Halloween Treat

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: I spent years living the life of a carefree bachelor, that all changed in one night, at a Holloween Party.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Brother   Sister   Halloween   .

My parents split when I was 11. The divorce was wickedly acrimonious and I ended up moving away with my father. Since he’d been fucking around on mama she became the victim and got the house, alimony and my sister who was 7 at the time. My sister and I were too young to understand the grounds for the split; we just know it hurt like hell not to be a family any more. Dad and I moved back to his hometown to be near his family, 300 miles from mom and Sis. For the first couple of years my sister and I got to visit the missing parent and sibling, moving back and forth the between our two homes. After the 5th year dad quit paying alimony and the visits stopped completely. I hadn’t seen my female family in a decade.

I was 25, working on a small work boat and living the life of a bored, lonely single man. I’d had girlfriends since I was 16 and wasn’t a stranger to the wiles and pleasures of the female of our species but lately I’d been living alone and unloved. I didn’t really mind. I’d dated almost every girl of my generation in the small town but not a one of them could keep my interest. My father was still chasing every piece of ass he could shove his dick into and I know for sure he and I have fucked some of the same women. While I was still living with him more than one of adventurous ones sneaked into my bed after he went to sleep.

My best friend Alan had gone off and gotten his girlfriend pregnant and married her. They were head over heels in love and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find a permanent love interest. If I were to open up to some fucking shrink, I would learn that my parent’s bitter divorce and my dad’s vast harem of sluts had subconsciously ruined my chances for a long term mate.

Alan got a decent job in Seattle and moved out of our small burg with the very pregnant Carol. I was left with my shadow to keep me company which suited me well for a while but then the lure of the big city and my friend’s constant pressure finally got me to move my ass from small town America to Seattle. It didn’t take me long to find a good job on the water, an apartment, and to fit into the socially corrupt side of town.

Carol was going to college part time and being a mom the rest of the time. She and Alan settled into a nice family life while I hung in the peripherals, just outside their intimate circle. A few months after I moved to the city I was having a beer with Alan and we started talking about my life in the seamy bars and locals. He knew I never had a permanent girlfriend wondered out loud if I liked fucking the dregs of society, the girls that would get drunk or high and screw anybody, man or woman, just to show off their newest tattoo or piercing. I told him my balls were happy and I didn’t need an emotional relationship. He scoffed, “Everybody needs an emotional relationship.”

Carol decided that some of her friends from school would make good matches for me and tried setting me up with blind dates. She insisted that these girls were nice and wholesome, intelligent, pretty and worth dating. At first I refused to get involved with her picks for me but eventually I let her arrange for me to meet some Seattle University coeds.

I met three of Carol’s friends in the next few weeks and I have to say each of them were women any man would like to have hanging on his arm. I hit it off well with them but none got me emotionally excited. I managed to get one to bed and she was no different than the women I’d been screwing for the last nine years. She was nice, pretty, didn’t have any tattoos, but was still just another warm wet pussy to fill with cum. Carol gave up on me and let me go back to my own kind. Hard, loose and uninhibited.

It was at the Halloween party that it all turned around.

Alan and Carol threw a costume party for Halloween. It was a big affair with his friends from work and several of Carol’s classmates. There must have been thirty creatures there, from werewolves to fairies with a few zombies and witches thrown in for flavor. I found a costume of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean that had a full head mask with hair made of octopus arms.

I was standing by the wet bar waiting for a chance to pour myself a shot of bourbon when Medusa bumped into me. I looked down on the girl and said “You’re excused.”

She darted her eyes to mine and retorted, “Excused for what? That sorry assed fucker over there just pushed me into you, make him apologize, I’m sure as hell not going to.”

I was immediately attracted, I love it when a girl talks dirty. Hazel eyes sparkled under layers of dark eyeliner, her face was made up with hues of browns and blues to match the gloomy cast of the head covered with snakes. I couldn’t tell what she looked like as a normal person but under the body hugging snake skin costume and the makeup I sensed a very attractive girl, even if she was only about 5’3.

I hit on her, “Name is Mike, you want something to drink?”

She came right back “Monica, yeah, make it a double.”

I took her glass and poured a double plus into it and handed it back. She wrapped her fingers around it, blew me a silent kiss then melted back into the crowd. I sloshed some whiskey into my glass and followed her.

She was talking to Carol when I found her again. Carol turned to say hi then “Mike, this is Monica.”

“I know, we just met over cocktails.” I answered.

Carol looked at me slightly puzzled but Monica spoke up “At the bar, the stupid dick thinks I own him an apology.”

I smiled at her and continued the banter “I’ll get an apology, you’ll be begging for forgiveness before I let you off the hook.”

Carol looked from me to Monica, “Do you two know each other?”

Monica took a sip from her glass, moved her eyes to mine “Not yet, but I think we’ll be good friends soon.”

