Damsels in Need - Lilith

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Sex Story: He was a client of Lilith who worked at the local high class rub'n'tug. He comes across her standing by the side of her slightly crumpled car. Stopping to assist pays huge dividends when he gives her a ride back to her place. He discovers that she is intrigued by his substantial manhood - more than just the tug that she had given him so far.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Big Breasts   Size   .

I thought that I recognised the car ... but when I saw the flame red hair of the young lady standing to the side of her crumpled car, I knew who it was.

It was Lilith.

I had been a client of hers at the up-market rub’n’tug establishment over the past six months. I had learnt that she was 26 years old and a university student who worked part-time giving naked massages.

My memory immediately went back to our last session with her oily naked body sliding across mine with her hand wrapped around my engorged cock, and her firm DD cup breasts pressing against my chest.

“Down boy” I told my waking cock as I parked my car and walked back to the scene of the accident.

“Can I help you?” I asked her as I approached from behind her.

She turned to my voice and immediately recognised me.

“Grant ... oh my god ... it’s so good to see you ... would you please?” she replied nervously.

I could see that she was a little shaken, so I took control of the situation. I told the other driver that I would look after my young friend, and that I would come back and talk to him in a couple of minutes. I led her back to my car, and had her sit in the front seat.

“I’m going to need your name, address and contact details so I can exchange information with him” I explained to her.

She gave me a relieved look. She was just a little upset.

“All will be fine ... I will sort this out for you” I told her.

She gave me her details which I wrote down in a notebook that I kept in the console ... before heading back to speak to the other driver. He freely admitted to being in the wrong, and provided me with his name and insurance details.

I checked her car over, and came to the conclusion that the damage wasn’t too severe, but it wasn’t driveable. I had a mate who owned a repair place, so I placed a call to him - he owed me a favour or two.

I was a sixty year old retired accountant. I knew him because I had done his tax returns for years, and had extracted nice returns on each occasion.

He answered my call, and I soon had arranged the transport of her car back to his garage for repairs. The other driver’s insurance would be picking up the costs.

I walked back to my car, and gave her an update on what was happening. She had settled down quite a lot, and felt good enough to walk back to her car with me.

“Get anything that you need from the car” I told her, explaining that the car would be off the road for a week or so.

“I will take you home after they collect your car”.

Within 20 minutes, the car had been collected, and we were on our way back to her place.

“I can’t thank you enough Grant for all that you have done for me” she told me, touching me on the arm. She was a touchy feely lady - I just loved her touches, especially the ones at her work.

“It was my pleasure Lilith” I replied.

“It’s Kaylee” she reminded me of her real name.

“I love Lilith better” I admitted ... adding “Lilith is a really nice name ... and has lots of memories”.

She laughed, knowing what I meant.

She smiled. We had always had a good time at her workplace ... chatting and laughing for almost all of the sessions. She had rendered me speechless and breathless on occasions - she had an amazingly sexy body, and a wicked sense of humour, especially when she wrapped her soft hand around my hard cock.

She had commented on a few occasions about its length and girth, saying “You would rip me apart with this monster”. We’d even discussed some of my sexual conquests, especially those since my divorce.

Needless to say I got nowhere near her pretty little hairless pussy - I had to be content with rubbing my thigh along her pussy lips when she got carried away during a frontal body slide.

It took about 10 minutes to get to her place. I parked out the front.

“Would you like to come in for a cold drink?” she asked.

“Yes ... sure ... thank you” I replied.

I loved her company, and the opportunity to spend a little more time with her was too good to miss.

She showed me into the lounge room where I sat on the large lounge chair whilst she disappeared into the kitchen.

“Is iced-tea ok? ... or would you like a beer?” she asked from the doorway.

“Iced-tea ... thanks” I replied.

She came back with two glasses, and sat beside me. We sipped at our drinks, setting them down on the coffee table in front of us.

She explained a little more about the accident, and expressed her gratitude for all that I had done. We talked about her workplace - it was upper-class, and I had been looked after by a number of the young ladies there.

“All the girls like you” she told me “Especially Kat” she added with a laugh and a wry smile.

“She says that you have some very special talents”.

“Oh” I replied somewhat perplexed as to what that comment meant.

She saw my slight discomfort and said “Kat and I have kept that conversation between us ... the boss doesn’t need to know”. I relaxed.

I knew immediately what had been discussed between them. I had performed oral sex on Kat ... without the required dental dam covering her tasty pussy. Our last session had lasted over an hour, and I had coaxed multiple very wet orgasms from her body.

“Thank you ... I would hate to get her into trouble ... or myself banned from the premises” I explained.

“You are so sweet” Lilith replied, touching my face with her hand and leaning in to kiss me.

It started out as a brief and gentle kiss, but our lips hovered in close proximity, and came back together in a much more passionate kiss, with some tongue play. She climbed onto my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck.

My arms went around her waist, with my hands slipping down to cup her firm ass cheeks through her skirt. I pulled her against me, with her pussy pressing down against my awakening cock.

We kissed and hugged for a few more minutes before she sat back on my lap. She grabbed the bottom of her blouse, pulling it off over her head. The bra underneath strained to contain her full breasts. She quickly released the bra, dropping it to the floor.

“They are so beautiful ... I love them” I commented as I slipped my hands over them, playing with her hard nipples.

She grabbed at my shirt saying “Let’s get this off you ... I want to feel your naked skin on mine”.

My shirt joined hers on the ground.

She leant back into me, pressing her naked breasts against my chest, and placing her lips against my ear.

“I want to experience what Kat has been raving about” she whispered.

My cock jumped at the thought - she felt it and laughed saying “I’m not sure if I’m ready to allow this monster anywhere near my little pussy”. I laughed nervously ... I was just thankful that my lips were going to make acquaintance with her pussy.

That was never an option on offer during our massage sessions.

We kissed and hugged for a while longer before she climbed off my lap. Standing in front of me, she discarded her skirt and her tiny panties.

“Beautiful ... simply beautiful” I murmured.

She smiled back at me, acknowledging my genuine comments.

“Where do you want me?” she asked.

I got up off the lounge, and patted the seat saying “Down here”.

She sat back down, and I helped arrange her legs, giving me clear access to her delicious little pussy. She had very compact little pussy lips that were clinging together with just a little hint of moisture between them.

I knelt down and just observed her pussy for the moment.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Committing this beautiful picture to memory” I replied.

She laughed at me, but never took her eyes off me.

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