Holly & Her Halloween Brownies

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

BDSM Sex Story: When, Holly a college coed working at Penney's in the panty/bra section living Las Vegas bakes up and eats a batch of 'special' brownies, her mind spring goes into overdrive with dark, deeply felt hidden secrets. that being said this is not an endorsement of activities that may have taken place in this story and should only be read by adults of 18 years of age or older.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Workplace   BDSM   Humiliation   Rough   Anal Sex   Enema   Halloween   Revenge   .

Even though it was only 45% outside beads of sweat dotted Art’s brow as he shouldered his way through the early evening crowds.

“This is crazy!” He said to himself as he turned off the neon brightly lit Vegas Strip onto one of many side streets that radiated out from the famous landmark. I have a wife at home who loves me. I shouldn’t be doing this!” Even though he said the words over and over again, he did not turn around and head back in the direction of his Mandolin Bay Hotel Room. While there many iconic hotels in Las Vegas, his stood out in the skyline because of the bronze shimmer off the windows of the high rise building.

Instead, he continued onward, moving faster past The Hooters Hotel and Casino, but not before taking in the site of two Hooter Girls adorned in the tight orange shorts with assets. Art took a gander and continued beyond the casinos. Now that the crowds had thinned out he started to walk faster on the Halloween Night towards his intended target.

Art had left the bright gaudy world of the tourists behind and had entered the scary world of the sex industry. In less than half a block he passed the first bookstore. Its front window filled with black leather, straps attached to mannequins wearing sexy, short orange nighties.

But, Art did not stop there. He continued on down Flamingo, passing more nudie bars and X-Rated Movie Houses. He finally turned a corner and was in front of the shop he was looking for. The small neon sign over the door said “The Nugget—Live Sex Girls In The Round.” It glowed red in the dark late October Vegas sky. Art climbed the rickety stairs to the second floor where a man took his money before letting him inside. The old adage applied. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Just as it had been the first time, the lobby was dark and crowded with men. Small lights illuminated the photos on the walls of the girls that were dancing tonight. Below each photo was the girl’s name and the number of the stage she was dancing on.

Art scanned the walls for the photo of the girl he had met here the last time. He had been in Las Vegas. He was beginning to think that she had Halloween off until he finally found her photo on the wall.

The photo of the smiling 24 year old girl was farther down the wall before you went through the curtains and into the club’s interior.

The number below her picture was 37. The stage that Holly was on was all the way back in the corner of the club away from most of the throng of Halloween fun seekers. This was the one night of the year men were allowed to wear face mask inside the club.

Art bought several tokens from the man behind the light blue Formica counter before he parted the curtain and entered the darkened room with his Zorro mask still in place. He slowly worked his way to the back of the room.

At last he reached stage 37 and opened the door to one of the many cubicles that surrounded the stage. Art took a seat and began to feed the tokens in the slot machine until at last three cherries came up across the display until at last the curtain over the Plexiglass window began to raise. Art pushed in the 8-Track tape into the machine next to him which for Halloween Night was full of shrieks scary female screams.

Holly who worked in panties at Penney’s during the day, moonlighted working in front of one of the windows across from him. As she leaned forward to shake her breasts for the guy, Art had an unobstructed view of her sweet Alabama ass in all its firmness as it jiggled sexily and wiggled back and forth just a few feet in front of him.

Her feet were spread farther apart than was the norm, so that as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Art could see the crinkled dark brown bud of her asshole as it winked at him from between her ass cheeks. Directly below that he could see the swollen lips of her hairy vagina.

Art watched as she slowly worked her way around the room stopping in front of each window for a couple of minutes to collect money than grind her jugs, tail or triangle bush into the glass to please her clients.

The pile of green on the floor continued to grow until at last the strawberry-blonde haired coed was from Auburn was standing in front of Art.

Hi Holly, Art said nervously as he shoved a tip through the small slot at the top of the window. “Remember me?”

“Of course I do Baby,” she said as she unfolded the bill and threw it on the money pile. “How have you been since the last time you were here? I got to go back to auburn in a couple of months. Banged any butts lately?”

