Looking Up

by Ahazurak

Copyright© 2017 by Ahazurak

Fantasy Sex Story: A weak husband gets some help from a demon set

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   High Fantasy   Paranormal   Slut Wife   Revenge   .

This is my entry for the 2017 Halloween contest. This is a semi tongue in cheek BTB story with an occult twist. If any of these things are offensive or not what you are looking for I understand if you stop reading. Any how, here it goes.

Dave woke feeling surprisingly well rested. All of a sudden he remembered the reason he was sleeping in this little cottage. It all came back to him.



The feeling of that assholes hand on the back of his head as he shoved Dave’s face into Melissa’s dripping pussy. The sound of Mellisa’s laughter as his face was covered in another man’s spunk.

Frankly he knew Melissa was too good looking to be with him. But he honestly thought that if he was kind enough, and showed her how much he cared for her, she would come around. She saw the earning potential and agreed to marry him. He did everything he could do to make her happy in the bedroom. She often bragged about how his tongue was better than any girl’s. Not that she would reciprocate of course. For the thousandth time he cursed himself for being such a wimp.

If he stopped to think about it, he knew that Mike wasn’t the first lover she had. He just kept his blinders on and tried to make her happy. She would put out as much as he wanted and she kept her lovers discreet. He kept her in clothes, cars, and jewelry despite the fact that they really couldn’t afford it. She kept him in decent pussy whenever he wanted. While this wasn’t the relationship he had dreamed of, he felt that as they got older she would see that he was the man for her and they would eventually settle into the type of relationship he longed for. Then came Mike Stanton.

The first thing he noticed was that she cut him off. After two weeks of no sex he finally had enough. He canceled her credit cards. Limited access to her debit card and put her BMW in storage. At 5’ 9” and 150 pounds there was no way that he was going to stand up to her current lover whom she met at the gym.

Of course cutting her off got her attention. Five days ago she called him up and asked him to come home early so they could talk. She promised him something extra special. Two seconds after stepping through the door his world went dark. He woke up to the sound of them going at it. He found himself naked on the floor with his hands zip tied behind his back. Mike stopped long enough to look down at him.

“Cucky is awake. I am just about to bust my nut in your wife here and then you get to lick it out.” he giggled.

Dave heard an answering giggle from his wife.

“It hurt my feelings when you cut me off baby. I asked Mike here what I should do and he said we needed to train you. So after you clean me out, Mike is going leave. Then you can have my pussy for ten minutes. After that you will get my pussy for a whole hour after you unlock my accounts. If you decide not to I will have to have Mike show you how a man takes care of business. If you cooperate you will get my pussy for an hour every week until Mike leaves next month.” she cood.

Dave couldn’t help but notice that her eyes were glazed over. Mike had the same glazed look. They must be on something.

“Fuck you if you think I am coming any where that diseased cunt. The minute I get out of here I am going to serve your ass with divorce papers and let ol Mikey here support you.” Dave spat.

Mike started pumping into his wife again. He came quick then hopped off the bed and manhandled him up. Melissa slid over to the edge of the bed and Mike grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into her dripping snatch holding it there for what seemed like eternity while they both giggled and chuckled. Some got in his mouth and he puked right into Melissa’s beaver. Mike must have had a sympathetic puke reflex and he spewed all over also.The two of them set Melissa off. While everyone was vomiting Dave made a break for it. He got down to the kitchen as was able to get a knife and cut his hands free. Now that he had a knife he started walking back up there to kill them. Mike came crashing down the stairs and saw him holding a weapon. He yelled and barreled forward swatting the knife hand away and then punching him so hard in the jaw he fell down and saw stars. Mike kicked the knife away and started kicking his prone form as he curled up into a fetal position.

“Next time I am gonna fuck her ass and have you suck the shit off of my dick you stupid cuck!” he yelled at the groaning man. Giving him one last kick, he grabbed his clothes and ran out to his truck. He laid there crying in pain for almost fifteen minutes before Melissa came downstairs. She helped him up and recoiled in horror at his face.

