Wrangling a Lady in Peril

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

Romantic Story: This story is based on the Vampire Diaries and is fan fiction. Elana endangered herself by going to the tomb. She knew better, had been warned and went there anyway. Stefen, a vampire is livid at Elena and shows his displeasure by punishing her behind. However, this action causes the sparks to fly between them. All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fan Fiction   Spanking   Flatulence   .

Disclaimer: I do not own the TV Show, the Vampire Diaries or the characters. I make no money from writing this story. Votes and comments are appreciated and spur further imaginative stories. This story has a non-consensual spanking of an 18 year old. Please do not read if this subject matter is a concern.

Mystic Falls High School, Virginia

The Ultimatum

The ultimatum to Elana was clear. However, still it was destined to be unpleasant for a girl who was used to getting her own way.

Stefen was seeing red, because Elana, his pretty long brown haired girlfriend with a cute ass had disobeyed his strongest wishes and needlessly endangered herself, throwing caution out the window like a fart in the wind. She had acted impetuous and willful against his wishes.

Stefen found himself stuck in a tomb in a volatile situation with Katherine. When he found out that Elana had disobeyed and gone to the tomb anyway he saw RED!

Elana was cornered in the Cullen Mansion alone with her boyfriend Vamp, Stefen, but all was not well as he was ticked and boiling with emotions as he dealt the possibility he could have lost his love, Elana, that after all these decades made his life complete.

Stefen was definitely seeing red decided that she would have to put up with a spanking from him and hope that he would forgive her or go away. This could also be very embarrassing if this “411” got out. Maybe she would be able to keep her girlfriends in the dark. She knew Stefen was in no mood to turn her participation into a reward.

He had more disciplinary ideas as he sat down on the den sofa and motioned the pretty senior high school girl over his lap.

“Come here young lady bend over my lap”. Stephen strongly suggested to Elana.

Elana pouted like a little girl of eight about to be spanked.

“What did I do to deserve a spanking”?

The pretty shoulder length brown haired 18 year-old teen girl impishly asked.

Elana balked, but she did lower herself across his lap for the awful trouser ride across Stefen’s lap. She misjudging the distance and landing hard on her stomach, but she was too lost in the thought of her upcoming spanking from her handsome boyfriend to care.

Elana felt him wrangler her middle into position as her vagina responded while over his lap. Stefen watched her short tight black dress clad squirming bottom pleasingly moving in a up and down pattern.

Elana protested as her spanking was about to commence for the first time in her life since she was eight.

“I could not help it with a serious pout, that she was worried about him, so much!”

“You made a bad decision Elana, coming me to the tomb and I am afraid little lady this is a lesson you’re going to have to learn with an ass blistering from me.”Stefen said.

The deed had been done and it was time to pay the Vampire.

A Bottom Proffered

Raising her tightly clothed bottom he set about flipping her short black dress up exposing her skin tight light blue panty-clad bottom which shined in the light of the den.

Stefen was mesmerized by the way her taunt panties clung to the muscles of her lower fleshy bottom cheeks. He could make out her butt crack perfectly delineating down her behind cheeks.

Elana looked back over her shoulder and tried one last time to distract him from her fate.

“Stefen, I really am so sorry I worried you. Can’t we find something better to do together?” Elana almost whined.

“Another day another time Elana, though you have a lovely bottom!” Stefen said

He saluted her ass as he raised his hand high to start spanking Elana on her silky thin light blue panty clad bottom.

Instead in a move that even surprised him he lowered his hand and rubbed the seat of the cool silky thin panties and Elana moaned in want instead of in pain.

Stefen felt the nylon panty material and cupped the baby fat her butt muscles offered, rolling and massaging his palms deep into her ass flesh.

Elana’s moans were those of arousal as she naughtily wiggled her ass smiling to herself. She believed that her promised spanking was about to become history.

Elana should have known better never to underestimate a man to keep his mind on the job at hand as she raised and pushed her light blue panty clad bottom up in his face. The pretty shoulder length brown haired eighteen year old should have realized that her spanking was inevitable as her rugged boyfriend was a strict disciplinarian with a very strong right arm and her attempts to stop her spanking were futile. Oh well she thought at least I got a little wet from him deeply rubbing my panty clad bottom. That pleasant thought was her last as her boyfriend raised his hand high above her visibly trembling panty-clad bottom and began spanking Elana with spanks that peppered both cheeks of her bottom covering and building the heat down into the skin of her butt flesh meat as she squirmed seductively her threatened thinly panty clad posterior. At first Elana’s butt moved but not a sound could be heard in the hotel room except

SPANK! SWAT! as hand met panty in a rain of spanks that were becoming more brisk and rapid. The cumulative effect on Elana was beginning to show as murmured under her breath. Her boyfriend stopped her punishment and Elana felt his nail dig into her ass crack as he grasped the waistband of her lacy panties and pulled them down with authority revealing her reddening bottom skin. The cool air felt good on her hot red butt cheeks but not for long. Stefen noticed a stain in the crotch of Elana’s panties which announced her sexual prowess.

The thought Stefen knew her panties were stained with her love juices made her coltish legs tremble as her stern lover prepared to continue her spanking with his wide meaty hand, first removing her light blue sheer panties and forcing her legs wide apart to expose her in a more inviting though humiliating fashion.

“Look at that your pink pucker is winking at me”, he told Elana.

Elana realized just how vulnerable she was with her most private hole exposed to her boyfriend. Elana gasped loudly and puffed out her cheeks looking up at him. But, it was for naught Stefen told Elana “you’ve got a good spanking coming young lady” he informed her


His hand landed with a loud report on bare resilient feminine flesh.

“OWWW” the pain of the spanks caused her to fart as she snapped her shiny long brown haired head back and her pretty mouth opened in a wide oval as a loud cry of anguish emerged from her throat.


Before the young lady could react to the first bare spank, Stefen’s punishing hand landed again, this time squarely against her curvaceous plump right butt cheek.


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