Hey Gramps Origins

by opa

Copyright© 2017 by opa

Fantasy Story: How Gramps got his influence.

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Al was setting with his son, Karl, drinking a beer and talking about old times.

Karl was talking about his Mom and asked Al how he had wound up being married to Irene.

Al was just drunk enough that he was willing to talk about it.

When I got home from Nam, I went to Uncle Max with your grand folks. Irene was home from college for spring break. She and I got bored with the ‘old folks talk’ so we decided to go for a walk.

It was one of those Fall nights where the moon was as big as a house. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Any way.

It must have been around ten or so and as we walked, she asked, “How well are you adjusting to civilian life.”

“Fairly well for the most part.” I don’t know why but I felt I could speak openly with her, so continued, “I can sometimes hear a noise at night, I will wake up screaming, knowing the Cong were about to hit us again.

“My Mom will come in to sooth the scares away. She knows how to hold me and rock the ghosts out of my dreams. She will sing a soft song calming me.”

Irene said, “What does she sing to you?”

“I have no idea. She will just sing and I calm down.” I told her

“Wish I could be there to do the soothing. I think I would do a better job.” She responded.

“And just what would you do to make it all better?” I asked her.

“If we were alone for the night, I would be happy to show you.”

I thought she was joking but a couple days later, she called and asked if I was free for the week end.

When I told her I was, she simply said “OK” and hung up.

I didn’t think about it until I got home from work Friday evening. She was setting in her car in my driveway.

I got to her car as she was getting out, “So, what do you want to do this evening?”

“I feel like Steak and salad tonight. We can go to the Chuck Wagon and figure what we will do after.

“Does that sound okay to you?” was her answer.

I said, “Perfect. Let’s go in so I can clean up a bit, first.”

We went in and I headed for the shower telling her, “Make yourself at home while I grab a quick shower.”

Irene followed me in saying, “I hope you don’t mind but I think I could use a shower myself.” And began shucking clothes.

Man, talk about one sexy lady, I was hard enough to drive 20 penny spikes by the time she was down to bra and panties.

I had her stop and slowly remove them. I couldn’t believe perfect her breasts were or how much hair she had. I stopped and stared. I whistled saying, “WOW.”

She asked me, “Do you want me to shave it?”

I told her, “No. I like it. It makes me feel like I am with a woman, not a kid. You know?”

“Oh, thank God.” She said. “I don’t like shaving. Every time I do, I get a rash from hell. I used to trim it so it wouldn’t show around my bikini. Got razer bumps and ingrown hairs.”

When we got in the shower she reached for the wash cloth but I stop her saying, “No, that is my job.” And commenced to soap her up and, using my hands, washed her from her chin to her feet and did so with a lingering massage.

I spent a lot of time washing her female hair. I wanted to make sure it was nice and clean since I was planning to spend a considerable amount of time with my nose in that area and the only thing I wanted to smell the first time was her.

“I wanted to see what she felt like. How her portals responded to my touch.

After rinsing the soap from her running my hands over her skin softly, I shampooed her hair and massaged her scalp, paying special attention to her temples and ears.

By the time I had finished, she would have done most anything I would ask. I did a ‘hurry up’ shower and handed her out of the shower to dry her and get her ready to go to supper.

We got there in time to have a delicious steak dinner. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had a beautiful date to compliment the great steak I had.

We were just about to leave when a group of thugs walked in and began causing trouble.

They were bullying the waitresses and other staff. They were using some pretty nasty language and the Maître D’ was really getting a going over. One even shoved him against the wall.

Irene and I had reached the desk and were about to pay as they started in on the girl. I said, “Excuse me gentlemen, I would like to pay and leave.”

The apparent leader of the bunch said, “I don’t think I asked you, now did I old man?”

I told him, “I really don’t care what you ask. I am ready to leave so if you would move, I’ll pay the young lady and leave.”

He stepped back so, as he brought out a pistol, I hit him in the throat with a stabbing finger thrust that destroyed his larynx. It happened so fast the rest of the seven never had a chance to protect the ass.

As he hit the floor, I grabbed the first on the left and stepped to the side bringing him to the front of the guys on the right while I kicked the other three in the groin and stomach in rapid succession. I mean, it was simple and quick.

They hadn’t figured on anyone attacking them without saying something first like you see happens in the movies.

