Hazel's Special Birthday Present

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2017 by WelshWriter

Fantasy Sex Story: Pure fiction but maybe one day!!!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Group Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

“Are you serious Mike?” I asked in total disbelief, “you want me to fuck Hazel while you watch?” I was sitting in my neighbour’s front room and he’d just finished telling me that he wanted me to fuck his wife while he watched. “Yes Chris,” he replied, “that’s if you want to of course.” Mike and I had been friends ever since I’d moved in next door to him and his wife a year earlier. For her age, late sixties, his wife Hazel is a very sexy woman and I have to admit that I’ve had more than a few fantasies about her but I’d never tried anything, it wouldn’t have been right to do the dirty on a friend.

I was still trying to come to terms with what Mike was asking, when he went over to the computer and switched it on. “This might help make your mind up Chris,” he said as the screen was filled with a series pictures of Hazel wearing some very sexy lingerie or completely nude. The nude pictures clearly showed her beautiful breasts with their large pink nipples and some even showed close ups of her mature pussy. If I did need help making up my mind, the pictures certainly made it up for me.

“To tell the truth Chris,” Mike said as he continued showing me her pictures, “I’ve got a problem down below. It’s hard for me to get a decent erection and when I do it doesn’t last very long. I come way too quick and I don’t think Hazel’s getting all the fun she deserves. Some time ago I suggested having another man might give her a better time than I was. She was shocked at first but it was obvious from the speed her got pussy got wet that the idea excited her. During the past month I’ve brought the subject up a few more times during our love making. A couple of nights ago when we were making love and I brought it up again and this time she just looked me right in the eye and asked when I was going to do something about it.”

“Well I’m really flattered Mike, but how did I get to be the lucky one? There must be a lot of men you know who’d love to fuck Hazel. She’s a very attractive woman.” I said. “Actually Chris, it was Hazel’s idea. I asked her if there was anyone she fancied and straight away, she said you. So the offer’s there Chris.”

The pictures that Mike was bringing up on the computer were getting me excited and I felt my cock growing harder as Mike told me Hazel’s likes and dislikes. “Next week is Hazel’s birthday,” Mike said, “and I thought you’d be a great birthday present for her.” We decided that the best way to kick things off would be for me to pop round to their flat with a birthday card and present for Hazel then invite them out for a birthday drink at our local across the road then play it by ear. If things worked out as we hoped, Hazel was going to get a birthday present she’d never forget and I’d get to turn some of my fantasies about her into realities. When I finally went back to my own flat, I was feeling really excited about the scheme we had hatched and all that week I couldn’t get the pictures of Hazel’s tits and pussy out of my mind and I had several satisfying fist fucking sessions just thinking about what I hoped was going to happen.

The night of Hazel’s birthday finally arrived, and as Mike and I had planned at, exactly eight o’clock I was knocking on their door with a card and a large box of chocolates. Mike answered the door and winked at me then led me down the hallway to the lounge. When I walked in Hazel was sitting on the couch and at first seemed surprised to see me but when I held out the chocolates and card, she got up, thanked me and gave me a hug. Of course, the though of what Mike and I had got planned as her ‘special’ birthday present had already got me hard and I think Hazel felt it when she hugged me, as she quickly sat back down on the couch beside Mike.

I took a seat opposite them, and for the next half hour or so we just made small talk before before Hazel said she needed to go to the bathroom. After she’d left the room Mike smiled. “Ready for round two Chris?” he asked. “Yes Mike, I’m ready,” I replied, patting the the bulge in my pants. When Hazel came back into the lounge Mike told her that I’d suggested we all go over the road for a birthday drink and after thinking for a second or two she nodded. “Yes, that sounds nice, I’ll go and get changed,” she said, as she once again left the room.

When, ten minutes later she returned, she looked a different woman. Gone were the slacks and tee shirt she’d been wearing and in their place was a knee length black skirt and white blouse that really accentuated her full, mature breasts and I felt my cock get even harder as I imagined what she was going to look like without the skirt and blouse. She’d also fixed her hair and put on a little make up and the thought of kissing those luscious lips caused my cock to twitch in my pants.

When we got over to pub there was an unplanned surprise for us, there was a DJ playing and Mike and I smiled at at each other. We both realised that this was going to make things much easier for us.

After about an hour of chatting and drinking I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and asked Hazel if she’d like to dance. After checking with Mike that he was okay with it, which of course he was, we got up and made our way onto the small dance floor. I’d chosen the moment well, waiting until the DJ was playing a slow number and as we shuffled round the floor, I pulled her close against me, pressing my by now full blown erection against her. The four Malibu and oranges that Mike and I had plied her with were definitely having the desired effect on her as, instead of pulling away from me as she’d done in their flat, this time, she wiggled her hips and her breathing began to quicken.

“Did I cause that?” she whispered, pressing herself harder against me. “Well it certainly wasn’t Mike,” I laughed quietly, “so yes I guess you did.” For a second or two we stood on the dance floor not moving then Hazel looked straight into my eyes. “Chris,” she said softly, “I hope you don’t mind but Mike and I have been talking about having a threesome with someone and I told him I would, but only if it was with someone I really liked.” “And????” I said. “Well,” Hazel whispered after taking a deep breath, “I really like you!!!”

That was what I’d been waiting for and I smiled and pressed my hard cock even harder against her. “Well Hazel,” I said, “that’s an offer I can’t refuse but there’s not a lot we can do about it here. Let’s go and see if Mike’s up for it and we’ll go back to the flats.” Of course we both knew Mike would be up for it and ten minutes later we were all three sat on the couch in their flat with Hazel sat between Mike and myself.

We all three knew why we were there and I wasted no time in slipping my hand up Hazel’s skirt and got a pleasant surprise, she was wearing stockings, and as my hand moved over the warm naked flesh above them, Hazel groaned softly and moved her hand into my lap and began stroking my erection through my pants. For my part, I slowly worked my way higher up her thigh and she gasped as I touched the crotch of her panties. It was wet, really wet and I knew Hazel was definitely ready. Mike, who had been sitting watching, suddenly stood up. “Sweetheart, I think we’ll be more comfortable in the bedroom, don’t you?” he said as he held out his hand to his wife. “Yes, Mike, yes.” she gasped as I pressed a finger down onto her lace covered clit. As we stood up, I pulled her to me, kissing her passionately and seconds later we were in the bedroom.

As soon as Mike had closed the door behind us, Hazel pulled my zip down and slid her hand into my pants and started stroking my cock through my boxers. I glanced over at Mike who was sitting on a chair at the dressing table watching every move.

I eased Hazel backwards towards the bed and sat her down on the edge of it. Mike had told me that she loved to give oral and I was more than happy to oblige her and as I pushed my slacks and shorts down, fully uncovering my nine inch cock, Hazel’s eyes widened. “Oh Chris, it’s big, it’s huge,” she gasped as she reached out and wrapped her fingers round it. After running her fingers up and down it a couple of times, she leant forwards and took the tip in her mouth and swirled her tongue over it. Mike had now moved over and was sitting on the edge of the bed watching almost in awe as Hazel took more and more of my cock into her mouth. The feeling of her lips sliding up and down my shaft and of her tongue washing around my knob felt wonderful and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more of her expert oral treatment but thankfully I didn’t have to as Mike quickly stripped off and put his hands under Hazel’s ass and eased her to a standing position forcing her to let go of my cock. I stepped back and finished stripping, leaving Hazel as the only one in the room who was still fully dressed but that didn’t last long.

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