The Pumpkin Mask & the Shiny Penny

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

Horror Story: This Halloween Story is based loosely on The Big Bang Theory. Anonymously the pumpkin head scarecrow costumed puts a shine on Penny's behind. Over the years Penny has communicated biting comments to Howard and Halloween was his payback.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Fan Fiction   Spanking   Halloween   Revenge  

I don’t own The Big Bang or any of the characters. This is a parody based on parts of the show and I make no money on this story. All characters are twenty one years-old. Votes and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

This story is based loosely on The Big Bang Theory. Anonymously the pumpkin head scarecrow costumed puts a shine on Penny’s behind. Over the years Penny has communicated biting comments to Howard and Halloween was his payback.

The pumpkin head masked scarecrow saw the Pharmaceutical Sales lady who had told his wife he was checking out her butt in class was spotted and now he planned to spot her bottom with blood drops. Outside on the campus Penny was sunning herself in the secluded area behind the nursing building on a quilted towel spread.

Penny looked a tad shell shocked and she was laying out in her purple bikini which showed a cherry red glow all along the lower cheeks where the panty bands had ridden up. The scarecrow was pleased to see Penny was wearing an appropriate pair of purple bikini befitting a chance to take care of her recent misbehavior. Now, it was his very unpleasant task to punish Penny, the corn fed raised girl from Nebraska using a method that had been used on particularly deserving bottoms for centuries.

The scarecrow had always known that Penny had continued blazing. Perhaps she should have nipped her behavior in the bud and given her some very sore red lined bottom skin earlier.

Well the fact was she had accused one of the gang Howard checking out her butt in her tight raggedy cut blue jeans in class. Penny’s naughty butt was in for a rude awakening!

Stealthily the pumpkin headed scarecrow approached to the bright colored boat and stealthily hoisted his self over the side into the boat before Penny could even turn over from bottoms up position.

It was quiet within the confines of the small campus lake, that you could hear the sound of a passing bird.

Rolling over and tanning on her stomach in the backyard had caused her shiny purple bikini panties most of the bikini had worked themselves deep up into the crack of her ass leaving the majority of her lower cheeks of her ass exposed. Penny knew she had lied about her Howard checking out her butt in her tight raggedy intentionally cut faded blue jeans. her scarecrow’s wishes by lying and being found naughty was about to be sternly spanked.

The scarecrow stealthily approached the grassy area and quickly got to his knees on the grass while landing an open hand swat across Penny’s upturned ass.

“Hello Penny” Scarecrow announced himself.

“Ouch”, rubbing her butt with both hands. That wasn’t nice scarecrow sneaking up and spanking my bottom while

I was sleeping. Really that was hard, it hurt!” Penny whined.

“What are you doing out here? I would have thought you got enough sunburned another kind to last you for a while.”” The pumpkin head masked scarecrow said with a slight laugh with a voice scrambler.

“Oh hey Scarecrow, I am just sunbathing. I must say you made a dramatic entrance into the backyard.” Penny said. She thought it was the boy who had shown interest in her at the sales union.

“Actually Penny I have an important purpose for being here.”

“Really, what?” Penny asked and became concerned. This is going to very hard to take. It is a punishment practiced by our ancestors in Bavaria. After all these years

Penny today you graduate from spankings to a birching. You’re bottom has so much pain left to endure during our time together today, especially for a growing baby-fat bottom girl of nineteen.” The scarecrow told Penny.

“Spank my butt. You mean you want to spank my bottom!” Penny said a little alarmed at the subject of the conversation had circled back to youth her word for bottom back to that of a little girl.

The scarecrow grabbed her around the waist and swiftly pulled her legs up over her head as he sat on the quilt beside the erring teenager with her ass up in the diaper position.

“Dang it, Scarecrow! Let me go this instant!” Penny bellowed.

“You don’t give the orders here Penny! So take that bitchy attitude and accept your fate!



I will be good and not lie about you checking out my butt. Please, It Hurts so much, Scarecrow!” Penny begged.

SWISH! “SIX” Penny jumped up and held her bottom with both hands while she danced around in a circle.

“Now stand over there.” “Mr. Scarecrow told the freshman.”


The spanking Scarecrow took a step and lined up behind and one step to the side of Penny who was bent over a second sink with her bottom in the air.

Swish-Thud! “One”

Swip-Thud! “Two”

Penny bucked her butt high up in the air, then grabbed her cute rear before begging the scarecrow to stop, “It hurts bad. I have learned my lesson please no more.”

The pumpkin head allowed him anonymity and fit in well with his scarecrow costume helped Penny back down telling her Mr. Scarecrow will double those strokes if she did that again.

“Ohhhhhh, scarecrow please not more it hurt so, much!” Tear were in her eyes and starting to roll down her face.” Penny sobbed.

Fast and furious the birch fell.



This time the Scarecrow laid the fan of painful switches down powerfully leaving a red angry lozenge in vivid contrast to

Penny already had a strawberry red ass. That’s why there was a ritualistic dance of pain.

“Ah, oh, Ouchy, please it hurts.” Penny wailed.

Now just stay still.” SWISH, “THREE”, SWISH, SWISH, “OHHHHHHHH


She was staying over but her butt was doing its own little dance trying to avoid the burning sting of the switches birch.

“Six, Seven, Eight,”

Penny ... shameless nineteen year old teenager bitch,”

Low down across Penny’s bottom was a raised stripe bearing faintly the pattern of the switches that fanned out when it hit her baby-fat bare bottom which made up the birch. It had been inflicted a little earlier by a birch stroke low on Penny’s bottom

The imprint were raised, red and purple-colored the skin dangerously but temptingly swollen raised birch marks.

Now she was crying so hard you could hardly understand what she was saying. Mr. Scarecrow swung the birch hard on the top of both thighs. She jumped up dancing around, holding her bottom.

“It hurts, so much, Oh.” “That will do.”

Penny told him three. SWICK! SWISH! WHISP!

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