Meredith's, Cheer Hot Bot

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

Young Adult Story: The following story is about an overanxious cheerleader who obligates her squad to take part in a "Cheer Off" at camp. The choreographer and camp owner feels rushed now in finishing the routine shows her displeasure in a physical way to Meredith

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The following story is about an overanxious cheerleader who obligates her squad to take part in a “Cheer Off at camp. The choreographer and camp owner feels rushed now in finishing the routine shows her displeasure in a physical way to Meredith. All characters are fictitious, random and at least nineteen years of age.

Mr. Campbell who had made his money on Broadway as a chorographer had taken his savings and sunk them into a camp on a lake. When he found out that ‘CU’ a small college was in need of a choreographer he agreed to help them while they were attending cheer camp.

Meredith had taken it upon herself to rally and sashay in her short light orange skirt over to Camp Star and challenge the new cheer camp to a “Cheer Off.” When had returned to camp she was beaming with squad pride. Little did she know it was her bottom that would soon be beaming!

Meredith the twenty one year-old long blonde haired beauty stopped short of entering the cabin, when she heard her mom and the camp’s owner talking.

She was furious that Meredith has taken it upon herself to enter her camp in a live internet broadcast “Cheer Off” Meredith’s elated face turned to a frown as she almost cried as the team choreographer and owner of the camp told her mom, that it was irresponsible for her daughter to rush their new routine and enter them in a rival, ‘cheer off,’ without permission. Meredith quietly mouthed one word, whoops.

“She meant well, think of the publicity your camp will get”!

“She may have meant well, but the bottom line is they have their routine mastered and we don’t yet. Now we are obligated to show up, cheer and compete with them on stage.”

“Calm down, she was just trying to help get the cheer squads reputation out.”

“Calm down you bloody twit, maybe since you haven’t taught your daughter boundaries, I should give the spanking I have planned for your daughter to you instead.”

Meredith’s Mom rubbed her bottom in sympathy for her daughter. It was obvious that this conversation was just getting worse. She went out on the cabin porch, grabbed her surprised daughter by the arm and pulled her into the cabin.

Meredith, “Ow, mom that hurts!”

“Meredith, it was wrong for you to go on your own without permission and challenge the camp across the lake to a cheer off.”

I was only trying to help,” Meredith said with tears in her eyes as she wiped her blonde hair out of her face.

“I’m afraid, young lady you will have to face the music.”

“Face the music, what, how?” Meredith asked. She was confused and had her hands on hips. “That’s right Meredith; you have earned a spanking young lady.”

“A spanking, I’m too old for a spanking like a little girl,” Meredith: answered with a pout. The nineteen year-old added for emphasis stomped her foot.

“While I have not spanked you since you were eleven years old, perhaps that was an error in my judgment. You had no right to promise a competition,” Meredith’s mom explained.

“But, mom I don’t deserve a spanking from him for providing a showcase for the camp.” Meredith was crestfallen as she pleaded her case, flicking her long blonde hair nervously.

“Now you listen to me, Meredith. I have a job all summer running the kitchen and you were promoted to camp councilor and with your job come responsibilities.” “Oh mom you can’t seriously expect me to agree to a spanking from him!” “Not another word young lady, it’s time for you to face the music!”

“I’m afraid there are painful consequences for your rash behavior for your ass, Meredith.” Mr. Campbell in his cheer choreographer let her wayward cheerleader know, this was happening!

Meredith’s Mom and the director nodded their approval while Meredith felt a bubble develop of uneasiness develop in her stomach as she realized she would be facing the cheer.

“Meredith it is time for you to face the music. Now face the table and bend over it placing your head and shoulders down on the table.” Meredith tries to negotiate her punishment with the camp’s owner/director and her mom. Meredith: In a convincing tone: “Look I was wrong to enter our camp in a cheer competition without your permission. “Put me on KP! You know stinky trash detail. But, don’t spank me, please Ms. Campbell,” Meredith pleaded. Her mom Janice would appreciate the help in the kitchen as she doubled as coach and cook at the camp. After her husband left them high and dry, they needed the extra money. Meredith batted her eyes at the camp owner to sell her sincerity and willingness to serve an alternate punishment. “You’re just adding to the length and strength of your spanking, young lady.” The cheer choreographer informed Meredith.

“The time for talk is over. Your mother told you to face the table and bend over and I suggest you do just that.”

The camp owner walked across the room and shut and locked the door in preparation for the pretty blonde cheerleader’s spanking.

Meredith sadly, realized she had been defeated spun defiantly and crisply pivoting on one foot to make the turn. The sharp twist of her hips caused her above knee loose melon orange dress to swirl around her waist. That movement showed her orange panty-clad bottom cheeks to the choreographer and her mother in the process.

Didn’t she realize that whip like twist of her hips had caused an unladylike display of her pert twenty one year-old bottom and even the delineated butt cheeks as her brief panties were a size to small for her growing bottom and the baby fat oozing out from below the panty elastic seam. Bending over in the required position caused her short thin melon orange dress to tighten across the seat of her upturned bottom. The camp owner/choreography director could not help but notice the way her short dress was pulled tight against her still girlish ass.

Meredith bent over the wooden table lower her body down across balancing herself on her elbows cushioned by her blonde head of hair.

Meredith leaned further over the table to find a more comfortable position, her melon orange dress rode up her ass showing her soft white upper thighs.

The sunlight danced across the tight bottom seat of Meredith’s thin summer dress allowing a see through view of her brief style shiny orange panties with the delineated ‘butt smile.’ Janice wasn’t pleased.

Her white-pinkish bare bottom flesh seen through the tightly stretched near transparent dress and panties, which teenage girl thought kept her bare bottom private. She also noticed that her panties were too small for her late teen bottom, as they had started to work their way up into her butt crack. Right then and there, he decided for dressing with her panties showing through her dress as well as her proffered white bare ass could be seen through her thin dress and panties.

“You know Meredith you should really learn how to dress properly, instead of flaunting your panty-clad bottom around the camp.”

Meredith’s mother nodded her head in agreement as she was embarrassed at the shame her daughter’s visible panty line and embossment of her panties, which merited a real ‘howling.’ Meredith looked back over her shoulder as she awaited the beginning of her dreaded spanking. Meredith: “Please don’t spank me sir, it will hurt too much.” She said in a respectful voice. “Time to pay the piper, Meredith,” Mr. Campbell announced loudly.

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