuggled with both of us. In the morning both of us men pleasured and were pleasured individually or as a team as the flow of the lovemaking went. A quick dip in the lake and we put together a champagne breakfast. It was a smooth sail back to the marina and we donned swim suits only when we saw the first signs of land. Dinner was at a nearby restaurant and we turned in early since my guests would head out Monday morning in time to get ready for work.

Lori worked part time so decided to replace her Tuesday evening fuckbuddy with me since she didn’t work Wednesdays. She overnighted on my boat those nights which was wonderful. On Thursdays I had my housekeeper in. Or maybe I should say I was “in” my housekeeper. She was the young wife of another live aboard couple whose husband was gone all week for work. Patti knew how to clean boats (and boat owners) so took care of three of us each week. This gave her income, which they needed, and helped her hornies too. I got a half hour of quality pussy time with each housekeeping visit. Twice a year they hosted sort of a gang-bang party for all of her customers. Her older husband, like me, got off on how sexy she was and liked the occasional visuals to go along with the stories she told him when they fucked. Patti knew about Lori and was happy I was getting laid more often.

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