“Oh no, this isn’t what I wanted. I am so sorry honey. I was just pissed at you for cutting me off and I thought we would have some fun at your expense. I didn’t mean for your to get hurt. I’ll tell Mike he went too far.” she sobbed.

It was too much. He stumbled past her to get his clothes from upstairs. He threw some extra clothes in a work out bag and stumbled down to get in his car. Melissa was crying with her face down in the table. He stopped and grabbed her wedding ring off her hand. Then he got in his car and left.

He drove aimlessly for a while before he realized he needed a plan. Divorce was too good for them. He needed a place to gather his thoughts and lick his wounds. It suddenly came to him. He gassed up his car and headed for the cabin.

He nearly missed the two track drive that led to the cabin. Recent rains had rutted the road so bad the his car scraped the bottom more than a couple times. Finally his headlights illuminated a small stone cabin set in a grove of willows. Turning off the lights he grabbed his bag and went inside.

The old oaken door had swelled a little so he had to put his shoulder into it to shut it. The cabin was one big open room with a stone fireplace to the north and a old pot bellied stove to the south. A large bed dominated the room with a couple of tattered bearskin rugs providing the rest of the ambience. There was a big pile of wood outside alongside the outhouse. Over the years various family members had tried putting in plumbing and electrical to the cabin but it seemed to resist anything other than the hand pump well. This cabin and the forty acres it sat on were owned in a family trust. Mellisa would never get her hands on this, his little retreat. He winced his way through making a fire in the fireplace and started one up in the stove to boil water for some tea. There was a rain barrel shower just outside that would absorb heat from the chimney. After about an hour or so the water would be just about right to give him a hot shower.

Dropping into the chair he couldn’t help but notice that the mortar around the base of the fireplace was crumbling out. Family lore had this fireplace dating back to the late 1600’s, one of the original settlers of the area. Family lore also had it that they were black magic practitioners, casting spells and consorting with demons. It was always fun to laugh about. He wandered over and looked harder at what he would need to do to fix this. One of the side stones was just about gone and when he went to touch it, it fell on his toes. Smarting from the ribs and the face and now the toes he just about lost his temper. Looking at where the stone was he noticed a cubbyhole that looked to be crafted. He reached his hand in and pulled out a tattered bundle of cloth wrapped around what appeared to be a book. A quick leaf through it showed it to be written in some form of language he couldn’t read.

Reaching back into the cubby hole to see if there was anything else he felt a stabbing pain in his fingernail. Bringing it out he saw that he had bent the nail backwards on a stone and it started bleeding. He dropped the bundle and squeezed his finger causing a couple of drops of blood to drip. One hit the old oaken floor and another hit the corner of the book. He noticed that it seemed to disappear into the cover and a dark cloud surrounded the book briefly. Cursing, he grabbed the black bound volume and threw it on the nearby nightstand while he looked for something to wrap his hand. After he calmed down and staunched the bleeding, he looked at the book and found that the letters were familiar.

Sitting down he started at page one and read through. It read like a family history book with recipes thrown in. According to the book his great-great grandmother was a witch who could commune with different entities. One was Jerdal and she bound him to serve the bloodline. The spell for summoning Jerdal was written down and involved gathering various herbs and woods. Once Jerdal was summoned he would take over the body for three days, working to ensure prosperity and survival. The closer it was to Samhain the more powerful Jerdal would be in this world. He wanted to laugh at all of this but he secretly wished he it was true. If Jerdal could take care of his wife and her lover he would be all for it. He had thought about getting a gun and going back to finish them off but he knew he would get caught. He thought about trying to catch that bastard Mike off guard and beat him with a baseball bat. But look how easily Mike had gotten the knife away from him. Dave had spent some time in the army, but working as a file clerk did nothing to help this situation. He had no friends or South American connections to help him send his wife to a Guatemalan whorehouse. Nope, Dave was only an accountant who was above average with computers and enjoyed gardening.

“How awesome would it be,” he thought, “to have a big bad demon to help me not be such a loser.”

