Asian Exchange Student Girlfriend Surprise

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Young man discovers new girlfriend is a lot hotter than he expected.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Oriental Female   Cream Pie   Water Sports   Porn Theatre   Prostitution   .

She was sitting next to me in American History, one of the first classes of my freshman year at college. Asians were not unusual at this school but I knew she was not American-born from her speech. She was having difficulty and asked my help. I offered to go to the student cafeteria after class where we could talk more freely. She asked for hot water and produced some tea from her native land. It was delicious, a lot like her I surmised.

She was pretty and softspoken and let me know she wanted to practice English with me since she had learned it from non-native speakers in her home country and the accent was quite noticeable. We agreed to meet after that class each day. She brought tea and I brought cookies.

Aftet two weeks I got up the nerve to aske her to a school event on a Friday evening. She was delighted and said she could go since she was not working the next day. She explained she worked two Saturdays a month to help pay expenses and then changed the subject.

Anwi, my new friend, loved the event and reached for my hand part way through it. I was thrilled, not being a “ladies man”, and unsure how she might feel about someone so different than herself. Her smiles were warm and went to my core.

When I escorted her to her room she invited me in and had me sit on the bed. I was flabbergasted when she began removing her clothes and pirouetted as she did so, revealing a beautiful pair of breasts, the only ones I had ever seen in real life, although many on the web. Her tummy was flat and her waist and hips shapely. My cock was throbbing in my pants when her dark-fur-trimmed crotch was revealed. “You like?” she asked and my head bobbed, triggering another of those beautiful smiles.

She stood me up and began removing my clothes. When my erection popped free she held it gently as she looked at it and then knelt down to give it a kiss and quick suck, the first female contacts it had ever felt. I heard her say, “Nice and big.”

She looked up at my enthralled face, “You know sex?”

I shook my head and she stood up. “I know much and will teach you.”

She laid on the bed and guided me into her wet, warm, wonderful female place. I blasted almost immediately and started to apologize. Anwi shushed me, “You stay there and we do again.” Sure enough, her gentle motions quickly resurrected my rod and we had a leisurely coupling. She made the little pleasure yips that I had noticed on Asian porn and she shook with an orgasm before too long. Her hands on my buns pulled and held me deep and her hips got me to spurt harder than I ever had before. We laid close for a while.

When we spoke again she said she had a boyfriend back home that she might marry someday but she missed the loving with him and was I ok with that. Hell yes I was. Then she sent me home with the agreement to meet on Sunday afternoon.

That sex was even hotter with lots more time. She was clearly quite experienced and I got a crash course in how to enjoy a woman. She obviously loved sex and I wondered how long she’d been doing it. One break while I was recovering she casually mentioned how much better sex was bare. Condoms just dulled the sensation and she liked feeling male juice deep inside her. I just nodded my agreement, wondering where that was coming from. Another Sunday revelation was noticing a small oriental tattoo on her right flank.

The next Friday night she declined a date saying she had to go to work early but we could still get together Sunday like before. I watched Asian porn and beat my meat that night and the next.

When we got naked on Sunday she asked me to be gentle when I entered her. I noticed some marks on her breasts and thighs too. After a gentle fuck I had to asked about these differences. Her responded was, “You sure you want to know?” I nodded and she went to her purse.

Putting a flash drive in her notebook computer she said, “This is from two Saturdays ago” and started a video. There she was, stripping like she had done for me with some Asian dude. I watched as she had foreplay and fucking with him. As he pulled out another yellow man slid his dick into the pussy I had just been in. The only saving grace was that they wore condoms. Those two filled rubbers did get drained on her tits and she rubbed the white slime into her skin.

At first I wasn’t sure it was her since her hair and makeup were different but then I saw that unique little tattoo as she mounted a cock and mine sure throbbed.

She was watching my face intently as I viewed the video and she looked at me expectantly when it finished with a kiss towards the camera. She said softly, “That kiss was for you because I knew you would see this someday. I think you have questions.”

I sure did! She explained that her family didn’t have enough money to send her as an exchange student so she had earned half of it doing porn in her native country. It was not uncommon for pretty girls like her to do that. Her boyfriend accepted it too and as a consequence was not upset when he learned about me. She had to keep on earning over here to meet ongoing expenses.

She held my hand, “It is not as pleasurable as you might think. We have to do some scenes over and over and I have no affection for the male actors so it really is work. That is why I needed loving from you to fill my needs.”

I was really quiet absorbing this utterly surprising revelation. Who’d a guessed it? I did appreciate her honesty and still thought she was a good person so I wasn’t gonna judge. She’d not lied to me. Shit, this was real confusing to find out about my first piece of ass.

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