Just fine. The job keeps me busy, but at least it brings me to Las Vegas a couple of times a month. And, no yours was the last ass I coveted.

Holly smiled, then turned around and bent over at the waist. She looked back between her legs at Art, then spread her ass cheeks wide open, so that Art had a good look at her brown asshole. She flexed her ass muscles, so that her third eye winked at him.

“Come for me Baby, I have been bad! She said as she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, and then pressed her ass back against the window. Her little brownie now showed its inner pink interior. It was directly over the round hole cut in the window. Her ass cheeks flattened out against the plexiglass.

Art targeted and hit the glass as hard as he could with the palm of his hand. “Plap Plap Plap Plap.” The force of the blows were passed through the glass causing Holly’s ass to quiver from the impacts.

“Harder Baby, harder!” she cried out as she began to maoan and twist her nipples hard with both hands.

“Bam Bam Bam Bam.” Art hit her ass several more times with his open palm several more times before he finally balled up his fist and hit the glass with the side of it.

“WHACKO KABOOB SLAM BAM.” The sound was loud, but covered by the Halloween Screams eight Track tape.

“Yes!! Yes!! That’s it Baby! Hit me harder! Pop this naughty ass!

Art hammered away at the glass until at last Holly told him to stick his finger up her ass. He did as he was told. He stuck his hand through the hole and jammed two fingers up her asshole and began to pump them in and out as fast as he could while she began to shake.

Art could tell that Holly had just had an orgasm when he saw her juices begin to seep out of her pussy lips.

The cover began to slide back down and Art had to hurry to get his arm back through before it closed on him. Just before he lost sight of Holly, she smiled at him and blew him a kiss. “Wish there could be more Baby!” Holly said, and then she was gone.

Art stared at the closed window for several seconds until he finally realized that it was all over. His hard cock hurt from being trapped in his pants. He wished there was some way he could get to Holly, so that he could shove his cock up her asshole and fill her full of his white, boiling hot cum.

As he got ready to leave he noticed that he had put several small cracks in the plastic glass with the force of his blows he had delivered to her ass, with a sigh, he turned and left the booth and made his way back down towards Flamingo. It wasn’t until he had left the building that he realized that both his fingers were stained a caramel color.

“Why that dirty little bitch!” Art muttered as he wiped his fingers off as best he could. “She will pay for not wiping herself clean!”

A plan for revenge began to form in his mind as he hurried back down the street and entered one of the many bookstores on the street. It only took him about half an hour to gather all the things he would need to exact his revenge on Holly. Now, all he had to do was wait until later in the evening when all the crowds had thinned out and the Nugget would be almost empty.

Art passed the time walking the streets looking at all the women in tight skirts and shorts many whom you could see their butt crack. He finally ended up in an Art House watching anal sex movies with rough action. It was after midnight when he left the theater and headed back to the Nugget. The club was nearly empty when he entered this time through the rear alley back door with his bag of toys and his face mask back in place.

He headed for the corner and entered the same booth he had occupied earlier that Halloween Evening.

When the cover of the window rose he was relieved to see that Holly was still dancing. He was also relieved to note that there were only two or three other men watching her dance.

A fine layer of sweat covered her, causing her body to glow under the hot lights. Her straight strawberry-blonde hair hung around her face and was plastered to her forehead as she continued to dance and please her customers.

Art reached into his bag and grabbed the things he would need as he waited for her to work her way around the stage to where he stood. When she got h to him he shoved his money through the slot. Then he waited for her to turn her back to him before he made his move. As soon as Holly had bent over and spread her ass cheeks for him, Art threw his shoulder into the weakened glass as hard as he could. With a loud “CRACK” the Plexiglass broke into several pieces. Art leaped off his seat and dove through the completely destroyed window. The entire window had given way as he entered the stage and tackled Holly before she had a chance to react.

Holly landed with a thud on her tummy, and Art straddled her back, using his weight to keep her from getting up. He stuffed the gag in her mouth and buckled it tightly in place before he pulled her hands behind her back and handcuffed her.