With that thought he went and grabbed the bottle of whiskey that had been stashed in the cupboard for the past thirty years. He took a swig out of the bottle and looked over the “spell” to summon this Jerdal.

“Huh, most of this stuff is around here. I could probably find all the stuff in the weeds as I headed to the outhouse.” he thought to himself.

After another swig he decided to use the bathroom. Sure enough almost everything was outside. The only thing he couldn’t find was a stalk of yellow nettle. He grabbed a stalk of milk thistle since it was in the same family.

Heading back inside he wrapped all the components together in his bloody bandage and took a couple more swigs of whiskey. He saw a “rejuvenation” poultice recipe that used most of the same weeds and wrapped a couple of those together. Taking another swig he mumbled the incantation and tossed the blood soaked rag into the fireplace. It flared briefly, then burned away with nothing special to show for it. In his half drunken state he looked around and saw he was still alone in this little cabin.

“Fuck, I must be drunk or concussed if I thought something like that would work. I am going to bed.” he thought. “I will wake up tomorrow and face the world with a hangover. Melissa said Mike was leaving in a month. Maybe we can talk about things.”

With that he fell asleep.

I had been waiting for this call for what seems like an eternity. When that thrice damned witch bound me to her family my only hope was that they would die out soon. Unfortunately they always managed to have one male offspring. At least now I could stop waiting around and DO something. My awareness was drawn into what looked like a cabin. Yes, this is where the bitch and I fought and where she bound me. Casting my awareness further into the room I expected to see a couple of waiting Warlocks. The spell had power to it. All I saw was a pudgy, balding man snoring in his bed with one shoe off. I went to do my demon thing to this wretch when I saw his power. It was amazing that this pathetic form could hold so much potential. I would dearly loved to flay his skin and absorb his power while bathing in his blood and entrails. Unfortunately this was the one I was to serve. Might as well get started.

I did a check of his memories to get a clearer understanding of what I was working with. God this guy was pathetic. His mom breastfed him until he was five summers? He really creamed his pants when the pretty girl in the short skirt fell on him? What was a “cheerleader” anyways? Ahh these computers. Okay he was pretty good with those. I would have to steal his skills to learn more. These numbers he dealt with all day. Making sure greedy people kept more of their money. I can deal with avarice. What was this? His mate was with another man? This man humiliated him? Ahhh, The man is physically stronger. We can change that. The wife needs to go also. Hrmm, it looks like he plans to steal their energy with those rejuvenation packets. Good thought. So I have to make him stronger, better looking, and richer. I can do these things. OOOOH only two days till Samhain. Smart fellow to call me so close to the witching night. I could work with this. I took a deeper look into his thoughts. This Brent guy that recently joined his work was giving him a hard time. Let’s start with him. I forced my awareness into his body and was immediately regretful. SO squishy! His mind was shut down due to alcohol. It made it easier for me to slip in the cracks and set up house. From here I could start tweaking his anatomy. I manipulated glands and hormone production to burn fat and gain muscle. I had to expand some magical energy to get him a respectable eight inches below the belt. I could have done these things slowly and carefully but the bitch that bound me only said I had to serve the family, I didn’t have to make him comfortable. His body should be in serious pain after forcing all these changes in one night. After a couple hours and a few spells I sat back and forced him to wake up. Now I was in charge.

I could feel Dave’s presence in the back of my head. I smiled as I let him deal with the pain of the body transformation and the hangover. The pain would shut him up long enough to let me do what I had to do. When I left this body, Dave would remember everything that happened. He seemed to the milktoast type that would whine about morality and what not. I don’t care. My job is to get him more successful. Let’s get started. Brent.

Before I left I went and put the book back into the hiding place. I put the stones back together so no one should stumble across it the next few days.

Having access to Dave’s memories, I knew how to drive these things called automobiles. This was good since the last time I had been out to play horses didn’t care for me too much. It made getting around difficult.