I didn’t realize that this simple act was going to change my life, it just so happened, for the better.

I had the Maître D’ call 911 to get medical attention for the thugs I had dispatched. The paramedics and sheriff got there about the same time.

The sheriff asked for our statements. I told them what had happened and we were released.

After I had paid, we left, going to my house. I told Irene to go on in and get ready for the most intense loving she had ever had. I needed another shower to get rid of the filth the thugs had left behind.

When I got in the shower, the shakes started. I lost control. I started to scream and kneeling in the shower shaking. I was having a flash back to the fights and death I had been involved in while I was in-country. Irene got me to bed. I don’t know how, but she did. Later she told me I had cried like a baby looking for his Mommy.

Irene stroked my hair and held me close. I was in the middle of an emotional meltdown that, had I been alone, would have put me down for a few days at least. She rocked me and soothed the scared away.

I didn’t remember any of this at the time. It was during the sessions with the shrink that it finally came to the front. Man, I was a mess.

(It took me a year of intense therapy and a large payment by Uncle Sam to be able to say that. I couldn’t control my feelings. I was crying like a baby.

Nam had fucked with my head so bad that I wasn’t really the guy I was when I went there. It didn’t help much that I had a permanent guest lodged in my thigh courtesy of Charlie and an AK47.) I woke a little later with her holding me close and my head on her breast. I kissed it and drifted back to sleep.

When I woke the next morning, I was alone. I just knew that she wouldn’t have anything to do with such a fucked-up war casualty.

I got up feeling like the biggest ass that has ever lived. I headed for the kitchen to grab a bottle of rum to get thoroughly drunk.

I entered to see the most beautiful happening in the world. There by the sink peeling potatoes with nothing on but an apron, was a very sexy lady.

I sat at the table as she set a cuppa in front of me.

I’m not real sure of what happened, first. I think it went something like her coming to me asking, “You going to be okay, Baby? Is there anything I can do?”

There was a tonsil bath in there somewhere. She was setting on my lap and things were beginning to come to a head, if you know what I mean, and I was about to move things to the bedroom when the doorbell rang.

I went to the door, looked out the peephole and saw a man standing there. I asked, “Yes. What can I do for you?”

He asked, “Is this Albert Franks?”

“Who’s asking”

He answered, “My name is James and Mr. Julio Garza sent me. May I come in so we can talk for a minute.”

“You’ll have to wait a minute. Got to get some clothes on.” I replied.

I went to the bedroom, got dressed and went back to the door.

As I opened it, he asked me again, “Are you Albert Franks?”

I nodded. “How can I help you, Sir?”

“Julio Garza would like to speak with you if you would come with me to the Chuck Wagon.

“He would like to thank you in person for your assistance last night.”

Irene came out of the bedroom just then, “Do you mean, ‘THE Julio Garza”?

“Yes mam.” he said.

I slipped on my shoes and we went with him. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down. All I knew was, I had Irene on my arm and the world was good again.

As we got closer to the steak house, I began sweating like a whore in church. When we stopped in front, James got out to open the car door.

Irene saw me starting to melt down and told him, “Sir, we need to get the hell out of here, NOW!”

He took one look at me, closed the door, got back in the front seat and we left in a hurry.

As we were turning into the street he picked up the car phone to call his boss.

We entered the parking garage at The Park Homes Apartments building. I had begun to settle down some but was still shaking. Irene was holding me again, settling my nerves once more.

James opened the door, asking me, “Is this going to be okay, sir? We can go somewhere else if you need.”

I answered shakily, “I will be okay now.”

We got out and he led us to the elevators with Irene on my arm, or should I say, I was on hers. She was holding me and speaking low. I could hear her talking but not what she was saying. It worked like it did when Mom sang that soft song.

The guy said, “We are to go up to the Penthouse. Mr. Garza will be here shortly.”

Irene asked the guy, “Excuse me, Sir, I didn’t catch your name?”

He chuckled, “I am James. I didn’t realize you hadn’t heard me at the house, Miss Haskins, not many people have the cojones to ask me that while headed to Julio Garza’s Penthouse. Most are shaking like a dog passing peach pits.

“I do believe I am going to like this assignment.”

We looked at him for a minute. About that time, we reached the Penthouse.

James asked, “Could I get you a drink or something?”

I said, “A cuppa coffee for me, is all.”