He nervously glanced in the direction of the other two windows that were open, but was relieved to see the smiling faces of the two men, and their thumbs up signals. It was obvious to Art that the men approved of what he was doing to the cock teasing little bitch.

Art grabbed Holly by her strawberry-blonde hair and pulled her around the room, so that she could curtsy deeply in front of each window, twice. Once facing the glass and a second time with her bare butt pressed hard against it. He then hauled her over a large stuffed chair, Holly sat in when she was not dancing. He made her stand behind it as he quickly tied her ankles to each rear leg. Art then grabbed her neck and forced her to bend over the back of the green print chair.

The back of the chair dug into her tummy and the tip of her nipples scraped across the rough textile fabric that covered the wing chair. A rope was tied to the ring in the collar he had buckled around her soft skinned neck. The rope was looped around the front chair legs, and when it was pulled tight, she was forced to rise up on her tip toes to relieve the strain.

After Holly was secured to the green print chair, Art moved around the room disabling all the windows, so that all the people watching could see what he had in store for the little tease for at no additional cost.

Art picked up her streaked panties from the corner of the room where she had thrown them earlier. He held the orange ‘Halloween’ panties, so the audience could see the nasty stain and cream spots that covered the crotch and back seat area.

Holly’s face turned crimson with shame as she heard the hoots and howls of glee and lewd comments from the crowd of men and their ladies that were gathering around to watch the dancer’s punishment unfold before there excited eyes. Her private room had made her quite rich had now turned into her own private dungeon.

Art removed her gag and balled up the orange cotton panties and tried to stuff them into her mouth. Holly would not cooperate and open her mouth for Art. The masked avenger reached up under her arm and began to gently play with one of her nipples. As it responded to his kind touch, and began to swell. He pinched it as hard as he could between his thumb and forefinger. When Holly opened her mouth to scream, Art was ready for her. Before any sound escaped her pouting lips, Art popped the balled up orange cotton panties into her ‘cake hole.’ He made sure that the part that had rested against her brownie rested directly on her outraged flat pink tongue. He took a roll of duct tape and cut several strips of tape and used them to hold the orange panties firmly in place. The tape did such a good job of sealing the ‘Fox’ 62 ways to sundown kept Holly and her moist lips in a way she would never be able to remove it without TV help from the monitor. Only he was in the middle of getting a BJ and with more promised, he was blind to what was happening to Holly.

When Art was finished, he stepped back to view his handiwork. The gagged Holly was completely at Art’s mercy. Bent over the chair with her snowy white ass high in the air and her legs spread open wide.

Holly eyes widened in fear when she saw its surface Holly shook her head wildly from side to side and struggled to free herself from the tight rope bondage. But, the knots held and she remained available for her upcoming and well deserved comeuppance.

Art tested the shock from the electric paddle in his hand as he slowly circled Hollly. He enjoyed the way the strawberry-blonde haired girl jumped each time Art struck and the paddle sparked against his open hand. He knew that CP&L had nothing on the electric paddle Carla got for him to pick up that Intimate Book Shop. It was a most shocking result and one that scared the shit out of Holly every time the blue sparks lit the room. He knew the main thing on her mind was the searing shocks that electric grid paddle would deliver to parts of her tender flesh.

“Z-z-zip S-slick-kuh S-sh-huhm B-bzinggggah”

“This for driving the men wild and teasing your customers with your spread lady parts,” Art said.

Holly screamed as fiery pain exploded both her tightly stretched butt cheeks.


Longer ‘zaps’ on her inside cheeks made Holly nearly pee herself.

“This is for wearing dirty panties to work!”

Again the pain flared up in her ass. Holly threw all her weight from side to side as she tried to escape, but all she managed to do was rock the big green print chair a little and chafe her wrists and ankles with the rope until they were red and sore.

G-G-EEEEEE-SSHH, SP-LIIIICK. Carla was right CP&L couldn’t have done better.

“Oh shit,” Holly screamed as her ‘caked hole’ took a double jolt of electricity. “that is for the poop that is dried around your asshole!”

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