Dave’s workplace had a Halloween costume party tonight. Brent was supposed to be there. We had to look good. Dave’s memories told me there was a place to get clothes that could change your appearance called a costume shop. We stopped in and I felt Dave focus through the pain to look at the mirror through my eyes. The changes were noticeable. With the added three inches of height I gave him and my non slouching posture, Dave now stood about 6 ft tall. I used the roll of belly fat for energy to increase muscle mass so he had some definition in his arms and abs. I had used a spell to fix his vision so he no longer needed the bulky glasses. He also had a lush full head of hair. I was going to make a decent human specimen out of this guy if I had to kill him. We went and grabbed a Roman toga costume that left most of his chest exposed. Getting this guy laid by something other than a cheating whore seemed to be part of the compulsion. I put the toga on and went to walk outside. Some idiot behind a counter was talking about paying for the costume but I cast a spell and he went blank. He wouldn’t remember the last few days. I wanted so bad to snap his neck and break each one of his ribs individually but I was still using Dave as a meat suit and he would get in trouble if I did that. I gotta get away from this curse.

Before walking into the building I could smell something sweet down the alley. I walked down and found two guys talking in the corner. One of them saw me and pulled a gun. By the time the would be killer got it out of his baggy pants I was up next to him and took it out of his grasp. I backhanded him across the face and he dropped like a stone. I looked at the other guy and who started running. Searching the guy I knocked out I found a bunch of pills. This was the sweet smell. These would make a person feel loose and have some nice hallucinations. I smiled. This should cause some chaos and yet not be traced to old Dave here. I took the cash and the drugs.

The costume party was interesting. I kept my mouth shut and smiled and nodded until I could work myself over to the punch bowl. It was easy to crush the pills and dump the powder into the punch bowl. This should be fun. I went looking for Brent. I found him talking to a brunette who was dressed as a sexy witch. I stopped short as I recognized the slight sulphur smell. I looked at the witch and found that she was using a meat suit just like I was using Dave here. Jane from HR was a witch. One who was letting a succubus out for a night on the town. She must have already kissed Brent as he was glassy eyed and just standing there staring at her. She turned to me and we met each other’s gaze.

“Are we gonna fight or fuck?” she asked

“Fucking definitely sounds more fun than fighting but I have loose ends to tie up tonight “ I replied.

“Jane says your meat suit is Dave from accounting. We didn’t know he was a Warlock. A pretty powerful one if the binding spell I am seeing is to be believed “ she said while eyeing me appraisingly.

“It was his great great grandmother. I have to improve this meat suit as best I can. As long as there is a male heir I am bound to the family.” I sighed.

“Ahhh, Jane here made a deal to let her be more sexy. She lets me out to seduce as many men as possible and rides with me while being gangbanged. I wipe their memories and go back with a little extra boost. Last year the girl on the bed next to her was your meat suit’s wife. Almost every male in the company blew a load in and on her. She was almost as much a freak as Jane here. What brings you here? Jane and I have a bunch of fucking to do and our combined presence is going to bring the Paladins.”

“I need your boy Brent. He is making Dave’s life miserable at work and has been banging his wife behind Dave’s back. Getting him out of the way will help Dave’s chances of getting a promotion.” I told her.

“Okay you can take him, what did you do to the punch? It smells delightful,” She asked.

“I put a bunch of something called ecstasy in it. I can’t do to much to harm these stupid humans because it might fall back on Dave. But drugging their drinks might have some fun consequences.” I replied.

“Excellent! I should have a lot of fun with these guys then! Jane is getting antsy. But she wants me to tell you to let Dave know that her niece is the head of a small coven of witches that is looking for a Warlock. Most end up leaving once they realize how close we are to the big guy in the Oldsmobile Tower.” she said.

“I thought I felt some power coming from the west of here. Is this guy a major power?” I asked.

“About as big as you can get on this plane. As long as Dave here is happy boinking his little harem of witches and doesn’t get too greedy, he should be fine. This Martin guy has bigger things to worry about and might even be willing to deal to keep mundane matters away from him. He’s never going to want to take over the coven. He has Areith’xandrall’ia keeping his bed warm.” she said the last name with quite a bit of spite.

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