Irene said, “Same here, please.”

James moved to the intercom and we soon had our coffees.

I asked James, “So what’s up, James? Why were you taking us to the steak house?”

“Mr. Garza owns the Chuck Wagon and he wants to thank you for what you did last night. He will explain further when he gets here. I can’t say anything else, Sir. I was instructed to make you comfortable, so here we are.”

Irene asked me, “What’s up, Baby? You have been really strung out since we got home last night.”

“It brought back some heavy shit from Nam. Please don’t push any more. Just be there for me if this happens again. Okay?”

She nodded and slid a little closer to me.

We were just finishing the coffee and our small talk with James when we heard the elevator stop.

James got up to meet his boss as he came through the door.

“Your guests are in the rec room, sir.”

Garza came in saying, “I am so sorry for the heartless things I was going to do, Señor. Please forgive my callousness. I have been there myself and should have been more sensitive.

“Please, sit. I wish to thank you for what you did last night. The putas that tried this shit, excuse my language, Señorita, they were from my cousin’s house and he wants to take the cantina from me. It is the owner of our padre and he wishes to get it in his name.

“If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. Mia daughter and son were there and it is hard to know if they could be hurt. Ju knows?”

“Señor, I ask ju if ju are happy at the office ju sits in all day. If not, would ju come work for me?

“Ju would still be doing the things ju do now but I will be paying ju twice the pay.

“James, please escort Señorita Haskins to the other room. I must have private business to speak with Señor Franks about.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Garza. Irene will stay with me or this meeting is over right now and we will return home.” I told him as I started to get up.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Franks. I meant no insult. Let’s get to it then.

“Miss Haskins, I ask that what you hear here goes no further unless it is in private with Mr. Franks. Do you agree?”

Irene nodded saying, “Understood sir.”

“I had you checked out this morning. The only thing I found was an article 15 for hitting some NCO in Nam. Is that true?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Okay, Mr. Franks, I have a problem. The accountants in my office are doing something hokie. I have not been able to put my finger on what is happening. We should be logging more profit than the figures suggest we are. I understand you are pretty good at figuring things out.

“According to my investigation, when you got out, you took an accounting coarse. Is this true?” He asked while looking me square in the eye. I felt like a snake being eyed by a mongoose.

“No. I did that before I got out.” I replied, noticing the lack of accent.

“Oh. Thanks for the correction. I will have a talk with my PI.

“Any way. I need a man I can trust to keep an eye on the accountants working for me. Someone to find out where my money is going.”

I raised my hand and told him, “I won’t have anything to do with illegal shit. If you’re doing anything shady, I’M GONE. If you can assure me of that, we have a deal and I will accept your proposal. Just be advised, if I find anything illegal, I’m out as soon as I see it.”

He said, “Mr. Franks, I can, and do, assure you there is nothing illegal in my business except maybe giving an un-papered person a hand up occasionally.”

“It’s a deal, then.” I said. “When do I start?”

“Would tomorrow be too soon?” I shook my head and he said, “Great, James will be your protection. I am sure once Vargas hears what’s happening, he will be trying to get back what he has lost.

“You will be able to take care of yourself but you won’t always be with Miss Haskins. I want you both protected.

“Now, would you care to join me in a late lunch?”

We accepted and while we waited I asked him, “Excuse me Mr. Garza, hat happened to the Mexican accent?”

He shrugged, grinned and walked away.

We returned home around 4:30 or so, and, as we got out of the car, I asked James, “Do you know what you’re supposed to do, James?”

“Yes Sir, I’m to be your body guard.”

I told him, “Listen, I don’t need one but you can keep an eye on Irene for me. Think that would be okay?”

He said, “Well, Mr. Garza told me I am to be your protection but I guess that would be a part of my job.”

“Good.” He touched my shoulder and went in ahead of us. After making sure the house was safe, he let us in.

I went to the bed room and changed into my knock arounds. Irene asked me, “So what do we do now?”

“I guess we’ll just have to play it by ear for now. I’ll speak with Garza tomorrow.”

Irene moved to me saying, “Do you think I might convince you to have a little afternoon delight? I know a few tricks I’d like to try out. Bet you won’t complain.”

She began undressing me slowly.

I called out, “James, take an hour or so and make sure the doors are locked.”

He called back, “I’ll be in the car, Sir.”