The Greeks say that one glance into Medusa’s eyes will turn a man to stone. It worked for me. Her words and the depth of her eyes turned my cock to stone in three heartbeats. My nuts pulled up and dumped a large dose of lust into my bloodstream. As our eyes locked a perceptible current of understanding passed between us, we both felt it, we both understood it, we both knew how the night was going to end.

“Are you with anyone?” I wanted to know.

“No, I came alone.” By this time Carol was forgotten so she blended into the crowd, leaving me and my new date to ourselves.

“Good, sometimes it gets awkward trying to steal some guy’s girlfriend.”

“With as many arms as you have it shouldn’t be too hard to latch onto someone while holding off the competition.” It took me a second to realize she was talking about my head gear with the octopus arms.

We talked and mingled for a couple more hours. The entire time a small bell was ringing in the back of my head, this girl was familiar, I had the vague feeling we’d met before. Gradually the party was winding down, monsters and fairies were withdrawing into the night. As Monica and I tested the various brands of liquor and the hours slid around the clock, we got closer, more intimate. Finally it was time to say goodnight. Her car was outside, so was mine but we’d been drinking so we agreed to call a cab.

When it was time to leave we said our goodbyes then climbed into the taxi. When the cabbie asked “Where to?” Medusa looked at me, the message was clear. I gave the driver my address then put my arm around her and pulled her in for our first kiss. Snakes and tentacles tangled and knotted as we necked. Her mouth was hot and soft, her tongue launched a sweet invasion. She caressed my thighs with her leg as my hands explored. By the time the cab pulled up to my apartment, Monica and I were boldly groping each other, giving the poor driver one hell of a show.

I didn’t bother turning on any lights. As soon as the door clicked shut she threw her arms around me, lifted her legs around my waist and locked her lips on mine again, I walked to my bedroom with her clinging to me. She bit my neck then nuzzled my ear before she lowered her legs to the floor and we began to pull off our costumes. I struggled to get my pirate pants over and off my hard standing erection as I watched her molt from the snake skin. When she bent down to pull the tight material off her legs she was close enough to me to stroke her hand up my leg when she stood. Monica’s eyes were locked on mine when she captured my hard cock and squeezed it while smiling up at me. My balls shivered with anticipation and need as she caressed two fingers across my ball sack. In moments we were bonded by our arms again. My erection was spewing lubrication on her stomach as her tits scorched my chest. Monica reached up and pulled my mask off and dropped it to the floor. I grabbed her snake head hair, tossed it aside then fell back onto my bed pulling my nude overheated Halloween treat with me.

She laid full length on me, my erection was lodged between her thighs caressing the hot tender lips of her sex. I still couldn’t see her face clearly because of the makeup in the dark room but her body was magnificent. I smoothed my hands over her back to the round curve of her ass and flexed my hips. She rose up slightly, reached between us and held my cock then put it where we both wanted it. We were both saturated with slick fluids so I easily penetrated Monica until my balls stopped me. She put her lips over mine and we started fucking.

I spend a lot of energy on introductory fucks and long ago I learned how to keep from blowing my nuts too soon the first time I screw a woman. I was going to enjoy this fresh young piece and I knew how to make sure she enjoyed me. Monica and I tumbled and wrestled all over my bed, taking and giving, lusting and fucking, she was getting hotter and more feral as we pummeled each other.

I was beginning to think she was insatiable when her entire being began to vibrate. She was bucking with a series of orgasmic detonations, each one growing in strength as I drove my hardened shaft into her repeatedly. Monica struggled for a deep breath then exhaled it as a long string of vowels as her cunt began to gush hot juices around my cock. She was convulsing against me, grinding her sex against mine, urging me to climax with her as she wailed softly into my ear. Cum ripped loose from my balls and surged into the depths of her womb as we both thrilled to the erotic seizures of orgasmic spasms.

We fell apart drenched with sweat and fulfillment. Neither of us spoke, we didn’t need too. I had just experienced the best sex I’d ever had on a first date. The room was still spinning around my head when Monica rolled to her side and rasped softly “My god, what did we just do?”

I was too spent to even kiss her “You just ripped my balls off, when do I get them back?”

I saw her teeth, luminescent behind the smile in the dim light, “After I recover.” She shut her eyes and slipped into sleep while I watched.

I didn’t follow her to dreamland. I moved away from her so I could look at her clearly. She was lying on her back, one arm resting at an angle over her head, her left leg bent at the knee. I had a full view of her from toes to hair. I couldn’t tell what color her hair was, maybe dark brown or black. We had smeared her makeup in our passion but her face was still painted as Medusa so I could only imagine what she looked like but I could tell that she was pretty. She had only a single tattoo, a tastefully done dragonfly resting on her left hip. As I watched her sleep I got another flash of déjà vu, that I’d met her before, that we had crossed paths at some time in our lives. She looked familiar but I wasn’t sure why. I knew I’d never fucked her before, a girl that hot I wouldn’t have forgotten. The only connection I could think of was that she was a friend of Carol’s.

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