We heard the front door close as Reney pushed me to the bed to finish getting my clothes off.

I was going to undress her but she said, “No, this is my time.” And commenced to show me what it is like to have a lady become a true lover.

She told me, “I am going to teach you how to love me. I am pretty sure you will enjoy it, too.” As she first kissed me softly and, as I began to become more passionate, backed off saying, “No!!!”

She slowly kissed and tasted my ear lobes and neck below my ears working her way to my shoulders and upper chest then back to my throat at the crucks of the bones and on up to my chin where she lightly nipped at the point.

She moved to the other side and did the same thing there before moving to my ribs as though she was counting and marking each one. She moved across my stomach right below my chest at the edge of my rib cage. She licked and kissed the ribs on that side, marking these as hers as well.

She moved to my navel and ran her tongue around the edge as I sucked in my breath. She moved up to my nipples and sucked and liked them. I never realized just how sensitive they were. I do know that I was so hard by this time, so ready to get on with things, that I took her under her arms and started to move her up over me. She said, “NO!!!” pushing my hands away.

“I told you, I will show you how I want you to love me. Now lay back and let me or I will get up and leave right now.” It goes without saying, I lay back and let her show me.

I have never had any woman do the things this one did to me. I mean she had me so ready by the time she finally allowed me to enter her pleasure palace, I was nearly done but she wasn’t done with me, t yet. I would get so close to blowing the top of her head off with my ejaculate, I was near tears, she would stop suddenly, make me cool off for a minute, then start again.

After two or three life times of this, she couldn’t wait any longer, either. We both exploded. I have never cum so hard in my life. It was so strong, it was nearly painful. As she returned to Earth she dropped down to lay on my chest with her lips next to my ear telling me, “Now that is what I call an ORGASM.”

All I could muster was, “MMMMMM!!”

We must have dozed because James knocked lightly on the door saying, “Excuse me, Miss Irene. The boss is asking to speak with you. He wants to ask you something.”

“Give me a bit to clean up and I’ll be there.” She told him.

As she rose to leave, I drew her back for a quick kiss before she could get away. I said, “Let me give you a shower.”

“Let me do a quick clean up and when I am done with Garza, we can play some more.” Was her answer.

I let her go and soon she had left the bathroom.

Garza was in the kitchen talking with Reney when I finished in the bathroom.

Reney gave me the most beautiful, mischievous smile I had ever seen. I put a hand on her shoulder and moved it to her cheek.

Garza smiled as he told me, “It’s official. I now have two allies in my Cantina. I have just brought your lovely lady into the fold, if you will.”

Reney told me, “Oh, Al. I will be just a figurehead. I don’t know how to manage a steak house.”

Garza looked at her, “No, my dear. You won’t be a ‘figure head’. You will be going to school to learn how. I will see to it that you have all you need to run it correctly.

“You won’t need to worry about being fired or replaced. I still hold the veto for hires and fires.”

“Excuse me, sir. I would like to get my lady cleaned up and take her to dinner. Would you and your family care to join us. My treat.” I asked. Looking at James, I said, “Bring your wife.”

He answered, “I am honored, Mr. Franks, but I have no wife, but if you don’t mind, I would like to bring my husband.”

Before I could say yes, Garza spoke up. “James, you know that I would be honored to have Michael but I am sure Juan will have something to say since he does not like Michael.

“Please, do not bring him.”

“Mr. Garza. I’m the one that invited him and I would like to meet his other half. If Juan doesn’t like him, he doesn’t have to come.

“I will not be dictated to as to who I can or cannot invite. If you have a problem with this, it’s simple. I won’t be working for you or your organization.”

Garza started laughing until the tears rolled. “Wow. I, (chuckle) knew, (gasp) I, (breathe) had, (whoee) found a, (deep breath) good one. Oh, Madre Dios. That hurts.” Holding his ribs.

“You definitely got cojones, Señor Al. James, it looks like Mike gets an invite after all.

“I will have a talk with Juan and let him know he either behaves or he stays away. Good enough?” he asked me.

I nodded.

He got up and asked for the phone. I pointed to the wall saying, “Right there.”

I took Reney by the hand and we went toward the shower.

I turned to James, telling him, “When Garza’s done call your Beau and let him know.” He gave me a thumbs-up.

We went in the bedroom and I undressed her, admiring the scenery as I did.

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